Maine Genealogy

USA (1,354,949) > Maine (16,008)

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By Record Type

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Birth Records (874)
Cemetery Records (5,974)
Census Records (1,096)
Church Records (401)
City Directories (1,749)
Court Records (60)
Death Records (842)
Histories and Genealogies (1,453)
Immigration Records (126)
Land Records (125)
Map Records (492)
Marriage Records (943)
Military Records (468)
Minority Records (40)
Miscellaneous Records (279)
Newspapers and Obituaries (1,021)
Probate Records (84)
School Records (1,297)
Tax Records (390)

By County

Androscoggin County (955)
Aroostook County (877)
Cumberland County (2,372)
Franklin County (701)
Hancock County (1,260)
Kennebec County (1,474)
Knox County (846)
Lincoln County (842)
Oxford County (1,164)
Penobscot County (1,288)
Piscataquis County (380)
Sagadahoc County (629)
Somerset County (703)
Waldo County (743)
Washington County (953)
York County (1,691)

By City

Abbot (in Piscataquis County) (35)
Acton (in York County) (63)
Addison (in Washington County) (63)
Albany (in Oxford County) (49)
Albion (in Kennebec County) (55)
Alexander (in Washington County) (37)
Alfred (in York County) (68)
Allagash (in Aroostook County) (36)
Alna (in Lincoln County) (41)
Alton (in Penobscot County) (32)
Amherst (in Hancock County) (37)
Andover (in Oxford County) (39)
Anson (in Somerset County) (34)
Appleton (in Knox County) (93)
Arrowsic (in Sagadahoc County) (49)
Arundel (in York County) (44)
Ashland (in Aroostook County) (55)
Athens (in Somerset County) (36)
Atkinson (in Piscataquis County) (37)
Auburn (in Androscoggin County) (171)
Augusta (in Kennebec County) (257)
Avon (in Franklin County) (44)
Bailey Island (in Cumberland County) (33)
Baileyville (in Washington County) (30)
Baldwin (in Cumberland County) (73)
Bangor (in Penobscot County) (299)
Bar Harbor (in Hancock County) (104)
Bath (in Sagadahoc County) (164)
Beals (in Washington County) (32)
Beddington (in Washington County) (31)
Belfast (in Waldo County) (162)
Belgrade (in Kennebec County) (49)
Belmont (in Waldo County) (37)
Benton (in Kennebec County) (39)
Berwick (in York County) (103)
Bethel (in Oxford County) (81)
Biddeford (in York County) (242)
Bingham (in Somerset County) (48)
Blaine (in Aroostook County) (47)
Blanchard (in Piscataquis County) (30)
Blue Hill (in Hancock County) (83)
Boothbay (in Lincoln County) (78)
Boothbay Harbor (in Lincoln County) (48)
Bowdoin (in Sagadahoc County) (88)
Bowdoinham (in Sagadahoc County) (91)
Bowerbank (in Piscataquis County) (29)
Bradford (in Penobscot County) (40)
Bradley (in Penobscot County) (35)
Bremen (in Lincoln County) (50)
Brewer (in Penobscot County) (68)
Bridgewater (in Aroostook County) (46)
Bridgton (in Cumberland County) (87)
Brighton (in Somerset County) (30)
Bristol (in Lincoln County) (81)
Brooklin (in Hancock County) (57)
Brooks (in Waldo County) (45)
Brooksville (in Hancock County) (94)
Brookton (in Washington County) (30)
Brownfield (in Oxford County) (49)
Brownville (in Piscataquis County) (36)
Brunswick (in Cumberland County) (188)
Bryant Pond (in Oxford County) (32)
Buckfield (in Oxford County) (65)
Bucksport (in Hancock County) (90)
Burlington (in Penobscot County) (37)
Burnham (in Waldo County) (36)
Buxton (in York County) (92)
Calais (in Washington County) (70)
Cambridge (in Somerset County) (26)
Camden (in Knox County) (97)
Canaan (in Somerset County) (45)
Canton (in Oxford County) (52)
Cape Elizabeth (in Cumberland County) (75)
