Kentucky Genealogy

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Overview of Kentucky records

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Birth Records (1,242)
Cemetery Records (26,316)
Census Records (4,043)
Church Records (1,397)
City Directories (897)
Court Records (2,035)
Death Records (1,834)
Histories and Genealogies (1,228)
Immigration Records (126)
Land Records (756)
Map Records (1,095)
Marriage Records (1,915)
Military Records (1,068)
Minority Records (109)
Miscellaneous Records (343)
Newspapers and Obituaries (2,732)
Probate Records (957)
School Records (2,110)
Tax Records (1,093)

By County

Adair County (621)
Allen County (406)
Anderson County (329)
Ballard County (272)
Barren County (791)
Bath County (428)
Bell County (545)
Boone County (411)
Bourbon County (396)
Boyd County (494)
Boyle County (349)
Bracken County (307)
Breathitt County (557)
Breckinridge County (552)
Bullitt County (383)
Butler County (406)
Caldwell County (320)
Calloway County (489)
Campbell County (545)
Carlisle County (170)
Carroll County (274)
Carter County (577)
Casey County (418)
Christian County (637)
Clark County (404)
Clay County (592)
Clinton County (239)
Crittenden County (370)
Cumberland County (274)
Daviess County (462)
Edmonson County (327)
Elliott County (316)
Estill County (468)
Fayette County (858)
Fleming County (336)
Floyd County (367)
Franklin County (507)
Fulton County (307)
Gallatin County (251)
Garrard County (309)
Grant County (262)
Graves County (555)
Grayson County (415)
Green County (565)
Greenup County (520)
Hancock County (293)
Hardin County (522)
Harlan County (408)
Harrison County (384)
Hart County (455)
Henderson County (457)
Henry County (273)
Hickman County (214)
Hopkins County (384)
Jackson County (390)
Jefferson County (1,484)
Jessamine County (366)
Johnson County (341)
Kenton County (647)
Knott County (454)
Knox County (667)
Larue County (303)
Laurel County (594)
Lawrence County (565)
Lee County (307)
Leslie County (366)
Letcher County (470)
Lewis County (317)
Lincoln County (399)
Livingston County (342)
Logan County (589)
Lyon County (228)
Madison County (591)
Magoffin County (514)
Marion County (281)
Marshall County (448)
Martin County (331)
Mason County (401)
McCracken County (493)
McCreary County (248)
McLean County (234)
Meade County (249)
Menifee County (234)
Mercer County (494)
Metcalfe County (339)
Monroe County (347)
Montgomery County (388)
Morgan County (480)
Muhlenberg County (457)
Nelson County (426)
Nicholas County (215)
Ohio County (573)
Oldham County (270)
Owen County (327)
Owsley County (383)
Pendleton County (321)
Perry County (737)
Pike County (467)
Powell County (299)
Pulaski County (634)
Robertson County (146)
Rockcastle County (419)
Rowan County (376)
Russell County (436)
Scott County (461)
Shelby County (414)
Simpson County (363)
Spencer County (221)
Taylor County (324)
Todd County (354)
Trigg County (498)
Trimble County (241)
Union County (285)
Warren County (635)
Washington County (322)
Wayne County (466)
Webster County (339)
Whitley County (545)
Wolfe County (455)
Woodford County (416)

By City

Absher (in Adair County) (30)
Adairville (in Logan County) (59)
Adams (in Lawrence County) (28)
Adele (in Morgan County) (25)
Adolphus (in Allen County) (25)
Albany (in Clinton County) (78)
Alexandria (in Campbell County) (61)
Allegre (in Todd County) (34)
Allen City (in Floyd County) (24)
Allensville (in Todd County) (32)
Almo (in Calloway County) (30)
Alton (in Anderson County) (23)
Alvaton (in Warren County) (43)
Amburgey (in Knott County) (22)
Anchorage (in Jefferson County) (34)
Annville (in Jackson County) (37)
Anthoston (in Henderson County) (38)
Apex (in Christian County) (30)
Argillite (in Greenup County) (59)
Arjay (in Bell County) (26)
Arlington (in Carlisle County) (35)
Artemus (in Knox County) (42)
Arvel (in Lee County) (21)
Ary (in Perry County) (39)
Ashland (in Boyd County) (147)
Athens (in Fayette County) (30)
Athol (in Lee County) (24)
Auburn (in Logan County) (61)
Augusta (in Bracken County) (61)
Ault (in Elliott County) (24)
Austin (in Barren County) (43)
Auxier (in Floyd County) (26)
Avawam (in Perry County) (49)
Axtel (in Breckinridge County) (30)
Backusburg (in Calloway County) (27)
Bagdad (in Shelby County) (42)
Bailey Switch (in Knox County) (28)
Baizetown (in Ohio County) (28)
Baldrock (in Laurel County) (34)
Baldwin (in Madison County) (33)
Balkan (in Bell County) (23)
Ballard (in Anderson County) (23)
Ballardsville (in Oldham County) (24)
Bandana (in Ballard County) (25)
Baptist (in Wolfe County) (24)
Barbourville (in Knox County) (112)
Barcreek (in Clay County) (26)
Bardstown (in Nelson County) (127)
Bardwell (in Carlisle County) (50)
Barlow (in Ballard County) (32)
Barwick (in Breathitt County) (25)
Battletown (in Meade County) (39)
Baxter (in Harlan County) (27)
Bayou (in Livingston County) (29)
Bear Branch (in Leslie County) (31)
Bearville (in Knott County) (21)
Beattyville (in Lee County) (80)
Beauty (in Martin County) (32)
Beaver Dam (in Ohio County) (67)
Beckton (in Barren County) (38)
Beda (in Ohio County) (28)
Bedford (in Trimble County) (94)
Bee Spring (in Edmonson County) (31)
Beech Grove (in McLean County) (37)
Belfry (in Pike County) (30)
Bellevue (in Campbell County) (46)
Bells Run (in Ohio County) (28)
