Illinois Genealogy

USA (1,142,393) > Illinois (48,477)

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By Record Type

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Birth Records (554)
Cemetery Records (14,252)
Census Records (4,693)
Church Records (2,919)
City Directories (2,998)
Court Records (149)
Death Records (2,378)
Histories and Genealogies (3,421)
Immigration Records (454)
Land Records (1,020)
Map Records (3,034)
Marriage Records (1,876)
Military Records (820)
Minority Records (111)
Miscellaneous Records (387)
Newspapers and Obituaries (7,051)
Probate Records (546)
School Records (5,007)
Tax Records (172)

By County

Adams County (886)
Alexander County (271)
Bond County (380)
Boone County (411)
Brown County (278)
Bureau County (461)
Calhoun County (246)
Carroll County (237)
Cass County (374)
Champaign County (781)
Christian County (385)
Clark County (422)
Clay County (259)
Clinton County (409)
Coles County (468)
Cook County (5,509)
Crawford County (281)
Cumberland County (210)
De Witt County (445)
DeKalb County (497)
Douglas County (302)
DuPage County (714)
Edgar County (409)
Edwards County (272)
Effingham County (362)
Fayette County (335)
Ford County (239)
Franklin County (480)
Fulton County (600)
Gallatin County (289)
Greene County (361)
Grundy County (283)
Hamilton County (271)
Hancock County (862)
Hardin County (265)
Henderson County (259)
Henry County (650)
Iroquois County (509)
Jackson County (460)
Jasper County (241)
Jefferson County (411)
Jersey County (249)
Jo Daviess County (428)
Johnson County (305)
Kane County (905)
Kankakee County (459)
Kendall County (397)
Knox County (539)
LaSalle County (830)
Lake County (821)
Lawrence County (263)
Lee County (365)
Livingston County (399)
Logan County (431)
Macon County (717)
Macoupin County (652)
Madison County (1,161)
Marion County (422)
Marshall County (253)
Mason County (303)
Massac County (276)
McDonough County (501)
McHenry County (462)
McLean County (721)
Menard County (250)
Mercer County (249)
Monroe County (312)
Montgomery County (426)
Morgan County (662)
Moultrie County (266)
Ogle County (456)
Peoria County (819)
Perry County (241)
Piatt County (320)
Pike County (396)
Pope County (317)
Pulaski County (207)
Putnam County (162)
Randolph County (651)
Richland County (262)
Rock Island County (772)
Saline County (410)
Sangamon County (1,048)
Schuyler County (378)
Scott County (204)
Shelby County (528)
St Clair County (1,150)
Stark County (257)
Stephenson County (395)
Tazewell County (487)
Union County (296)
Vermilion County (642)
Wabash County (346)
Warren County (559)
Washington County (261)
Wayne County (356)
White County (365)
Whiteside County (437)
Will County (906)
Williamson County (598)
Winnebago County (712)
Woodford County (337)

By City

Abingdon (in Knox County) (61)
Adair (in McDonough County) (35)
Addison (in DuPage County) (51)
Akin (in Franklin County) (39)
Akron (in Peoria County) (31)
Albany (in Whiteside County) (34)
Albion (in Edwards County) (76)
Alden (in McHenry County) (33)
Aledo (in Mercer County) (65)
Alexis (in Mercer County) (23)
Alexis in Warren County (in Warren County) (43)
Algonquin (in McHenry County) (39)
Alhambra (in Madison County) (36)
Allendale (in Wabash County) (32)
Allerton (in Vermilion County) (33)
Alma (in Marion County) (38)
Alpha (in Henry County) (39)
Alsey (in Scott County) (35)
Alsip (in Cook County) (78)
Altamont (in Effingham County) (57)
Alto Pass (in Union County) (35)
Alton (in Madison County) (284)
Altona (in Knox County) (36)
Amboy (in Lee County) (46)
Andover (in Henry County) (43)
Anna (in Union County) (60)
Annawan (in Henry County) (42)
Antioch (in Lake County) (51)
Appanoose (in Hancock County) (44)
Apple River (in Jo Daviess County) (30)
Arcola (in Douglas County) (44)
Arenzville (in Cass County) (49)
Argenta (in Macon County) (41)
Arlington (in Bureau County) (33)
Arlington Heights (in Cook County) (151)
Armington (in Tazewell County) (44)
Armstrong (in Vermilion County) (34)
Arrowsmith (in McLean County) (37)
Arthur (in Douglas County) (55)
Ashkum (in Iroquois County) (54)
Ashland (in Cass County) (43)
Ashley (in Washington County) (38)
Ashmore (in Coles County) (36)
Ashton (in Lee County) (41)
Assumption (in Christian County) (52)
