Missouri Genealogy

USA (1,379,301) > Missouri (46,641)

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Overview of Missouri records

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Birth Records (793)
Cemetery Records (19,255)
Census Records (4,552)
Church Records (1,661)
City Directories (973)
Court Records (165)
Death Records (2,263)
Histories and Genealogies (1,660)
Immigration Records (230)
Land Records (1,269)
Map Records (2,007)
Marriage Records (1,337)
Military Records (864)
Minority Records (89)
Miscellaneous Records (205)
Newspapers and Obituaries (6,982)
Probate Records (676)
School Records (3,937)
Tax Records (117)

By County

Adair County (422)
Andrew County (334)
Atchison County (255)
Audrain County (402)
Barry County (549)
Barton County (230)
Bates County (394)
Benton County (349)
Bollinger County (335)
Boone County (683)
Buchanan County (768)
Butler County (311)
Caldwell County (411)
Callaway County (564)
Camden County (290)
Cape Girardeau County (623)
Carroll County (385)
Carter County (197)
Cass County (434)
Cedar County (300)
Chariton County (428)
Christian County (354)
Clark County (256)
Clay County (523)
Clinton County (310)
Cole County (521)
Cooper County (469)
Crawford County (391)
Dade County (300)
Dallas County (268)
Daviess County (332)
DeKalb County (217)
Dent County (287)
Douglas County (364)
Dunklin County (318)
Franklin County (781)
Gasconade County (387)
Gentry County (279)
Greene County (898)
Grundy County (569)
Harrison County (435)
Henry County (637)
Hickory County (232)
Holt County (335)
Howard County (484)
Howell County (369)
Iron County (321)
Jackson County (1,926)
Jasper County (678)
Jefferson County (598)
Johnson County (618)
Knox County (232)
Laclede County (468)
Lafayette County (478)
Lawrence County (482)
Lewis County (328)
Lincoln County (384)
Linn County (536)
Livingston County (406)
Macon County (567)
Madison County (348)
Maries County (252)
Marion County (512)
McDonald County (351)
Mercer County (230)
Miller County (323)
Mississippi County (231)
Moniteau County (352)
Monroe County (393)
Montgomery County (388)
Morgan County (291)
New Madrid County (291)
Newton County (519)
Nodaway County (505)
Oregon County (287)
Osage County (342)
Ozark County (269)
Pemiscot County (292)
Perry County (329)
Pettis County (593)
Phelps County (493)
Pike County (456)
Platte County (442)
Polk County (381)
Pulaski County (298)
Putnam County (267)
Ralls County (296)
Randolph County (521)
Ray County (476)
Reynolds County (270)
Ripley County (272)
Saline County (494)
Schuyler County (235)
Scotland County (264)
Scott County (387)
Shannon County (221)
Shelby County (310)
St Charles County (688)
St Clair County (320)
St Francois County (452)
St Louis County (2,624)
Ste Genevieve County (279)
Stoddard County (329)
Stone County (236)
Sullivan County (292)
Taney County (283)
Texas County (399)
Vernon County (330)
Warren County (344)
Washington County (339)
Wayne County (321)
Webster County (333)
Worth County (214)
Wright County (381)

By City

Adrian (in Bates County) (39)
Advance (in Stoddard County) (43)
Affton (in St Louis County) (56)
Agency (in Buchanan County) (30)
Alba (in Jasper County) (32)
Albany (in Gentry County) (50)
Aldrich (in Polk County) (31)
Alexander (in Benton County) (26)
Allendale (in Worth County) (36)
Allenton (in St Louis County) (42)
Alma (in Lafayette County) (38)
Altamont (in Daviess County) (29)
Altenburg (in Perry County) (29)
Alton (in Oregon County) (69)
Americus (in Montgomery County) (38)
Amoret (in Bates County) (33)
Amsterdam (in Bates County) (37)
Anderson (in McDonald County) (63)
Annapolis (in Iron County) (39)
Antonia (in Jefferson County) (35)
Apple Creek (in Perry County) (31)
Appleton (in St Clair County) (59)
Arbela (in Scotland County) (29)
Arcadia (in Iron County) (33)
Archie (in Cass County) (35)
Argyle (in Osage County) (30)
Arlington (in Phelps County) (30)
Armstrong (in Howard County) (58)
Arnold (in Jefferson County) (39)
Arrow Rock (in Saline County) (43)
Ash (in Monroe County) (28)
Ash Grove (in Greene County) (52)
Ashland (in Boone County) (48)
Ashley (in Pike County) (32)
Atlanta (in Macon County) (43)
Augusta (in St Charles County) (41)
Aurora (in Lawrence County) (73)
Austin (in Cass County) (33)
Auxvasse (in Callaway County) (55)
Ava (in Douglas County) (87)
Avalon (in Livingston County) (30)
Avilla (in Jasper County) (32)
Bachelor (in Callaway County) (45)
Bagnell (in Miller County) (27)
Bahner (in Pettis County) (28)
Baker (in Linn County) (29)
Bakersfield (in Ozark County) (30)
Ballwin (in St Louis County) (48)
Barnard (in Nodaway County) (41)
Barnett (in Morgan County) (27)
Barnhart (in Jefferson County) (31)
Battlefield (in Greene County) (32)
Bear Creek (in Henry County) (34)
Bee Branch (in Chariton County) (31)
Bel-Nor (in St Louis County) (44)
Belgique (in Perry County) (29)
Belgrade (in Washington County) (36)
Bell City (in Stoddard County) (34)
Belle (in Maries County) (44)
Bellefontaine Neighbors (in St Louis County) (47)
Belleview (in Iron County) (31)
Bellflower (in Montgomery County) (36)
Belton (in Cass County) (54)
Benton (in Scott County) (61)
Benton City (in Audrain County) (36)
Benton Township (in Linn County) (35)
Berger (in Franklin County) (44)
Berkeley (in St Louis County) (45)
Bernie (in Stoddard County) (36)
Bethany (in Harrison County) (116)
Bethel (in Shelby County) (43)
Bethlehem (in Henry County) (26)
Bevier (in Macon County) (54)