Belton (in Muhlenberg County) (30)
Benton (in Marshall County) (131)
Berea (in Madison County) (98)
Bernstadt (in Laurel County) (30)
Berry (in Harrison County) (31)
Bethany (in Wolfe County) (24)
Beulah Heights (in McCreary County) (20)
Bewleyville (in Breckinridge County) (32)
Biddle (in Scott County) (23)
Big Bone (in Boone County) (30)
Big Clifty (in Grayson County) (29)
Big Creek (in Clay County) (36)
Big Spring (in Breckinridge County) (29)
Bighill (in Madison County) (31)
Bimble (in Knox County) (31)
Birdie (in Anderson County) (26)
Blackey (in Letcher County) (41)
Blaine (in Lawrence County) (66)
Blairs Mills (in Morgan County) (25)
Blandville (in Ballard County) (28)
Blaze (in Morgan County) (23)
Bledsoe (in Harlan County) (34)
Bloomfield (in Nelson County) (46)
Bloomington (in Magoffin County) (27)
Bloyd (in Green County) (29)
Blue John (in Pulaski County) (26)
Bluehole (in Clay County) (27)
Boaz (in Graves County) (34)
Bobtown (in Madison County) (32)
Boltsfork (in Boyd County) (26)
Bon Ayr (in Barren County) (27)
Bonnieville (in Hart County) (49)
Bonnyman (in Perry County) (49)
Boonesborough (in Madison County) (37)
Booneville (in Owsley County) (104)
Booth (in Wolfe County) (24)
Boston (in Nelson County) (41)
Boston in Pendleton County (in Pendleton County) (23)
Botto (in Clay County) (32)
Bowen (in Powell County) (22)
Bowling Green (in Warren County) (228)
Boxville (in Union County) (27)
Bradfordsville (in Marion County) (29)
Brandenburg (in Meade County) (53)
Breeding (in Adair County) (33)
Bremen (in Muhlenberg County) (38)
Brewers (in Marshall County) (42)
Brightshade (in Clay County) (31)
Bristow (in Warren County) (27)
Brodhead (in Rockcastle County) (35)
Bromley (in Kenton County) (28)
Bronston (in Pulaski County) (28)
Brooks (in Bullitt County) (35)
Brooksville (in Bracken County) (60)
Browns Fork (in Perry County) (34)
Brownsboro (in Oldham County) (27)
Brownsville (in Edmonson County) (60)
Bryan (in Russell County) (31)
Bryants Store (in Knox County) (34)
Bryantsville (in Garrard County) (31)
Buckeye (in Garrard County) (30)
Buckhorn (in Perry County) (44)
Buckner (in Oldham County) (30)
Buffalo (in Larue County) (27)
Buford (in Ohio County) (29)
Bulan (in Perry County) (31)
Burgin (in Mercer County) (42)
Burkesville (in Cumberland County) (58)
Burlington (in Boone County) (58)
Burna (in Livingston County) (47)
Burning Fork (in Magoffin County) (30)
Burning Springs (in Clay County) (31)
Burnside (in Pulaski County) (31)
Bush (in Laurel County) (36)
Busseyville (in Lawrence County) (24)
Busy (in Perry County) (73)
Butler (in Pendleton County) (32)
Bybee (in Madison County) (32)
Cadiz (in Trigg County) (142)
Cairo (in Henderson County) (38)
Calhoun (in McLean County) (55)
California (in Campbell County) (34)
Callaway (in Bell County) (24)
Calvary (in Marion County) (25)
Calvert City (in Marshall County) (39)
Calvin (in Bell County) (26)
Camargo (in Montgomery County) (30)
Camp Springs (in Campbell County) (28)
Campbellsville (in Taylor County) (134)
Campton (in Wolfe County) (83)
Cane Valley (in Adair County) (37)
Caney (in Morgan County) (27)
Caneyville (in Grayson County) (53)
Canmer (in Hart County) (32)
Cannel City (in Morgan County) (29)
Cannon (in Knox County) (24)
Cannonsburg (in Boyd County) (34)
Canoe (in Breathitt County) (36)
Carcassonne (in Letcher County) (24)
Carlisle (in Nicholas County) (64)
Carmack (in Lyon County) (28)
Carpenter (in Whitley County) (26)
Carrie (in Knott County) (23)
Carrollton (in Carroll County) (68)
Carrsville (in Livingston County) (27)
Carthage (in Campbell County) (29)
Carver (in Magoffin County) (28)
Catlettsburg (in Boyd County) (101)
Cave City (in Barren County) (63)
Cawood (in Harlan County) (28)
Cayce (in Fulton County) (34)
Cecilia (in Hardin County) (39)
Center (in Metcalfe County) (26)
Centertown (in Ohio County) (36)
Central City (in Muhlenberg County) (50)
Cerulean (in Trigg County) (33)
Chance (in Adair County) (26)
Chaplin (in Nelson County) (36)
Charley (in Lawrence County) (26)
Chavies (in Perry County) (38)
Chenoa (in Bell County) (35)
Christopher (in Perry County) (24)
Cinda (in Leslie County) (24)
Clarkson (in Grayson County) (36)
Clay (in Webster County) (40)
Clay City (in Powell County) (43)
Clay Village (in Shelby County) (27)
Clayhole (in Breathitt County) (31)
Clearfield (in Rowan County) (32)
Clementsville (in Casey County) (30)
Clifford (in Lawrence County) (27)
Clifty (in Todd County) (33)
Climax (in Rockcastle County) (24)
Clinton (in Hickman County) (48)
Clintonville (in Bourbon County) (37)
Clover Bottom (in Jackson County) (29)
Cloverport (in Breckinridge County) (55)
Cold Spring (in Campbell County) (40)
Coldiron (in Harlan County) (24)
College Hill (in Madison County) (32)
Colson (in Letcher County) (27)
Columbia (in Adair County) (115)
Columbus (in Hickman County) (41)
Combs (in Perry County) (29)
Confederate (in Lyon County) (26)
Confluence (in Leslie County) (24)
Constance (in Boone County) (33)
Conway (in Rockcastle County) (28)
Coopersville (in Wayne County) (26)
Coral Hill (in Barren County) (33)
Corbin (in Knox County) (99)
Corinth (in Grant County) (32)
Cornettsville (in Perry County) (33)
Corydon (in Henderson County) (51)
Cottongim (in Clay County) (27)
Covington (in Kenton County) (245)
