Wisconsin Genealogy

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Overview of Wisconsin records

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Birth Records (642)
Cemetery Records (7,583)
Census Records (3,665)
Church Records (1,588)
City Directories (1,568)
Court Records (63)
Death Records (861)
Histories and Genealogies (1,240)
Immigration Records (362)
Land Records (730)
Map Records (1,959)
Marriage Records (724)
Military Records (595)
Minority Records (53)
Miscellaneous Records (116)
Newspapers and Obituaries (4,151)
Probate Records (106)
School Records (2,056)
Tax Records (19)

By County

Adams County (186)
Ashland County (270)
Barron County (418)
Bayfield County (222)
Brown County (675)
Buffalo County (246)
Burnett County (169)
Calumet County (224)
Chippewa County (514)
Clark County (339)
Columbia County (580)
Crawford County (320)
Dane County (983)
Dodge County (679)
Door County (297)
Douglas County (320)
Dunn County (351)
Eau Claire County (505)
Florence County (114)
Fond du Lac County (652)
Forest County (132)
Grant County (678)
Green County (317)
Green Lake County (233)
Iowa County (353)
Iron County (138)
Jackson County (266)
Jefferson County (548)
Juneau County (298)
Kenosha County (397)
Kewaunee County (241)
La Crosse County (553)
Lafayette County (378)
Langlade County (167)
Lincoln County (203)
Manitowoc County (449)
Marathon County (528)
Marinette County (310)
Marquette County (230)
Menominee County (40)
Milwaukee County (1,565)
Monroe County (407)
Oconto County (236)
Oneida County (190)
Outagamie County (463)
Ozaukee County (312)
Pepin County (166)
Pierce County (368)
Polk County (264)
Portage County (340)
Price County (174)
Racine County (524)
Richland County (291)
Rock County (746)
Rusk County (181)
Saint Croix County (323)
Sauk County (529)
Sawyer County (143)
Shawano County (344)
Sheboygan County (536)
Taylor County (173)
Trempealeau County (353)
Vernon County (402)
Vilas County (115)
Walworth County (538)
Washburn County (170)
Washington County (432)
Waukesha County (647)
Waupaca County (386)
Waushara County (246)
Winnebago County (571)
Wood County (746)

By City

Abbotsford (in Clark County) (38)
Adams (in Adams County) (37)
Albany (in Green County) (49)
Albion (in Dane County) (50)
Algoma (in Kewaunee County) (58)
Allenton (in Washington County) (41)
Allouez (in Brown County) (40)
Alma (in Jackson County) (48)
Alma in Buffalo County (in Buffalo County) (36)
Almena (in Barron County) (34)
Almond (in Portage County) (47)
Alto (in Fond du Lac County) (39)
Altoona (in Eau Claire County) (31)
Amery (in Polk County) (47)
Amherst (in Portage County) (51)
Angelica (in Shawano County) (41)
Anson (in Chippewa County) (35)
Antigo (in Langlade County) (59)
Appleton (in Outagamie County) (175)
Arcadia (in Trempealeau County) (59)
Arena (in Iowa County) (35)
Argyle (in Lafayette County) (57)
Arkansaw (in Pepin County) (31)
Arkdale (in Adams County) (32)
Arlington (in Columbia County) (42)
Arpin (in Wood County) (39)
Ashford (in Fond du Lac County) (38)
Ashippun (in Dodge County) (39)
Ashland (in Ashland County) (122)
Athens (in Marathon County) (39)
Auburndale (in Wood County) (43)
Augusta (in Eau Claire County) (61)
Aurora (in Florence County) (29)
Avoca (in Iowa County) (36)
Baileys Harbor (in Door County) (34)
Baldwin (in Saint Croix County) (46)
Balsam Lake (in Polk County) (38)
Bangor (in La Crosse County) (42)
Baraboo (in Sauk County) (113)
Barneveld (in Iowa County) (38)
Barron (in Barron County) (51)
Batavia (in Sheboygan County) (36)
Bay Settlement (in Brown County) (36)
Bayfield (in Bayfield County) (47)
Bear Creek (in Sauk County) (37)
Bear Creek in Outagamie County (in Outagamie County) (39)
Beaver (in Marinette County) (30)
Beaver Dam (in Dodge County) (108)
Beetown (in Grant County) (41)
Beldenville (in Pierce County) (31)
