Oklahoma Genealogy

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Overview of Oklahoma records

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Birth Records (227)
Cemetery Records (7,352)
Census Records (2,314)
Church Records (303)
City Directories (668)
Court Records (82)
Death Records (543)
Histories and Genealogies (342)
Immigration Records (78)
Land Records (273)
Map Records (1,513)
Marriage Records (487)
Military Records (395)
Minority Records (171)
Miscellaneous Records (157)
Newspapers and Obituaries (7,602)
Probate Records (263)
School Records (2,729)
Tax Records (50)

By County

Adair County (319)
Alfalfa County (309)
Atoka County (255)
Beaver County (224)
Beckham County (305)
Blaine County (280)
Bryan County (383)
Caddo County (550)
Canadian County (434)
Carter County (365)
Cherokee County (434)
Choctaw County (228)
Cimarron County (114)
Cleveland County (432)
Coal County (185)
Comanche County (459)
Cotton County (158)
Craig County (304)
Creek County (367)
Custer County (291)
Delaware County (301)
Dewey County (200)
Ellis County (201)
Garfield County (466)
Garvin County (278)
Grady County (430)
Grant County (291)
Greer County (231)
Harmon County (150)
Harper County (163)
Haskell County (212)
Hughes County (251)
Jackson County (246)
Jefferson County (187)
Johnston County (217)
Kay County (414)
Kingfisher County (366)
Kiowa County (261)
Latimer County (195)
Le Flore County (425)
Lincoln County (478)
Logan County (464)
Love County (123)
Major County (198)
Marshall County (177)
Mayes County (307)
McClain County (241)
McCurtain County (353)
McIntosh County (234)
Murray County (205)
Muskogee County (764)
Noble County (272)
Nowata County (224)
Okfuskee County (247)
Oklahoma County (1,366)
Okmulgee County (318)
Osage County (316)
Ottawa County (391)
Pawnee County (258)
Payne County (395)
Pittsburg County (546)
Pontotoc County (334)
Pottawatomie County (489)
Pushmataha County (224)
Roger Mills County (194)
Rogers County (382)
Seminole County (398)
Sequoyah County (358)
Stephens County (263)
Texas County (255)
Tillman County (219)
Tulsa County (822)
Wagoner County (260)
Washington County (300)
Washita County (308)
Woods County (272)
Woodward County (242)

By City

Achille (in Bryan County) (30)
Ada (in Pontotoc County) (106)
Adair (in Mayes County) (42)
Adams (in Texas County) (24)
Addington (in Jefferson County) (23)
Afton (in Ottawa County) (61)
Agra (in Lincoln County) (31)
Akins (in Sequoyah County) (21)
Albion (in Pushmataha County) (34)
Alex (in Grady County) (35)
Aline (in Alfalfa County) (33)
Allen (in Pontotoc County) (35)
Alluwe (in Nowata County) (20)
Altus (in Jackson County) (67)
Alva (in Woods County) (118)
Amber (in Grady County) (22)
Ames (in Major County) (32)
Amorita (in Alfalfa County) (20)
Anadarko (in Caddo County) (119)
Antlers (in Pushmataha County) (70)
Apache (in Caddo County) (57)
Apperson (in Osage County) (15)
Arapaho (in Custer County) (34)
Arcadia (in Oklahoma County) (39)
Ardmore (in Carter County) (168)
Arkoma (in Le Flore County) (21)
Arnett (in Ellis County) (31)
Asher (in Pottawatomie County) (41)
Ashland (in Pittsburg County) (20)
Atoka (in Atoka County) (83)
Avant (in Osage County) (24)
Aylesworth (in Marshall County) (18)
Balko (in Beaver County) (29)
Barnsdall (in Osage County) (30)
Baron (in Adair County) (22)
Bartlesville (in Washington County) (157)
Battiest (in McCurtain County) (23)
Bearden (in Okfuskee County) (22)
Beaver (in Beaver County) (70)
Beggs (in Okmulgee County) (38)
Bell (in Adair County) (19)
Bennington (in Bryan County) (48)