Cape Rosier (in Hancock County) (38)
Caratunk (in Somerset County) (27)
Caribou (in Aroostook County) (68)
Carmel (in Penobscot County) (48)
Carroll (in Penobscot County) (32)
Carthage (in Franklin County) (34)
Cary (in Aroostook County) (34)
Casco (in Cumberland County) (58)
Castine (in Hancock County) (72)
Castle Hill (in Aroostook County) (38)
Centerville (in Washington County) (41)
Chapman (in Aroostook County) (35)
Charleston (in Penobscot County) (43)
Charlotte (in Washington County) (33)
Chebeague Island (in Cumberland County) (32)
Chelsea (in Kennebec County) (43)
Cherryfield (in Washington County) (63)
Chester (in Penobscot County) (36)
Chesterville (in Franklin County) (44)
China (in Kennebec County) (58)
Clifton (in Penobscot County) (34)
Clinton (in Kennebec County) (54)
Columbia (in Washington County) (44)
Columbia Falls (in Washington County) (33)
Cooper (in Washington County) (33)
Corinna (in Penobscot County) (56)
Corinth (in Penobscot County) (38)
Cornish (in York County) (53)
Cornville (in Somerset County) (34)
Cranberry Isles (in Hancock County) (51)
Crawford (in Washington County) (30)
Crystal (in Aroostook County) (34)
Cumberland (in Cumberland County) (96)
Cumberland Center (in Cumberland County) (35)
Cushing (in Knox County) (61)
Cutler (in Washington County) (34)
Dallas Plantation (in Franklin County) (25)
Damariscotta (in Lincoln County) (66)
Danforth (in Washington County) (40)
Dayton (in York County) (43)
Dedham (in Hancock County) (39)
Deer Isle (in Hancock County) (116)
Deering (in Cumberland County) (33)
Denmark (in Oxford County) (43)
Dennistown (in Somerset County) (25)
Dennysville (in Washington County) (44)
Detroit (in Somerset County) (28)
Dexter (in Penobscot County) (57)
Dixfield (in Oxford County) (62)
Dixmont (in Penobscot County) (46)
Dover-Foxcroft (in Piscataquis County) (70)
Dresden (in Lincoln County) (72)
Durham (in Androscoggin County) (73)
Dyer Brook (in Aroostook County) (36)
Eagle Lake (in Aroostook County) (33)
East Boothbay (in Lincoln County) (37)
East Livermore (in Androscoggin County) (30)
East Machias (in Washington County) (36)
East Millinocket (in Penobscot County) (32)
East Raymond (in Cumberland County) (33)
East Sullivan (in Hancock County) (35)
Easton (in Aroostook County) (45)
Eastport (in Washington County) (70)
Eddington (in Penobscot County) (40)
Eden (in Hancock County) (35)
Edgecomb (in Lincoln County) (61)
Edmunds (in Washington County) (33)
Eliot (in York County) (91)
Ellsworth (in Hancock County) (104)
Embden (in Somerset County) (38)
Enfield (in Penobscot County) (36)
Etna (in Penobscot County) (37)
Eustis (in Franklin County) (34)
Exeter (in Penobscot County) (46)
Fairfield (in Somerset County) (61)
Falmouth (in Cumberland County) (98)
Farmingdale (in Kennebec County) (52)
Farmington (in Franklin County) (129)
Fayette (in Kennebec County) (51)
Fort Fairfield (in Aroostook County) (119)
Fort Kent (in Aroostook County) (37)
Frankfort (in Waldo County) (49)
Franklin (in Hancock County) (38)
Freedom (in Waldo County) (46)
Freeman (in Franklin County) (58)
Freeport (in Cumberland County) (92)
Frenchville (in Aroostook County) (35)
Friendship (in Knox County) (50)
Fryeburg (in Oxford County) (74)
Gardiner (in Kennebec County) (150)
Garland (in Penobscot County) (43)
Georgetown (in Sagadahoc County) (64)
Gilead (in Oxford County) (36)
Glen Cove (in Knox County) (28)
Glenburn (in Penobscot County) (39)
Gorham (in Cumberland County) (107)
Gouldsboro (in Hancock County) (68)
Gray (in Cumberland County) (71)
