Clark County WI Newspapers and Obituaries

USA (1,235,301) > Wisconsin (25,059) > Clark County (314) > Clark County Newspapers and Obituaries (46)

USA (1,235,301) > Wisconsin (25,059) > Wisconsin Newspapers and Obituaries (4,060) > Clark County Newspapers and Obituaries (46)

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Offline Newspapers for Clark County

According to the US Newspaper Directory, the following newspapers were printed in this county, so there may be paper or microfilm copies available. For more information on how to locate offline newspapers, see our article on Locating Offline Newspapers.

Abbotsford: Abbotsford Tribune. (Abbotsford, Wis.) 1923-1963

Colby: Colby Phonograph. (Colby, Wis.) 1918-1963

Colby: Enterprise. (Colby, Clark County, Wis.) 1877-1878

Colby: Langlade Enterprise. (Colby, Marathon County, Wis.) 1876-1877

Colby: Phonograph. (Colby, Wis.) 1878-1918

Curtiss: Curtiss Advance. (Curtiss, Wis.) 1923-1934

Dorchester: Clark County Herald. (Dorchester, Wis.) 1905-1913

Dorchester: Dorchester Clarion. (Dorchester, Wis.) 1937-1973

Dorchester: Dorchester Herald. (Dorchester, Wis.) 1914-1919

Dorchester: Reporter. (Dorchester, Wis.) 1900-1904

Granton: Granton News. (Granton, Wis.) 1904-1921

Greenwood: Greenwood Gleaner. (Greenwood, Wis.) 1891-1969

Humbird: Humbird Enterprise. (Humbird, Clark County, Wis.) 1904-1950

Loyal: Loyal Tribune. (Loyal, Clark Co., Wis.) 1894-1969

Loyal: Tribune Record Gleaner. (Loyal, Clark Co., Wis.) 1969-1978

Loyal: Tribune Record-Gleaner. (Loyal, Wis.) 1978-Current

Loyal: Tribune-Phonograph. (Abbotsford ;) 1963-Current

Neillsville: Clark County Advocate. (Neillsville, Clark County, Wis.) 1862-1867

Neillsville: Clark County Courier. (Neillsville, Wis.) 1879-1881

Neillsville: Clark County Press. (Neillsville, Wis.) 1873-1876

Neillsville: Clark County Press. (Neillsville, Wis.) 1938-Current

Neillsville: Clark County Republican and Press. (Neillsville, Wis.) 1876-1878

Neillsville: Clark County Republican. (Neillsville, Wis.) 1867-1876

Neillsville: Neillsville Press. (Neillsville, Clark County, Wis.) 1921-1938

Neillsville: Neillsville Times. (Neillsville, Clark County, Wis.) 1881-1921

Neillsville: Republican and Press. (Neillsville, Wis.) 1878-1921

Neillsville: True Republican. (Neillsville, Wis.) 1879-1887

Thorp: Courier. (Thorp, Clark Co., Wis.) 1883-1895

Thorp: Thorp Courier. (Thorp, Clark County, Wis.) 1895-Current

Willard: Willard Spice. (Willard, Wis.) 1924-1925

Withee: Clark County Journal. (Withee, Wis.) 1912-1927

Withee: Withee Journal. (Withee, Clark County, Wis.) 1927-1934

Withee: Withee Sentinel. (Withee, Wis.) 1902-1912

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