Cowcreek (in Owsley County) (37)
Coxs Creek (in Nelson County) (36)
Crab Orchard (in Lincoln County) (54)
Crane Nest (in Knox County) (23)
Cranks (in Harlan County) (28)
Cranston (in Rowan County) (33)
Creelsboro (in Russell County) (56)
Crestwood (in Oldham County) (36)
Crider (in Caldwell County) (28)
Crittenden (in Grant County) (24)
Crockett (in Morgan County) (28)
Crockettsville (in Breathitt County) (25)
Crocus (in Adair County) (26)
Crofton (in Christian County) (59)
Cromona (in Letcher County) (23)
Cromwell (in Ohio County) (31)
Cropper (in Shelby County) (32)
Crown (in Letcher County) (24)
Cub Run (in Hart County) (32)
Cubage (in Bell County) (23)
Cumberland (in Harlan County) (37)
Cundiff (in Adair County) (32)
Cunningham (in Carlisle County) (29)
Custer (in Breckinridge County) (34)
Cutshin (in Leslie County) (26)
Cuzick (in Madison County) (30)
Cynthiana (in Harrison County) (101)
Dahl (in Pulaski County) (27)
Dalton (in Hopkins County) (28)
Dana (in Floyd County) (25)
Danleyton (in Greenup County) (29)
Danville (in Boyle County) (147)
Darfork (in Perry County) (32)
Davis Crossroads (in Butler County) (29)
Dawson Springs (in Hopkins County) (47)
Dayton (in Campbell County) (60)
Deane (in Letcher County) (27)
Debord (in Martin County) (25)
Delphia (in Perry County) (26)
Delta (in Wayne County) (25)
Denniston (in Menifee County) (24)
Denton (in Carter County) (25)
Denver (in Johnson County) (31)
Dewitt (in Knox County) (33)
Dexter (in Calloway County) (26)
Dice (in Perry County) (33)
Dingus (in Morgan County) (31)
Dishman Springs (in Knox County) (24)
Disputanta (in Rockcastle County) (28)
Dixon (in Webster County) (41)
Dobbins (in Elliott County) (20)
Donaldson (in Trigg County) (29)
Donansburg (in Green County) (30)
Dongola (in Letcher County) (23)
Dover (in Mason County) (32)
Drakesboro (in Muhlenberg County) (31)
Dreyfus (in Madison County) (38)
Dry Fork (in Barren County) (27)
Dry Ridge (in Grant County) (51)
Dryhill (in Leslie County) (31)
Dublin (in Graves County) (27)
Duco (in Magoffin County) (26)
Dukedom (in Graves County) (25)
Duluth (in Madison County) (33)
Dunmor (in Muhlenberg County) (33)
Dunnville (in Casey County) (35)
Dunraven (in Perry County) (24)
Durbin (in Boyd County) (25)
Dwarf (in Perry County) (30)
Earlington (in Hopkins County) (39)
East Bernstadt (in Laurel County) (69)
East Point (in Johnson County) (29)
Easterday (in Carroll County) (24)
Eastview (in Hardin County) (32)
Ebon (in Morgan County) (24)
Echols (in Ohio County) (29)
Eddyville (in Lyon County) (52)
Edgewood (in Kenton County) (26)
Edmonton (in Metcalfe County) (81)
Eighty Eight (in Barren County) (29)
Ekron (in Meade County) (30)
Eli (in Russell County) (33)
Elizabethtown (in Hardin County) (102)
Elizaville (in Fleming County) (28)
Elk Creek (in Spencer County) (27)
Elk Horn (in Taylor County) (25)
Elkhorn City (in Pike County) (36)
Elkton (in Todd County) (89)
Elliottville (in Rowan County) (28)
Ellisburg (in Casey County) (38)
Elmrock (in Knott County) (21)
Elsmere (in Kenton County) (26)
Emanuel (in Knox County) (23)
Emerson (in Lewis County) (26)
Eminence (in Henry County) (34)
Emmalena (in Knott County) (27)
Eolia (in Letcher County) (29)
Erlanger (in Kenton County) (39)
Ermine (in Letcher County) (28)
Essie (in Leslie County) (28)
Esto (in Russell County) (31)
Etoile (in Barren County) (27)
Eubank (in Pulaski County) (39)
Evarts (in Harlan County) (24)
Ezel (in Morgan County) (30)
Fairdale (in Jefferson County) (35)
Fairdealing (in Marshall County) (30)
Fairfield (in Nelson County) (36)
Fairplay (in Adair County) (32)
Falcon (in Magoffin County) (32)
Fall Rock (in Clay County) (36)
Falls of Rough (in Grayson County) (31)
Fallsburg (in Lawrence County) (38)
Falmouth (in Pendleton County) (74)
Fancy Farm (in Graves County) (26)
Fariston (in Laurel County) (31)
Farmersville (in Caldwell County) (29)
Farmington (in Graves County) (26)
Faubush (in Pulaski County) (30)
Fenton (in Trigg County) (29)
Ferguson Spring (in Trigg County) (27)
Fern Creek (in Jefferson County) (36)
Ferndale (in Bell County) (32)
Fillmore (in Lee County) (24)
Finchville (in Shelby County) (33)
Finney (in Barren County) (27)
Fisherville (in Jefferson County) (37)
Fisty (in Knott County) (30)
Flat Fork (in Magoffin County) (25)
Flat Gap (in Johnson County) (31)
Flat Lick (in Knox County) (45)
Flat Rock (in Caldwell County) (28)
Flatgap (in Johnson County) (33)
Flatwoods (in Greenup County) (29)
Flemingsburg (in Fleming County) (78)
Flippin (in Monroe County) (33)
Florence (in Boone County) (61)
Fogertown (in Clay County) (32)
Fonthill (in Russell County) (27)
Foraker (in Magoffin County) (26)
Ford (in Clark County) (26)
Fordsville (in Ohio County) (55)
Forkland (in Boyle County) (31)
Fort Campbell (in Christian County) (43)
Fort Knox (in Hardin County) (87)
Fort Mitchell (in Kenton County) (45)
Fort Thomas (in Campbell County) (49)
Fountain Run (in Monroe County) (39)
Fourmile (in Bell County) (39)
Fox Creek (in Anderson County) (25)
Foxtown (in Jackson County) (24)
Frakes (in Bell County) (30)
Frances (in Crittenden County) (29)
Frankfort (in Franklin County) (273)
Franklin (in Simpson County) (126)
Frazer (in Wayne County) (30)
Fredonia (in Caldwell County) (39)
Fredville (in Magoffin County) (30)
Freeburn (in Pike County) (31)