Biehle (in Perry County) (29)
Big Creek (in Henry County) (42)
Big Spring (in Montgomery County) (44)
Billings (in Christian County) (45)
Birch Tree (in Shannon County) (35)
Bismarck (in St Francois County) (47)
Black (in Reynolds County) (31)
Black Jack (in St Louis County) (42)
Blackburn (in Saline County) (34)
Blackwater (in Pettis County) (34)
Blackwater in Cooper County (in Cooper County) (31)
Blairstown (in Henry County) (26)
Bland (in Gasconade County) (41)
Blodgett (in Scott County) (28)
Bloomfield (in Stoddard County) (63)
Bloomington in Macon County (in Macon County) (31)
Bloomsdale (in Ste Genevieve County) (35)
Blue Eye (in Stone County) (27)
Blue Mound (in Livingston County) (29)
Blue Springs (in Jackson County) (82)
Blue Township (in Jackson County) (34)
Blythedale (in Harrison County) (23)
Bogard (in Henry County) (33)
Bogard in Carroll County (in Carroll County) (35)
Bolckow (in Andrew County) (28)
Boles (in Franklin County) (29)
Bolivar (in Polk County) (85)
Bona (in Dade County) (32)
Bonne Terre (in St Francois County) (81)
Bonnots Mill (in Osage County) (31)
Boone (in Franklin County) (37)
Boonesboro (in Howard County) (38)
Boonville (in Cooper County) (155)
Boss (in Dent County) (30)
Bosworth (in Carroll County) (42)
Bourbon (in Crawford County) (50)
Bowling Green (in Pike County) (81)
Bowling Green Township (in Chariton County) (42)
Bradleyville (in Taney County) (32)
Bragg City (in Pemiscot County) (25)
Branson (in Taney County) (59)
Brashear (in Adair County) (32)
Braymer (in Caldwell County) (42)
Brazeau (in Perry County) (28)
Brazito (in Cole County) (41)
Breckenridge (in Caldwell County) (46)
Brentwood (in St Louis County) (41)
Bridgeport (in Warren County) (28)
Bridgeton (in St Louis County) (50)
Brighton (in Polk County) (30)
Brinktown (in Maries County) (28)
Brookfield (in Linn County) (88)
Brookline (in Greene County) (34)
Broseley (in Butler County) (29)
Brown (in Douglas County) (28)
Brownbranch (in Taney County) (29)
Browning (in Linn County) (43)
Brownington (in Henry County) (27)
Brumley (in Miller County) (29)
Bruner (in Christian County) (28)
Brunswick (in Chariton County) (36)
Brunswick Township (in Chariton County) (75)
Brush Creek (in Douglas County) (27)
Bucklin (in Linn County) (46)
Buckner (in Jackson County) (47)
Bucyrus (in Texas County) (29)
Buffalo (in Dallas County) (74)
Buffalo Township (in Dunklin County) (26)
Bunceton (in Cooper County) (41)
Bunker (in Reynolds County) (35)
Burlington Junction (in Nodaway County) (52)
Burton (in Howard County) (39)
Butler (in Bates County) (81)
Butler Township (in Harrison County) (27)
Butterfield (in Barry County) (37)
Byrnes Mill (in Jefferson County) (30)
Cabool (in Texas County) (61)
Cainsville (in Harrison County) (36)
Cairo (in Randolph County) (36)
Caledonia (in Washington County) (43)
Calhoun (in Henry County) (33)
California (in Moniteau County) (116)
Callao (in Macon County) (53)
Calumet (in Pike County) (27)
Calwood (in Callaway County) (45)
Camden (in Ray County) (39)
Camden Point (in Platte County) (35)
Camdenton (in Camden County) (54)
Cameron (in Clinton County) (112)
Campbell (in Dunklin County) (55)
Campbellton (in Franklin County) (34)
Canton (in Lewis County) (75)
Cape Girardeau (in Cape Girardeau County) (203)
Caplinger Mills (in Cedar County) (29)
Cappeln (in St Charles County) (28)
Cardwell (in Dunklin County) (34)
Carl Junction (in Jasper County) (47)
Carondelet (in St Louis County) (44)
Carrollton (in Carroll County) (73)
Carterville (in Jasper County) (38)
Carthage (in Jasper County) (126)
Caruthersville (in Pemiscot County) (59)
Cass (in Douglas County) (29)
Cass in Texas County (in Texas County) (29)
Cassville (in Barry County) (60)
Catawissa (in Franklin County) (33)
Cedar (in Pettis County) (37)
Cedar Hill (in Jefferson County) (34)
Cedarcreek (in Taney County) (26)
Center (in Ralls County) (43)
Centertown (in Cole County) (38)
Centerview (in Johnson County) (42)
Centerville (in Reynolds County) (33)
Centralia (in Boone County) (64)
Chadwick (in Christian County) (29)
Chaffee (in Scott County) (45)
Chalk Level (in St Clair County) (29)
Chambersburg (in Clark County) (26)
Chamois (in Osage County) (61)
Champion (in Douglas County) (30)
Chariton Township (in Chariton County) (32)
Charity (in Dallas County) (35)
Charleston (in Mississippi County) (93)
Cherryville (in Crawford County) (40)
Chesterfield (in St Louis County) (80)
Chilhowee (in Johnson County) (44)
Chillicothe (in Livingston County) (144)
Chloride (in Iron County) (27)
Chula (in Livingston County) (31)
Clarence (in Shelby County) (49)
Clark (in Randolph County) (30)
Clark Township (in Chariton County) (32)
Clarks Fork (in Cooper County) (30)
Clarksburg (in Moniteau County) (40)
Clarksdale (in DeKalb County) (32)
Clarksville (in Pike County) (45)
Clarkton (in Dunklin County) (32)
Claryville (in Perry County) (28)
Clay (in Douglas County) (29)
Clay in Dunklin County (in Dunklin County) (28)
Clayton (in St Louis County) (70)
Clearmont (in Nodaway County) (30)
Cleveland (in Cass County) (33)
Clever (in Christian County) (37)
Clifton City (in Cooper County) (29)
Clifton Hill (in Randolph County) (34)
Climax Springs (in Camden County) (27)
Clinton (in Henry County) (114)
Clinton in Douglas County (in Douglas County) (27)
Cliquot (in Polk County) (30)
Clover Bottom (in Franklin County) (31)
Clubb (in Wayne County) (24)
Clyde (in Nodaway County) (31)
Coffey (in Daviess County) (39)
Coffman (in Ste Genevieve County) (31)
