Jefferson County KS Newspapers and Obituaries

USA (1,372,997) > Kansas (35,709) > Jefferson County (401) > Jefferson County Newspapers and Obituaries (137)

USA (1,372,997) > Kansas (35,709) > Kansas Newspapers and Obituaries (12,013) > Jefferson County Newspapers and Obituaries (137)

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Jefferson County Newspapers and Obituaries

Death Notices from Kansas Territorial Newspapers, 1854-1861 Family History Library

Jefferson County (Kan.) cemetery tombstone and obituary cards 18---19--. WorldCat

Jefferson County (Kan.) obituary card files, surnames Bro through Cly 18---19--. WorldCat

Jefferson County (Kan.) obituary card files, surnames Gob through Sch 18---19--. WorldCat

Jefferson County (Kan.) obituary card files, surnames Sch through Zwy 18---19--. WorldCat

Jefferson County clippings WorldCat Marriage Index, 1800s-1999 Ancestry online Obituary Index, 1800s-current Ancestry online

Obituary Card Files, Ca. 1887-1989 Family History Library

Grantville Newspapers and Obituaries

Grantville News 1901-1902 online

Grasshopper Falls Newspapers and Obituaries

McLouth Newspapers and Obituaries

Medina Newspapers and Obituaries

Meriden Newspapers and Obituaries

Nortonville Newspapers and Obituaries

Oskaloosa Newspapers and Obituaries

Limit By Year:

Annals of Oskaloosa : Items Selected from Files of the Oskaloosa Independent; Years Covered: 1854-1886, With Some Additional Material Family History Library

Daily News 1916-1916 online

Independent (oskaloosa, kan.) (from july 11, 1860 to dec. 30, 1865) MyHeritage online

Independent 07/11/1860 to 12/30/1865 Genealogy Bank online

Independent, The (Kansas/United States) [Oskaloosa, Kan.] 11 July 1860 to 30 December 1865 Elephind online

Jefferson County Tribune 1899-1920 online

Kansas Weekly Statesman 1869-1869 online

Oskaloosa Independent 08/26/1876 to 09/16/1876 Genealogy Bank online

Oskaloosa Independent 1860-2001 online

Oskaloosa Independent, 2004-2009 Google News Archive online

Oskaloosa Sickle 1873-1886 online

Oskaloosa Times 1891-1916 online

The Independentᅠ(1860-1865) Newspaper Archive online

The independent. (Oskaloosa, Kan.) (from July 11, 1860 to Dec. 30, 1865) Chronicling America online

Ozawkie Newspapers and Obituaries

Osawkie Times 1885-1886 online

Ozawkie Chief 1901-1902 online

Ozawkie Journal 1902-1902 online

Perry Newspapers and Obituaries

Champion Liar 1897-1897 online

Kansas Journal 1895-1898 online

Kaw Valley Chief 1879-1884 online

Perry Mirror 1898-1923 online

Perry News 1891-1892 online

Perry Sun 1893-1893 online

Valley Falls Newspapers and Obituaries

Williamstown Newspapers and Obituaries

Winchester Newspapers and Obituaries

Offline Newspapers for Jefferson County

According to the US Newspaper Directory, the following newspapers were printed in this county, so there may be paper or microfilm copies available. For more information on how to locate offline newspapers, see our article on Locating Offline Newspapers.

