Paulding Genealogy (in Paulding County, OH)

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Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the city level. Additional records are listed on the county and state pages.

Paulding Cemetery Records

Cooper Haines Cemetery Find a Grave

Hedges Cemetery Find a Grave

Live Oak Cemetery Find a Grave

Paulding Memorial Cemetery Find a Grave

Pleasant Grove Cemetery Find a Grave

Pleasant View Cemetery Find a Grave

Saint Paul Cemetery Find a Grave

Sherman Cemetery Find a Grave

St. Paul Cemetery, Paulding County, Paulding Twp., Ohio Ohio History Connection

Paulding Church Records

Church records, 1900-2001 (Catholic Church. St. Joseph (Paulding, Ohio)) Family History Library

Paulding City Directories

Robinson's 1973 Paulding County, Ohio, rural directory : including listings for the villages of Antwerp, Broughton, Cecil, Melrose, Oakwood, Paulding, & Payne Family History Library

Paulding Histories and Genealogies

History of Paulding, Ohio : the men who built the town, 1880-1920 Family History Library

Paulding Marriage Records

Marriage records, 1839-1872, 1885 Family History Library

Paulding Newspapers and Obituaries

Paulding County Gazette. (Paulding, Ohio) 1878-1888 Multiple Archives

Paulding County Progress. (Paulding, Ohio) 1987-Current Multiple Archives

Paulding County Republican. (Paulding, Ohio) 1888-1949 Multiple Archives

Paulding Democrat. (Paulding, Ohio) 1874-1949 Multiple Archives

Paulding Gazette. (Paulding, Ohio) 1864-1860s Multiple Archives

Paulding Independent. (Paulding, Ohio) 1859-1860s Multiple Archives

Paulding Journal. (Paulding, Ohio) 1872-1874 Multiple Archives

Paulding Progress. (Paulding, Ohio) 1949-1987 Multiple Archives

Plain Dealer. (Paulding, Ohio) 1870-1870s Multiple Archives

Paulding Probate Records

Wills, 1852-1873 Family History Library

Paulding School Records

Paulding Elementary School - Memories Yearbook (Paulding, OH) 1982 E Yearbooks