Cole Camp (in Benton County) (60)
Colfax (in Harrison County) (23)
Collins (in St Clair County) (36)
Columbia (in Boone County) (328)
Columbus (in Johnson County) (44)
Commerce (in Scott County) (40)
Competition (in Laclede County) (28)
Conception (in Nodaway County) (33)
Conception Junction (in Nodaway County) (31)
Concord (in Pemiscot County) (28)
Concordia (in Lafayette County) (59)
Conway (in Laclede County) (48)
Cooter (in Pemiscot County) (25)
Cora (in Sullivan County) (34)
Corder (in Lafayette County) (39)
Corning (in Holt County) (32)
Corsicana (in Barry County) (28)
Cosby (in Andrew County) (29)
Cottleville (in St Charles County) (36)
Couch (in Oregon County) (33)
Cowgill (in Caldwell County) (30)
Craig (in Holt County) (54)
Crane (in Stone County) (38)
Creighton (in Cass County) (44)
Crestwood (in St Louis County) (44)
Creve Coeur (in St Louis County) (64)
Crocker (in Pulaski County) (41)
Cross Timbers (in Hickory County) (37)
Crosstown (in Perry County) (37)
Crystal (in Jefferson County) (45)
Cuba (in Crawford County) (72)
Cunningham (in Chariton County) (32)
Curryville (in Pike County) (31)
Cypress (in Harrison County) (23)
Dadeville (in Dade County) (44)
Dallas (in Harrison County) (22)
Danville (in Montgomery County) (32)
Dardenne (in St Charles County) (37)
Darksville (in Randolph County) (28)
Darlington (in Gentry County) (25)
Davisville (in Crawford County) (32)
Dawn (in Livingston County) (29)
De Kalb (in Buchanan County) (35)
De Soto (in Jefferson County) (103)
De Witt (in Carroll County) (40)
Dearborn (in Buchanan County) (39)
Decaturville (in Camden County) (26)
Deepwater (in Henry County) (43)
Deer Creek (in Henry County) (36)
Deering (in Pemiscot County) (27)
Defiance (in St Charles County) (29)
Delta (in Cape Girardeau County) (33)
Denver (in Worth County) (36)
Des Arc (in Iron County) (29)
Desloge (in St Francois County) (37)
Dexter (in Stoddard County) (63)
Diamond (in Newton County) (47)
Dillard (in Crawford County) (27)
Dillon (in Phelps County) (29)
Dittmer (in Jefferson County) (35)
Dixon (in Pulaski County) (39)
Doe Run (in St Francois County) (34)
Doniphan (in Ripley County) (83)
Dora (in Ozark County) (27)
Dover (in Lafayette County) (33)
Downing (in Schuyler County) (37)
Drake (in Gasconade County) (28)
Dresden (in Pettis County) (30)
Drexel (in Cass County) (34)
Duenweg (in Jasper County) (32)
Duncan (in Sullivan County) (34)
Dunksburg (in Johnson County) (31)
Dunn (in Texas County) (29)
Dutchtown (in Cape Girardeau County) (34)
Dutzow (in Warren County) (27)
Eagle Rock (in Barry County) (30)
Eagleville (in Harrison County) (34)
East Prairie (in Mississippi County) (36)
Easton (in Buchanan County) (35)
Edgar Springs (in Phelps County) (44)
Edgerton (in Platte County) (34)
Edina (in Knox County) (69)
Edinburg (in Scotland County) (29)
Edwards (in Benton County) (26)
Egypt Mills (in Cape Girardeau County) (33)
El Dorado Springs (in Cedar County) (73)
Eldon (in Miller County) (57)
Eldridge (in Laclede County) (28)
Elk Fork (in Pettis County) (30)
Elkland (in Webster County) (31)
Elkton (in Hickory County) (27)
Ellington (in Reynolds County) (67)
Ellisville (in St Louis County) (46)
Ellsinore (in Carter County) (41)
Elmer (in Macon County) (33)
Elmo (in Nodaway County) (45)
Elmwood (in Saline County) (28)
Elsberry (in Lincoln County) (49)
Elston (in Cole County) (36)
Eminence (in Shannon County) (63)
Enterprise (in Linn County) (27)
Eolia (in Pike County) (31)
Essex (in Stoddard County) (30)
Esther (in St Francois County) (28)
Ethel (in Macon County) (34)
Eudora (in Polk County) (29)
Eugene (in Cole County) (45)
Eureka (in St Louis County) (54)
Everett (in Cass County) (32)
Everton (in Dade County) (39)
Ewing (in Lewis County) (39)
Excelsior Springs (in Clay County) (83)
Exeter (in Barry County) (40)
Fair Grove (in Greene County) (35)
Fair Play (in Polk County) (35)
Fairdealing (in Ripley County) (29)
Fairfax (in Atchison County) (44)
Fairview (in Henry County) (31)
Fairview in Caldwell County (in Caldwell County) (28)
Fairview in Newton County (in Newton County) (31)
Falcon (in Laclede County) (29)
Far West (in Caldwell County) (28)
Farber (in Audrain County) (36)
Farmington (in St Francois County) (122)
Faucett (in Buchanan County) (35)
Fayette (in Howard County) (130)
Femme Osage (in St Charles County) (35)
Fenton (in St Louis County) (49)
Ferguson (in St Louis County) (58)
Festus (in Jefferson County) (89)
Fields Creek (in Henry County) (38)
Filley (in Cedar County) (28)
Fillmore (in Andrew County) (35)
Fishing River (in Ray County) (40)
Fisk (in Butler County) (32)
Flat Creek (in Pettis County) (44)
Flat Creek in Barry County (in Barry County) (27)
Flat River (in St Francois County) (38)
Flemington (in Polk County) (33)
Fletchall (in Worth County) (29)
Flint Hill (in St Charles County) (31)
Florence (in Morgan County) (32)
Florida (in Monroe County) (27)
Florissant (in St Louis County) (100)
Foley (in Lincoln County) (27)
Forbes (in Holt County) (27)
Fordland (in Webster County) (34)
Forest City (in Holt County) (41)
Foristell (in St Charles County) (32)
Fornfelt (in Scott County) (28)
Forsyth (in Taney County) (40)
Fort Leonard Wood (in Pulaski County) (60)
Fort Osage (in Jackson County) (30)
Four Seasons (in Camden County) (24)
Fox Creek (in Harrison County) (22)
Frankford (in Pike County) (39)
Franklin (in Grundy County) (63)
Franklin in Laclede County (in Laclede County) (29)
Franklin in Newton County (in Newton County) (26)