Freedom (in Russell County) (27)
Frenchburg (in Menifee County) (43)
Frozen Creek (in Breathitt County) (29)
Fruit Hill (in Christian County) (33)
Fulgham (in Hickman County) (24)
Fulton (in Fulton County) (74)
Fultz (in Carter County) (22)
Fusonia (in Perry County) (25)
Gabe (in Green County) (30)
Gadberry (in Adair County) (30)
Gamaliel (in Monroe County) (41)
Garfield (in Breckinridge County) (29)
Garner in Knott County (in Knott County) (30)
Garrard (in Clay County) (29)
Garrett (in Floyd County) (27)
Garrison (in Lewis County) (38)
Gentrys Mill (in Adair County) (27)
Georges Creek (in Lawrence County) (31)
Georgetown (in Scott County) (110)
Germantown (in Bracken County) (27)
Ghent (in Carroll County) (38)
Gilbertsville (in Marshall County) (29)
Gillmore (in Wolfe County) (29)
Gimlet (in Elliott County) (21)
Girdler (in Knox County) (33)
Glasgow (in Barren County) (174)
Glen Dean (in Breckinridge County) (28)
Glencoe (in Gallatin County) (30)
Glendale (in Hardin County) (36)
Glens Fork (in Adair County) (36)
Glenville (in McLean County) (30)
Goffs Corner (in Clark County) (26)
Golden Pond (in Trigg County) (44)
Goodluck (in Metcalfe County) (22)
Goose Rock (in Clay County) (32)
Gordon (in Letcher County) (27)
Goshen (in Oldham County) (35)
Gradyville (in Adair County) (28)
Graham (in Muhlenberg County) (35)
Grahn (in Carter County) (32)
Grand Rivers (in Livingston County) (27)
Grange City (in Fleming County) (28)
Grants Lick (in Campbell County) (33)
Grassy Creek (in Morgan County) (33)
Grassy Lick (in Montgomery County) (26)
Gravel Switch (in Marion County) (29)
Gray (in Knox County) (45)
Gray Hawk (in Jackson County) (25)
Grayson (in Carter County) (108)
Greasy Creek (in Pike County) (40)
Great Crossing (in Scott County) (24)
Greenmount (in Laurel County) (34)
Greensburg (in Green County) (154)
Greenup (in Greenup County) (57)
Greenville (in Muhlenberg County) (95)
Gregoryville (in Carter County) (24)
Gresham (in Green County) (30)
Gunlock (in Magoffin County) (41)
Guston (in Meade County) (28)
Guthrie (in Todd County) (42)
Gypsy (in Magoffin County) (29)
Hadley (in Warren County) (31)
Haldeman (in Rowan County) (22)
Halfway (in Allen County) (25)
Halifax (in Allen County) (26)
Hallie (in Letcher County) (32)
Hammond (in Knox County) (23)
Hampton (in Livingston County) (32)
Hanson (in Hopkins County) (35)
Happy (in Perry County) (31)
Hardin (in Marshall County) (49)
Hardinsburg (in Breckinridge County) (64)
Hardshell (in Breathitt County) (29)
Hardyville (in Hart County) (28)
Harlan (in Harlan County) (35)
Harmony (in Owen County) (22)
Harold (in Floyd County) (26)
Harrodsburg (in Mercer County) (117)
Hartford (in Ohio County) (82)
Hawesville (in Hancock County) (61)
Haywood (in Barren County) (27)
Hazard (in Perry County) (106)
Hazel (in Calloway County) (24)
Hazel Green (in Wolfe County) (53)
Hazel Patch (in Laurel County) (31)
Hebbardsville (in Henderson County) (45)
Hebron (in Boone County) (38)
Hector (in Clay County) (33)
Heidelberg (in Lee County) (26)
Heidrick (in Knox County) (29)
Hellier (in Pike County) (27)
Helton (in Leslie County) (33)
Henderson (in Henderson County) (134)
Herndon (in Christian County) (36)
Hi Hat (in Floyd County) (25)
Hickman (in Fulton County) (77)
Hickory (in Graves County) (29)
Highland Heights (in Campbell County) (27)
Hillsboro (in Fleming County) (42)
Hilltop (in Grayson County) (28)
Hima (in Clay County) (27)
Hindman (in Knott County) (63)
Hinkle (in Knox County) (27)
Hiseville (in Barren County) (51)
Hitchins (in Carter County) (38)
Hodgenville (in Larue County) (66)
Holland (in Allen County) (27)
Hollonville (in Wolfe County) (25)
Hollybush (in Knott County) (24)
Hopewell (in Greenup County) (30)
Hopkinsville (in Christian County) (275)
Horse Branch (in Ohio County) (39)
Horse Cave (in Hart County) (57)
Howards Mill (in Montgomery County) (25)
Howe Valley (in Hardin County) (28)
Hueysville (in Floyd County) (28)
Hunnewell (in Greenup County) (28)
Hustonville (in Lincoln County) (34)
Hyden (in Leslie County) (64)
Ibex (in Elliott County) (23)
Independence (in Kenton County) (42)
Inez (in Martin County) (93)
Ingram (in Bell County) (28)
Iola (in Marshall County) (30)
Iron Hill (in Carter County) (24)
Irvine (in Estill County) (93)
Irvington (in Breckinridge County) (29)
Island (in McLean County) (33)
Island City (in Owsley County) (43)
Isom (in Letcher County) (39)
Isonville (in Elliott County) (40)
Ivyton (in Magoffin County) (30)
Jabez (in Russell County) (33)
Jacks Creek (in Floyd County) (25)
Jackson (in Breathitt County) (122)
Jamboree (in Pike County) (33)
Jamestown (in Russell County) (67)
Jarvis (in Knox County) (25)
Jeff (in Perry County) (27)
Jeffersontown (in Jefferson County) (53)
Jeffersonville (in Montgomery County) (64)
Jellico (in Whitley County) (27)
Jenkins (in Letcher County) (29)
Jeremiah (in Letcher County) (37)
Jetson (in Butler County) (29)
Jetts Creek (in Breathitt County) (26)
Jinks (in Estill County) (28)
Job (in Martin County) (25)
Joppa (in Adair County) (30)
Joy (in Livingston County) (31)
Junction City (in Boyle County) (33)
Karlus (in Russell County) (29)
Keavy (in Laurel County) (47)
Keene (in Jessamine County) (26)
Kehoe (in Greenup County) (30)
Kessinger (in Hart County) (25)
Kettle Island (in Bell County) (34)
