Grenada County MS Genealogy

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Grenada Records by Type

Birth Records (1)
Cemetery Records (144)
Census Records (23)
Church Records (2)
Court Records (1)
Death Records (3)
Histories and Genealogies (2)
Immigration Records (1)
Land Records (8)
Map Records (11)
Marriage Records (6)
Military Records (4)
Miscellaneous Records (2)
Newspapers and Obituaries (22)
Probate Records (4)
School Records (12)
Tax Records (1)

Grenada County Records by City/Town

Gore Springs Genealogy (24)
Grenada Genealogy (75)

Holcomb Genealogy (24)

Overview of Grenada County Records

  • Grenada County was created in 1870 from Carroll, Yalobusha, Choctaw, and Tallahatchie counties.
  • Birth records in 1912 to the present, marriage records for 1926 to the present, and death records for 1912 can be obtained from the Mississippi State Department of Health.
  • The Grenada County Clerk Circuit Court has marriage records starting in 1870, divorce records, probate records starting in 1870, and land records starting in 1835.
  • Online indexes and images of some of the above records can be found by using the links on this site.