Belgium (in Ozaukee County) (37)
Belleville (in Dane County) (43)
Belmont (in Lafayette County) (55)
Beloit (in Rock County) (175)
Benton (in Lafayette County) (46)
Berlin (in Green Lake County) (77)
Berlin Township (in Marathon County) (32)
Birnamwood (in Shawano County) (43)
Black Creek (in Outagamie County) (50)
Black Earth (in Dane County) (55)
Black River Falls (in Jackson County) (58)
Black Wolf (in Winnebago County) (41)
Blair (in Trempealeau County) (55)
Blanchardville (in Lafayette County) (47)
Bloomer (in Chippewa County) (66)
Bloomington (in Grant County) (67)
Blue Mounds (in Dane County) (40)
Blue River (in Grant County) (39)
Bonduel (in Shawano County) (54)
Boscobel (in Grant County) (84)
Bowler (in Shawano County) (45)
Boyceville (in Dunn County) (39)
Boyd (in Chippewa County) (37)
Brandon (in Fond du Lac County) (45)
Brillion (in Calumet County) (57)
Bristol (in Kenosha County) (39)
Brodhead (in Green County) (58)
Brookfield (in Waukesha County) (62)
Brooklyn (in Green County) (38)
Brown Deer (in Milwaukee County) (36)
Brownsville (in Dodge County) (34)
Browntown (in Green County) (38)
Bruce (in Rusk County) (33)
Brule (in Douglas County) (30)
Brussels (in Door County) (40)
Buffalo in Marquette County (in Marquette County) (36)
Burke (in Dane County) (38)
Burlington (in Racine County) (77)
Burnett (in Dodge County) (33)
Butternut (in Ashland County) (31)
Byron (in Fond du Lac County) (39)
Cable (in Bayfield County) (30)
Cadiz (in Green County) (36)
Cadott (in Chippewa County) (54)
Calamus (in Dodge County) (40)
Caledonia (in Columbia County) (42)
Caledonia in Racine County (in Racine County) (47)
Cambria (in Columbia County) (46)
Cambridge (in Dane County) (47)
Cameron (in Barron County) (36)
Camp Douglas (in Juneau County) (32)
Campbellsport (in Fond du Lac County) (59)
Caroline (in Shawano County) (42)
Cascade (in Sheboygan County) (40)
Casco (in Kewaunee County) (38)
Cashton (in Monroe County) (56)
Cassville (in Grant County) (55)
Cataract (in Monroe County) (38)
Cato (in Manitowoc County) (33)
Cazenovia (in Richland County) (47)
Cedar Grove (in Sheboygan County) (43)
Cedarburg (in Ozaukee County) (66)
Center (in Rock County) (39)
Centerville (in Manitowoc County) (33)
Centuria (in Polk County) (34)
Chaseburg (in Vernon County) (44)
Chetek (in Barron County) (44)
Chilton (in Calumet County) (57)
Chippewa Falls (in Chippewa County) (160)
Clarno (in Green County) (36)
Clayton (in Winnebago County) (40)
Clayton in Polk County (in Polk County) (33)
Clear Creek (in Eau Claire County) (32)
Clear Lake (in Polk County) (39)
Cleveland (in Manitowoc County) (32)
Clifton (in Monroe County) (37)
Clinton (in Rock County) (67)
Clintonville (in Waupaca County) (69)
Clyde (in Iowa County) (34)
Clyman (in Dodge County) (41)
Cobb (in Iowa County) (36)
Cochrane (in Buffalo County) (32)
Colby (in Clark County) (48)
Cold Spring (in Jefferson County) (35)
Coleman (in Marinette County) (32)
Colfax (in Dunn County) (43)
Coloma (in Waushara County) (34)
Columbus (in Columbia County) (71)
Coon Valley (in Vernon County) (39)
Cooperstown (in Manitowoc County) (38)
Cornell (in Chippewa County) (43)
Cottage Grove (in Dane County) (50)
Crandon (in Forest County) (48)
Crivitz (in Marinette County) (32)
Cross Plains (in Dane County) (38)
Cuba City (in Grant County) (56)
Cudahy (in Milwaukee County) (60)
Cumberland (in Barron County) (47)
Curtiss (in Clark County) (34)
Dairyland (in Douglas County) (30)
Dale (in Outagamie County) (39)
Daleyville (in Dane County) (37)
Dallas (in Barron County) (40)
Danbury (in Burnett County) (32)
Darien (in Walworth County) (43)
Darlington (in Lafayette County) (79)
De Forest (in Dane County) (54)
De Pere (in Brown County) (102)
De Soto (in Vernon County) (45)
Deer Park (in Saint Croix County) (36)
Deerfield (in Dane County) (59)
Dekorra (in Columbia County) (40)