Kevil (in Ballard County) (30)
Kimper (in Pike County) (44)
Kings Creek (in Letcher County) (24)
Kings Mountain (in Lincoln County) (28)
Kirkmansville (in Todd County) (28)
Kirksey (in Calloway County) (25)
Kite (in Knott County) (42)
Knifley (in Adair County) (34)
Knob Lick (in Metcalfe County) (41)
Kodak (in Perry County) (26)
Krypton (in Perry County) (35)
Kuttawa (in Lyon County) (34)
La Center (in Ballard County) (32)
La Grange (in Oldham County) (62)
LaFayette (in Christian County) (31)
Lakeville (in Magoffin County) (27)
Lamasco (in Lyon County) (27)
Lancaster (in Garrard County) (87)
Landsaw (in Wolfe County) (30)
Langley (in Floyd County) (27)
Langnau (in Laurel County) (32)
Larkslane (in Knott County) (21)
Latonia (in Kenton County) (27)
Latonia Lakes (in Kenton County) (26)
Lawrenceburg (in Anderson County) (91)
Lawton (in Carter County) (22)
Leatherwood (in Perry County) (30)
Lebanon (in Marion County) (84)
Lebanon Junction (in Bullitt County) (44)
Leburn (in Knott County) (37)
Lee City (in Wolfe County) (41)
Leighton (in Estill County) (30)
Leitchfield (in Grayson County) (101)
Lenox (in Morgan County) (24)
Leon (in Carter County) (23)
Lerose (in Owsley County) (27)
Levee (in Montgomery County) (27)
Levi (in Owsley County) (25)
Lewisburg (in Logan County) (59)
Lewisport (in Hancock County) (56)
Lexington (in Fayette County) (567)
Liberty (in Casey County) (80)
Lida (in Laurel County) (30)
Liletown (in Green County) (30)
Lily (in Laurel County) (39)
Linefork (in Letcher County) (30)
Linton (in Trigg County) (29)
Linwood (in Hart County) (30)
Littcarr (in Knott County) (22)
Little Barren (in Green County) (29)
Little Hickman (in Jessamine County) (28)
Livermore (in McLean County) (36)
Livingston (in Rockcastle County) (43)
Lloyd (in Greenup County) (31)
Load (in Greenup County) (44)
Locust Hill (in Breckinridge County) (26)
Lola (in Livingston County) (36)
London (in Laurel County) (172)
Lone Oak (in McCracken County) (31)
Longlick (in Scott County) (26)
Loretto (in Marion County) (25)
Lost Creek (in Breathitt County) (37)
Lot (in Whitley County) (43)
Louden (in Whitley County) (34)
Louisa (in Lawrence County) (139)
Louisville (in Jefferson County) (1,041)
Lovely (in Martin County) (26)
Lowes (in Graves County) (28)
Lowmansville (in Lawrence County) (37)
Loyall (in Harlan County) (23)
Lucas (in Barren County) (42)
Ludlow (in Kenton County) (52)
Lyndon (in Jefferson County) (35)
Lynn (in Greenup County) (28)
Lynnville (in Graves County) (28)
Mac (in Taylor County) (28)
Mackey Bend (in Knox County) (23)
Mackville (in Washington County) (44)
Madisonville (in Hopkins County) (92)
Magnolia (in Larue County) (30)
Mallie (in Knott County) (32)
Maloneton (in Greenup County) (33)
Mammoth Cave (in Edmonson County) (72)
Manchester (in Clay County) (94)
Marion (in Crittenden County) (117)
Marrowbone (in Cumberland County) (26)
Marrowbone in Pike County (in Pike County) (27)
Marshes Siding (in McCreary County) (20)
Martha (in Lawrence County) (38)
Martin (in Floyd County) (35)
Mary (in Wolfe County) (25)
Marydell (in Laurel County) (34)
Mashfork (in Magoffin County) (29)
Massac (in McCracken County) (27)
Matthew (in Morgan County) (26)
Mayfield (in Graves County) (124)
Mayking (in Letcher County) (27)
Mays Lick (in Mason County) (30)
Maysville (in Mason County) (177)
Maytown (in Floyd County) (32)
McDaniels (in Breckinridge County) (28)
McDowell (in Floyd County) (28)
McHenry (in Ohio County) (31)
McKee (in Jackson County) (44)
McQuady (in Breckinridge County) (30)
McRoberts (in Letcher County) (23)
McWhorter (in Laurel County) (31)
Means (in Menifee County) (29)
Melbourne (in Campbell County) (28)
Melvin (in Floyd County) (28)
Merry Oaks (in Barren County) (27)
Meshack (in Monroe County) (30)
Middleburg (in Casey County) (32)
Middlesboro (in Bell County) (103)
Middletown (in Jefferson County) (39)
Midway (in Woodford County) (63)
Milburn (in Carlisle County) (32)
Milford (in Bracken County) (26)
Mill Springs (in Wayne County) (27)
Millersburg (in Bourbon County) (57)
Million (in Madison County) (34)
Millstone (in Letcher County) (28)
Milltown (in Adair County) (27)
Millville (in Woodford County) (29)
Millwood (in Grayson County) (25)
Milo (in Martin County) (23)
Milton (in Trimble County) (35)
Mima (in Morgan County) (25)
Minerva (in Mason County) (27)
Miracle (in Bell County) (27)
Mitchellsburg (in Boyle County) (25)
Mize (in Morgan County) (24)
Monroe (in Hart County) (27)
Monterey (in Owen County) (30)
Monticello (in Wayne County) (79)
Montpelier (in Adair County) (28)
Moon (in Morgan County) (24)
Moores Creek (in Jackson County) (27)
Morehead (in Rowan County) (167)
Morgan (in Pendleton County) (23)
Morganfield (in Union County) (60)
Morgantown (in Butler County) (95)
Morning View (in Kenton County) (26)
Mortons Gap (in Hopkins County) (28)
Mortonsville (in Woodford County) (31)
Moscow (in Hickman County) (24)
Mount Auburn (in Pendleton County) (23)
Mount Eden (in Spencer County) (25)
Mount Olive (in Casey County) (31)
Mount Olivet (in Robertson County) (45)
Mount Sterling (in Montgomery County) (116)
Mount Vernon (in Rockcastle County) (87)
Mount Victory (in Pulaski County) (26)
Mount Washington (in Bullitt County) (50)
Mountain Ash (in Whitley County) (28)
Mousie (in Knott County) (46)
Mozelle (in Leslie County) (24)