Astoria (in Fulton County) (56)
Athens (in Menard County) (43)
Athensville (in Greene County) (36)
Atkinson (in Henry County) (43)
Atlanta (in Logan County) (52)
Atlas (in Pike County) (29)
Atwood (in Douglas County) (39)
Auburn (in Clark County) (32)
Auburn in Sangamon County (in Sangamon County) (64)
Augusta (in Hancock County) (59)
Aurora (in Kane County) (228)
Aux Sable (in Grundy County) (35)
Ava (in Jackson County) (58)
Avon (in Fulton County) (50)
Bainbridge (in Schuyler County) (52)
Baldwin (in Randolph County) (51)
Ball Township (in Sangamon County) (41)
Banner (in Fulton County) (36)
Bardolph (in McDonough County) (43)
Barnett (in De Witt County) (31)
Barnhill (in Wayne County) (46)
Barr (in Macoupin County) (30)
Barrington (in Cook County) (86)
Barrington in Lake County (in Lake County) (33)
Barry (in Pike County) (49)
Bartlett (in Cook County) (68)
Bartonville (in Peoria County) (34)
Basco (in Hancock County) (46)
Batavia (in Kane County) (82)
Batchtown (in Calhoun County) (41)
Bath (in Mason County) (45)
Battery Rock (in Hardin County) (41)
Baylis (in Pike County) (28)
Bear Creek (in Hancock County) (45)
Beardstown (in Cass County) (100)
Beason (in Logan County) (26)
Beaver (in Iroquois County) (54)
Beaverville (in Iroquois County) (58)
Beecher (in Will County) (45)
Beecher City (in Effingham County) (33)
Belle Rive (in Jefferson County) (37)
Belleview (in Calhoun County) (35)
Belleville (in St Clair County) (238)
Bellevillle (in St Clair County) (38)
Bellflower (in McLean County) (40)
Bellmont (in Wabash County) (50)
Belvidere (in Boone County) (139)
Bement (in Piatt County) (47)
Benld (in Macoupin County) (35)
Bensenville (in DuPage County) (55)
Benson (in Woodford County) (37)
Benton (in Franklin County) (74)
Berkeley (in Cook County) (66)
Bernadotte (in Fulton County) (41)
Berry Township (in Wayne County) (44)
Berwick (in Warren County) (45)
Berwyn (in Cook County) (88)
Bethalto (in Madison County) (49)
Bethany (in Moultrie County) (53)
Bethel (in McDonough County) (33)
Beverly (in Adams County) (52)
Bible Grove (in Clay County) (37)
Big Grove (in Kendall County) (49)
Big Rock (in Kane County) (44)
Biggsville (in Henderson County) (51)
Bingham (in Fayette County) (34)
Birds (in Lawrence County) (34)
Birmingham (in Schuyler County) (43)
Bishop Hill (in Henry County) (43)
Bismarck (in Vermilion County) (36)
Blandinsville (in McDonough County) (61)
Bloom (in Cook County) (69)
Bloomfield in Johnson County (in Johnson County) (31)
Bloomingdale (in DuPage County) (34)
Bloomington (in McLean County) (258)
Blue Island (in Cook County) (109)
Blue Mound (in Macon County) (64)
Bluff Springs (in Cass County) (31)
Bluffs (in Scott County) (46)
Bluford (in Jefferson County) (37)
Bolingbrook (in Will County) (43)
Bone Gap (in Edwards County) (40)
Bonfield (in Kankakee County) (44)
Bonus (in Boone County) (46)
Bourbonnais (in Kankakee County) (59)
Bowen (in Hancock County) (52)
Braceville (in Grundy County) (40)
Bradford (in Stark County) (50)
Bradley (in Kankakee County) (40)
Braidwood (in Will County) (51)
Breese (in Clinton County) (55)
Bremen (in Randolph County) (45)
Bremen in Cook County (in Cook County) (67)
Bridgeport (in Lawrence County) (50)
Brighton (in Macoupin County) (39)
Brimfield (in Peoria County) (35)
Bristol (in Kendall County) (53)
Broadlands (in Champaign County) (38)
Broadwell (in Logan County) (30)
Brocton (in Edgar County) (38)
Brookfield (in LaSalle County) (45)
Brookfield in Cook County (in Cook County) (68)
Brooklyn (in Schuyler County) (44)
Brookport (in Massac County) (38)
Brookside (in Clinton County) (37)
Broughton (in Hamilton County) (41)
Brouilletts Creek (in Edgar County) (30)
Brownfield (in Pope County) (36)
Browning (in Schuyler County) (40)
Brownstown (in Fayette County) (38)
Brussels (in Calhoun County) (41)
Buckhorn (in Brown County) (35)
Buckley (in Iroquois County) (59)
Buckner (in Franklin County) (40)
Buda (in Bureau County) (47)
Buffalo Grove (in Cook County) (74)
Buffalo Hart (in Sangamon County) (38)
Bunker Hill (in Macoupin County) (56)
Burbank (in Cook County) (72)
Burgess (in Bond County) (34)
Burlington (in Kane County) (38)
Burnt Prairie (in White County) (39)
Burritt (in Winnebago County) (39)