Bentley (in Atoka County) (22)
Berlin (in Roger Mills County) (22)
Bernice (in Delaware County) (24)
Bessie (in Washita County) (31)
Bethany (in Oklahoma County) (48)
Bethel (in McCurtain County) (25)
Bethel Acres (in Pottawatomie County) (22)
Big Cabin (in Craig County) (34)
Bigheart (in Osage County) (14)
Billings (in Noble County) (32)
Binger (in Caddo County) (24)
Bixby (in Tulsa County) (37)
Blackburn (in Pawnee County) (15)
Blackwell (in Kay County) (96)
Blair (in Jackson County) (31)
Blanchard (in McClain County) (38)
Bliss (in Noble County) (18)
Blue (in Bryan County) (27)
Bluejacket (in Craig County) (35)
Boise City (in Cimarron County) (39)
Bokchito (in Bryan County) (46)
Bokoshe (in Le Flore County) (33)
Boley (in Okfuskee County) (35)
Boswell (in Choctaw County) (35)
Bowlegs (in Seminole County) (24)
Boynton (in Muskogee County) (42)
Braggs (in Muskogee County) (45)
Braman (in Kay County) (28)
Briartown (in Muskogee County) (25)
Bridgeport (in Caddo County) (31)
Briggs (in Cherokee County) (21)
Brinkman (in Greer County) (24)
Bristow (in Creek County) (51)
Britton (in Oklahoma County) (33)
Broken Arrow (in Tulsa County) (88)
Broken Bow (in McCurtain County) (55)
Bromide (in Johnston County) (19)
Brushy (in Sequoyah County) (20)
Buffalo (in Harper County) (45)
Bunch (in Adair County) (21)
Burbank (in Osage County) (14)
Burlington (in Alfalfa County) (29)
Burneyville (in Love County) (17)
Burns Flat (in Washita County) (27)
Butler (in Custer County) (29)
Byars (in McClain County) (42)
Byron (in Alfalfa County) (17)
Cache (in Coal County) (29)
Caddo (in Bryan County) (53)
Calera (in Bryan County) (47)
Calumet (in Canadian County) (38)
Calvin (in Hughes County) (43)
Camargo (in Dewey County) (23)
Cameron (in Le Flore County) (28)
Canadian (in Pittsburg County) (35)
Caney (in Atoka County) (35)
Canton (in Blaine County) (29)
Canute (in Washita County) (33)
Capitol Hill (in Oklahoma County) (30)
Carmen (in Alfalfa County) (33)
Carnegie (in Caddo County) (46)
Carney (in Lincoln County) (26)
Carrier (in Garfield County) (18)
Carter (in Beckham County) (34)
Cashion (in Kingfisher County) (38)
Castle (in Okfuskee County) (19)
Catoosa (in Rogers County) (54)
Cement (in Caddo County) (34)
Centrahoma (in Coal County) (22)
Centralia (in Craig County) (26)
Chandler (in Lincoln County) (84)
Chattanooga (in Tillman County) (28)
Checotah (in McIntosh County) (54)
Chelsea (in Rogers County) (61)
Cherokee (in Alfalfa County) (78)
Chewey (in Adair County) (18)
Cheyenne (in Roger Mills County) (51)
Chickasha (in Grady County) (125)
Childers (in Nowata County) (18)
Chilocco (in Kay County) (23)
Choctaw (in Oklahoma County) (44)
Choteau (in Mayes County) (18)
Chouteau (in Mayes County) (35)
Christie (in Adair County) (19)
Claremore (in Rogers County) (119)
Clarita (in Coal County) (21)
Clayton (in Pushmataha County) (33)
Clearview (in Okfuskee County) (29)
Cleo (in Major County) (28)
Cleo Springs (in Major County) (21)
Cleveland (in Pawnee County) (45)
Clinton (in Custer County) (82)
Cloud Chief (in Washita County) (31)
Co City (in Grady County) (16)
Coalgate (in Coal County) (54)
Colbert (in Bryan County) (38)
Colcord (in Delaware County) (25)
Coleman (in Johnston County) (16)
Collinsville (in Tulsa County) (57)
Colony (in Washita County) (38)
Comanche (in Stephens County) (52)
Commerce (in Ottawa County) (38)
Concho (in Canadian County) (21)
Copan (in Washington County) (25)
Cordell (in Washita County) (53)
Corn (in Washita County) (34)
Cornish (in Jefferson County) (21)
Council Hill (in Muskogee County) (30)