Delafield (in Waukesha County) (53)
Delavan (in Walworth County) (88)
Dell Prairie (in Adams County) (32)
Delton (in Sauk County) (33)
Denmark (in Brown County) (60)
Dodgeville (in Iowa County) (64)
Dorchester (in Clark County) (41)
Dousman (in Waukesha County) (45)
Doyle (in Barron County) (32)
Doylestown (in Columbia County) (36)
Drummond (in Bayfield County) (31)
Dunbar (in Marinette County) (29)
Durand (in Pepin County) (47)
Eagle (in Waukesha County) (53)
Eagle River (in Vilas County) (47)
East Troy (in Walworth County) (55)
Eastman (in Crawford County) (44)
Easton (in Adams County) (36)
Eaton in Brown County (in Brown County) (37)
Eau Claire (in Eau Claire County) (257)
Eau Galle (in Dunn County) (36)
Eden (in Fond du Lac County) (43)
Edgar (in Marathon County) (41)
Edgerton (in Rock County) (77)
Edson (in Chippewa County) (37)
Egg Harbor (in Door County) (35)
El Paso (in Pierce County) (34)
Elba (in Dodge County) (38)
Elcho (in Langlade County) (34)
Eldorado (in Fond du Lac County) (44)
Eleva (in Trempealeau County) (43)
Elk Grove (in Lafayette County) (37)
Elk Mound (in Dunn County) (46)
Elkhart Lake (in Sheboygan County) (47)
Elkhorn (in Walworth County) (76)
Ellison Bay (in Door County) (34)
Ellsworth (in Pierce County) (59)
Elm Grove (in Waukesha County) (46)
Elmwood (in Pierce County) (35)
Elroy (in Juneau County) (77)
Embarrass (in Waupaca County) (36)
Emerald (in Saint Croix County) (33)
Emmet (in Dodge County) (38)
Ephraim (in Door County) (36)
Ettrick (in Trempealeau County) (48)
Evansville (in Rock County) (63)
Evergreen (in Washburn County) (33)
Exeland (in Sawyer County) (31)
Fairchild (in Eau Claire County) (40)
Fall Creek (in Eau Claire County) (41)
Fall River (in Columbia County) (45)
Farmington (in Jefferson County) (35)
Farmington in Washington County (in Washington County) (39)
Fennimore (in Grant County) (75)
Ferryville (in Crawford County) (40)
Fifield (in Price County) (33)
Fillmore (in Washington County) (40)
Fish Creek (in Door County) (38)
Fitchburg (in Dane County) (38)
Florence (in Florence County) (38)
Fond du Lac (in Fond du Lac County) (239)
Forestville (in Door County) (37)
Fort Atkinson (in Jefferson County) (70)
Fort Howard (in Brown County) (39)
Fort Winnebago (in Columbia County) (37)
Fountain City (in Buffalo County) (50)
Fox Lake (in Dodge County) (55)
Fox Point (in Milwaukee County) (36)
Foxboro (in Douglas County) (30)
Frankfort Township (in Pepin County) (32)
Franklin (in Milwaukee County) (45)
Frederic (in Polk County) (39)
Fredonia (in Ozaukee County) (40)
Freedom (in Outagamie County) (42)
Freistadt (in Ozaukee County) (36)
Fremont (in Waupaca County) (40)
Friendship (in Adams County) (41)
Galesville (in Trempealeau County) (65)
Gays Mills (in Crawford County) (45)
Genesee (in Waukesha County) (43)
Geneva (in Walworth County) (37)
Genoa (in Vernon County) (41)
Genoa City (in Walworth County) (39)
Germantown (in Washington County) (51)
Gibson (in Manitowoc County) (33)
Gillett (in Oconto County) (39)
Gilman (in Taylor County) (36)
Gleason (in Lincoln County) (33)
Glen Flora (in Rusk County) (27)
Glen Haven (in Grant County) (42)
Glenbeulah (in Sheboygan County) (35)
Glendale (in Milwaukee County) (38)
Glenmore (in Brown County) (37)
Glenwood City (in Saint Croix County) (50)
Glidden (in Ashland County) (33)
Grafton (in Ozaukee County) (55)
Grand Rapids (in Wood County) (47)
Granton (in Clark County) (43)
Grantsburg (in Burnett County) (46)
Granville (in Milwaukee County) (39)
Gratiot (in Lafayette County) (45)
Green Bay (in Brown County) (233)
Green Lake (in Green Lake County) (41)
Green Valley (in Shawano County) (44)
Greenbush (in Sheboygan County) (37)
Greendale (in Milwaukee County) (46)
Greenfield (in Milwaukee County) (55)
Greenleaf (in Brown County) (38)
Greenville (in Outagamie County) (43)
Greenwood (in Clark County) (47)