Burton (in Adams County) (53)
Bushnell (in McDonough County) (57)
Butler Grove (in Montgomery County) (31)
Byron (in Ogle County) (62)
Cabery (in Ford County) (29)
Cahokia (in St Clair County) (48)
Cairo (in Alexander County) (132)
Caledonia (in Boone County) (45)
Calumet (in Cook County) (80)
Calumet City (in Cook County) (73)
Cambridge (in Henry County) (61)
Camden (in Schuyler County) (58)
Camp Point (in Adams County) (83)
Campbell Hill (in Jackson County) (51)
Campton (in Kane County) (35)
Canton (in Fulton County) (118)
Cantrall (in Sangamon County) (38)
Capron (in Boone County) (52)
Carbondale (in Jackson County) (118)
Carlinville (in Macoupin County) (90)
Carlock (in McLean County) (40)
Carlyle (in Clinton County) (76)
Carmi (in White County) (83)
Carol Stream (in DuPage County) (35)
Carpentersville (in Kane County) (44)
Carrier Mills (in Saline County) (50)
Carrigan (in Marion County) (33)
Carrollton (in Greene County) (68)
Carterville (in Williamson County) (60)
Carthage (in Hancock County) (96)
Cartwright (in Sangamon County) (41)
Cary (in McHenry County) (42)
Casey (in Clark County) (64)
Caseyville (in St Clair County) (39)
Catlin (in Vermilion County) (44)
Cave in Rock (in Hardin County) (48)
Cedar (in Knox County) (31)
Centralia (in Marion County) (81)
Cerro Gordo (in Piatt County) (51)
Chadwick (in Carroll County) (29)
Chambersburg (in Pike County) (30)
Champaign (in Champaign County) (179)
Chandlerville (in Cass County) (47)
Channahon (in Will County) (40)
Chapin (in Morgan County) (46)
Charleston (in Coles County) (108)
Chatham (in Sangamon County) (63)
Chatsworth (in Livingston County) (38)
Chebanse (in Iroquois County) (60)
Chenoa (in McLean County) (57)
Cherry Valley (in Winnebago County) (49)
Chester (in Randolph County) (101)
Chesterfield (in Macoupin County) (35)
Chicago (in Cook County) (3,213)
Chicago Heights (in Cook County) (125)
Chili (in Hancock County) (45)
Chillicothe (in Peoria County) (50)
Chrisman (in Edgar County) (44)
Christopher (in Franklin County) (45)
Cicero (in Cook County) (96)
Cisco (in Piatt County) (36)
Cisne (in Wayne County) (46)
Cissna Park (in Iroquois County) (59)
Claremont (in Richland County) (34)
Clarendon Hills (in DuPage County) (32)
Clay City (in Clay County) (43)
Clayton (in Adams County) (73)
Clear Lake (in Sangamon County) (39)
Clement (in Clinton County) (33)
Clifton (in Iroquois County) (66)
Clinton (in De Witt County) (142)
Coal City (in Grundy County) (48)
Coal Valley (in Rock Island County) (39)
Coatsburg (in Adams County) (52)
Cobden (in Union County) (58)
Coffee (in Wabash County) (31)
Coffeen (in Montgomery County) (38)
Colchester (in McDonough County) (62)
Coleta (in Whiteside County) (31)
Colfax (in McLean County) (53)
Collinsville (in Madison County) (71)
Collison (in Vermilion County) (33)
Colona (in Henry County) (37)
Columbia (in Monroe County) (68)
Columbus (in Adams County) (53)
Compton in Lee County (in Lee County) (27)
Compton in Wabash County (in Wabash County) (33)
Concord (in Morgan County) (70)
Cooksville (in McLean County) (41)
Cooper (in Sangamon County) (38)
Copley (in Knox County) (33)
Cordova (in Rock Island County) (33)
Corinth (in Williamson County) (36)
Cornell (in Livingston County) (38)
Cortland (in DeKalb County) (40)
Cotton Hill (in Sangamon County) (40)
Cottonwood (in Gallatin County) (30)
Coulterville (in Randolph County) (61)
Country Club Hills (in Cook County) (68)
Countryside (in Cook County) (66)
Cowden (in Shelby County) (37)
Crab Orchard (in Williamson County) (65)
Creal Springs (in Williamson County) (55)
Crescent (in Iroquois County) (57)
Crete (in Will County) (65)
Crittenden Township (in Champaign County) (33)
Cropsey (in McLean County) (38)
Crossville (in White County) (40)
Crystal Lake (in McHenry County) (62)
Cuba (in Fulton County) (53)
Cullom (in Livingston County) (37)
Curran (in Sangamon County) (41)
Cypress (in Johnson County) (31)
Dahlgren (in Hamilton County) (45)
Dakota (in Stephenson County) (32)
Dallas City (in Hancock County) (71)
Dalton City (in Moultrie County) (31)
Danforth (in Iroquois County) (55)
Danvers (in McLean County) (54)
Danville (in Vermilion County) (230)
Darien (in DuPage County) (38)
Darmstadt (in St Clair County) (47)
Davis (in Stephenson County) (27)
