Maumee Genealogy (in Lucas County, OH)

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Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the city level. Additional records are listed on the county and state pages.

Maumee Cemetery Records

Riverside Cemetery Find a Grave

Riverside Cemetery [inscriptions] (Maumee, Ohio) : located on River Road, city of Maumee, Lucas County, Ohio Family History Library

Riverside Cemetery records (Maumee, Ohio), 1835-2007 Family History Library

St. Joseph Roman Catholic Church Cemetery US Gen Web Archives

St. Joseph's Catholic Cemetery US Gen Web Archives

St. Joseph's Catholic Cemetery [inscriptions], Maumee, Ohio Family History Library

Swan Creek Cemetery Interment

Swan Creek Cemetery Find a Grave

Maumee Church Records

Church minutes and Sunday School records 1820-1969, Maumee, Ohio (First Presbyterian Church of Maumee (Ohio)) Family History Library

Church records, 1837-1989 (St. Paul's Episcopal Church (Maumee, Ohio)) Family History Library

Church records, 1841-2001 (Catholic Church. St. Joseph (Maumee, Ohio)) Family History Library

Maumee Histories and Genealogies

1838 Maumee 1938 one hundred years plus: the sunset of a century Family History Library

The history of Maumee, 1748-1926 Family History Library

Maumee Miscellaneous Records

Journal, 1817-1820, 1835-1849 Family History Library

Maumee Newspapers and Obituaries

Community Mirror. (Maumee, Ohio) 1980-1988 Multiple Archives

Maumee Advance-Era. (Maumee, Ohio) 1902-1945 Multiple Archives

Maumee River Times. (Maumee City, Ohio) 1840-1855 Multiple Archives

Maumee Valley Herald. (Maumee, Ohio) 1978-Current Multiple Archives

Maumee Valley News. (Maumee, Ohio) 1925-1978 Multiple Archives

Mirror. (Maumee, Ohio) 1980-1981 Multiple Archives

Mirror. (Maumee, Ohio) 1988-Current Ohio Historical Society