Gresham (in Shawano County) (48)
Hale (in Trempealeau County) (38)
Hales Corners (in Milwaukee County) (51)
Hamburg (in Marathon County) (34)
Hammond (in Saint Croix County) (42)
Hampden (in Columbia County) (35)
Hancock (in Waushara County) (43)
Harris (in Marquette County) (34)
Hartford (in Washington County) (68)
Hartland (in Waukesha County) (69)
Hartland in Pierce County (in Pierce County) (31)
Hatley (in Marathon County) (31)
Hawkins (in Rusk County) (29)
Hayward (in Sawyer County) (62)
Hazel Green (in Grant County) (40)
Hebron (in Jefferson County) (39)
Herman (in Sheboygan County) (43)
Herman in Dodge County (in Dodge County) (39)
Hewitt (in Wood County) (37)
Hickory Grove (in Grant County) (39)
Highland (in Iowa County) (41)
Hilbert (in Calumet County) (34)
Hillsboro (in Vernon County) (52)
Hixton (in Jackson County) (38)
Hobart (in Brown County) (36)
Holcombe (in Chippewa County) (37)
Holland in Sheboygan County (in Sheboygan County) (35)
Hollandale (in Iowa County) (36)
Holmen (in La Crosse County) (43)
Horicon (in Dodge County) (45)
Hortonville (in Outagamie County) (55)
Howard (in Brown County) (38)
Hubbard (in Dodge County) (36)
Hubertus (in Washington County) (40)
Hudson (in Saint Croix County) (86)
Hurley (in Iron County) (66)
Hurricane (in Grant County) (38)
Hustisford (in Dodge County) (43)
Independence (in Trempealeau County) (52)
Iola (in Waupaca County) (47)
Iron Ridge (in Dodge County) (38)
Iron River (in Bayfield County) (46)
Ironton (in Sauk County) (34)
Irving (in Jackson County) (36)
Ixonia (in Jefferson County) (52)
Jackson (in Washington County) (54)
Jacksonport (in Door County) (39)
Janesville (in Rock County) (211)
Jefferson (in Jefferson County) (55)
Jefferson in Green County (in Green County) (35)
Johnsburg (in Fond du Lac County) (36)
Johnson Creek (in Jefferson County) (38)
Johnstown (in Rock County) (41)
Juda (in Green County) (38)
Junction City (in Portage County) (36)
Juneau (in Dodge County) (50)
Kaukauna (in Outagamie County) (68)
Kendall (in Monroe County) (38)
Kennan (in Price County) (31)
Kenosha (in Kenosha County) (218)
Keshena (in Menominee County) (19)
Kewaskum (in Washington County) (65)
Kewaunee (in Kewaunee County) (54)
Kiel (in Manitowoc County) (45)
Kilbourn City (in Columbia County) (53)
Kimberly (in Outagamie County) (42)
Kingston (in Green Lake County) (40)
Knowlton (in Marathon County) (31)
Kohler (in Sheboygan County) (42)
Kronenwetter (in Marathon County) (35)
La Crosse (in La Crosse County) (341)
La Farge (in Vernon County) (52)
La Pointe (in Ashland County) (41)
La Valle (in Sauk County) (42)
Ladysmith (in Rusk County) (63)
Lake Geneva (in Walworth County) (98)
Lake Mills (in Jefferson County) (65)
Lakeland (in Barron County) (30)
Laketown (in Polk County) (31)
Lamartine (in Fond du Lac County) (39)
Lancaster (in Grant County) (88)
Laona (in Forest County) (30)
Larsen (in Winnebago County) (41)
LeRoy (in Dodge County) (37)
Lebanon (in Dodge County) (51)
Leeds (in Columbia County) (43)
Lena (in Oconto County) (34)
Leopolis (in Shawano County) (42)
Lewiston (in Columbia County) (48)
Lima (in Rock County) (39)
Lime Ridge (in Sauk County) (35)
Linden (in Iowa County) (38)
Lindina (in Juneau County) (30)
Lisbon (in Waukesha County) (41)
Little Chute (in Outagamie County) (52)
Lodi (in Columbia County) (61)
Loganville (in Sauk County) (34)
Lomira (in Dodge County) (53)
Lone Rock (in Richland County) (42)
Lowell (in Dodge County) (39)
Lowville (in Columbia County) (36)
Loyal (in Clark County) (43)
Lublin (in Taylor County) (36)
Luck (in Polk County) (39)
Luxemburg (in Kewaunee County) (53)
Lyndon Station (in Juneau County) (31)
Lyons (in Walworth County) (36)
Madison (in Dane County) (369)
Magnolia (in Rock County) (36)
Maiden Rock (in Pierce County) (37)
Maine (in Marathon County) (31)
Manawa (in Waupaca County) (40)