De Land (in Piatt County) (40)
De Witt (in De Witt County) (31)
DeKalb (in DeKalb County) (108)
DePue (in Bureau County) (38)
DeSoto (in Jackson County) (43)
Decatur (in Macon County) (342)
Deer Creek (in Tazewell County) (44)
Deerfield (in Lake County) (60)
Delavan (in Tazewell County) (54)
Delhi (in Jersey County) (33)
Derinda (in Jo Daviess County) (29)
Des Plaines (in Cook County) (118)
Dieterich (in Effingham County) (49)
Divernon (in Sangamon County) (44)
Dixon (in Lee County) (117)
Dolton (in Cook County) (73)
Dongola (in Union County) (53)
Donovan (in Iroquois County) (58)
Dorchester (in Macoupin County) (30)
Douglas (in Clark County) (29)
Dover (in Bureau County) (33)
Downers Grove (in DuPage County) (80)
Downs (in McLean County) (48)
Dry Groove (in McLean County) (38)
DuPage (in Will County) (39)
DuQuoin (in Perry County) (58)
Dundee (in Kane County) (51)
Dunlap (in Peoria County) (33)
Dupo (in St Clair County) (43)
Durand (in Winnebago County) (72)
Durham (in Hancock County) (45)
Dwight (in Livingston County) (49)
Earlville (in LaSalle County) (60)
East Alton (in Madison County) (37)
East Dubuque (in Jo Daviess County) (37)
East Fork (in Clinton County) (41)
East Lynn (in Vermilion County) (33)
East Moline (in Rock Island County) (49)
East Peoria (in Tazewell County) (61)
East St Louis (in St Clair County) (156)
Eastern (in Franklin County) (39)
Easton (in Mason County) (33)
Eddyville (in Pope County) (41)
Edgar (in Edgar County) (30)
Edgewood (in Effingham County) (38)
Edgington (in Rock Island County) (33)
Edinburg (in Christian County) (36)
Edwardsville (in Madison County) (138)
Effingham (in Effingham County) (77)
El Paso (in Woodford County) (57)
Elba (in Gallatin County) (29)
Elbridge (in Edgar County) (29)
Elburn (in Kane County) (48)
Eldorado (in Saline County) (66)
Eldred (in Greene County) (34)
Elgin (in Kane County) (179)
Elizabeth (in Jo Daviess County) (42)
Elizabethtown (in Hardin County) (61)
Elk Grove (in Cook County) (83)
Elkhart (in Logan County) (30)
Elkville (in Jackson County) (51)
Elliott (in Ford County) (30)
Ellis Grove (in Randolph County) (46)
Ellison (in Warren County) (43)
Ellisville (in Fulton County) (36)
Ellsworth (in McLean County) (40)
Elmhurst (in Cook County) (98)
Elmhurst in DuPage County (in DuPage County) (43)
Elmira (in Stark County) (36)
Elmwood (in Peoria County) (57)
Elmwood Park (in Cook County) (69)
Elsah (in Jersey County) (36)
Elvira (in Johnson County) (30)
Elwood (in Will County) (43)
Embarrass (in Edgar County) (31)
Emma (in White County) (40)
Enfield (in White County) (43)
Enterprise (in Wayne County) (44)
Equality (in Gallatin County) (32)
Erie (in Whiteside County) (39)
Essex (in Kankakee County) (39)
Essex Township (in Stark County) (32)
Eureka (in Woodford County) (51)
Evanston (in Cook County) (234)
Evansville (in Randolph County) (57)
Evergreen Park (in Cook County) (73)
Ewing (in Franklin County) (50)
Exeter (in Scott County) (32)
Fairbury (in Livingston County) (70)
Fairfield (in Wayne County) (81)
Fairmount (in Vermilion County) (39)
Fairmount Township (in Pike County) (28)
Fairview (in Fulton County) (46)
Fairview Heights (in St Clair County) (46)
Fall Creek (in Adams County) (50)
Fancy Creek (in Sangamon County) (38)
Farina (in Fayette County) (28)
Farmer City (in De Witt County) (87)
Farmers (in Fulton County) (35)
Farmersville (in Montgomery County) (43)
Farmington (in Fulton County) (47)
Fayetteville (in St Clair County) (43)
Fidelity (in Jersey County) (31)
Fieldon (in Jersey County) (39)
Fillmore (in Montgomery County) (34)
Findlay (in Shelby County) (41)
Fisher (in Champaign County) (44)
Fithian (in Vermilion County) (36)
Flanagan (in Livingston County) (37)
Flat Rock (in Crawford County) (38)
Flora (in Clay County) (64)
Flora Township (in Boone County) (45)
Floraville (in St Clair County) (39)
Flossmoor (in Cook County) (69)
Forest City (in Mason County) (31)
Forest Park (in Cook County) (99)
Forrest (in Livingston County) (44)
Forreston (in Ogle County) (51)
Fort Sheridan (in Lake County) (33)
Foster (in Marion County) (33)
Fountain Green (in Hancock County) (53)
Four Mile (in Wayne County) (44)
Fowler (in Adams County) (50)
Fox Lake (in Lake County) (37)
Fox River Grove (in McHenry County) (34)