Frazier (in Buchanan County) (28)
Fredericktown (in Madison County) (92)
Freeborn (in Dunklin County) (26)
Freistatt (in Lawrence County) (29)
Fremont (in Carter County) (31)
Fristoe (in Benton County) (34)
Frohna (in Perry County) (30)
Fruitland (in Cape Girardeau County) (38)
Fulton (in Callaway County) (152)
Gainesville (in Ozark County) (51)
Galena (in Stone County) (42)
Gallatin (in Daviess County) (75)
Galt (in Grundy County) (37)
Garden City (in Cass County) (45)
Gayoso (in Pemiscot County) (24)
Gerald (in Franklin County) (49)
Germantown (in Henry County) (24)
Gideon (in New Madrid County) (30)
Gilliam (in Saline County) (32)
Gilman City (in Harrison County) (37)
Gladstone (in Clay County) (40)
Glaize (in Miller County) (26)
Glasgow (in Howard County) (77)
Glenallen (in Bollinger County) (30)
Glencoe (in St Louis County) (42)
Glensted (in Morgan County) (27)
Glenwood (in Schuyler County) (32)
Golden City (in Barton County) (45)
Goodman (in McDonald County) (36)
Gordonville (in Cape Girardeau County) (41)
Gorin (in Scotland County) (34)
Gower (in Buchanan County) (43)
Graham (in Nodaway County) (41)
Grain Valley (in Jackson County) (45)
Granby (in Newton County) (72)
Grand Pass (in Saline County) (30)
Grand River in Cass County (in Cass County) (32)
Grandin (in Carter County) (33)
Grandview (in Jackson County) (43)
Grant (in Harrison County) (25)
Grant City (in Worth County) (61)
Grape Grove (in Ray County) (42)
Grassy (in Bollinger County) (28)
Gravois Mills (in Morgan County) (31)
Gray Summit (in Franklin County) (40)
Graysville (in Putnam County) (23)
Green Castle (in Sullivan County) (36)
Green City (in Sullivan County) (46)
Green Ridge (in Pettis County) (35)
Greenbrier (in Bollinger County) (25)
Greenfield (in Dade County) (62)
Greentop (in Schuyler County) (28)
Greenville (in Wayne County) (45)
Greenwood (in Jackson County) (29)
Greer (in Oregon County) (27)
Grover (in Johnson County) (37)
Grovespring (in Wright County) (34)
Grubville (in Jefferson County) (31)
Guilford (in Nodaway County) (36)
Guthrie (in Callaway County) (46)
Hale (in Carroll County) (44)
Halfway (in Polk County) (36)
Hallsville (in Boone County) (44)
Halltown (in Lawrence County) (32)
Hamburg (in St Charles County) (28)
Hamilton (in Caldwell County) (71)
Hams Prairie (in Callaway County) (43)
Hannibal (in Marion County) (235)
Hardin (in Ray County) (49)
Harris (in Sullivan County) (39)
Harrisburg (in Boone County) (39)
Harrison (in Grundy County) (30)
Harrisonville (in Cass County) (89)
Hartford Township (in Pike County) (27)
Hartsburg (in Boone County) (37)
Hartville (in Wright County) (78)
Harviell (in Butler County) (30)
Hatfield (in Harrison County) (23)
Hawk Point (in Lincoln County) (37)
Hayti (in Pemiscot County) (55)
Hazel Hill (in Johnson County) (33)
Hazelwood (in St Louis County) (54)
Heath Creek (in Pettis County) (43)
Hematite (in Jefferson County) (33)
Herculaneum (in Jefferson County) (43)
Hermann (in Gasconade County) (105)
Hermitage (in Hickory County) (47)
Higbee (in Randolph County) (46)
Higginsville (in Lafayette County) (89)
High Point (in Moniteau County) (34)
High Ridge (in Jefferson County) (36)
Highlandville (in Christian County) (30)
Hillsboro (in Jefferson County) (60)
Hinton (in Boone County) (33)
Hoberg (in Lawrence County) (37)
Holcomb (in Dunklin County) (33)
Holden (in Johnson County) (71)
Holland (in Pemiscot County) (28)
Holliday (in Monroe County) (31)
Hollister (in Taney County) (34)
Holt (in Clay County) (36)
Holts Summit (in Callaway County) (49)
Hope (in Osage County) (33)
Hopkins (in Nodaway County) (43)
Hornersville (in Dunklin County) (34)
House Springs (in Jefferson County) (37)
Houston (in Texas County) (66)
Houstonia (in Pettis County) (41)
Huggins (in Texas County) (29)
Hughesville (in Pettis County) (34)
Humansville (in Polk County) (37)
Hume (in Bates County) (43)
Humphreys (in Sullivan County) (35)
Hunnewell (in Shelby County) (33)
Huntsville (in Randolph County) (68)
Hurdland (in Knox County) (26)
Hurley (in Stone County) (39)
Hurricane (in Bollinger County) (28)
Iberia (in Miller County) (56)
Illmo (in Scott County) (27)
Imperial (in Jefferson County) (40)
Independence (in Jackson County) (329)
Indian Creek (in Monroe County) (31)
Iron Mountain (in St Francois County) (27)
Irondale (in Washington County) (33)
Ironton (in Iron County) (68)
Jackson (in Cape Girardeau County) (99)
Jackson in Douglas County (in Douglas County) (33)
Jackson in Grundy County (in Grundy County) (33)
Jackson in Johnson County (in Johnson County) (41)
Jackson in Linn County (in Linn County) (28)
Jackson in Polk County (in Polk County) (29)
Jacksonville (in Randolph County) (34)
Jake Prairie (in Crawford County) (28)
Jameson (in Daviess County) (41)
Jamesport (in Daviess County) (54)
Jamestown (in Moniteau County) (49)
Jane (in McDonald County) (33)
Japan (in Franklin County) (30)
Jasper (in Jasper County) (53)
Jefferson (in Grundy County) (90)
Jefferson City (in Cole County) (278)
Jefferson in Johnson County (in Johnson County) (34)
Jenkins (in Barry County) (32)
Jennings (in St Louis County) (57)
Jerico Springs (in Cedar County) (45)
Jobe (in Oregon County) (28)
Jonesburg (in Montgomery County) (40)
Joplin (in Jasper County) (217)
Kahoka (in Clark County) (56)
Kaiser (in Miller County) (30)
Kansas City (in Jackson County) (1,008)
Kaw (in Jackson County) (30)
Kearney (in Clay County) (67)
Kelso (in Scott County) (33)