Manitowoc (in Manitowoc County) (119)
Maple (in Douglas County) (30)
Maple Grove (in Manitowoc County) (36)
Marathon (in Marathon County) (42)
Marcellon (in Columbia County) (38)
Marinette (in Marinette County) (117)
Marion (in Waupaca County) (47)
Markesan (in Green Lake County) (36)
Marquette (in Green Lake County) (32)
Marshall (in Dane County) (41)
Marshfield (in Wood County) (87)
Martell (in Pierce County) (32)
Mason (in Bayfield County) (30)
Mattoon (in Shawano County) (41)
Mauston (in Juneau County) (57)
Mayville (in Dodge County) (49)
Mazomanie (in Dane County) (55)
McFarland (in Dane County) (41)
McMillan (in Marathon County) (31)
Medford (in Taylor County) (56)
Medina (in Outagamie County) (39)
Meeme (in Manitowoc County) (37)
Mellen (in Ashland County) (35)
Melrose (in Jackson County) (41)
Menasha (in Winnebago County) (77)
Menomonee Falls (in Waukesha County) (66)
Menomonie (in Dunn County) (107)
Mequon (in Ozaukee County) (58)
Mercer (in Iron County) (27)
Merrill (in Lincoln County) (74)
Merrillan (in Jackson County) (41)
Merrimac (in Sauk County) (37)
Merton (in Waukesha County) (42)
Middleton (in Dane County) (54)
Mifflin (in Iowa County) (36)
Milan (in Marathon County) (31)
Milford (in Jefferson County) (35)
Milladore (in Wood County) (40)
Milltown (in Polk County) (35)
Milton (in Rock County) (69)
Milwaukee (in Milwaukee County) (1,035)
Mindoro (in La Crosse County) (37)
Mineral Point (in Iowa County) (93)
Minocqua (in Oneida County) (39)
Minong (in Washburn County) (35)
Mishicot (in Manitowoc County) (47)
Mitchell (in Sheboygan County) (37)
Modena (in Buffalo County) (32)
Mondovi (in Buffalo County) (64)
Monona (in Dane County) (44)
Monroe (in Monroe County) (51)
Monroe in Green County (in Green County) (64)
Montello (in Marquette County) (52)
Montfort (in Grant County) (53)
Monticello (in Lafayette County) (37)
Monticello in Green County (in Green County) (41)
Montpelier (in Kewaunee County) (31)
Montrose (in Dane County) (38)
Morrison (in Brown County) (44)
Morrisonville (in Dane County) (37)
Morse (in Ashland County) (32)
Mosel (in Sheboygan County) (38)
Mosinee (in Marathon County) (37)
Mount Calvary (in Fond du Lac County) (41)
Mount Hope (in Grant County) (40)
Mount Horeb (in Dane County) (66)
Mount Morris (in Waushara County) (32)
Mount Sterling (in Crawford County) (39)
Mukwonago (in Waukesha County) (48)
Muscoda (in Grant County) (69)
Muskego (in Waukesha County) (51)
Navarino (in Shawano County) (48)
Necedah (in Juneau County) (46)
Neenah (in Winnebago County) (85)
Neillsville (in Clark County) (64)
Nekoosa (in Wood County) (48)
Nelson (in Buffalo County) (39)
Neosho (in Dodge County) (33)
Neshkoro (in Marquette County) (33)
New Auburn (in Chippewa County) (47)
New Berlin (in Waukesha County) (59)
New Denmark (in Brown County) (40)
New Diggings (in Lafayette County) (40)
New Fane (in Fond du Lac County) (37)
New Franken (in Brown County) (37)
New Glarus (in Green County) (49)
New Holstein (in Calumet County) (50)
New Lisbon (in Juneau County) (49)
New London (in Waupaca County) (78)
New Miner (in Juneau County) (30)
New Richmond (in Saint Croix County) (56)
Newark (in Rock County) (37)
Newburg (in Ozaukee County) (37)
Newton (in Manitowoc County) (41)
Newton in Marquette County (in Marquette County) (37)
Niagara (in Marinette County) (38)
Norrie (in Marathon County) (30)
North Fond du Lac (in Fond du Lac County) (39)
North Freedom (in Sauk County) (43)
North Prairie (in Waukesha County) (42)
Northfield (in Jackson County) (37)
Norwalk (in Monroe County) (49)
Norway (in Racine County) (35)
Oak Creek (in Milwaukee County) (62)
Oak Grove (in Dodge County) (38)
Oakdale (in Monroe County) (37)
Oakfield (in Fond du Lac County) (43)
Oakland (in Jefferson County) (39)
Oconomowoc (in Waukesha County) (86)
Oconto (in Oconto County) (59)
