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Articles about different types of genealogy record sources

Genealogy Records Types A summary of common types of genealogy records for the United States and ways that they may be useful in your research

Discovering Birth Records Types of genealogy records that may list a birth date

Why You Want the Death Certificate of Your Ancestor Information that can be listed on a death certificate, when death certificates can be helpful, and how to locate them

Finding Your Immigrant Ancestor - Where to Start Steps to locating your immigrant ancestor

Find Your Immigrant Ancestor - Border Crossings and Other Records On border crossing records from Canada and Mexico

Find Your Immigrant Ancestor - Manifests and Passenger Lists On using passenger lists for locating your immigrant ancestor

Find Your Immigrant Ancestor - Naturalization Records On locating and using naturalization records in genealogy research

Finding U.S. Marriage Records Some helpful tips to locate marriage records

Locating Probate Records What probate records are and how to determine where they may have been recorded

The PERSI and Genealogy A summary of what the PERSI is and how to find it

About New England Town Records Why New England town records can be useful

Sanborn Insurance Maps - an Overlooked Genealogical Resource What the Sanborn Insurance maps are and how they can be helpful

Searching for Death Information Tips on finding death certificates and obituaries

Using Newspapers in Your Research Why newspapers can be helpful in genealogy research

Expanding Your Newspaper Search More information on your ancestor might be in additional newspapers

Using U.S. Census Records Effectively Some helpful videos that explain how to analyze the U.S. census records

Exploring Church Records in Genealogy Some helpful videos about using U.S. church records

Using U.S. Land Records in Genealogy Some helpful videos about land records and how to use them

Using U.S. Military Records in Genealogy A helpful video about using U.S. military records

Where to Go from the 1940 U.S. Census Next steps for searching for genealogy records after finding your family in the 1940 census

Using City Directories in Family History Some helpful videos that explain using U.S. city directories in your genealogy research

Researching Past Owners of an Old Home or Property How to find out about who owned a home previously

10 U.S. Census Tips For Genealogy Research Useful tips for locating your ancestor on the census

U.S. Census Basics An overview of the types of census records available and what information they contain

Using and Finding U.S. Church Records Types of church records and how to find them

Using Civil War Pension Files The value of Civil War pension files are and how to locate them

Using Land Deeds and Plats Tips for using land deeds and plats for U.S. genealogy research

Using Old U.S. County History Books About county histories and how to use them

Using Tax Records for U.S. Genealogy Basic information about how tax records can be used to learn more about your ancestors

Using U.S. City Directories Basics of using U.S. city directories in genealogy research

Using World War I and II Draft Registration Cards Draft registration cards and their uses in genealogy research

Using Revolutionary War Records Locating and using Revolutionary War records for U.S. genealogy

Using Civil War Records Locating and using Civil War records for U.S. genealogy

Tips for Researching Immigrants to the U.S. Ideas for finding a place of origins and tips for specific immigration countries

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