Fox Township (in Kendall County) (43)
Frankfort (in Will County) (55)
Frankfort in Franklin County (in Franklin County) (39)
Franklin (in Morgan County) (64)
Franklin Grove (in Lee County) (31)
Franklin Park (in Cook County) (80)
Freeburg (in St Clair County) (80)
Freeport (in Stephenson County) (139)
Fremont (in Lake County) (38)
Friendsville (in Wabash County) (42)
Fulton (in Whiteside County) (44)
Galatia (in Saline County) (60)
Galena (in Jo Daviess County) (96)
Galesburg (in Knox County) (161)
Galva (in Henry County) (65)
Garden Plain (in Whiteside County) (33)
Gardner (in Grundy County) (45)
Gardner Township (in Sangamon County) (39)
Gays (in Moultrie County) (28)
Geff (in Wayne County) (48)
Geneseo (in Henry County) (87)
Geneva (in Kane County) (78)
Genoa (in DeKalb County) (58)
Georgetown (in Vermilion County) (57)
Gerlaw (in Warren County) (41)
German (in Richland County) (28)
Germantown (in Clinton County) (37)
Gibson (in Ford County) (49)
Gibsonia (in Gallatin County) (29)
Gila (in Jasper County) (29)
Gilead (in Calhoun County) (34)
Gillespie (in Macoupin County) (52)
Gilman (in Iroquois County) (65)
Girard (in Macoupin County) (56)
Gladstone (in Henderson County) (33)
Glasford (in Peoria County) (34)
Glasgow (in Scott County) (33)
Glen Carbon (in Madison County) (42)
Glen Ellyn (in DuPage County) (60)
Glenarm (in Sangamon County) (41)
Glencoe (in Cook County) (70)
Glenview (in Cook County) (84)
Glenwood (in Cook County) (69)
Godfrey (in Madison County) (53)
Golconda (in Pope County) (63)
Golden (in Adams County) (64)
Golden Eagle (in Calhoun County) (37)
Good Hope (in McDonough County) (40)
Goodfield (in Woodford County) (33)
Goreville (in Johnson County) (44)
Gorham (in Jackson County) (41)
Goshen (in Stark County) (32)
Grafton (in Jersey County) (39)
Grand Chain (in Pulaski County) (34)
Grand Detour (in Ogle County) (33)
Grand Prairie Township (in Jefferson County) (33)
Grand Ridge (in LaSalle County) (41)
Grand Tower (in Jackson County) (44)
Grandview (in Edgar County) (39)
Granite (in Madison County) (113)
Grant (in Lake County) (33)
Grant Park (in Kankakee County) (40)
Grantfork (in Madison County) (38)
Grantsburg (in Johnson County) (33)
Granville (in Putnam County) (37)
Grayslake (in Lake County) (49)
Grayville (in Edwards County) (64)
Great Lakes (in Lake County) (33)
Green Garden (in Will County) (41)
Green Valley (in Tazewell County) (43)
Greenbush (in Warren County) (50)
Greenfield (in Greene County) (53)
Greenup (in Cumberland County) (41)
Greenview (in Menard County) (39)
Greenville (in Bond County) (88)
Greenwood (in McHenry County) (33)
Gridley (in McLean County) (42)
Griggsville (in Pike County) (44)
Groveland (in Tazewell County) (45)
Guilford (in Jo Daviess County) (34)
Gurnee (in Lake County) (35)
Hadley (in Pike County) (28)
Haines (in Marion County) (38)
Hallock (in Peoria County) (30)
Hallsville (in De Witt County) (30)
Hamburg (in Calhoun County) (36)
Hamel (in Madison County) (36)
Hamilton (in Hancock County) (55)
Hammond (in Piatt County) (38)
Hampshire (in Kane County) (52)
Hampton (in Rock Island County) (31)
Hancock (in Hancock County) (51)
Hanover (in Jo Daviess County) (56)
Hardin (in Calhoun County) (53)
Harlem (in Winnebago County) (45)
Harmony (in Hancock County) (46)
Harrisburg (in Saline County) (116)
Harrison (in Winnebago County) (40)
Harrisonville (in Monroe County) (35)
Harristown (in Macon County) (46)
Hartland (in McHenry County) (33)
Hartsburg (in Logan County) (29)
Harvard (in McHenry County) (57)
Harvel (in Montgomery County) (28)
Harvey (in Cook County) (102)
Havana (in Mason County) (75)
Hawthorne (in St Clair County) (39)
Hebron (in McHenry County) (43)
Hecker (in Monroe County) (34)
Henderson (in Knox County) (36)
Hennepin (in Putnam County) (35)
Henry (in Marshall County) (62)
Herald (in White County) (36)
Herrin (in Williamson County) (78)
Herscher (in Kankakee County) (52)
Hettick (in Macoupin County) (31)
Heyworth (in McLean County) (49)
Hickory Point (in Macon County) (40)
Hicks (in Hardin County) (42)
Highland (in Madison County) (109)
Highland Park (in Lake County) (73)
Hill Prairie (in Randolph County) (47)
Hillsboro (in Montgomery County) (69)
Hillsdale (in Rock Island County) (31)