Kennett (in Dunklin County) (64)
Keysville (in Crawford County) (27)
Keytesville (in Chariton County) (65)
Kidder (in Caldwell County) (34)
Kimberling City (in Stone County) (30)
Kimmswick (in Jefferson County) (30)
King City (in Gentry County) (39)
Kingdom City (in Callaway County) (43)
Kings Prairie (in Barry County) (27)
Kingston (in Caldwell County) (54)
Kingsville (in Johnson County) (47)
Kirksville (in Adair County) (155)
Kirkwood (in St Louis County) (82)
Kissee Mills (in Taney County) (26)
Knob Noster (in Johnson County) (61)
Knox City (in Knox County) (31)
Knoxville (in Ray County) (54)
Koeltztown (in Osage County) (29)
Koshkonong (in Oregon County) (36)
La Belle (in Lewis County) (42)
La Monte (in Pettis County) (38)
La Plata (in Macon County) (69)
LaGrange (in Lewis County) (51)
Labadie (in Franklin County) (42)
Laclede (in Linn County) (46)
Laddonia (in Audrain County) (49)
Ladue (in St Louis County) (51)
Lake Creek (in Pettis County) (29)
Lake Ozark (in Camden County) (26)
Lamar (in Barton County) (74)
Lamine (in Cooper County) (30)
Lanagan (in McDonald County) (30)
Lancaster (in Schuyler County) (58)
Laquey (in Pulaski County) (29)
Laredo (in Grundy County) (33)
Lathrop (in Clinton County) (48)
Laurie (in Morgan County) (30)
Lawrenceburg (in Lawrence County) (30)
Lawson (in Ray County) (52)
Leadwood (in St Francois County) (39)
Leasburg (in Crawford County) (34)
Lebanon (in Laclede County) (119)
Lee's Summit (in Jackson County) (81)
Leesville (in Henry County) (36)
Leeton (in Johnson County) (40)
Lemay (in St Louis County) (61)
Leonard (in Shelby County) (34)
Leopold (in Bollinger County) (28)
Leslie (in Franklin County) (41)
Lesterville (in Reynolds County) (36)
Lewistown (in Lewis County) (26)
Lexington (in Lafayette County) (124)
Liberal (in Barton County) (42)
Liberty (in Grundy County) (73)
Liberty in Barry County (in Barry County) (27)
Liberty in Clay County (in Clay County) (99)
Liberty in Saline County (in Saline County) (28)
Libertyville (in St Francois County) (29)
Licking (in Texas County) (59)
Lilbourn (in New Madrid County) (32)
Lincoln (in Grundy County) (55)
Lincoln in Benton County (in Benton County) (38)
Linden (in Christian County) (30)
Lingo (in Macon County) (29)
Linn (in Osage County) (63)
Linn Creek (in Camden County) (39)
Linneus (in Linn County) (48)
Lithium (in Perry County) (29)
Lockwood (in Dade County) (45)
Locust Creek (in Linn County) (29)
Lone Jack (in Jackson County) (49)
Lonedell (in Franklin County) (43)
Long Lane (in Dallas County) (37)
Longtown (in Perry County) (28)
Longwood (in Pettis County) (35)
Loose Creek (in Osage County) (34)
Louisburg (in Dallas County) (28)
Louisiana (in Pike County) (85)
Lowndes (in Wayne County) (24)
Lowry City (in St Clair County) (43)
Lucerne (in Putnam County) (25)
Ludlow (in Livingston County) (36)
Lupus (in Moniteau County) (31)
Luray (in Clark County) (27)
Lutesville (in Bollinger County) (32)
Lynchburg (in Laclede County) (27)
Lyon (in Franklin County) (29)
Macks Creek (in Camden County) (31)
Macon (in Macon County) (95)
Madison (in Monroe County) (43)
Madison Township (in Grundy County) (45)
Madison in Johnson County (in Johnson County) (32)
Maitland (in Holt County) (40)
Malden (in Dunklin County) (49)
Malta Bend (in Saline County) (44)
Manchester (in St Louis County) (58)
Manes (in Wright County) (27)
Mansfield (in Wright County) (57)
Many Springs (in Oregon County) (27)
Maplewood (in St Louis County) (50)
Marble Hill (in Bollinger County) (70)
Marceline (in Linn County) (84)
Marion (in Grundy County) (45)
Marion in Cole County (in Cole County) (39)
Marion in Harrison County (in Harrison County) (24)
Marionville (in Lawrence County) (49)
Marquand (in Madison County) (50)
Marshall (in Saline County) (140)
Marshfield (in Webster County) (83)
Marston (in New Madrid County) (26)
Marthasville (in Warren County) (51)
Martinsburg (in Audrain County) (46)
Maryland Heights (in St Louis County) (48)
Maryville (in Nodaway County) (152)
Masters (in Cedar County) (29)
Matthews (in New Madrid County) (27)
Maysville (in DeKalb County) (54)
Mayview (in Lafayette County) (36)
Maywood (in Lewis County) (25)
McDonald (in Barry County) (30)
McFall (in Gentry County) (35)
McGee (in Wayne County) (24)
McGirk (in Moniteau County) (31)
McKinley (in Lawrence County) (31)
McMurtrey (in Douglas County) (32)
Meadville (in Linn County) (37)
Mehlville (in St Louis County) (50)
Memphis (in Scotland County) (72)
Mendon (in Chariton County) (38)
Mercer (in Mercer County) (29)
Metz (in Vernon County) (32)
Mexico (in Audrain County) (150)
Miami (in Saline County) (42)
Middle Grove (in Monroe County) (29)
Middletown (in Montgomery County) (34)
Midway (in Boone County) (33)
Milan (in Sullivan County) (79)
Milford (in Barton County) (27)
Mill Spring (in Wayne County) (28)
Millard (in Adair County) (24)
Miller (in Lawrence County) (46)
Millersville (in Cape Girardeau County) (42)
Millville (in Ray County) (37)
Millwood (in Lincoln County) (27)
Milo (in Vernon County) (26)
Mincy (in Taney County) (26)
Mindenmines (in Barton County) (30)
Mine La Motte (in Madison County) (27)
Mineola (in Montgomery County) (33)
Miner (in Scott County) (27)
Mineral Point (in Washington County) (28)
Minnith (in Ste Genevieve County) (28)
Mirabile (in Caldwell County) (34)
Missouri City (in Clay County) (32)
Moberly (in Randolph County) (125)
Mokane (in Callaway County) (53)
Monett (in Barry County) (67)
Monett in Lawrence County (in Lawrence County) (39)
