West Virginia Genealogy

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Overview of West Virginia records

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Birth Records (532)
Cemetery Records (16,113)
Census Records (1,748)
Church Records (285)
City Directories (715)
Court Records (519)
Death Records (845)
Histories and Genealogies (815)
Immigration Records (176)
Land Records (526)
Map Records (645)
Marriage Records (766)
Military Records (486)
Minority Records (40)
Miscellaneous Records (276)
Newspapers and Obituaries (1,811)
Probate Records (764)
School Records (745)
Tax Records (125)

By County

Barbour County (349)
Berkeley County (521)
Boone County (454)
Braxton County (587)
Brooke County (291)
Cabell County (627)
Calhoun County (351)
Clay County (396)
Doddridge County (248)
Fayette County (675)
Gilmer County (356)
Grant County (369)
Greenbrier County (640)
Hampshire County (567)
Hancock County (233)
Hardy County (504)
Harrison County (847)
Jackson County (488)
Jefferson County (438)
Kanawha County (1,152)
Lewis County (450)
Lincoln County (620)
Logan County (551)
Marion County (761)
Marshall County (357)
Mason County (560)
McDowell County (565)
Mercer County (891)
Mineral County (302)
Mingo County (502)
Monongalia County (791)
Monroe County (425)
Morgan County (276)
Nicholas County (521)
Ohio County (522)
Pendleton County (723)
Pleasants County (215)
Pocahontas County (328)
Preston County (423)
Putnam County (375)
Raleigh County (725)
Randolph County (486)
Ritchie County (351)
Roane County (562)
Summers County (542)
Taylor County (256)
Tucker County (246)
Tyler County (439)
Upshur County (425)
Wayne County (709)
Webster County (323)
Wetzel County (431)
Wirt County (309)
Wood County (895)
Wyoming County (395)

By City

Abraham (in Raleigh County) (29)
Addison (in Webster County) (24)
Adrian (in Upshur County) (33)
Advent (in Jackson County) (28)
Albright (in Preston County) (30)
Alderson (in Greenbrier County) (56)
Alkol (in Lincoln County) (38)
Alum Creek (in Lincoln County) (23)
Amma (in Roane County) (45)
Anawalt (in McDowell County) (25)
Ansted (in Fayette County) (42)
Apple Grove (in Mason County) (41)
Arbovale (in Pocahontas County) (27)
Arbuckle (in Mason County) (37)
Arcola (in Webster County) (24)
Arnett (in Raleigh County) (37)
Arnettsville (in Monongalia County) (41)
Arnoldsburg (in Calhoun County) (28)
Asbury (in Greenbrier County) (36)
Asco (in McDowell County) (25)
Ashford (in Boone County) (30)
Ashton (in Mason County) (45)
Atenville (in Lincoln County) (28)
Athens (in Mercer County) (40)
Atwell (in McDowell County) (27)
Auburn (in Ritchie County) (30)
Augusta (in Hampshire County) (54)
Aurora (in Preston County) (31)
Avondale (in McDowell County) (27)
Baileysville (in Wyoming County) (36)
Baisden (in Mingo County) (28)
Baker (in Hardy County) (41)
Bakerton (in Jefferson County) (26)
Bald Knob (in Boone County) (26)
Ballard (in Monroe County) (32)
Barboursville (in Cabell County) (61)
Barnabus (in Logan County) (27)
Barrackville (in Marion County) (51)
Bartley (in McDowell County) (26)
Bartow (in Pocahontas County) (34)
Basin (in Wyoming County) (37)
Bass (in Hardy County) (31)
Bater (in Marion County) (41)
Bean Settlement (in Hardy County) (32)
Beartown (in McDowell County) (25)
Beaver (in Raleigh County) (34)
Beckley (in Raleigh County) (131)
Beckwith (in Fayette County) (36)
Beech (in Calhoun County) (27)
Beeson (in Mercer County) (32)
Belfont (in Braxton County) (36)
Belington (in Barbour County) (58)
Belle (in Kanawha County) (37)
Belleville (in Wood County) (53)
Belo (in Mingo County) (30)
Bens Run (in Tyler County) (29)
Benwood (in Marshall County) (32)
Berea (in Ritchie County) (30)
Berkeley Springs (in Morgan County) (83)
Berlin (in Lewis County) (33)