Muddy Ford (in Scott County) (27)
Muldraugh (in Meade County) (27)
Munfordville (in Hart County) (72)
Murray (in Calloway County) (122)
Nancy (in Pulaski County) (61)
Naomi (in Pulaski County) (27)
Napoleon (in Gallatin County) (29)
Neave (in Bracken County) (23)
Nebo (in Hopkins County) (44)
Ned (in Breathitt County) (28)
Needmore (in Boyle County) (24)
Neon (in Letcher County) (26)
Nevisdale (in Whitley County) (37)
New Castle (in Henry County) (35)
New Concord (in Calloway County) (31)
New Haven (in Larue County) (24)
New Liberty (in Owen County) (29)
Newby (in Madison County) (32)
Newfoundland (in Elliott County) (23)
Newport (in Campbell County) (133)
Niagara (in Henderson County) (41)
Nicholasville (in Jessamine County) (124)
Nippa (in Johnson County) (28)
Noble (in Breathitt County) (26)
Nobob (in Barren County) (27)
Noctor (in Breathitt County) (34)
Nonesuch (in Woodford County) (28)
North Fork (in Powell County) (23)
North Middletown (in Bourbon County) (39)
Nortonville (in Hopkins County) (36)
Oak Grove (in Christian County) (33)
Oak Level (in Marshall County) (36)
Oakdale (in Breathitt County) (33)
Oakland (in Warren County) (33)
Ogle (in Clay County) (26)
Oil Springs (in Johnson County) (38)
Olaton (in Ohio County) (29)
Oldtown (in Greenup County) (47)
Olga (in Russell County) (30)
Olive (in Marshall County) (28)
Olive Hill (in Carter County) (138)
Olmstead (in Logan County) (42)
Olympia (in Bath County) (29)
Oneida (in Clay County) (43)
Ophir (in Morgan County) (26)
Orlando (in Rockcastle County) (28)
Ottenheim (in Lincoln County) (26)
Otter Creek (in Clay County) (26)
Owensboro (in Daviess County) (190)
Owenton (in Owen County) (59)
Owingsville (in Bath County) (114)
Ozark (in Adair County) (31)
Paducah (in McCracken County) (292)
Paint Lick (in Garrard County) (38)
Paintsville (in Johnson County) (66)
Palma (in Marshall County) (30)
Panther (in Daviess County) (27)
Paris (in Bourbon County) (149)
Park (in Barren County) (28)
Park City (in Barren County) (35)
Park Hills (in Kenton County) (27)
Parkers Lake (in McCreary County) (26)
Parmleysville (in Wayne County) (29)
Parnell (in Wayne County) (33)
Partridge (in Letcher County) (24)
Patesville (in Hancock County) (28)
Patrick (in Lawrence County) (27)
Payne Gap (in Letcher County) (24)
Payneville (in Meade County) (25)
Peach Grove (in Pendleton County) (23)
Peaks Mill (in Franklin County) (26)
Pearl (in Whitley County) (27)
Pebworth (in Owsley County) (27)
Pellville (in Hancock County) (27)
Pellyton (in Adair County) (27)
Pembroke (in Christian County) (45)
Pence (in Wolfe County) (24)
Pendleton (in Henry County) (26)
Penrod (in Muhlenberg County) (28)
Perryville (in Boyle County) (40)
Persimmon Grove (in Campbell County) (28)
Petersburg (in Boone County) (37)
Pewee Valley (in Oldham County) (36)
Peytona (in Shelby County) (26)
Phelps (in Pike County) (55)
Phil (in Casey County) (31)
Philpot (in Daviess County) (32)
Pierce (in Green County) (33)
Pig (in Edmonson County) (25)
Pigeonroost (in Clay County) (27)
Pikeville (in Pike County) (85)
Pilgrim (in Martin County) (56)
Pilot View (in Clark County) (25)
Pine Knot (in McCreary County) (35)
Pine Ridge (in Wolfe County) (28)
Pine Top (in Knott County) (41)
Pineville (in Bell County) (93)
Pippa Passes (in Knott County) (38)
Piqua (in Robertson County) (26)
Pisgah (in Woodford County) (28)
Pittsburg (in Laurel County) (34)
Plank (in Clay County) (32)
Pleasant Hill (in Mercer County) (35)
Pleasure Ridge Park (in Jefferson County) (33)
Pollard (in Jessamine County) (27)
Pomeroyton (in Menifee County) (26)
Pomp (in Morgan County) (25)
Poole (in Webster County) (26)
Porter (in Scott County) (29)
Portersburg (in Clay County) (28)
Powderly (in Muhlenberg County) (30)
Powersburg (in Wayne County) (25)
Powersville (in Bracken County) (23)
Prestonsburg (in Floyd County) (44)
Princeton (in Caldwell County) (83)
Providence (in Webster County) (51)
Providence in Trimble County (in Trimble County) (28)
Pryorsburg (in Graves County) (27)
Quicksand (in Breathitt County) (33)
Quincy (in Lewis County) (31)
Rabbit Hash (in Boone County) (31)
Raceland (in Greenup County) (32)
Radcliff in Hardin County (in Hardin County) (32)
Randolph (in Metcalfe County) (25)
Raven (in Knott County) (23)
Ravenna (in Estill County) (43)
Raywick (in Marion County) (24)
Red Hill (in Allen County) (26)
Redbud (in Harlan County) (22)
Reed (in Henderson County) (33)
Relief (in Morgan County) (25)
Rhoda (in Edmonson County) (25)
Ricetown (in Owsley County) (25)
Rich Pond (in Warren County) (27)
Richardson (in Lawrence County) (27)
Richardsville (in Warren County) (32)
Richmond (in Madison County) (171)
Rineyville (in Hardin County) (35)
River (in Johnson County) (28)
Roaring Spring (in Trigg County) (27)
Roark (in Leslie County) (24)
Robards (in Henderson County) (43)
Rochester (in Butler County) (28)
Rockcastle (in Trigg County) (28)
Rockfield (in Warren County) (35)
Rockholds (in Whitley County) (73)
Rockhouse (in Pike County) (26)
Rockport (in Ohio County) (29)
Rocky Hill (in Edmonson County) (27)
Rocky Hill in Barren County (in Barren County) (40)
Rogers (in Wolfe County) (42)
Rogers Gap (in Scott County) (26)
Roseville (in Hancock County) (26)
Roseville in Barren County (in Barren County) (32)
Rosewood (in Muhlenberg County) (28)