Covington (in Garfield County) (34)
Cowden (in Washita County) (25)
Coweta (in Wagoner County) (50)
Cowlington (in Le Flore County) (22)
Coyle (in Logan County) (24)
Crawford (in Roger Mills County) (18)
Crescent (in Logan County) (44)
Cromwell (in Seminole County) (25)
Crowder (in Pittsburg County) (29)
Cushing (in Payne County) (75)
Custer City (in Custer County) (31)
Cyril (in Caddo County) (40)
Dacoma (in Woods County) (27)
Daisy (in Atoka County) (18)
Darlington (in Canadian County) (25)
Davenport (in Lincoln County) (41)
Davidson (in Tillman County) (28)
Davis (in Murray County) (55)
Deer Creek (in Grant County) (19)
Del City (in Oklahoma County) (37)
Delaware (in Nowata County) (43)
Delhi (in Beckham County) (22)
Depew (in Creek County) (25)
Devol (in Cotton County) (31)
Dewar (in Okmulgee County) (23)
Dewey (in Washington County) (58)
Dibble (in McClain County) (24)
Dill City (in Washita County) (29)
Dover (in Kingfisher County) (47)
Driftwood (in Alfalfa County) (18)
Drummond (in Garfield County) (25)
Drumright (in Creek County) (50)
Duke (in Jackson County) (41)
Duncan (in Stephens County) (75)
Durant (in Bryan County) (115)
Durham (in Roger Mills County) (19)
Dustin (in Hughes County) (38)
Eagletown (in McCurtain County) (26)
Eakly (in Caddo County) (22)
Earlsboro (in Pottawatomie County) (41)
Edmond (in Oklahoma County) (121)
El Reno (in Canadian County) (156)
Eldorado (in Jackson County) (37)
Elgin (in Comanche County) (51)
Elk City (in Beckham County) (83)
Elmer (in Jackson County) (28)
Elmore (in Garvin County) (27)
Elmore City (in Garvin County) (22)
Enid (in Garfield County) (227)
Enterprise (in Haskell County) (24)
Erick (in Beckham County) (42)
Eufala (in McIntosh County) (18)
Eufaula (in McIntosh County) (64)
Fairfax (in Osage County) (34)
Fairland (in Ottawa County) (53)
Fairview (in Major County) (44)
Fallis (in Lincoln County) (22)
Fargo (in Ellis County) (30)
Farris (in Atoka County) (17)
Faxon (in Comanche County) (26)
Fay (in Dewey County) (20)
Featherston (in Pittsburg County) (19)
Felt (in Cimarron County) (19)
Finley (in Pushmataha County) (27)
Fittstown (in Pontotoc County) (24)
Fletcher (in Comanche County) (44)
Foraker (in Osage County) (19)
Forgan (in Beaver County) (30)
Fort Cobb (in Caddo County) (42)
Fort Gibson (in Muskogee County) (97)
Fort Sill (in Comanche County) (37)
Fort Supply (in Woodward County) (23)
Fort Towson (in Choctaw County) (31)
Fort Washita (in Bryan County) (26)
Foss (in Washita County) (28)
Foyil (in Rogers County) (38)
Francis (in Pontotoc County) (28)
Frederick (in Tillman County) (58)
Freedom (in Woods County) (35)
Gage (in Ellis County) (38)
Gans (in Sequoyah County) (26)
Garber (in Garfield County) (32)
Garvin (in McCurtain County) (29)
Gate (in Beaver County) (27)
Geary (in Blaine County) (55)
Gene Autry (in Carter County) (24)
Geronimo (in Comanche County) (25)
Gerty (in Hughes County) (20)
Gideon (in Cherokee County) (18)
Glencoe (in Payne County) (27)
Glenpool (in Tulsa County) (23)
Goltry (in Alfalfa County) (30)
Goodwell (in Texas County) (44)
Gore (in Sequoyah County) (37)
Gotebo (in Kiowa County) (30)
Gould (in Harmon County) (30)
Gracemont (in Caddo County) (30)
Grand (in Ellis County) (22)
Grandfield (in Tillman County) (31)
Granite (in Greer County) (36)
Grant (in Choctaw County) (22)
Greenfield (in Blaine County) (23)
Grove (in Delaware County) (56)
Guthrie (in Logan County) (196)
Guymon (in Texas County) (66)
Haileyville (in Pittsburg County) (32)
Hallett (in Pawnee County) (17)
Hammon (in Roger Mills County) (28)