Oconto Falls (in Oconto County) (56)
Odanah (in Ashland County) (33)
Ogdensburg (in Waupaca County) (36)
Ogema (in Price County) (33)
Omro (in Winnebago County) (69)
Onalaska (in La Crosse County) (53)
Oneida (in Outagamie County) (44)
Ono (in Pierce County) (31)
Ontario (in Vernon County) (49)
Oostburg (in Sheboygan County) (41)
Oregon (in Dane County) (50)
Orfordville (in Rock County) (51)
Orion (in Richland County) (39)
Osceola (in Fond du Lac County) (36)
Osceola in Polk County (in Polk County) (40)
Oshkosh (in Winnebago County) (242)
Osseo (in Trempealeau County) (53)
Otsego (in Columbia County) (38)
Oulu (in Bayfield County) (35)
Owen (in Clark County) (37)
Oxford (in Marquette County) (39)
Palmyra (in Jefferson County) (61)
Pardeeville (in Columbia County) (49)
Paris (in Kenosha County) (40)
Park Falls (in Price County) (42)
Patch Grove (in Grant County) (44)
Pelican Lake (in Oneida County) (27)
Pembine (in Marinette County) (31)
Pepin (in Pepin County) (45)
Peru (in Dunn County) (34)
Peshtigo (in Marinette County) (47)
Pewaukee (in Waukesha County) (54)
Phillips (in Price County) (52)
Pigeon Falls (in Trempealeau County) (37)
Pine River (in Waushara County) (32)
Pittsfield (in Brown County) (38)
Pittsville (in Wood County) (56)
Plain (in Sauk County) (35)
Plainfield (in Waushara County) (50)
Platteville (in Grant County) (94)
Pleasant Prairie (in Kenosha County) (39)
Pleasant Springs (in Dane County) (37)
Pleasant Valley (in Eau Claire County) (32)
Plover (in Portage County) (43)
Plum City (in Pierce County) (35)
Plymouth (in Sheboygan County) (74)
Polonia (in Portage County) (38)
Port Edwards (in Wood County) (39)
Port Washington (in Ozaukee County) (78)
Port Wing (in Bayfield County) (31)
Portage (in Columbia County) (113)
Portland (in Monroe County) (37)
Portland in Dodge County (in Dodge County) (36)
Poskin (in Barron County) (31)
Potosi (in Grant County) (55)
Pound (in Marinette County) (34)
Poynette (in Columbia County) (45)
Prairie Farm (in Barron County) (43)
Prairie du Chien (in Crawford County) (86)
Prairie du Sac (in Sauk County) (50)
Prentice (in Price County) (34)
Prescott (in Pierce County) (53)
Presque Isle (in Vilas County) (28)
Primrose (in Dane County) (39)
Princeton (in Green Lake County) (53)
Pulaski (in Brown County) (42)
Racine (in Racine County) (245)
Radisson (in Sawyer County) (30)
Randolph (in Columbia County) (59)
Random Lake (in Sheboygan County) (48)
Raymond (in Racine County) (40)
Readstown (in Vernon County) (52)
Redgranite (in Waushara County) (37)
Reedsburg (in Sauk County) (81)
Reedsville (in Manitowoc County) (44)
Reeseville (in Dodge County) (40)
Rewey (in Iowa County) (35)
Rhine (in Sheboygan County) (38)
Rhinelander (in Oneida County) (69)
Rib Falls (in Marathon County) (34)
Rib Lake (in Taylor County) (41)
Rice Lake (in Barron County) (81)
Richfield (in Washington County) (47)
Richland Center (in Richland County) (83)
Richmond (in Walworth County) (36)
Ridgeville (in Monroe County) (36)
Ridgeway (in Iowa County) (36)
Rio (in Columbia County) (48)
Ripon (in Fond du Lac County) (97)
River Falls (in Pierce County) (75)
Rochester (in Racine County) (41)
Rock Elm (in Pierce County) (35)
Rock Falls (in Dunn County) (35)
Rock Springs (in Sauk County) (35)
Rosendale (in Fond du Lac County) (45)
Rosholt (in Portage County) (49)
Roxbury (in Dane County) (38)
Royalton (in Waupaca County) (37)
Rozellville (in Marathon County) (30)
Rubicon (in Dodge County) (45)
Rudolph (in Wood County) (37)
Saint Croix Falls (in Polk County) (46)
Saint Francis (in Milwaukee County) (42)
Saint Nazianz (in Manitowoc County) (39)
Salem (in Pierce County) (34)
Salem in Kenosha County (in Kenosha County) (36)
Sand Creek (in Dunn County) (35)
Saratoga (in Wood County) (36)
Sauk City (in Sauk County) (52)
Saukville (in Ozaukee County) (50)
Saxon (in Iron County) (29)