Great Pond (in Hancock County) (35)
Greenbush (in Penobscot County) (37)
Greene (in Androscoggin County) (50)
Greenfield (in Penobscot County) (32)
Greenville (in Piscataquis County) (37)
Greenwood (in Oxford County) (44)
Guilford (in Piscataquis County) (52)
Hallowell (in Kennebec County) (129)
Hampden (in Penobscot County) (67)
Hancock (in Hancock County) (40)
Hanover (in Oxford County) (33)
Harmony (in Somerset County) (37)
Harpswell (in Cumberland County) (86)
Harrington (in Washington County) (58)
Harrison (in Cumberland County) (71)
Hartford (in Oxford County) (56)
Hartland (in Somerset County) (35)
Haynesville (in Aroostook County) (33)
Hebron (in Oxford County) (49)
Hermon (in Penobscot County) (44)
Hersey (in Aroostook County) (33)
Hiram (in Oxford County) (55)
Hodgdon (in Aroostook County) (41)
Holden (in Penobscot County) (44)
Hollis (in York County) (52)
Hope (in Knox County) (44)
Houlton (in Aroostook County) (82)
Howland (in Penobscot County) (43)
Hudson (in Penobscot County) (33)
Industry (in Franklin County) (56)
Island Falls (in Aroostook County) (37)
Isle au Haut (in Knox County) (45)
Islesboro (in Waldo County) (59)
Jackman (in Somerset County) (35)
Jackson (in Waldo County) (40)
Jay (in Franklin County) (49)
Jefferson (in Lincoln County) (87)
Jonesboro (in Washington County) (40)
Jonesport (in Washington County) (58)
Kenduskeag (in Penobscot County) (36)
Kennebunk (in York County) (98)
Kennebunkport (in York County) (69)
Kezar Falls (in Oxford County) (29)
Kingfield (in Franklin County) (41)
Kingsbury (in Piscataquis County) (30)
Kittery (in York County) (105)
Knox (in Waldo County) (37)
LaGrange (in Penobscot County) (34)
Lakeville (in Penobscot County) (32)
Lamoine (in Hancock County) (41)
Lebanon (in York County) (76)
Lee (in Penobscot County) (46)
Leeds (in Androscoggin County) (66)
Levant (in Penobscot County) (38)
Lewiston (in Androscoggin County) (217)
Liberty (in Waldo County) (42)
Limerick (in York County) (69)
Limestone (in Aroostook County) (47)
Limington (in York County) (61)
Lincoln (in Penobscot County) (51)
Lincolnville (in Waldo County) (59)
Linneus (in Aroostook County) (35)
Lisbon (in Androscoggin County) (65)
Lisbon Falls (in Androscoggin County) (41)
Litchfield (in Kennebec County) (55)
Little Deer Isle (in Hancock County) (40)
Littleton (in Aroostook County) (33)
Livermore (in Androscoggin County) (76)
Livermore Falls (in Androscoggin County) (51)
Long Island (in Cumberland County) (33)
Lovell (in Oxford County) (41)
Lubec (in Washington County) (60)
Lyman (in York County) (59)
Machias (in Washington County) (73)
Machiasport (in Washington County) (35)
Madawaska (in Aroostook County) (42)
Madison (in Somerset County) (45)
Madrid (in Franklin County) (34)
Manchester (in Kennebec County) (43)
Mapleton (in Aroostook County) (40)
Mariaville (in Hancock County) (40)
Mars Hill (in Aroostook County) (50)
Marshfield (in Washington County) (31)
Matinicus Isle (in Knox County) (30)
Mattawamkeag (in Penobscot County) (36)
Maxfield (in Penobscot County) (32)
Mechanic Falls (in Androscoggin County) (44)
Medford (in Piscataquis County) (32)
Medway (in Penobscot County) (37)
Mercer (in Somerset County) (34)
Mexico (in Oxford County) (45)
Milbridge (in Washington County) (83)
Milford (in Penobscot County) (34)
Millinocket (in Penobscot County) (41)
Milo (in Piscataquis County) (37)
Minot (in Androscoggin County) (71)
Monmouth (in Kennebec County) (63)
Monroe (in Waldo County) (51)
Monson (in Piscataquis County) (42)
Monticello (in Aroostook County) (38)