Monroe City (in Monroe County) (63)
Montevallo (in Vernon County) (27)
Montgomery City (in Montgomery County) (73)
Monticello (in Lewis County) (27)
Montreal (in Camden County) (24)
Montrose (in Henry County) (52)
Montserrat (in Johnson County) (36)
Mooresville (in Livingston County) (34)
Morley (in Scott County) (43)
Morrison (in Gasconade County) (34)
Morrisville (in Polk County) (38)
Moscow Mills (in Lincoln County) (31)
Moselle (in Franklin County) (29)
Mound City (in Holt County) (79)
Moundville (in Vernon County) (30)
Mount Airy (in Randolph County) (27)
Mount Moriah (in Harrison County) (26)
Mount Pleasant Township (in Lawrence County) (30)
Mount Sterling (in Gasconade County) (28)
Mount Vernon (in Lawrence County) (84)
Mountain Grove (in Wright County) (76)
Mountain View (in Howell County) (49)
Musselfork (in Chariton County) (32)
Myers (in Grundy County) (29)
Myrtle (in Oregon County) (27)
Napton (in Saline County) (30)
Naylor (in Ripley County) (36)
Neelyville (in Butler County) (36)
Neier (in Franklin County) (29)
Nelson (in Saline County) (34)
Neosho (in Newton County) (120)
Nevada (in Vernon County) (102)
New Bloomfield (in Callaway County) (57)
New Boston (in Linn County) (27)
New Cambria (in Macon County) (48)
New Florence (in Montgomery County) (36)
New Franklin (in Howard County) (54)
New Hamburg (in Scott County) (30)
New Hampton (in Harrison County) (28)
New Hartford (in Pike County) (27)
New Haven (in Franklin County) (64)
New London (in Ralls County) (55)
New Madrid (in New Madrid County) (51)
New Melle (in St Charles County) (38)
New Santa Fe (in Jackson County) (30)
New Wells (in Cape Girardeau County) (30)
New York (in Caldwell County) (31)
Newark (in Knox County) (28)
Newburg (in Phelps County) (51)
Newtonia (in Newton County) (31)
Newtown (in Sullivan County) (43)
Niangua (in Webster County) (43)
Nixa (in Christian County) (52)
Nodaway (in Andrew County) (29)
Noel (in McDonald County) (42)
Norborne (in Carroll County) (63)
Normandy (in St Louis County) (51)
North Kansas City (in Clay County) (46)
North Morgan (in Dade County) (31)
North Salem (in Linn County) (33)
Norwood (in Wright County) (33)
Novelty (in Knox County) (29)
Novinger (in Adair County) (57)
O'Fallon (in St Charles County) (52)
Oak Grove (in Jackson County) (59)
Oak Hill (in Crawford County) (29)
Oak Ridge (in Cape Girardeau County) (45)
Oakland (in Laclede County) (31)
Oakville (in St Louis County) (45)
Odessa (in Lafayette County) (59)
Old Mines (in Washington County) (38)
Old Monroe (in Lincoln County) (25)
Oldfield (in Christian County) (28)
Oran (in Scott County) (43)
Orearville (in Saline County) (28)
Oregon (in Holt County) (71)
Oronogo (in Jasper County) (30)
Orrick (in Ray County) (51)
Osage (in Henry County) (36)
Osage Beach (in Camden County) (27)
Osage in Camden County (in Camden County) (25)
Osborn (in Clinton County) (33)
Osceola (in St Clair County) (98)
Otterville (in Cooper County) (43)
Overland (in St Louis County) (51)
Overton (in Cooper County) (29)
Owensville (in Gasconade County) (62)
Oxly (in Ripley County) (32)
Ozark (in Christian County) (87)
Pacific (in Franklin County) (84)
Palmyra (in Marion County) (81)
Paris (in Monroe County) (83)
Park Hills (in St Francois County) (28)
Parkville (in Platte County) (69)
Parma (in New Madrid County) (32)
Parnell (in Nodaway County) (34)
Patterson (in Wayne County) (29)
Patton (in Bollinger County) (29)
Pattonsburg (in Daviess County) (60)
Peculiar (in Cass County) (37)
Pendleton (in Warren County) (28)
Perry (in Ralls County) (40)
Perryville (in Perry County) (96)
Pevely (in Jefferson County) (40)
Philadelphia (in Marion County) (36)
Phillipsburg (in Laclede County) (38)
Pickering (in Nodaway County) (35)
Piedmont (in Wayne County) (55)
Pierce City (in Lawrence County) (63)
Pilot Grove (in Cooper County) (59)
Pilot Knob (in Iron County) (33)
Pinckney (in Warren County) (29)
Pineville (in McDonald County) (61)
Pisgah (in Cooper County) (32)
Pittsburg (in Hickory County) (29)
Plato (in Texas County) (36)
Platte (in Buchanan County) (36)
Platte City (in Platte County) (72)
Plattin (in Jefferson County) (34)
Plattsburg (in Clinton County) (59)
Pleasant Hill (in Cass County) (82)
Pleasant Hope (in Polk County) (37)
Plevna (in Knox County) (26)
Pocahontas (in Cape Girardeau County) (38)
Point Lookout (in Taney County) (27)
Point Pleasant (in New Madrid County) (27)
Polk (in Cass County) (31)
Pollock (in Sullivan County) (36)
Polo (in Caldwell County) (43)
Pomona (in Howell County) (38)
Pontiac (in Ozark County) (26)
Poplar Bluff (in Butler County) (115)
Port Hudson (in Franklin County) (31)
Portage Des Sioux (in St Charles County) (35)
Portageville (in New Madrid County) (43)
Portland (in Callaway County) (44)
Post Oak (in Johnson County) (40)
Potosi (in Washington County) (70)
Pottersville (in Howell County) (33)
Powell (in McDonald County) (34)
Powersville (in Putnam County) (26)
Prairie (in Pettis County) (28)
Prairie Home (in Cooper County) (42)
Preston (in Hickory County) (30)
Princeton (in Mercer County) (61)
Protem (in Taney County) (26)
Purdin (in Linn County) (37)
Purdy (in Barry County) (46)
Puxico (in Stoddard County) (44)
Queen City (in Schuyler County) (37)
Quincy (in Hickory County) (27)
Qulin (in Butler County) (30)
Racine (in Newton County) (28)
Rader (in Webster County) (28)
Ravanna (in Mercer County) (36)
Ravenwood (in Nodaway County) (39)
Raymondville (in Texas County) (30)