Bethany (in Brooke County) (36)
Beverly (in Randolph County) (49)
Bickmore (in Clay County) (28)
Big Chimney (in Kanawha County) (43)
Big Creek (in Logan County) (48)
Big Otter (in Clay County) (28)
Big Springs (in Calhoun County) (26)
Bingamon (in Marion County) (41)
Birch River (in Nicholas County) (52)
Blacksville (in Monongalia County) (45)
Blair (in Logan County) (29)
Bloomery (in Hampshire County) (49)
Bloomingrose (in Boone County) (26)
Blue Sulphur Springs (in Greenbrier County) (48)
Bluefield (in Mercer County) (140)
Bluewell (in Mercer County) (42)
Boaz (in Wood County) (37)
Boggs (in Webster County) (31)
Bolair (in Webster County) (25)
Bolivar (in Jefferson County) (25)
Bolt (in Raleigh County) (30)
Bomont (in Clay County) (39)
Boothsville (in Marion County) (40)
Boyer (in Pocahontas County) (28)
Bradshaw (in McDowell County) (41)
Bragg (in Raleigh County) (29)
Brake (in Hardy County) (32)
Bramwell (in Mercer County) (41)
Branchland (in Lincoln County) (57)
Brandonville (in Preston County) (29)
Brandywine (in Pendleton County) (34)
Breeden (in Mingo County) (29)
Brenton (in Wyoming County) (36)
Bridgeport (in Harrison County) (68)
Brooks (in Summers County) (28)
Bruceton Mills (in Preston County) (40)
Bruno (in Logan County) (29)
Brush Fork (in Mercer County) (34)
Brushy Run (in Pendleton County) (31)
Buckhannon (in Upshur County) (118)
Bud (in Wyoming County) (30)
Buffalo (in Putnam County) (42)
Bunker Hill (in Berkeley County) (34)
Burlington (in Mineral County) (38)
Burning Springs (in Wirt County) (33)
Burnsville (in Braxton County) (35)
Burnt House (in Ritchie County) (32)
Cabin Creek (in Kanawha County) (30)
Cabins (in Grant County) (43)
Cairo (in Ritchie County) (43)
Calvin (in Nicholas County) (35)
Camden on Gauley (in Webster County) (31)
Cameron (in Marshall County) (38)
Camp Creek (in Mercer County) (45)
Canvas (in Nicholas County) (51)
Capon Bridge (in Hampshire County) (61)
Capon Springs (in Hampshire County) (40)
Cass (in Pocahontas County) (34)
Cassville (in Monongalia County) (44)
Cedar Grove (in Kanawha County) (29)
Cedarville (in Gilmer County) (40)
Center Point (in Doddridge County) (33)
Centerville (in Tyler County) (28)
Centerville in Wayne County (in Wayne County) (26)
Ceredo (in Wayne County) (46)
Chapel (in Braxton County) (31)
Chapmanville (in Logan County) (97)
Charles Town (in Jefferson County) (71)
Charleston (in Kanawha County) (343)
Chattaroy (in Mingo County) (26)
Cheat Neck (in Monongalia County) (36)
Chelyan (in Kanawha County) (29)
Cherry Grove (in Pendleton County) (34)
Chester (in Hancock County) (44)
Chloe (in Calhoun County) (28)
Cicerone (in Roane County) (25)
Circleville (in Pendleton County) (37)
Cirtsville (in Raleigh County) (29)
Cisco (in Ritchie County) (30)
Clark (in Harrison County) (37)
Clarksburg (in Harrison County) (231)
Clay (in Clay County) (33)
Clayton (in Summers County) (26)
Clear Creek (in Raleigh County) (29)
Clear Fork (in Wyoming County) (39)
Clemtown (in Barbour County) (31)
Clendenin (in Kanawha County) (66)
Cleveland (in Webster County) (27)
Clintonville (in Greenbrier County) (41)
Clio (in Roane County) (31)
Clover (in Roane County) (31)
Clover Lick (in Pocahontas County) (27)
Coal City (in Raleigh County) (33)
Coal Fork (in Kanawha County) (29)
Coal Mountain (in Wyoming County) (30)
Coaldale (in Mercer County) (34)
Coalton (in Randolph County) (35)
Coe (in Nicholas County) (37)
Colcord (in Raleigh County) (28)
Comfort (in Boone County) (26)
Cool Ridge (in Raleigh County) (41)
Copen (in Braxton County) (29)
Core (in Monongalia County) (50)
Corley (in Braxton County) (28)
Corliss (in Fayette County) (33)
Cottageville (in Jackson County) (29)
Cotton (in Roane County) (25)
Cowen (in Webster County) (33)
Crab Orchard (in Raleigh County) (29)