Roundstone (in Rockcastle County) (25)
Rousseau (in Breathitt County) (29)
Rowena (in Russell County) (26)
Rowletts (in Hart County) (24)
Roxana (in Letcher County) (28)
Royalton (in Magoffin County) (33)
Ruckerville (in Clark County) (28)
Ruddles Mills (in Bourbon County) (35)
Rush (in Boyd County) (43)
Russell (in Russell County) (34)
Russell Corner (in Oldham County) (22)
Russell Springs (in Russell County) (68)
Russellville (in Logan County) (158)
Sacramento (in McLean County) (32)
Sadieville (in Scott County) (50)
Saint Charles (in Hopkins County) (33)
Saint Helens (in Lee County) (21)
Saint Matthews (in Jefferson County) (33)
Saint Vincent (in Union County) (26)
Salem (in Livingston County) (49)
Saloma (in Taylor County) (29)
Salt Lick (in Bath County) (61)
Salvisa (in Mercer County) (36)
Salyersville (in Magoffin County) (100)
Sanders (in Carroll County) (26)
Sandgap (in Jackson County) (46)
Sandy Hook (in Elliott County) (77)
Sano (in Adair County) (34)
Sasser (in Laurel County) (34)
Saul (in Perry County) (26)
Savoyard (in Metcalfe County) (22)
Saxton (in Whitley County) (33)
Scale (in Marshall County) (30)
Scalf (in Knox County) (26)
Science Hill (in Pulaski County) (39)
Scottsville (in Allen County) (150)
Scoville (in Owsley County) (29)
Sebastians Branch (in Breathitt County) (26)
Sebree (in Webster County) (38)
Sedalia (in Graves County) (45)
Seitz (in Magoffin County) (28)
Settle (in Allen County) (24)
Sewellton (in Russell County) (33)
Sextons Creek (in Clay County) (35)
Shakertown (in Mercer County) (33)
Sharon Grove (in Todd County) (29)
Sharpe (in Marshall County) (29)
Sharpsburg (in Bath County) (42)
Shelbyville (in Shelby County) (128)
Shepherdsville (in Bullitt County) (88)
Shively (in Jefferson County) (35)
Shopville (in Pulaski County) (25)
Short Creek (in Grayson County) (25)
Shoulderblade (in Breathitt County) (26)
Shrewsbury (in Grayson County) (24)
Sibert (in Clay County) (26)
Sidell (in Clay County) (29)
Siler (in Whitley County) (54)
Simpsonville (in Shelby County) (51)
Sitka (in Johnson County) (29)
Sizerock (in Leslie County) (26)
Skinnersburg (in Scott County) (26)
Skylight (in Oldham County) (25)
Slade (in Powell County) (22)
Slaughters (in Webster County) (32)
Slemp (in Perry County) (27)
Slick Rock (in Barren County) (29)
Smilax (in Leslie County) (33)
Smith (in Harlan County) (27)
Smithfield (in Henry County) (29)
Smithland (in Livingston County) (48)
Smiths Grove (in Warren County) (41)
Smoky Valley (in Carter County) (22)
Soldier (in Carter County) (25)
Somerset (in Pulaski County) (165)
Sonora (in Hardin County) (35)
Sorgho (in Daviess County) (28)
South Portsmouth (in Greenup County) (33)
South Shore (in Greenup County) (34)
South Union (in Logan County) (37)
Southgate (in Campbell County) (33)
Sparksville (in Adair County) (27)
Sparta (in Gallatin County) (26)
Spottsville (in Henderson County) (36)
Spout Springs (in Estill County) (33)
Spring Lick (in Grayson County) (24)
Springfield (in Washington County) (82)
Stacy Fork (in Morgan County) (24)
Staffordsville (in Johnson County) (31)
Stamping Ground (in Scott County) (53)
Stanford (in Lincoln County) (104)
Stanley (in Daviess County) (25)
Stanton (in Powell County) (44)
Stay (in Owsley County) (27)
Stearns (in McCreary County) (29)
Stephens (in Elliott County) (24)
Stephensport (in Breckinridge County) (27)
Stillwater (in Wolfe County) (28)
Stinking Creek (in Knox County) (37)
Stinnett (in Leslie County) (30)
Stinnettsville (in Breckinridge County) (26)
Stonewall in Scott County (in Scott County) (24)
Stoney Fork (in Bell County) (24)
Strunk (in McCreary County) (30)
Sturgeon (in Owsley County) (51)
Sturgis (in Union County) (47)
Sugar Grove (in Butler County) (28)
Sulphur Well (in Metcalfe County) (29)
Summer Shade (in Metcalfe County) (30)
Summersville (in Green County) (78)
Summit (in Boyd County) (25)
Sunnybrook (in Wayne County) (29)
Swampton (in Magoffin County) (27)
Swan Lake (in Knox County) (23)
Symsonia (in Graves County) (38)
Taylor Mill (in Kenton County) (34)
Taylorsville (in Spencer County) (71)
Tedders (in Knox County) (23)
Teddy (in Casey County) (32)
Temple Hill (in Barren County) (34)
Thelma (in Johnson County) (29)
Thousandsticks (in Leslie County) (28)
Three Forks (in Warren County) (29)
Threelinks (in Jackson County) (24)
Tiline (in Livingston County) (31)
Tollesboro (in Lewis County) (34)
Tomahawk (in Martin County) (38)
Tompkinsville (in Monroe County) (82)
Topmost (in Knott County) (25)
Tracy (in Barren County) (44)
Trammel (in Allen County) (25)
Travellers Rest (in Owsley County) (36)
Trent (in Wolfe County) (25)
Trenton (in Todd County) (53)
Troy (in Woodford County) (27)
Truitt (in Greenup County) (29)
Turkey Foot (in Scott County) (27)
Tyner (in Jackson County) (36)
Ulvah (in Letcher County) (23)
Ulysses (in Lawrence County) (25)
Union (in Boone County) (45)
Union City (in Madison County) (33)
Uniontown (in Union County) (41)
Upton (in Hardin County) (36)
Urban (in Clay County) (30)
Utica (in Daviess County) (26)
Valeria (in Wolfe County) (28)
Valley Station (in Jefferson County) (47)
Valley View (in Madison County) (31)
Van (in Letcher County) (25)
Van Lear (in Johnson County) (30)
Vanceburg (in Lewis County) (68)
Vancleve (in Breathitt County) (36)