Hanna (in McIntosh County) (32)
Hanson (in Sequoyah County) (22)
Hardesty (in Texas County) (31)
Harrah (in Oklahoma County) (48)
Hartshorne (in Pittsburg County) (57)
Haskell (in Muskogee County) (43)
Hastings (in Jefferson County) (24)
Haworth (in McCurtain County) (26)
Headrick (in Jackson County) (22)
Healdton (in Carter County) (42)
Heavener (in Le Flore County) (55)
Helena (in Alfalfa County) (34)
Hennessey (in Kingfisher County) (81)
Henryetta (in Okmulgee County) (83)
Hickory (in Murray County) (17)
Hillsdale (in Garfield County) (17)
Hinton (in Caddo County) (43)
Hitchcock (in Blaine County) (26)
Hitchita (in McIntosh County) (18)
Hobart (in Kiowa County) (78)
Hoffman (in Okmulgee County) (19)
Holdenville (in Hughes County) (65)
Hollis (in Harmon County) (72)
Hollister (in Tillman County) (18)
Hominy (in Osage County) (46)
Hooker (in Texas County) (35)
Howe (in Le Flore County) (32)
Hugo (in Choctaw County) (63)
Hulbert (in Cherokee County) (42)
Hunter (in Garfield County) (21)
Hydro (in Caddo County) (38)
Idabel (in McCurtain County) (77)
Independence (in Custer County) (20)
Indiahoma (in Comanche County) (31)
Indianola (in Pittsburg County) (39)
Ingersoll (in Alfalfa County) (19)
Inola (in Rogers County) (34)
Ivanhoe (in Oklahoma County) (23)
Jay (in Delaware County) (59)
Jefferson (in Grant County) (19)
Jenks (in Tulsa County) (35)
Jennings (in Pawnee County) (14)
Jet (in Alfalfa County) (27)
Jones (in Oklahoma County) (36)
Kansas (in Delaware County) (30)
Kaw City (in Kay County) (36)
Kellyville (in Creek County) (24)
Kemp (in Bryan County) (27)
Kendrick (in Lincoln County) (22)
Kenton (in Cimarron County) (18)
Kenwood (in Delaware County) (18)
Keota (in Haskell County) (28)
Ketchum (in Craig County) (32)
Keyes (in Cimarron County) (21)
Keystone (in Tulsa County) (22)
Kiefer (in Creek County) (25)
Kiel (in Kingfisher County) (24)
Kildare (in Kay County) (27)
Kingfisher (in Kingfisher County) (106)
Kingston (in Marshall County) (30)
Kinta (in Haskell County) (26)
Kiowa (in Pittsburg County) (34)
Knowles (in Beaver County) (24)
Konawa (in Seminole County) (55)
Krebs (in Pittsburg County) (41)
Kremlin (in Garfield County) (26)
Lacey (in Kingfisher County) (21)
Lahoma (in Garfield County) (32)
Lake Valley (in Washita County) (23)
Lakemp (in Beaver County) (21)
Lamar (in Hughes County) (21)
Lambert (in Alfalfa County) (20)
Lamont (in Grant County) (31)
Langston (in Logan County) (28)
Langston City (in Logan County) (19)
Laverne (in Harper County) (36)
Lawton (in Comanche County) (230)
Leedey (in Dewey County) (36)
Leger (in Greer County) (23)
Lehigh (in Coal County) (29)
Lenapah (in Nowata County) (33)
Lenora (in Dewey County) (21)
Lexington (in Cleveland County) (68)
Lindsay (in Garvin County) (30)
Little (in Seminole County) (20)
Little Ae (in Cleveland County) (24)
Loco (in Stephens County) (24)
Locust Grove (in Mayes County) (39)
Lone Grove (in Carter County) (25)
Lone Wolf (in Kiowa County) (27)
Longdale (in Blaine County) (25)
Lookeba (in Caddo County) (22)
Lost City (in Cherokee County) (19)
Loveland (in Tillman County) (18)
Loyal (in Kingfisher County) (26)
Lucien (in Noble County) (21)
Lula (in Pontotoc County) (18)
Luther (in Oklahoma County) (38)
Macomb (in Pottawatomie County) (24)
Madill (in Marshall County) (63)
Manchester (in Grant County) (25)
Mangum (in Greer County) (80)
Manitou (in Tillman County) (35)
Mannford (in Creek County) (30)
Mannsville (in Johnston County) (24)
Maramec (in Pawnee County) (24)
Marble City (in Sequoyah County) (26)
Marietta (in Love County) (45)
