Locating Records

locating records

Articles about locating genealogy records

Find Your Ancestor's Parents Possible documents that might list the names of the parents of your ancestor

Keys to Finding Relevant Genealogical Sources Some general rules on where to look for record sources

Using Distances and Travel Time Between Places in Genealogy Research Using the time period and distance between places for better accuracy

About Migration Patterns in Genealogy Research How putting your ancestors in a historical context can help you understand their migration patterns

Growing Your Family Tree Becoming a genealogist and not just a name collector

Identifying Where Genealogy Records Are Located Guidelines for identifying a jurisdiction where your ancestor's records are located

5 Steps to Discovering More Records Ways to find more record sources for your ancestor

Finding an Ancestor's Address Why you would want to find an address for genealogy purposes and possible records to use

How to Find an Obituary for Your Ancestor Tips for locating newspaper obituaries in the United States

How to Find Your Ancestor's Burial Location Tips for finding out what cemetery your U.S. ancestor was buried in so that you can view their headstone

Using Multiple Research Tools You can find more genealogical information if you use more research tools

Searching through Layers of Sources to Find Your Ancestors Looking at the deeper layers of genealogy records can be helpful

Widen Your Search Looking for possible records that may not be as obvious

Genealogical Lessons from Archery Lessons learned from archery to help hit your genealogical target

Genealogy is Not Always Easy It may take some additional work to find the information you are looking for

Search for Every Ancestor, Not Just Your Direct Line If you want to do accurate genealogy research, you must look for all of the family members

Dealing with Errors Working around errors in genealogy related documents or the mistakes of others

Climbing the Ladder One Rung at a Time Build your family tree one step at a time

Finding Children Who Died Young Looking in the records for missing children who died young in a family

Common Genealogy Jargon Definitions of common terms used in genealogy research

Ideas for Finding a Woman's Maiden Name If you're having difficulty finding a maiden name in genealogical records, here are 9 possible sources to look for

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