Scandinavia (in Waupaca County) (44)
Schofield (in Marathon County) (36)
Scott in Brown County (in Brown County) (36)
Scott in Sheboygan County (in Sheboygan County) (35)
Seneca (in Crawford County) (41)
Seymour (in Outagamie County) (62)
Seymour in Eau Claire County (in Eau Claire County) (31)
Sharon (in Walworth County) (52)
Shawano (in Shawano County) (68)
Sheboygan (in Sheboygan County) (159)
Sheboygan Falls (in Sheboygan County) (65)
Shelby (in La Crosse County) (34)
Shell Lake (in Washburn County) (44)
Sherman (in Sheboygan County) (35)
Shiocton (in Outagamie County) (49)
Shorewood (in Milwaukee County) (50)
Shullsburg (in Lafayette County) (74)
Sioux Creek (in Barron County) (30)
Siren (in Burnett County) (32)
Sister Bay (in Door County) (35)
Slinger (in Washington County) (58)
Soldiers Grove (in Crawford County) (55)
Solon Springs (in Douglas County) (31)
Somerset (in Saint Croix County) (41)
South Lancaster (in Grant County) (39)
South Milwaukee (in Milwaukee County) (59)
South Wayne (in Lafayette County) (53)
Sparta (in Monroe County) (89)
Spencer (in Marathon County) (39)
Spooner (in Washburn County) (49)
Spring Green (in Sauk County) (54)
Spring Grove (in Green County) (36)
Spring Lake (in Pierce County) (35)
Spring Prairie (in Walworth County) (38)
Spring Valley (in Pierce County) (43)
Springbrook (in Washburn County) (32)
Springdale (in Dane County) (39)
Springfield (in Marquette County) (35)
Stanley (in Chippewa County) (55)
Stevens Point (in Portage County) (116)
Stiles (in Oconto County) (33)
Stockbridge (in Calumet County) (37)
Stockholm (in Pepin County) (33)
Stoddard (in Vernon County) (45)
Stoughton (in Dane County) (71)
Stratford (in Marathon County) (37)
Strum (in Trempealeau County) (47)
Sturgeon Bay (in Door County) (95)
Sturtevant (in Racine County) (41)
Suamico (in Brown County) (39)
Sugar Creek (in Walworth County) (39)
Sullivan (in Jefferson County) (47)
Summit (in Waukesha County) (41)
Sumner (in Barron County) (35)
Sumpter (in Sauk County) (36)
Sun Prairie (in Dane County) (65)
Superior (in Douglas County) (188)
Suring (in Oconto County) (39)
Sussex (in Waukesha County) (51)
Taylor (in Jackson County) (44)
Theresa (in Dodge County) (48)
Thiensville (in Ozaukee County) (40)
Thorp (in Clark County) (48)
Three Lakes (in Oneida County) (34)
Tilden (in Chippewa County) (35)
Tomah (in Monroe County) (68)
Tomahawk (in Lincoln County) (46)
Tony (in Rusk County) (30)
Trempealeau (in Trempealeau County) (53)
Trenton (in Pierce County) (35)
Trenton in Dodge County (in Dodge County) (32)
Trimbelle (in Pierce County) (33)
Tripoli (in Lincoln County) (30)
Troy (in Sauk County) (34)
Troy in Walworth County (in Walworth County) (40)
Turtle Lake (in Barron County) (50)
Twin Lakes (in Kenosha County) (33)
Two Rivers (in Manitowoc County) (60)
Union Grove (in Racine County) (48)
Unity (in Marathon County) (33)
Valders (in Manitowoc County) (36)
Valton (in Sauk County) (33)
Vernon (in Waukesha County) (43)
Verona (in Dane County) (43)
Vesper (in Wood County) (41)
Viola (in Richland County) (51)
Viroqua (in Vernon County) (93)
Wabeno (in Forest County) (40)
Waldo (in Sheboygan County) (39)
Wales (in Waukesha County) (44)
Walworth (in Walworth County) (48)
Warrens (in Monroe County) (37)
Washburn (in Bayfield County) (61)
Washington (in Sauk County) (38)
Washington in Door County (in Door County) (57)
Waterford (in Racine County) (48)
Waterloo (in Jefferson County) (69)
Watertown (in Jefferson County) (156)
Waubeka (in Ozaukee County) (35)
Waukesha (in Waukesha County) (196)
Waunakee (in Dane County) (50)
Waupaca (in Waupaca County) (69)
Waupun (in Dodge County) (69)
Wausau (in Marathon County) (154)
Wausaukee (in Marinette County) (42)
Wautoma (in Waushara County) (53)
Wauwatosa (in Milwaukee County) (88)
Wauzeka (in Crawford County) (50)
Wayne (in Washington County) (43)