Marland (in Kay County) (22)
Marlow (in Stephens County) (54)
Marshall (in Logan County) (28)
Martha (in Jackson County) (19)
Mason (in Okfuskee County) (19)
Maud (in Seminole County) (43)
May (in Harper County) (23)
Maysville (in Garvin County) (34)
McAlester (in Pittsburg County) (161)
McBride (in Marshall County) (16)
McCurtain (in Haskell County) (26)
McGee (in Garvin County) (20)
McLoud (in Pottawatomie County) (56)
Mead (in Bryan County) (26)
Medford (in Grant County) (61)
Meeker (in Lincoln County) (40)
Meers (in Comanche County) (23)
Meno (in Major County) (29)
Meridian (in Logan County) (24)
Miami (in Ottawa County) (118)
Midwest City (in Oklahoma County) (52)
Milburn (in Johnston County) (24)
Mill Creek (in Johnston County) (20)
Millerton (in McCurtain County) (26)
Minco (in Grady County) (59)
Moodys (in Cherokee County) (18)
Moore (in Cleveland County) (82)
Mooreland (in Woodward County) (32)
Morris (in Okmulgee County) (42)
Morrison (in Noble County) (33)
Mounds (in Creek County) (35)
Mountain Park (in Kiowa County) (24)
Mountain View (in Kiowa County) (43)
Moyers (in Pushmataha County) (25)
Muldrow (in Sequoyah County) (57)
Mulhall (in Logan County) (52)
Muskogee (in Muskogee County) (309)
Mustang (in Canadian County) (40)
Mutual (in Woodward County) (34)
Nardin (in Kay County) (25)
Nash (in Grant County) (20)
New Tulsa (in Wagoner County) (18)
Newalla (in Cleveland County) (24)
Newby (in Creek County) (15)
Newcastle (in McClain County) (27)
Newkirk (in Kay County) (74)
Ninnekah (in Grady County) (29)
Noble (in Cleveland County) (54)
Norge (in Grady County) (18)
Norman (in Cleveland County) (167)
Nowata (in Nowata County) (66)
Oaks (in Delaware County) (22)
Oakwood (in Dewey County) (18)
Ochelata (in Washington County) (32)
Oilton (in Creek County) (21)
Okarche (in Canadian County) (39)
Okay (in Wagoner County) (23)
Okeene (in Blaine County) (52)
Okemah (in Okfuskee County) (63)
Oklahoma City (in Oklahoma County) (891)
Okmulgee (in Okmulgee County) (84)
Oktaha (in Muskogee County) (42)
Olney (in Coal County) (18)
Olustee (in Jackson County) (29)
Omega (in Kingfisher County) (20)
Oologah (in Rogers County) (41)
Optima (in Texas County) (19)
Orlando (in Logan County) (40)
Osage City (in Osage County) (17)
Owasso (in Tulsa County) (34)
Owl (in Coal County) (18)
Paden (in Okfuskee County) (37)
Page (in Le Flore County) (24)
Panama (in Le Flore County) (25)
Panola (in Latimer County) (21)
Paoli (in Garvin County) (22)
Park Hill (in Cherokee County) (35)
Pauls Valley (in Garvin County) (72)
Pawhuska (in Osage County) (70)
Pawnee (in Pawnee County) (63)
Peckham (in Kay County) (21)
Peggs (in Cherokee County) (19)
Perkins (in Payne County) (61)
Perry (in Noble County) (117)
Pershing (in Osage County) (15)
Picher (in Ottawa County) (50)
Piedmont (in Canadian County) (39)
Pittsburg (in Pittsburg County) (24)
Pocasset (in Grady County) (17)
Pocola (in Le Flore County) (28)
Ponca City (in Kay County) (92)
Pond Creek (in Grant County) (59)
Porter (in Wagoner County) (34)
Porum (in Muskogee County) (33)
Poteau (in Le Flore County) (52)
Prague (in Lincoln County) (56)
Preston (in Okmulgee County) (18)
Pryor (in Mayes County) (56)
Pryor Creek (in Mayes County) (23)
Purcell (in McClain County) (68)
Putnam (in Dewey County) (19)
Quapaw (in Ottawa County) (36)
Quay (in Pawnee County) (15)
Quinlan (in Woodward County) (23)
Quinton (in Pittsburg County) (39)
Ralston (in Pawnee County) (41)
Ramona (in Washington County) (32)
Randlett (in Cotton County) (36)
Rattan (in Pushmataha County) (24)