Hillside (in Cook County) (88)
Hinckley (in DeKalb County) (50)
Hinsdale (in DuPage County) (54)
Hoffman (in Clinton County) (34)
Hoffman Estates (in Cook County) (77)
Hollis (in Peoria County) (29)
Homer (in Champaign County) (54)
Homer in Will County (in Will County) (43)
Homewood (in Cook County) (80)
Honey Creek (in Crawford County) (32)
Hoopeston (in Vermilion County) (64)
Hooppole (in Henry County) (35)
Hopedale (in Tazewell County) (48)
Houston (in Randolph County) (45)
Hoyleton (in Washington County) (33)
Hudson (in McLean County) (38)
Humboldt (in Coles County) (36)
Hume (in Edgar County) (38)
Huntley (in McHenry County) (47)
Huntsville (in Schuyler County) (38)
Hurst (in Jackson County) (41)
Hutsonville (in Crawford County) (44)
Hutton (in Coles County) (43)
Hyde Park (in Cook County) (71)
Illini (in Macon County) (39)
Illiopolis (in Sangamon County) (52)
Indianola (in Vermilion County) (34)
Industry (in McDonough County) (51)
Iola (in Clay County) (39)
Ipava (in Fulton County) (45)
Irishtown (in Clinton County) (35)
Irving (in Montgomery County) (36)
Irvington (in Washington County) (28)
Island Grove in Sangamon County (in Sangamon County) (41)
Itasca (in DuPage County) (34)
Iuka (in Marion County) (44)
Jackson (in Will County) (42)
Jacksonville (in Morgan County) (245)
Jefferson City (in Jefferson County) (42)
Jerseyville (in Jersey County) (67)
Johnsonville (in Wayne County) (46)
Johnston City (in Williamson County) (61)
Joliet (in Will County) (285)
Jonesboro (in Union County) (59)
Joppa (in Massac County) (32)
Joy (in Mercer County) (28)
Jubilee (in Peoria County) (29)
Junction (in Gallatin County) (33)
Justice (in Cook County) (71)
Kampsville (in Calhoun County) (41)
Kane (in Greene County) (34)
Kaneville (in Kane County) (33)
Kankakee (in Kankakee County) (138)
Kansas (in Edgar County) (46)
Karnak (in Pulaski County) (28)
Kaskaskia (in Randolph County) (79)
Keenes (in Wayne County) (43)
Keensburg (in Wabash County) (26)
Keithsburg (in Mercer County) (30)
Kell (in Marion County) (33)
Kellerville (in Adams County) (54)
Kempton (in Ford County) (31)
Kendall (in Kendall County) (49)
Kenilworth (in Cook County) (70)
Kenney (in De Witt County) (40)
Kent (in Stephenson County) (26)
Kewanee (in Henry County) (145)
Keyesport (in Clinton County) (34)
Kilbourne (in Mason County) (35)
Kincaid (in Christian County) (31)
Kinderhook (in Pike County) (30)
Kings (in Ogle County) (32)
Kingston (in DeKalb County) (44)
Kinmundy (in Marion County) (53)
Kirkland (in DeKalb County) (47)
Kirkwood (in Warren County) (56)
Knoxville (in Knox County) (52)
L'Erable (in Iroquois County) (56)
La Grange (in Cook County) (100)
La Grange in Bond County (in Bond County) (35)
La Harpe (in Hancock County) (94)
La Moille (in Bureau County) (47)
La Prairie (in Marshall County) (23)
LaSalle (in LaSalle County) (111)
Lacon (in Marshall County) (47)
Lake (in Clinton County) (38)
Lake Forest (in Lake County) (83)
Lake View (in Cook County) (68)
Lake Villa (in Lake County) (44)
Lake Zurich (in Lake County) (50)
Lakeview (in Saline County) (41)
Lakewood (in Shelby County) (33)
Lamotte (in Crawford County) (31)
Lanark (in Carroll County) (37)
Lancaster (in Wabash County) (50)
Lane (in De Witt County) (31)
Lansing (in Cook County) (92)
Laona (in Winnebago County) (39)
Lawrenceville (in Lawrence County) (50)
Le Roy (in McLean County) (41)
LeRoy (in Boone County) (52)
Leaf River (in Ogle County) (42)
Lebanon (in St Clair County) (68)
Lee (in Lee County) (27)
Leland (in LaSalle County) (49)
Lemont (in Cook County) (145)
Lena (in Stephenson County) (51)
Lenzburg (in St Clair County) (56)
Lerna (in Coles County) (31)
Lewistown (in Fulton County) (68)
Lexington (in McLean County) (50)
Liberty (in Adams County) (83)
Libertyville (in Lake County) (78)
Lick Creek (in Union County) (36)
Lick Prairie (in Wabash County) (30)
Lima (in Adams County) (56)
Limestone (in Peoria County) (30)
Lincoln (in Logan County) (141)
Lincolnshire (in Lake County) (34)
Lincolnwood (in Cook County) (67)
Lisbon (in Kendall County) (43)
Lisle (in DuPage County) (59)
Litchfield (in Montgomery County) (71)
Literberry (in Morgan County) (39)
Little Rock (in Kendall County) (43)
Little York (in Warren County) (51)