Crag (in Greenbrier County) (35)
Craigsville (in Nicholas County) (39)
Creston (in Wirt County) (33)
Crow (in Raleigh County) (28)
Crum (in Wayne County) (46)
Crumpler (in McDowell County) (27)
Culloden (in Cabell County) (32)
Cyclone (in Wyoming County) (35)
Dailey (in Randolph County) (34)
Dameron (in Raleigh County) (37)
Danese (in Fayette County) (45)
Danville (in Boone County) (43)
Davis (in Tucker County) (45)
Davisville (in Wood County) (35)
Davy (in McDowell County) (25)
Dawes (in Kanawha County) (29)
Dawson (in Greenbrier County) (34)
Daybrook (in Monongalia County) (59)
De Kalb (in Gilmer County) (34)
DeKalb (in Gilmer County) (36)
Deer Run (in Pendleton County) (35)
Deerwalk (in Wood County) (36)
Delbarton (in Mingo County) (53)
Delorme (in Mingo County) (25)
Delray (in Hampshire County) (45)
Dempsey (in Fayette County) (35)
Devon (in Mingo County) (25)
Diana (in Webster County) (25)
Dille (in Clay County) (29)
Dingess (in Mingo County) (46)
Dorcas (in Grant County) (36)
Dothan (in Fayette County) (34)
Dry Creek (in Raleigh County) (37)
Dry Run (in Pendleton County) (28)
Dryfork (in Randolph County) (37)
Duck (in Clay County) (35)
Dunbar (in Kanawha County) (57)
Dunlow (in Wayne County) (63)
Dunmore (in Pocahontas County) (29)
Dunns (in Mercer County) (34)
Durgon (in Hardy County) (30)
East Bank (in Kanawha County) (39)
East Lynn (in Wayne County) (58)
Echange (in Braxton County) (39)
Edray (in Pocahontas County) (28)
Egeria (in Mercer County) (31)
Eglon (in Preston County) (28)
Eldora (in Marion County) (40)
Elgood (in Mercer County) (48)
Elizabeth (in Wirt County) (70)
Elk City (in Barbour County) (33)
Elk Garden (in Mineral County) (36)
Elkhurst (in Clay County) (26)
Elkins (in Randolph County) (101)
Elkview (in Kanawha County) (59)
Ellenboro (in Ritchie County) (32)
Ellison (in Summers County) (30)
Ellison Ridge (in Summers County) (36)
Elmwood (in Mason County) (34)
Endicott (in Wetzel County) (29)
Enoch (in Clay County) (31)
Enon (in Nicholas County) (35)
Enterprise (in Harrison County) (43)
Erbacon (in Webster County) (29)
Fairmont (in Marion County) (232)
Fairplain (in Jackson County) (32)
Fairview (in Marion County) (54)
Falls Mill (in Braxton County) (33)
Fanrock (in Wyoming County) (34)
Farmington (in Marion County) (61)
Fayetteville (in Fayette County) (77)
Fellowsville (in Preston County) (28)
Fenwick (in Nicholas County) (37)
Ferguson (in Wayne County) (26)
Fisher (in Hardy County) (32)
Flat Top (in Mercer County) (41)
Flatrock (in Mason County) (33)
Flatwoods (in Braxton County) (38)
Flemington (in Taylor County) (32)
Fola (in Clay County) (26)
Follansbee (in Brooke County) (46)
Forest Hill (in Summers County) (29)
Forks of Cacapon (in Hampshire County) (43)
Fort Ashby (in Mineral County) (32)
Fort Gay (in Wayne County) (100)
Fort Seybert (in Pendleton County) (43)
Fort Spring (in Greenbrier County) (51)
Foster (in Boone County) (36)
Frame (in Kanawha County) (33)
Frametown (in Braxton County) (59)
Frankford (in Greenbrier County) (49)
Franklin (in Pendleton County) (88)
Fraziers Bottom (in Putnam County) (32)
French Creek (in Upshur County) (41)
Friendly (in Tyler County) (40)
Frost (in Pocahontas County) (30)
Gallipolis Ferry (in Mason County) (49)
Gandeeville (in Roane County) (30)
Gap Mills (in Monroe County) (29)
Gardner (in Mercer County) (31)
Garretts Bend (in Lincoln County) (22)
Gary (in McDowell County) (25)
Gassaway (in Braxton County) (52)
Gauley Bridge (in Fayette County) (41)
Gay (in Jackson County) (35)
Gem (in Braxton County) (33)
Genoa (in Wayne County) (44)
Gerrardstown (in Berkeley County) (44)
Ghent (in Raleigh County) (35)
Gilbert (in Mingo County) (55)
Gilboa (in Nicholas County) (36)
Glace (in Monroe County) (25)
Glen (in Clay County) (28)