Grantville: Grantville News. (Grantville, Kan.) 1901-1902

Grasshopper Falls: Grass Hopper and New Era. (Grasshopper Falls, Kan.) 1874-1875

Grasshopper Falls: Grasshopper. (Grasshopper Falls, Kan.) 1873-1874

Grasshopper Falls: Jefferson Crescent. (Grasshopper Falls, Kan.) 1858-1859

Grasshopper Falls: Kansas Jeffersonian. (Grasshopper Falls, Kan.) 1863-1866

Grasshopper Falls: Kansas New Era. (Grasshopper Falls, Kan.) 1871-1874

McLouth: Mclouth Champion. (Mclouth, Kan.) 1895-1897

McLouth: Mclouth Times. (M'louth [Mclouth], Kan.) 1887-1958

Meriden: Advocate. (Meriden, Kan.) 1889-1892

Meriden: Meriden Advocate. (Meriden, Kan.) 1945-1947

Meriden: Meriden Ledger. (Meriden, Kan.) 1894-1921

Meriden: Meriden Message. (Meriden, Kan.) 1921-1942

Meriden: Meriden Report. (Meriden, Kan.) 1885-1889

Meriden: Meriden Tribune. (Meriden, Kan.) 1894-1897

Meriden: Meriden Weekly Tribune. (Meriden, Kan.) 1890-1894

Nortonville: Nortonville Herald. (Nortonville, Kan.) 1896-1898

Nortonville: Nortonville Kansas News. (Nortonville, Kan.) 1901-1903

Nortonville: Nortonville News-Herald. (Nortonville, Kan.) 1898-1899

Nortonville: Nortonville News. (Nortonville, Kan.) 1885-1898

Nortonville: Nortonville News. (Nortonville, Kan.) 1899-1901

Nortonville: Nortonville News. (Nortonville, Kan.) 1903-1959

Nortonville: Nortonville Sentinel. (Nortonville, Kan.) 1903-1904

Oskaloosa: Daily News. (Oskaloosa, Kan.) 1915-1916

Oskaloosa: Independent. (Oskaloosa, Kan.) 1860-1874

Oskaloosa: Jefferson County Tribune. (Oskaloosa, Kan.) 1899-1920

Oskaloosa: Kansas Weekly Statesman. (Oskaloosa, Kan.) 1868-1869

Oskaloosa: Oskaloosa Independent. (Oskaloosa, Kan.) 1874-Current

Oskaloosa: Oskaloosa Sickle. (Oskaloosa, Kan.) 1883-1886

Oskaloosa: Oskaloosa Times. (Oskaloosa, Kan.) 1891-1916

Oskaloosa: Oskaloosa Weekly Sickle. (Oskaloosa, Kan.) 1879-1883

Oskaloosa: Sickle and Sheaf. (Oskaloosa, Kan.) 1873-1879

Ozawkie: Osawkie Times. (Osawkie [Ozawkie], Kan.) 1885-1886

Ozawkie: Ozawkie Chief. (Ozawkie, Kan.) 1901-1902

Perry: Jefferson County Journal. (Perry, Kan.) 1897-1898

Perry: Jefferson County Mirror-Times. (Perry, Kan.) 1961-1964

Perry: Kaw Valley Chief. (Perry, Kan.) 1879-1882

Perry: Perry Mirror, the Mclouth Times, the Jefferson County News. (Perry, Kan. ;) 1958-1959

Perry: Perry Mirror. (Perry, Kan.) 1898-1958

Perry: Perry Mirror. (Perry, Kan.) 1959-1961

Perry: Perry Monitor. (Perry, Kan.) 1883-1884

Perry: Perry Times. (Perry, Kan.) 1870-1874

Perry: Perry World. (Perry, Kan.) 1895-1897

Valley Falls: Daily Reporter. (Valley Falls, Kan.) 1915-1917

Valley Falls: Eastern Kansan. (Valley Falls, Kan.) 1911-1914

Valley Falls: Farmers' Vindicator. (Valley Falls, Kan.) 1890-1924

Valley Falls: Jefferson County Daily. (Valley Falls, Kan.) 1928-1929

Valley Falls: Kansas Liberal. (Valley Falls, Kan.) 1881-1883

Valley Falls: Kansas New Era. (Valley Falls, Kan.) 1875-1877

Valley Falls: Lucifer, the Light-Bearer. (Valley Falls, Kan.) 1883-1907

Valley Falls: New Era. (Valley Falls, Kan.) 1879-1880

Valley Falls: Social Reformer. (Valley Falls, Kan.) 1884-1885

Valley Falls: Valley Falls Liberal. (Valley Falls, Kan.) 1880-1881

Valley Falls: Valley Falls New Era. (Valley Falls, Kan.) 1877-1879

Valley Falls: Valley Falls New Era. (Valley Falls, Kan.) 1880-1916

Valley Falls: Valley Falls Register. (Valley Falls, Kan.) 1880-1892

Valley Falls: Valley Falls Republican. (Valley Falls, Kan.) 1889-1890

Valley Falls: Valley Falls Vindicator. (Valley Falls, Kan.) 1924-Current

Williamstown: Williamstown Mail. (Williamstown, Kan.) 1901-1902

Winchester: Winchester Argus. (Winchester, Kan.) 1877-1888

Winchester: Winchester Herald. (Winchester, Kan.) 1888-1892

Winchester: Winchester Star. (Winchester, Kan.) 1892-1970

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