Littleton (in Schuyler County) (43)
Lively Grove (in Washington County) (31)
Livingston (in Madison County) (41)
Loami (in Sangamon County) (44)
Lockport (in Will County) (79)
Loda (in Iroquois County) (59)
Logan (in Peoria County) (30)
Lombard (in DuPage County) (61)
London Mills (in Fulton County) (37)
Long Creek (in Macon County) (43)
Long Grove (in Lake County) (40)
Long Point (in Livingston County) (32)
Looking Glass (in Clinton County) (46)
Louisville (in Clay County) (48)
Loves Park (in Winnebago County) (44)
Lovington (in Moultrie County) (41)
Lowpoint (in Woodford County) (32)
Lyndon (in Whiteside County) (31)
Lynn (in Henry County) (35)
Lynn Township (in Knox County) (31)
Lyons (in Cook County) (71)
Machesney Park (in Winnebago County) (42)
Mackinaw (in Tazewell County) (47)
Macomb (in McDonough County) (114)
Macon (in Macon County) (50)
Madison (in Madison County) (63)
Maeystown (in Monroe County) (35)
Magnolia (in Putnam County) (26)
Mahomet (in Champaign County) (51)
Makanda (in Jackson County) (52)
Malta (in DeKalb County) (41)
Manchester Township (in Boone County) (48)
Manhattan (in Will County) (61)
Manito (in Mason County) (48)
Manlius (in Bureau County) (40)
Mansfield (in Piatt County) (36)
Manteno (in Kankakee County) (56)
Maple Park (in Kane County) (36)
Maquon (in Knox County) (34)
Marengo (in McHenry County) (52)
Marine (in Madison County) (48)
Marion (in Williamson County) (138)
Marissa (in St Clair County) (85)
Maroa (in Macon County) (62)
Marseilles (in LaSalle County) (67)
Marshall (in Clark County) (97)
Martin (in Crawford County) (32)
Martinsburg (in Pike County) (33)
Martinsville (in Clark County) (47)
Martinton (in Iroquois County) (55)
Maryville (in Madison County) (41)
Mascoutah (in St Clair County) (83)
Mason City (in Mason County) (57)
Mason in Effingham County (in Effingham County) (39)
Massbach (in Jo Daviess County) (29)
Matteson (in Cook County) (70)
Mattoon (in Coles County) (121)
Mayfield (in DeKalb County) (39)
Maywood (in Cook County) (81)
Mazon (in Grundy County) (37)
McConnell (in Stephenson County) (30)
McHenry (in McHenry County) (51)
McLean (in McLean County) (42)
McLeansboro (in Hamilton County) (66)
McNabb (in Putnam County) (32)
Mechanicsburg (in Sangamon County) (44)
Media (in Henderson County) (34)
Medina (in Peoria County) (28)
Melrose (in Clark County) (33)
Melrose Park (in Cook County) (75)
Melvin (in Ford County) (34)
Menard (in Randolph County) (45)
Mendon (in Adams County) (86)
Mendota (in LaSalle County) (67)
Meredosia (in Morgan County) (54)
Metamora (in Woodford County) (55)
Metcalf (in Edgar County) (29)
Metropolis (in Massac County) (106)
Middleport (in Iroquois County) (54)
Middletown (in Logan County) (27)
Midlothian (in Cook County) (74)
Milan (in Rock Island County) (42)
Milford (in Iroquois County) (69)
Milks Grove (in Iroquois County) (54)
Mill Shoals (in White County) (39)
Millbrook (in Peoria County) (29)
Millburn (in Lake County) (34)
Milledgeville (in Carroll County) (30)
Miller (in LaSalle County) (49)
Mills (in Bond County) (36)
Millstadt (in St Clair County) (105)
Milton (in Pike County) (37)
Minier (in Tazewell County) (47)
Minonk (in Woodford County) (56)
Minooka (in Grundy County) (46)
Mission (in LaSalle County) (45)
Mitchell (in Madison County) (42)
Mitchellsville (in Saline County) (40)
Modesto (in Macoupin County) (32)
Mokena (in Will County) (50)
Moline (in Rock Island County) (215)
Momence (in Kankakee County) (57)
Monee (in Will County) (44)
Monmouth (in Warren County) (201)
Monroe (in Ogle County) (34)
Montebello (in Hancock County) (47)
Montgomery (in Kane County) (43)
Montgomery in Kendall County (in Kendall County) (42)
Monticello (in Piatt County) (71)
Montrose (in Cumberland County) (27)
Morgan (in Coles County) (31)
Morgan Park (in Cook County) (67)
Moro (in Madison County) (35)
Morris (in Grundy County) (70)
Morrison (in Whiteside County) (49)
Morrisonville (in Christian County) (47)
Morton (in Tazewell County) (73)
Morton Grove (in Cook County) (67)
Mosquito (in Christian County) (36)
Mound City (in Pulaski County) (56)
Mounds (in Pulaski County) (34)
Mount Auburn (in Christian County) (34)
Mount Carmel (in Wabash County) (97)
Mount Carroll (in Carroll County) (52)