Montville (in Waldo County) (53)
Morrill (in Waldo County) (39)
Moscow (in Somerset County) (32)
Mount Desert (in Hancock County) (72)
Mount Vernon (in Kennebec County) (54)
Naples (in Cumberland County) (58)
New Gloucester (in Cumberland County) (72)
New Portland (in Somerset County) (41)
New Sharon (in Franklin County) (49)
New Sweden (in Aroostook County) (49)
New Vineyard (in Franklin County) (46)
Newburgh (in Penobscot County) (48)
Newcastle (in Lincoln County) (83)
Newfield (in York County) (51)
Newport (in Penobscot County) (53)
Newry (in Oxford County) (38)
Nobleboro (in Lincoln County) (95)
Norridgewock (in Somerset County) (57)
North Anson (in Somerset County) (34)
North Berwick (in York County) (104)
North Haven (in Knox County) (44)
North New Portland (in Somerset County) (25)
North Yarmouth (in Cumberland County) (83)
Northeast Harbor (in Hancock County) (41)
Northfield (in Washington County) (31)
Northport (in Waldo County) (47)
Norway (in Oxford County) (82)
Oakfield (in Aroostook County) (40)
Oakland (in Kennebec County) (48)
Oceanville (in Hancock County) (35)
Old Orchard Beach (in York County) (55)
Old Town (in Penobscot County) (75)
Orland (in Hancock County) (53)
Orono (in Penobscot County) (85)
Orrington (in Penobscot County) (82)
Orrs Island (in Cumberland County) (33)
Otis (in Hancock County) (39)
Otisfield (in Oxford County) (73)
Owls Head (in Knox County) (48)
Oxbow (in Aroostook County) (33)
Oxford (in Oxford County) (58)
Palermo (in Waldo County) (48)
Palmyra (in Somerset County) (35)
Paris (in Oxford County) (76)
Parkman (in Piscataquis County) (38)
Parsonsfield (in York County) (76)
Patten (in Penobscot County) (40)
Peaks Island (in Cumberland County) (36)
Pemaquid (in Lincoln County) (41)
Pembroke (in Washington County) (40)
Penobscot (in Hancock County) (112)
Perham (in Aroostook County) (38)
Perry (in Washington County) (63)
Peru (in Oxford County) (43)
Phillips (in Franklin County) (72)
Phippsburg (in Sagadahoc County) (112)
Pittsfield (in Somerset County) (50)
Pittston (in Kennebec County) (65)
Plymouth (in Penobscot County) (35)
Poland (in Androscoggin County) (73)
Portage (in Aroostook County) (40)
Porter (in Oxford County) (52)
Portland (in Cumberland County) (670)
Pownal (in Cumberland County) (47)
Prentiss (in Penobscot County) (37)
Presque Isle (in Aroostook County) (66)
Princeton (in Washington County) (39)
Prospect (in Waldo County) (49)
Prouts Neck (in Cumberland County) (33)
Randolph (in Kennebec County) (47)
Rangeley (in Franklin County) (45)
Raymond (in Cumberland County) (54)
Readfield (in Kennebec County) (48)
Richmond (in Sagadahoc County) (59)
Ripley (in Somerset County) (33)
Robbinston (in Washington County) (31)
Rockland (in Knox County) (134)
Rockport (in Knox County) (64)
Rome (in Kennebec County) (44)
Rumford (in Oxford County) (68)
Sabattus (in Androscoggin County) (50)
Saco (in York County) (125)
Salem (in Franklin County) (33)
Sanford (in York County) (138)
Sangerville (in Piscataquis County) (48)
Scarborough (in Cumberland County) (91)
Searsmont (in Waldo County) (40)
Searsport (in Waldo County) (55)
Sebago (in Cumberland County) (54)
Sebago Lake (in Cumberland County) (32)
Sebasco (in Sagadahoc County) (30)
Sebec (in Piscataquis County) (46)
Sedgwick (in Hancock County) (89)
Shapleigh (in York County) (70)
Sherman (in Aroostook County) (39)
Shirley (in Piscataquis County) (29)
Sidney (in Kennebec County) (62)
Skowhegan (in Somerset County) (90)
Smithfield (in Somerset County) (40)
Smyrna (in Aroostook County) (34)