Glen Easton (in Marshall County) (26)
Glendon (in Braxton County) (32)
Glengary (in Berkeley County) (29)
Glenhayes (in Wayne County) (25)
Glenville (in Gilmer County) (85)
Glenwood (in Mason County) (40)
Godby Heights (in Logan County) (30)
Goldtown (in Jackson County) (36)
Goodhope (in Harrison County) (39)
Goodwill (in Mercer County) (34)
Grafton (in Taylor County) (86)
Grandview (in Raleigh County) (29)
Grant District (in Jackson County) (35)
Grant Town (in Marion County) (45)
Grantsville (in Calhoun County) (53)
Grassy Meadows (in Greenbrier County) (38)
Great Cacapon (in Morgan County) (36)
Green Bank (in Pocahontas County) (37)
Green Spring (in Hampshire County) (41)
Green Sulphur Springs (in Summers County) (28)
Green Valley (in Mercer County) (28)
Greenview (in Boone County) (31)
Greenville (in Monroe County) (34)
Greenwood (in Doddridge County) (32)
Griffithsville (in Lincoln County) (41)
Guyandotte (in Cabell County) (34)
Hacker Valley (in Webster County) (51)
Hager (in Lincoln County) (22)
Hambleton (in Tucker County) (30)
Hamlin (in Lincoln County) (61)
Hanover (in Wyoming County) (35)
Hardy (in Mercer County) (29)
Harman (in Randolph County) (54)
Harmony (in Roane County) (32)
Harpers Ferry (in Jefferson County) (53)
Harrison (in Clay County) (35)
Harrisville (in Ritchie County) (49)
Hartford City (in Mason County) (32)
Harts (in Lincoln County) (100)
Hazelton (in Preston County) (29)
Heaters (in Braxton County) (34)
Hedgesville (in Berkeley County) (48)
Henderson (in Mason County) (39)
Hendricks (in Tucker County) (28)
Hepzibah (in Harrison County) (37)
Herold (in Braxton County) (31)
Hewett (in Boone County) (50)
Hi (in Summers County) (32)
Hico (in Fayette County) (34)
Hillsboro (in Pocahontas County) (28)
Hilltop (in Fayette County) (34)
Hinkleville (in Upshur County) (33)
Hinton (in Summers County) (118)
Hodgesville (in Upshur County) (35)
Holden (in Logan County) (28)
Hollidays Cove (in Hancock County) (34)
Hollywood (in Monroe County) (24)
Hoodsville (in Marion County) (40)
Hookersville (in Nicholas County) (33)
Horner (in Lewis County) (30)
Hubbardstown (in Wayne County) (24)
Hundred (in Wetzel County) (34)
Huntersville (in Pocahontas County) (31)
Huntington (in Cabell County) (224)
Hurricane (in Putnam County) (79)
Huttonsville (in Randolph County) (35)
Iaeger (in McDowell County) (45)
Independence (in Preston County) (28)
Indore (in Clay County) (32)
Institute (in Kanawha County) (31)
Inwood (in Berkeley County) (32)
Ireland (in Lewis County) (32)
Ivydale (in Clay County) (37)
Jacksonburg (in Wetzel County) (35)
Jakes Run (in Monongalia County) (46)
Jane Lew (in Lewis County) (39)
Jesse (in Wyoming County) (33)
Job (in Randolph County) (36)
Johnnycake (in McDowell County) (26)
Johnstown (in Harrison County) (37)
Jolo (in McDowell County) (30)
Jones Springs (in Berkeley County) (31)
Jordan Run (in Grant County) (42)
Jumbo (in Webster County) (25)
Jumping Branch (in Summers County) (73)
Junction (in Hampshire County) (42)
Junior (in Barbour County) (31)
Justice (in Mingo County) (26)
Kearneysville (in Jefferson County) (33)
Kegley (in Mercer County) (29)
Kenna (in Jackson County) (48)
Kenova (in Wayne County) (57)
Kentuck (in Jackson County) (39)
Kermit (in Mingo County) (56)
Keslers Cross Lanes (in Nicholas County) (38)
Kessel (in Hardy County) (32)
Keyrock (in Wyoming County) (32)
Keyser (in Mineral County) (77)
Keystone (in McDowell County) (39)
Kiahsville (in Wayne County) (31)
Kimball (in McDowell County) (26)
Kincaid (in Fayette County) (34)
Kingwood (in Preston County) (58)
Kirby (in Hampshire County) (40)
Kline (in Pendleton County) (40)
Knob Fork (in Wetzel County) (29)
Knobs (in Monroe County) (25)
Lahmansville (in Grant County) (27)
Lake (in Logan County) (39)
Lamar (in Mercer County) (29)