Webster (in Burnett County) (45)
West Allis (in Milwaukee County) (111)
West Bend (in Washington County) (116)
West Bloomfield (in Waushara County) (32)
West Prairie (in Vernon County) (37)
West Salem (in La Crosse County) (55)
West Superior (in Douglas County) (38)
Westboro (in Taylor County) (36)
Westby (in Vernon County) (49)
Westfield (in Sauk County) (38)
Westfield in Marquette County (in Marquette County) (51)
Weyauwega (in Waupaca County) (52)
Weyerhaeuser (in Rusk County) (30)
Wheeler (in Dunn County) (36)
Whitefish Bay (in Milwaukee County) (55)
Whitehall (in Trempealeau County) (45)
Whitelaw (in Manitowoc County) (33)
Whitewater (in Walworth County) (97)
Wild Rose (in Waushara County) (44)
Willard (in Clark County) (33)
Williams Bay (in Walworth County) (40)
Wilmot (in Kenosha County) (34)
Wilson (in Sheboygan County) (37)
Wilton (in Monroe County) (44)
Winchester (in Winnebago County) (39)
Windsor (in Dane County) (40)
Winneconne (in Winnebago County) (62)
Winter (in Sawyer County) (34)
Wiota (in Lafayette County) (40)
Wisconsin Dells (in Columbia County) (44)
Wisconsin Rapids (in Wood County) (67)
Withee (in Clark County) (40)
Wittenberg (in Shawano County) (63)
Wonewoc (in Juneau County) (42)
Woodland (in Dodge County) (33)
Woodman (in Grant County) (39)
Woodruff (in Oneida County) (34)
Woodville (in Saint Croix County) (35)
Wrightstown (in Brown County) (46)
Wyalusing (in Grant County) (40)
Wyeville (in Monroe County) (36)
Wyocena (in Columbia County) (40)

Overview of Wisconsin Genealogy Records

  • History: Wisconsin was first settled in 1787, became part of Indiana Territory in 1800, became part of Illinois Territory in 1809, became part of Michigan Territory in 1818, became Wisconsin Territory in 1836, and became a state in 1848.
  • Birth records: A few Wisconsin counties began keeping birth records in the 1850s with most counties keeping records from the 1870s or later. Statewide registration of births began in 1907. Birth records for 1907 and later can be obtained from the Wisconsin Vital Records Services .
  • Marriage records: Marriage records in Wisconsin were kept as early as the 1820s for a few counties and other counties beginning later. Statewide registration of marriages began in 1907. Marriage records for 1907 and later can be obtained from the Wisconsin Vital Records Services .
  • Death records: A few Wisconsin counties began keeping death records in the 1850s with most counties keeping records from the 1870s or later. Statewide registration of deaths began in 1907. Death records for 1907 and later can be obtained from the Wisconsin Vital Records Services .
  • Divorce records: Early divorce records can be obtained from the clerk of circuit court. Divorce records starting in 1907 can be obtained from the Wisconsin Vital Records Services .
  • Census records: The first federal census available for Wisconsin is 1840. There are federal censuses publicly available for 1840, 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930, 1940, and 1950. There were territorial censuses taken in 1820, 1830, and 1834 as part of Michigan Territory. There were also territorial censuses taken in 1836, 1837, 1838, 1842, and 1846, and state censuses taken in 1855, 1875, 1885, 1895, and 1905.
  • County records: Court, probate, land, naturalization, and tax records were kept by the individual counties.
  • Other records: Many cities and towns had newspapers, records kept by churches, cemeteries, histories, school, city directories, and other records that can be located on the city pages on this site. Records specific to minority groups can be found in the Minority Records section.
  • All records: Online indexes and images of many of the above records can be found by using the links on this site.
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