Ravia (in Johnston County) (20)
Red Bird (in Wagoner County) (17)
Red Fork (in Tulsa County) (21)
Red Oak (in Latimer County) (35)
Red Rock (in Noble County) (37)
Renfrow (in Grant County) (17)
Reydon (in Roger Mills County) (24)
Ringling (in Jefferson County) (36)
Ringwood (in Major County) (39)
Ripley (in Payne County) (48)
Rocky (in Washita County) (41)
Roff (in Pontotoc County) (42)
Roland (in Sequoyah County) (29)
Roll (in Roger Mills County) (21)
Roosevelt (in Kiowa County) (20)
Rose (in Mayes County) (20)
Rosedale (in McClain County) (26)
Rosston (in Harper County) (18)
Rush Springs (in Grady County) (58)
Russell (in Greer County) (23)
Ryan (in Jefferson County) (43)
Sacred Heart (in Pottawatomie County) (20)
Salina (in Mayes County) (34)
Sallisaw (in Sequoyah County) (100)
Sand Springs (in Tulsa County) (52)
Sans Bois (in Haskell County) (19)
Sapulpa (in Creek County) (100)
Sasakwa (in Seminole County) (43)
Savanna (in Pittsburg County) (21)
Sayre (in Beckham County) (81)
Schulter (in Okmulgee County) (20)
Seiling (in Dewey County) (32)
Selman (in Harper County) (19)
Seminole (in Seminole County) (67)
Sentinel (in Washita County) (40)
Shady Point (in Le Flore County) (22)
Shahan (in Wagoner County) (17)
Shamrock (in Creek County) (21)
Sharon (in Woodward County) (29)
Shattuck (in Ellis County) (51)
Shawnee (in Pottawatomie County) (171)
Shidler (in Osage County) (18)
Skedee (in Pawnee County) (18)
Skiatook (in Tulsa County) (47)
Slick (in Creek County) (18)
Smithville (in McCurtain County) (32)
Snyder (in Kiowa County) (41)
Soper (in Choctaw County) (33)
South Canadian (in Canadian County) (23)
South Coffeyville (in Nowata County) (18)
South Mcalester (in Pittsburg County) (28)
Sparks (in Lincoln County) (22)
Spencer (in Oklahoma County) (36)
Spencerville (in Choctaw County) (17)
Sperry (in Tulsa County) (35)
Spiro (in Le Flore County) (46)
Springer (in Carter County) (19)
Sterling (in Comanche County) (35)
Sterrett (in Oklahoma County) (30)
Stigler (in Haskell County) (49)
Stillwater (in Payne County) (149)
Stillwell (in Adair County) (17)
Stilwell (in Adair County) (106)
Stonebluff (in Wagoner County) (18)
Stonewall (in Pontotoc County) (35)
Strang (in Mayes County) (17)
Stratford (in Garvin County) (42)
Stringtown (in Atoka County) (31)
Strong City (in Roger Mills County) (27)
Stroud (in Lincoln County) (64)
Stuart (in Pittsburg County) (28)
Sulphur (in Murray County) (70)
Sweetwater (in Roger Mills County) (22)
Taft (in Muskogee County) (28)
Tahlequah (in Cherokee County) (226)
Talala (in Rogers County) (30)
Talihina (in Le Flore County) (49)
Taloga (in Dewey County) (36)
Tangier (in Woodward County) (21)
Tecumseh (in Pottawatomie County) (58)
Temple (in Cotton County) (38)
Terlton (in Pawnee County) (20)
Terral (in Jefferson County) (29)
Texanna (in McIntosh County) (18)
Texhoma (in Texas County) (26)
Texola (in Beckham County) (28)
Thackerville (in Love County) (15)
Thomas (in Custer County) (34)
Tipton (in Tillman County) (35)
Tishomingo (in Johnston County) (50)
Tom (in McCurtain County) (22)
Tonkawa (in Kay County) (53)
Tribbey (in Pottawatomie County) (21)
Tryon (in Lincoln County) (26)
Tulsa (in Tulsa County) (434)
Tupelo (in Coal County) (24)
Turpin (in Beaver County) (31)
Tushka (in Atoka County) (21)
Tuskahoma (in Pushmataha County) (29)
Tuttle (in Grady County) (36)
Tyrone (in Texas County) (26)
Union City (in Canadian County) (36)
Valliant (in McCurtain County) (44)
Vanoss (in Pontotoc County) (17)
Velma (in Stephens County) (31)
Vera (in Washington County) (19)