Landes (in Grant County) (33)
Lansing (in Fayette County) (33)
Lashmeet (in Mercer County) (31)
Lavalette (in Wayne County) (29)
Leachtown (in Wood County) (38)
Leckie (in McDowell County) (28)
Leet (in Lincoln County) (25)
Left Hand (in Roane County) (28)
Lehew (in Hampshire County) (40)
Leivasy (in Nicholas County) (34)
Lenore (in Mingo County) (38)
Leon (in Mason County) (53)
Lerona (in Mercer County) (40)
Lesage (in Cabell County) (34)
Lester (in Raleigh County) (28)
Letart (in Mason County) (35)
Levels (in Hampshire County) (42)
Lewisburg (in Greenbrier County) (105)
Liberty (in Putnam County) (35)
Lick Creek (in Summers County) (29)
Lindside (in Monroe County) (36)
Little Birch (in Braxton County) (36)
Littleton (in Wetzel County) (30)
Lizemores (in Clay County) (34)
Lockbridge (in Summers County) (28)
Lockney (in Gilmer County) (39)
Lockwood (in Nicholas County) (37)
Logan (in Logan County) (50)
Long Branch (in Wyoming County) (31)
Long Run (in Doddridge County) (30)
Loom (in Hampshire County) (39)
Looneyville (in Roane County) (29)
Lost City (in Hardy County) (34)
Lost Creek (in Harrison County) (52)
Lost River (in Hardy County) (45)
Lovern (in Mercer County) (30)
Low Gap (in Boone County) (30)
Lubeck (in Wood County) (49)
Lucerne (in Gilmer County) (34)
Lumberport (in Harrison County) (47)
Lyburn (in Logan County) (28)
Madison (in Boone County) (48)
Maher (in Mingo County) (27)
Malden (in Kanawha County) (29)
Manila (in Boone County) (31)
Mannington (in Marion County) (98)
Maple Fork (in Raleigh County) (29)
Marlinton (in Pocahontas County) (56)
Marmet (in Kanawha County) (30)
Marshville (in Harrison County) (37)
Martin (in Grant County) (33)
Martinsburg (in Berkeley County) (215)
Mason (in Mason County) (37)
Masontown (in Preston County) (32)
Masonville (in Grant County) (26)
Matewan (in Mingo County) (28)
Matheny (in Wyoming County) (30)
Mathias (in Hardy County) (78)
Matoaka (in Mercer County) (43)
Maysel (in Clay County) (38)
Maysville (in Grant County) (37)
McComas (in Mercer County) (34)
McConnell (in Logan County) (31)
McCurdyville (in Monongalia County) (37)
McMechen (in Marshall County) (29)
Meador (in Mingo County) (31)
Meadow Bridge (in Fayette County) (45)
Meadow Creek (in Summers County) (26)
Meadowville (in Barbour County) (33)
Merrimac (in Mingo County) (26)
Metz (in Marion County) (41)
Middlebourne (in Tyler County) (72)
Middleway (in Jefferson County) (31)
Midkiff (in Lincoln County) (29)
Milam (in Hardy County) (31)
Mill Creek (in Randolph County) (47)
Mill Point (in Pocahontas County) (26)
Millstone (in Calhoun County) (31)
Milton (in Cabell County) (56)
Mineral Wells (in Wood County) (59)
Mingo (in Randolph County) (34)
Minnehaha Springs (in Pocahontas County) (28)
Minnie (in Wetzel County) (29)
Minnora (in Calhoun County) (27)
Moatstown (in Pendleton County) (26)
Mohawk (in McDowell County) (34)
Monongah (in Marion County) (55)
Montcalm (in Mercer County) (42)
Monterville (in Randolph County) (34)
Montgomery (in Fayette County) (50)
Moorefield (in Hardy County) (81)
Morgantown (in Monongalia County) (236)
Morristown (in Wirt County) (27)
Moundsville (in Marshall County) (87)
Mount Gay (in Logan County) (28)
Mount Hope (in Fayette County) (48)
Mount Lookout (in Nicholas County) (34)
Mount Nebo (in Nicholas County) (37)
Mount Storm (in Grant County) (31)
Mountview (in Raleigh County) (31)
Moyers (in Pendleton County) (31)
Mozer (in Pendleton County) (29)
Muddlety (in Nicholas County) (33)
Mullens (in Wyoming County) (41)
Murphytown (in Wood County) (36)
Myra (in Lincoln County) (23)
Naoma (in Raleigh County) (44)
Napier (in Braxton County) (28)
Naugatuck (in Mingo County) (26)
Needmore (in Hardy County) (33)
Neola (in Greenbrier County) (36)
Nettie (in Nicholas County) (44)