Raytown (in Jackson County) (77)
Rayville (in Ray County) (33)
Readsville (in Callaway County) (44)
Red Oak (in Lawrence County) (32)
Redbird (in Gasconade County) (28)
Redford (in Reynolds County) (28)
Reeds (in Jasper County) (34)
Reeds Spring (in Stone County) (34)
Reform (in Callaway County) (44)
Renick (in Randolph County) (31)
Republic (in Greene County) (55)
Revere (in Clark County) (29)
Rhineland (in Montgomery County) (36)
Rich Hill (in Bates County) (76)
Richards (in Vernon County) (32)
Richland (in Camden County) (28)
Richmond (in Ray County) (155)
Richwoods (in Miller County) (29)
Richwoods in Washington County (in Washington County) (29)
Ridgely (in Platte County) (31)
Ridgeway (in Harrison County) (35)
Riggs (in Boone County) (33)
Ritchey (in Newton County) (27)
Roanoke (in Howard County) (34)
Roaring River (in Barry County) (28)
Robertsville (in Franklin County) (33)
Rocheport (in Boone County) (43)
Rock Creek (in Jefferson County) (31)
Rock Hill (in St Louis County) (44)
Rock Port (in Atchison County) (59)
Rock Prairie (in Polk County) (31)
Rockford (in Caldwell County) (31)
Rockville (in Bates County) (35)
Rogersville (in Webster County) (39)
Rolla (in Phelps County) (136)
Rose Hill (in Johnson County) (42)
Rosebud (in Gasconade County) (36)
Roselle (in Madison County) (28)
Rosendale (in Andrew County) (35)
Roubidoux (in Texas County) (29)
Round Spring (in Shannon County) (26)
Rushville (in Buchanan County) (36)
Russellville (in Cole County) (63)
Sabula (in Iron County) (28)
Saco (in Madison County) (27)
Salem (in Dent County) (98)
Saling (in Audrain County) (38)
Salisbury (in Chariton County) (85)
Salt River Township (in Randolph County) (28)
Sarcoxie (in Jasper County) (53)
Savannah (in Andrew County) (83)
Saverton (in Ralls County) (29)
Schell City (in Vernon County) (35)
Scopus (in Bollinger County) (31)
Scott City (in Scott County) (43)
Sedalia (in Pettis County) (233)
Sedgewickville (in Bollinger County) (35)
Seligman (in Barry County) (42)
Senath (in Dunklin County) (42)
Seneca (in Newton County) (59)
Seymour (in Webster County) (60)
Shawnee (in Henry County) (39)
Shelbina (in Shelby County) (56)
Shelbyville (in Shelby County) (49)
Sheldon (in Vernon County) (36)
Shell Knob (in Barry County) (39)
Sheridan (in Worth County) (36)
Sherman Township (in Harrison County) (22)
Short Bend (in Dent County) (27)
Shrewsbury (in St Louis County) (42)
Sibley (in Jackson County) (36)
Sikeston (in Scott County) (66)
Silex (in Lincoln County) (36)
Siloam Springs (in Howell County) (26)
Silva (in Wayne County) (24)
Silver Lake (in Perry County) (30)
Simpson (in Johnson County) (30)
Skidmore (in Nodaway County) (51)
Slater (in Saline County) (53)
Smith (in Worth County) (28)
Smithton (in Pettis County) (42)
Smithville (in Clay County) (44)
South Greenfield (in Dade County) (34)
Southwest City (in McDonald County) (44)
Spanish Lake (in St Louis County) (41)
Sparta (in Christian County) (43)
Speed (in Cooper County) (27)
Spencer (in Douglas County) (27)
Spickard (in Grundy County) (47)
Spokane (in Christian County) (28)
Spring Bluff (in Franklin County) (36)
Spring Creek (in Phelps County) (30)
Springfield (in Greene County) (535)
Springfield in Henry County (in Henry County) (30)
St Albans (in Franklin County) (33)
St Ann (in St Louis County) (44)
St Aubert (in Osage County) (29)
St Charles (in St Charles County) (249)
St Clair (in Franklin County) (60)
St James (in Phelps County) (73)
St Joseph (in Buchanan County) (462)
St Louis City (in St Louis County) (1,640)
St Mary (in Ste Genevieve County) (39)
St Peters (in St Charles County) (30)
St Robert (in Pulaski County) (28)
Stanberry (in Gentry County) (54)
Stark City (in Newton County) (38)
Ste Genevieve (in Ste Genevieve County) (80)
Steedman (in Callaway County) (46)
Steele (in Pemiscot County) (38)
Steelville (in Crawford County) (62)
Steinmetz (in Howard County) (33)
Stella (in Newton County) (38)
Stewartsville (in DeKalb County) (41)
Stockton (in Cedar County) (66)
Stolpe (in Gasconade County) (29)
Stotts City (in Lawrence County) (40)
Stoutland (in Camden County) (34)
Stoutsville (in Monroe County) (32)
Stover (in Morgan County) (48)
Strafford (in Greene County) (39)
Sturgeon (in Boone County) (53)
Success (in Texas County) (30)
Sugar Creek Township (in Barry County) (26)
Sullivan (in Franklin County) (64)
Summersville (in Shannon County) (31)
Sumner (in Chariton County) (29)
Sweet Springs (in Saline County) (49)
Swiss (in Gasconade County) (34)
Syracuse (in Morgan County) (28)
Taberville (in St Clair County) (30)
Taneyville (in Taney County) (28)
Taos (in Cole County) (38)
Tarkio (in Atchison County) (46)
Tebbetts (in Callaway County) (46)
Tebo (in Henry County) (57)
Thayer (in Oregon County) (57)
Theodosia (in Ozark County) (26)
Thomasville (in Oregon County) (36)
Thornfield (in Ozark County) (41)
Tina (in Carroll County) (36)
Tipton (in Moniteau County) (70)
Toledo (in Callaway County) (50)
Town and Country (in St Louis County) (43)
Trail Creek (in Harrison County) (22)
Trenton (in Grundy County) (132)
Trimble (in Clinton County) (29)
Triplett (in Chariton County) (37)
Troy (in Lincoln County) (67)
Truxton (in Lincoln County) (25)
Tucker (in Ripley County) (29)
Tunas (in Dallas County) (31)
Turners (in Greene County) (33)
Turney (in Clinton County) (29)
Tuscumbia (in Miller County) (59)
Udall (in Ozark County) (27)
Umber View Heights (in Cedar County) (28)
Union (in Franklin County) (91)