Solon (in Somerset County) (42)
Somerville (in Lincoln County) (37)
Sorrento (in Hancock County) (43)
South Addison (in Washington County) (29)
South Berwick (in York County) (94)
South Bristol (in Lincoln County) (45)
South Casco (in Cumberland County) (32)
South China (in Kennebec County) (35)
South Harpswell (in Cumberland County) (33)
South Paris (in Oxford County) (51)
South Penobscot (in Hancock County) (36)
South Portland (in Cumberland County) (68)
South Thomaston (in Knox County) (49)
South Waterford (in Oxford County) (29)
Southport (in Lincoln County) (52)
Southwest Harbor (in Hancock County) (51)
Springfield (in Penobscot County) (48)
Springvale (in York County) (59)
St Agatha (in Aroostook County) (37)
St Albans (in Somerset County) (34)
St George (in Knox County) (47)
Stacyville (in Penobscot County) (37)
Standish (in Cumberland County) (107)
Starks (in Somerset County) (39)
Stetson (in Penobscot County) (35)
Steuben (in Washington County) (65)
Stockton Springs (in Waldo County) (41)
Stoneham (in Oxford County) (33)
Stonington (in Hancock County) (69)
Stow (in Oxford County) (37)
Strong (in Franklin County) (50)
Sullivan (in Hancock County) (55)
Sumner (in Oxford County) (50)
Surry (in Hancock County) (56)
Swans Island (in Hancock County) (41)
Swanville (in Waldo County) (39)
Sweden (in Oxford County) (38)
Temple (in Franklin County) (45)
Tenants Harbor (in Knox County) (29)
Thomaston (in Knox County) (76)
Thorndike (in Waldo County) (44)
Topsfield (in Washington County) (35)
Topsham (in Sagadahoc County) (74)
Tremont (in Hancock County) (59)
Trenton (in Hancock County) (53)
Trescott (in Washington County) (34)
Trevett (in Lincoln County) (38)
Troy (in Waldo County) (38)
Turner (in Androscoggin County) (87)
Union (in Knox County) (61)
Unity (in Waldo County) (63)
Van Buren (in Aroostook County) (47)
Vassalboro (in Kennebec County) (67)
Veazie (in Penobscot County) (36)
Verona (in Hancock County) (35)
Vienna (in Kennebec County) (38)
Vinalhaven (in Knox County) (67)
Waite (in Washington County) (29)
Waldoboro (in Lincoln County) (117)
Wales (in Androscoggin County) (42)
Wallagrass (in Aroostook County) (33)
Walpole (in Lincoln County) (37)
Waltham (in Hancock County) (36)
Warren (in Knox County) (72)
Washburn (in Aroostook County) (41)
Washington (in Knox County) (57)
Waterboro (in York County) (70)
Waterford (in Oxford County) (45)
Waterville (in Kennebec County) (150)
Wayne (in Kennebec County) (56)
Webster (in Penobscot County) (34)
Weld (in Franklin County) (31)
Wellington (in Piscataquis County) (40)
Wells (in York County) (90)
Wesley (in Washington County) (32)
West Bath (in Sagadahoc County) (40)
West Gardiner (in Kennebec County) (58)
West Newfield (in York County) (43)
West Paris (in Oxford County) (35)
Westbrook (in Cumberland County) (134)
Weston (in Aroostook County) (35)
Westport (in Lincoln County) (88)
Whitefield (in Lincoln County) (62)
Whiting (in Washington County) (38)
Willimantic (in Piscataquis County) (29)
Wilton (in Franklin County) (48)
Windham (in Cumberland County) (127)
Windsor (in Kennebec County) (43)
Winn (in Penobscot County) (35)
Winslow (in Kennebec County) (63)
Winter Harbor (in Hancock County) (38)
Winterport (in Waldo County) (49)
Winterville (in Aroostook County) (33)
Winthrop (in Kennebec County) (82)
Wiscasset (in Lincoln County) (89)
Woodland (in Aroostook County) (37)
Woodstock (in Oxford County) (45)
Woolwich (in Sagadahoc County) (48)
Yarmouth (in Cumberland County) (81)
York (in York County) (96)