New Creek (in Mineral County) (30)
New Cumberland (in Hancock County) (53)
New England (in Wood County) (36)
New Haven (in Mason County) (40)
New Manchester (in Hancock County) (36)
New Martinsville (in Wetzel County) (72)
New Milton (in Doddridge County) (31)
Newark (in Wirt County) (32)
Newburg (in Preston County) (32)
Newell (in Hancock County) (41)
Newton (in Roane County) (37)
Nicut (in Calhoun County) (27)
Nimitz (in Summers County) (30)
Nitro (in Kanawha County) (34)
Normantown (in Gilmer County) (47)
North River Mills (in Hampshire County) (39)
North Spring (in Wyoming County) (33)
Northfork (in McDowell County) (32)
Nutter Fort (in Harrison County) (37)
O'Brion (in Clay County) (27)
Oak Hill (in Fayette County) (77)
Oakvale (in Mercer County) (39)
Oceana (in Wyoming County) (42)
Odd (in Raleigh County) (33)
Old Fields (in Hardy County) (36)
Ona (in Cabell County) (37)
Onego (in Pendleton County) (28)
Organ Cave (in Greenbrier County) (36)
Orma (in Calhoun County) (33)
Osbornes Mills (in Roane County) (25)
Ovapa (in Clay County) (26)
Pa (in Fayette County) (34)
Paden City (in Wetzel County) (38)
Palatine (in Marion County) (45)
Palermo (in Lincoln County) (23)
Palestine (in Wirt County) (32)
Pansy (in Grant County) (36)
Panther (in McDowell County) (42)
Parkersburg (in Wood County) (252)
Parsons (in Tucker County) (49)
Paw Paw (in Morgan County) (43)
Paynesville (in McDowell County) (55)
Pecks Mill (in Logan County) (31)
Pence Springs (in Summers County) (26)
Pennsboro (in Ritchie County) (49)
Pentress (in Monongalia County) (42)
Perry (in Hardy County) (31)
Persinger (in Nicholas County) (34)
Peru (in Hardy County) (35)
Petersburg (in Grant County) (68)
Peterstown (in Monroe County) (28)
Petroleum (in Ritchie County) (30)
Pettry (in Mercer County) (47)
Peytona (in Boone County) (29)
Philippi (in Barbour County) (78)
Pickaway (in Monroe County) (24)
Pie (in Mingo County) (26)
Piedmont (in Mineral County) (41)
Pinch (in Kanawha County) (35)
Pine Grove (in Wetzel County) (33)
Pineknob (in Raleigh County) (28)
Pineville (in Wyoming County) (45)
Pipestem (in Summers County) (63)
Pleasant Dale (in Hampshire County) (44)
Pluto (in Raleigh County) (36)
Poca (in Putnam County) (41)
Pocatalico (in Kanawha County) (41)
Poe (in Nicholas County) (34)
Point Pleasant (in Mason County) (114)
Prichard (in Wayne County) (44)
Princeton (in Mercer County) (121)
Procious (in Clay County) (34)
Proctor (in Wetzel County) (42)
Prosperity (in Raleigh County) (30)
Pruntytown (in Taylor County) (45)
Purgitsville (in Hampshire County) (43)
Queens (in Upshur County) (36)
Quick (in Kanawha County) (29)
Quiet Dell (in Harrison County) (40)
Quinland (in Boone County) (27)
Radnor (in Wayne County) (29)
Ragland (in Mingo County) (25)
Rainelle (in Greenbrier County) (40)
Ramage (in Boone County) (30)
Ramp (in Summers County) (32)
Ramsey (in Fayette County) (35)
Ranger (in Lincoln County) (56)
Ravencliff (in Wyoming County) (31)
Ravenswood (in Jackson County) (64)
Raysal (in McDowell County) (32)
Reader (in Wetzel County) (41)
Red Creek (in Tucker County) (28)
Red House (in Putnam County) (34)
Red Sulphur Springs (in Monroe County) (27)
Reedy (in Roane County) (36)
Reynoldsville (in Harrison County) (38)
Richwood (in Nicholas County) (66)
Ridgeview (in Boone County) (27)
Ridgeville (in Mineral County) (27)
Ripley (in Jackson County) (57)
Riverton (in Pendleton County) (50)
Rivesville (in Marion County) (45)
Roanoke (in Lewis County) (36)
Rock (in Mercer County) (38)
Rock Camp (in Monroe County) (25)
Rock Cave (in Upshur County) (45)
Rock Creek (in Raleigh County) (34)
Rock Creek in Boone County (in Boone County) (27)
Rock View (in Wyoming County) (33)
Rockport (in Wood County) (41)
Rockridge (in McDowell County) (37)