Union Star (in DeKalb County) (36)
Union in Harrison County (in Harrison County) (25)
Union in Polk County (in Polk County) (29)
Uniontown (in Perry County) (30)
Unionville (in Putnam County) (95)
University City (in St Louis County) (67)
Urbana (in Dallas County) (36)
Urich (in Henry County) (35)
Utica (in Livingston County) (29)
Valley Park (in St Louis County) (45)
Van Buren (in Carter County) (47)
Van Cleve (in Maries County) (27)
Vandalia (in Audrain County) (63)
Verona (in Lawrence County) (45)
Versailles (in Morgan County) (81)
Viburnum (in Iron County) (29)
Vichy (in Maries County) (29)
Vienna (in Maries County) (59)
Villa Ridge (in Franklin County) (39)
Wakenda (in Carroll County) (36)
Waldron (in Platte County) (36)
Walker (in Vernon County) (33)
Walker Township (in Henry County) (34)
Walnut Grove (in Greene County) (50)
Walnut Shade (in Taney County) (30)
Wappapello (in Wayne County) (25)
Wardell (in Pemiscot County) (27)
Warren (in Marion County) (35)
Warrensburg (in Johnson County) (152)
Warrenton (in Warren County) (100)
Warsaw (in Benton County) (80)
Washburn (in Barry County) (52)
Washington (in Franklin County) (94)
Washington in Douglas County (in Douglas County) (28)
Washington in Grundy County (in Grundy County) (32)
Washington in Johnson County (in Johnson County) (31)
Washington in Laclede County (in Laclede County) (31)
Washington in Pettis County (in Pettis County) (28)
Wasola (in Ozark County) (26)
Watson (in Atchison County) (28)
Waverly (in Lafayette County) (50)
Wayland (in Clark County) (38)
Waynesville (in Pulaski County) (52)
Weatherby (in DeKalb County) (31)
Weaubleau (in Hickory County) (32)
Webb City (in Jasper County) (60)
Webster Groves (in St Louis County) (72)
Weingarten (in Ste Genevieve County) (28)
Weldon Spring (in St Charles County) (37)
Wellington (in Lafayette County) (40)
Wellston (in St Louis County) (46)
Wellsville (in Montgomery County) (56)
Wentzville (in St Charles County) (60)
West Alton (in St Charles County) (34)
West Ozark (in Webster County) (28)
West Plains (in Howell County) (109)
Westboro (in Atchison County) (32)
Weston (in Platte County) (79)
Westphalia (in Osage County) (45)
Westport (in Jackson County) (44)
Wheatland (in Hickory County) (38)
Wheaton (in Barry County) (37)
Wheeling (in Livingston County) (42)
White Oak (in Henry County) (29)
White Oak in Harrison County (in Harrison County) (23)
Whiteside (in Lincoln County) (26)
Whitesville (in Andrew County) (27)
Whitewater (in Cape Girardeau County) (35)
Wildwood (in St Louis County) (90)
Willard (in Greene County) (48)
Williams (in Benton County) (28)
Williamsburg (in Callaway County) (46)
Williamstown (in Lewis County) (26)
Williamsville (in Wayne County) (36)
Willow Springs (in Howell County) (58)
Wilson (in Gentry County) (27)
Wilson in Grundy County (in Grundy County) (31)
Windsor (in Henry County) (54)
Winfield (in Lincoln County) (29)
Winona (in Shannon County) (42)
Winston (in Daviess County) (34)
Wood (in Douglas County) (27)
Wood Heights (in Ray County) (32)
Woodlawn (in Monroe County) (28)
Woodside (in Oregon County) (26)
Worthington (in Putnam County) (23)
Wright City (in Warren County) (50)
Wyaconda (in Clark County) (31)
Yellow Creek Township (in Chariton County) (29)
Yount (in Perry County) (28)
Zalma (in Bollinger County) (29)

Overview of Missouri Genealogy Records

  • History: Missouri was first settled in 1735 and became a state in 1821. It allowed slavery during the Civil War period but stayed on the Union side so had soldiers on both sides of the war.
  • Birth records: Some birth records were kept in Missouri from 1883 to 1893, but they are incomplete. Statewide registration of births began in 1909 with complete records by 1927. Copies of birth records for 1910 and later can be obtained from the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services .
  • Marriages: Marriage records in Missouri were kept by the county clerks from the time the county was organized. Statewide registration of marriages began in 1881. Copies of marriage records can be obtained from the appropriate county clerk. Marriage records for 1948 and later can be obtained from the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services .
  • Deaths: Some death records were kept in Missouri from 1883 to 1893, but they are incomplete. Statewide registration of deaths began in 1909 with complete records by 1911. Copies of death records for 1910 and later can be obtained from the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services .
  • Divorces: Divorce records are usually kept by the circuit court clerk.
  • Census: The first federal census available for Missouri is 1830. There are federal censuses publicly available for 1830, 1840, 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930, 1940, and 1950. There were various state censuses taken in some counties between 1752 and 1881.
  • County records: Court, land, probate, and tax records were kept by the individual county courts.
  • Other records: Many cities and towns had newspapers, records kept by churches, cemeteries, histories, school, city directories, and other records that can be located on the city pages on this site. Records specific to minority groups can be found in the Minority Records section.
  • All records: Online indexes and images of many of the above records can be found by using the links on this site.
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