Varney (in Pike County) (25)
Verda (in Harlan County) (25)
Verne (in Whitley County) (30)
Verona (in Boone County) (43)
Versailles (in Woodford County) (109)
Vest (in Knott County) (25)
Vicco (in Perry County) (29)
Vicksburg (in Livingston County) (27)
Villa Hills (in Kenton County) (27)
Vincent (in Owsley County) (40)
Vine Grove (in Hardin County) (40)
Viper (in Perry County) (64)
Volga (in Johnson County) (29)
Waddy (in Shelby County) (41)
Waldo (in Magoffin County) (29)
Walker (in Knox County) (27)
Wallingford (in Fleming County) (28)
Wallins Creek (in Harlan County) (30)
Wallonia (in Trigg County) (29)
Walton (in Boone County) (52)
War Creek (in Breathitt County) (31)
Warbranch (in Leslie County) (28)
Warfield (in Martin County) (24)
Warnock (in Greenup County) (29)
Warsaw (in Gallatin County) (54)
Washington (in Mason County) (28)
Water Valley (in Graves County) (30)
Waterview (in Cumberland County) (24)
Watts (in Breathitt County) (25)
Waverly (in Union County) (26)
Wayland (in Floyd County) (24)
Waynesburg (in Lincoln County) (45)
Webbs Cross Roads (in Russell County) (27)
Webbville (in Lawrence County) (52)
Weed (in Adair County) (26)
Weir (in Muhlenberg County) (32)
Wellington (in Menifee County) (28)
West Liberty (in Morgan County) (88)
West Paducah (in McCracken County) (35)
West Point (in Hardin County) (37)
Weston (in Crittenden County) (27)
Westport (in Oldham County) (22)
Wheelwright (in Floyd County) (24)
White Mills (in Hardin County) (31)
White Oak (in Morgan County) (31)
White Plains (in Hopkins County) (31)
White Rose (in Taylor County) (27)
White Sulphur in Scott County (in Scott County) (24)
Whitehouse (in Johnson County) (28)
Whitesburg (in Letcher County) (52)
Whitesville (in Daviess County) (41)
Whitley City (in McCreary County) (33)
Wickliffe (in Ballard County) (44)
Wilder (in Campbell County) (32)
Willard (in Carter County) (30)
Williamsburg (in Whitley County) (126)
Williamsport (in Johnson County) (29)
Williamstown (in Grant County) (53)
Willisburg (in Washington County) (39)
Willow (in Bracken County) (24)
Wilmore (in Jessamine County) (45)
Wilton (in Knox County) (32)
Winchester (in Clark County) (127)
Wingo (in Graves County) (49)
Winston (in Estill County) (29)
Wisdom (in Metcalfe County) (28)
Wolf Creek (in Meade County) (27)
Woodbine (in Whitley County) (34)
Woodburn (in Warren County) (29)
Woodbury (in Butler County) (26)
Woodsbend (in Morgan County) (25)
Woollum (in Knox County) (25)
Wooton (in Leslie County) (41)
Wrigley (in Morgan County) (28)
Wurtland (in Greenup County) (43)
Wyoming (in Bath County) (27)
Yamacraw (in McCreary County) (21)
Yeaddiss (in Leslie County) (40)
Yeaman (in Grayson County) (27)
Yerkes (in Perry County) (37)
Yocum (in Morgan County) (24)
York (in Greenup County) (51)
Yosemite (in Casey County) (31)
Zachariah (in Wolfe County) (25)
Zag (in Morgan County) (23)
Zion (in Henderson County) (35)
Zoe (in Lee County) (34)

Overview of Kentucky Genealogy Records

  • History: Kentucky was first settled in 1774. It was originally part of the state of Virginia and became a state in 1792. It was a neutral state during the Civil War from 1861-1865 but had enlistments from soldiers on both sides.
  • Birth records: Some birth records were kept by the government from 1852 to 1862, from 1874 to 1879, and from 1892 to 1910. Statewide registration of births begin in 1911 with complete records by 1917. Copies of recent birth certificates can be obtained from the Kentucky Office of Vital Statistics.
  • Marriages: Marriage records were kept by most counties within a few years of each county's organization. Marriage certificates in 1958 and later can be obtained from the Kentucky Office of Vital Statistics
  • Deaths: Some death records were kept by the government from 1852 to 1862, from 1874 to 1879, and from 1892 to 1910. Statewide registration of deaths began in 1911 with complete records by 1917. Copies of recent death certificates from 1911 and later can be obtained from the Kentucky Office of Vital Statistics.
  • Divorces: Divorce records before 1849 were granted by the state legislature. From 1849 and 1959, divorce records were kept by the individual county circuit court, and after 1959 by the Kentucky Office of Vital Statistics.
  • Census: The first federal census available for Kentucky is 1810. There are federal censuses publicly available for 1810, 1820, 1830, 1840, 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880 (partial), 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930, 1940, and 1950.
  • Naturalization records: Naturalization records were kept by the district courts.
  • School census records: Some counties administered school censuses which list all members of the family, mostly from 1895 to 1910.
  • County records: Court, land, probate, and tax records were kept at the county level.
  • Other records: Many cities and towns had newspapers, records kept by churches, cemeteries, histories, school, city directories, and other records that can be located on the city pages on this site. Records specific to minority groups can be found in the Minority Records section.
  • All records: Online indexes and images of many of the above records can be found by using the links on this site.
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