Roderfield (in McDowell County) (27)
Romance (in Jackson County) (27)
Romney (in Hampshire County) (89)
Ronceverte (in Greenbrier County) (55)
Rosedale (in Braxton County) (32)
Rough Run (in Grant County) (37)
Rowlesburg (in Preston County) (33)
Ruddle (in Pendleton County) (32)
Rupert (in Greenbrier County) (38)
Salem (in Harrison County) (57)
Salt Rock (in Cabell County) (65)
Sand Fork (in Gilmer County) (42)
Sandlick Creek (in Raleigh County) (35)
Sandstone (in Summers County) (39)
Sandyville (in Jackson County) (27)
Saon (in Raleigh County) (39)
Sardis (in Harrison County) (39)
Saulsville (in Wyoming County) (34)
Scarbro (in Fayette County) (36)
Scherr (in Grant County) (31)
Scott Depot (in Putnam County) (36)
Secondcreek (in Monroe County) (24)
Seneca Rocks (in Pendleton County) (34)
Servia (in Braxton County) (36)
Seth (in Boone County) (26)
Shady Spring (in Raleigh County) (35)
Shenandoah Junction (in Jefferson County) (27)
Shepherdstown (in Jefferson County) (83)
Sherman (in Jackson County) (29)
Sherrard (in Marshall County) (27)
Shinnston (in Harrison County) (59)
Shirley (in Tyler County) (41)
Shively (in Logan County) (38)
Shoals (in Wayne County) (24)
Short Gap (in Mineral County) (27)
Sias (in Lincoln County) (30)
Simon (in Wyoming County) (34)
Simpson (in Taylor County) (30)
Sinks Grove (in Monroe County) (24)
Sissonville (in Kanawha County) (84)
Sistersville (in Tyler County) (96)
Skygusty (in McDowell County) (26)
Slab Fork (in Raleigh County) (28)
Slanesville (in Hampshire County) (58)
Slate (in Wood County) (41)
Smithfield (in Wetzel County) (36)
Smithtown (in Monongalia County) (37)
Smithville (in Ritchie County) (34)
Smoot (in Greenbrier County) (34)
Sod (in Lincoln County) (25)
Sophia (in Raleigh County) (38)
South Charleston (in Kanawha County) (56)
Southside (in Mason County) (37)
Spanishburg (in Mercer County) (39)
Speedway (in Mercer County) (39)
Spencer (in Roane County) (86)
Spring Dale (in Fayette County) (35)
Springfield (in Hampshire County) (54)
Spurlockville (in Lincoln County) (26)
St Albans (in Kanawha County) (91)
St George (in Tucker County) (40)
St Marys (in Pleasants County) (69)
Stanaford (in Raleigh County) (28)
Stewartstown (in Monongalia County) (39)
Stinson (in Calhoun County) (27)
Stone Branch (in Logan County) (27)
Stony Bottom (in Pocahontas County) (26)
Stouts Mills (in Gilmer County) (34)
Strange Creek (in Braxton County) (36)
Streeter (in Summers County) (31)
Stumptown (in Gilmer County) (37)
Sugar Grove (in Pendleton County) (45)
Sumerco (in Lincoln County) (26)
Summersville (in Nicholas County) (55)
Sun Hill (in Wyoming County) (30)
Sutton (in Braxton County) (77)
Sweet Springs (in Monroe County) (25)
Sweetland (in Lincoln County) (24)
Tacy (in Barbour County) (31)
Talcott (in Summers County) (32)
Tallmansville (in Upshur County) (48)
Tango (in Lincoln County) (21)
Tanner (in Gilmer County) (39)
Tate (in Braxton County) (28)
Teays (in Putnam County) (28)
Terra Alta (in Preston County) (48)
Tesla (in Braxton County) (29)
Thomas (in Tucker County) (33)
Three Churches (in Hampshire County) (41)
Tioga (in Nicholas County) (37)
Tornado (in Kanawha County) (33)
True (in Summers County) (26)
Tunnelton (in Preston County) (33)
Turtle Creek (in Boone County) (41)
Twomile (in Kanawha County) (29)
Union (in Monroe County) (45)
Union District (in Monongalia County) (39)
Upper Tract (in Pendleton County) (50)
Upperglade (in Webster County) (29)
Valley Head (in Randolph County) (38)
Valley Point (in Preston County) (28)
Van (in Boone County) (27)
Varney (in Mingo County) (30)
Vaughan (in Nicholas County) (34)
Verdunville (in Logan County) (33)
Victor (in Fayette County) (42)
Vienna (in Wood County) (45)
Volcano (in Wood County) (43)
Volga (in Barbour County) (32)
