Big Flats Genealogy (in Chemung County, NY)

USA (603,054) > New York (41,920) > Chemung County (613) > Big Flats (20)

Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the city level. Additional records are listed on the county and state pages.

Big Flats Cemetery Records

Big Flats/Village/Miller Cemetery Joyce Tice

Carr Cemetery Joyce Tice

Kahler Road/Pioneer/Sing Sing Cemetery Joyce Tice

Mills Cemetery (West Hill Cemetery) Joyce Tice

Mount Savior Cemetery & Good Shepard Cemetery Joyce Tice

Pioneer Cemetery Find a Grave

Pioneer Cemetery 1974 Joyce Tice

Rural Home Cemetery Joyce Tice

Whitney Cemetery 1973 Joyce Tice

Big Flats Census Records

Big Flats Census 1830 Joyce Tice

Big Flats Census 1850 Joyce Tice

Big Flats Census 1860 Joyce Tice

Big Flats Census 1880 Joyce Tice

Veterans Census-Town of Big Flats 1890 Joyce Tice

Big Flats Histories and Genealogies

Big Flats History Joyce Tice

Big Flats, NY 1822-1972 Joyce Tice

Civilian Public Service Camp Directory in Big Flats 1945 Joyce Tice

Facts about Big Flats History Joyce Tice

Town of Big Flats 1879 from Four County History Joyce Tice

Big Flats Military Records

Assignees at Civilian Public Service (CPS) Camp 46, June 22, 1945 Military Records at Roots Web