Verden (in Grady County) (30)
Vian (in Sequoyah County) (52)
Vici (in Dewey County) (29)
Vinita (in Craig County) (150)
Vinson (in Harmon County) (21)
Wagoner (in Wagoner County) (74)
Wainwright (in Muskogee County) (31)
Wakita (in Grant County) (27)
Walters (in Cotton County) (62)
Wanette (in Pottawatomie County) (45)
Wann (in Nowata County) (18)
Wapanucka (in Johnston County) (27)
Warner (in Muskogee County) (43)
Washington (in McClain County) (31)
Watonga (in Blaine County) (50)
Watson (in McCurtain County) (25)
Watts (in Adair County) (21)
Wauhillau (in Adair County) (21)
Waukomis (in Garfield County) (38)
Waurika (in Jefferson County) (37)
Wayne (in McClain County) (28)
Waynoka (in Woods County) (44)
Weatherford (in Custer County) (65)
Webbers Falls (in Muskogee County) (61)
Welch (in Craig County) (41)
Weleetka (in Okfuskee County) (49)
Welling (in Cherokee County) (19)
Wellston (in Lincoln County) (34)
Westville (in Adair County) (57)
Wetumka (in Hughes County) (44)
Wewoka (in Seminole County) (91)
Whitefield (in Haskell County) (20)
Whitesboro (in Le Flore County) (23)
Wilburton (in Latimer County) (65)
Willow (in Greer County) (31)
Wilson (in Carter County) (53)
Wister (in Le Flore County) (39)
Woodville (in Marshall County) (20)
Woodward (in Woodward County) (88)
Wright City (in McCurtain County) (26)
Wyandotte (in Ottawa County) (41)
Wynnewood (in Garvin County) (59)
Wynona (in Osage County) (16)
Yale (in Payne County) (43)
Yeager (in Hughes County) (23)
Yukon (in Canadian County) (72)
Zena (in Delaware County) (20)

Overview of Oklahoma Genealogy Records

  • History: Oklahoma was first settled in 1817, it became part of Arkansas Territory in 1819, it became part of Mexico in 1821, became Indian Territory in 1830, became Oklahoma Territory in 1890, and became a state in 1907.
  • Birth records: Some counties in Oklahoma starting keeping birth records as early as 1891. However, most counties did not start until 1908 when statewide registration began with complete records by 1930. Birth records from 1908 to the present can be obtained from the Oklahoma State Department of Health.
  • Marriage records: Marriage records were kept in Oklahoma starting in about 1890 or when the county was created. Copies of marriage records can be obtained from the respective county clerk.
  • Death records: Some counties in Oklahoma starting keeping death records as early as 1891. However, most counties did not start until 1908 when statewide registration began with complete records by 1930. Death records from 1908 to the present can be obtained from the Oklahoma State Department of Health.
  • Divorce records: Divorce records were kept starting in 1907 by the district or circuit courts for each county.
  • Census records: The first federal census available for Oklahoma is 1860. There are federal censuses publicly available for 1860 (included with Arkansas), 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930, 1940, and 1950. There was a partial territorial census taken in 1890.
  • County records: Court, land, probate, naturalization, and tax records were kept by the individual counties.
  • Other records: The city pages on this site can help you to locate newspapers, records kept by churches, cemeteries, histories, school, city directories, and other records. Records specific to minority groups can be found in the Minority Records section.
  • All records: Use the links on this site to locate online indexes and images of many of the above records.
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