Vulcan (in Mingo County) (25)
Wadeville (in Wood County) (34)
Wainville (in Webster County) (23)
Waiteville (in Monroe County) (24)
Walker (in Wood County) (51)
Walkersville (in Lewis County) (38)
Wallace (in Harrison County) (42)
Walton (in Roane County) (77)
War (in McDowell County) (27)
Wardensville (in Hardy County) (56)
Washington (in Wood County) (38)
Waverly (in Wood County) (45)
Wayne (in Wayne County) (35)
Wayside (in Monroe County) (25)
Webb (in Wayne County) (26)
Webster Springs (in Webster County) (55)
Weirton (in Hancock County) (47)
Welch (in McDowell County) (44)
Wellsburg (in Brooke County) (79)
West Columbia (in Mason County) (41)
West Hamlin (in Lincoln County) (39)
West Liberty (in Ohio County) (41)
West Milford (in Harrison County) (50)
West Union (in Doddridge County) (57)
Weston (in Lewis County) (128)
Wharncliffe (in Mingo County) (34)
Wheeling (in Ohio County) (303)
Whirlwind (in Logan County) (48)
White Oak (in Raleigh County) (31)
White Sulphur Springs (in Greenbrier County) (57)
Whitesville (in Boone County) (26)
Wikel (in Monroe County) (24)
Wilding (in Jackson County) (27)
Wileyville (in Wetzel County) (32)
Williamsburg (in Greenbrier County) (42)
Williamson (in Mingo County) (39)
Williamstown (in Wood County) (58)
Willowton (in Mercer County) (35)
Wilsonburg (in Harrison County) (39)
Wilsondale (in Wayne County) (35)
Winfield (in Putnam County) (51)
Winifrede (in Kanawha County) (29)
Wolfcreek (in Monroe County) (25)
Worthington (in Marion County) (43)
Wriston (in Fayette County) (33)
Wyatt (in Harrison County) (37)
Yawkey (in Lincoln County) (26)
Zela (in Nicholas County) (41)

Overview of West Virginia Genealogy Records

  • History: West Virginia was first settled in 1734 and was part of the state of Virginia until it became a separate state in 1863.
  • Birth records: Birth records were kept in West Virginia in most counties starting in 1853 with a few before 1853. Statewide registration of births began in 1917 with full records by 1925. Birth records for 1917 and later can be obtained from the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources .
  • Marriage records: Marriage records were kept as early as 1780 or when each county was organized. Statewide registration of marriages began in 1853. Marriage records can be obtained from the county clerk. Marriage records for 1921 and later can be obtained from the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources .
  • Death records: Death records were kept in West Virginia in most counties starting in 1853 with a few before 1853. Statewide registration of deaths began in 1917 with full records by 1925. Death records for 1917 and later can be obtained from the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources .
  • Divorce records:County clerks have copies of divorce records.
  • Census records: The first federal census available for West Virginia is 1810. There are federal censuses publicly available for 1810 (partial), 1820, 1830, 1840, 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930, 1940, and 1950. Because West Virginia was part of Virginia until 1863, the West Virginia census records before 1870 are listed with the Virginia census records.
  • County records: Court, probate, land, naturalization, and tax records were kept by the individual counties.
  • Other records: Many cities and towns had newspapers, records kept by churches, cemeteries, histories, school, city directories, and other records that can be located on the city pages on this site. Records specific to minority groups can be found in the Minority Records section.
  • All records: Online indexes and images of many of the above records can be found by using the links on this site.
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