Mount Erie (in Wayne County) (52)
Mount Morris (in Ogle County) (65)
Mount Olive (in Macoupin County) (52)
Mount Prospect (in Cook County) (83)
Mount Pulaski (in Logan County) (55)
Mount Sterling (in Brown County) (83)
Mount Vernon (in Jefferson County) (131)
Mount Zion (in Macon County) (54)
Moweaqua (in Shelby County) (66)
Mulberry Grove (in Bond County) (58)
Mundelein (in Lake County) (44)
Murphysboro (in Jackson County) (91)
Murrayville (in Morgan County) (58)
Nameoki (in Madison County) (41)
Naperville (in DuPage County) (88)
Nashville (in Washington County) (51)
Nauvoo (in Hancock County) (173)
Nebo (in Pike County) (30)
Neoga (in Cumberland County) (42)
Neponset (in Bureau County) (44)
New Athens (in St Clair County) (71)
New Baden (in Clinton County) (40)
New Berlin (in Sangamon County) (62)
New Burnside (in Johnson County) (33)
New Canton (in Pike County) (32)
New Columbia (in Massac County) (30)
New Douglas (in Madison County) (37)
New Haven (in Gallatin County) (29)
New Holland (in Logan County) (26)
New Lenox (in Will County) (51)
New Salem (in Pike County) (32)
New Windsor (in Mercer County) (24)
Newark (in Kendall County) (42)
Newman (in Douglas County) (47)
Newport (in Lake County) (35)
Newton (in Jasper County) (62)
Newtown (in Vermilion County) (35)
Niantic (in Macon County) (43)
Niles (in Cook County) (90)
Niota (in Hancock County) (45)
Noble (in Richland County) (42)
Nokomis (in Montgomery County) (54)
Nora (in Jo Daviess County) (32)
Normal (in McLean County) (65)
Norridge (in Cook County) (67)
Norris (in White County) (49)
North Chicago (in Lake County) (57)
North Henderson (in Mercer County) (23)
Northbrook (in Cook County) (91)
Northern (in Franklin County) (41)
Northfield (in Cook County) (77)
Northlake (in Cook County) (67)
Northville (in LaSalle County) (49)
Nortonville (in Morgan County) (49)
Nunda (in McHenry County) (36)
O'Fallon (in St Clair County) (70)
Oak (in Pope County) (33)
Oak Brook (in DuPage County) (47)
Oak Forest (in Cook County) (78)
Oak Lawn (in Cook County) (77)
Oak Park (in Cook County) (146)
Oakdale (in Washington County) (30)
Oakland (in Coles County) (52)
Oakland in Schuyler County (in Schuyler County) (39)
Oakley (in Macon County) (52)
Oakwood (in Vermilion County) (40)
Oblong (in Crawford County) (53)
Oconee (in Shelby County) (33)
Odell (in Livingston County) (44)
Odin (in Marion County) (35)
Ogden (in Champaign County) (38)
Oglesby (in LaSalle County) (42)
Ohio (in Bureau County) (37)
Okawville (in Washington County) (41)
Old Ripley (in Bond County) (36)
Olmsted (in Pulaski County) (29)
Olney (in Richland County) (87)
Omaha (in Gallatin County) (34)
Omega (in Marion County) (34)
Onarga (in Iroquois County) (80)
Oneida (in Knox County) (41)
Ontario (in Knox County) (31)
Oquawka (in Henderson County) (49)
Orange (in Clark County) (36)
Orangeville (in Stephenson County) (29)
Orchardville (in Wayne County) (49)
Oregon (in Ogle County) (76)
Orion (in Henry County) (58)
Orland (in Cook County) (76)
Orland Park (in Cook County) (79)
Orleans (in Morgan County) (39)
Osceola (in Stark County) (33)
Oswego (in Kendall County) (95)
Ottawa (in LaSalle County) (151)
Otterville (in Jersey County) (34)
Owaneco (in Christian County) (30)
Oxville (in Scott County) (34)
Palatine (in Cook County) (107)
Palestine (in Crawford County) (45)
Palmyra (in Macoupin County) (52)
Palos Heights (in Cook County) (76)
Palos Hills (in Cook County) (69)
Palos Park (in Cook County) (66)
Pana (in Christian County) (76)
Papineau (in Iroquois County) (55)
Paradise (in Coles County) (31)
Paris (in Edgar County) (102)
Park Forest (in Cook County) (76)
Park Ridge (in Cook County) (88)
Parker (in Clark County) (30)
Patoka (in Marion County) (37)
Patterson (in Greene County) (30)
Paw Paw (in Lee County) (39)
Pawnee (in Sangamon County) (58)
Paxton (in Ford County) (64)
Payson (in Adams County) (60)
Pearl (in Pike County) (28)
Pearl City (in Stephenson County) (34)
Pecatonica (in Winnebago County) (64)
Pekin (in Tazewell County) (127)
Penn (in Stark County) (32)
Peoria (in Peoria County) (374)
Peoria Heights (in Peoria County) (32)
Peotone (in Will County) (56)
Percy (in Randolph County) (46)
Perry (in Pike County) (35)
Persifer (in Knox County) (31)
Peru (in LaSalle County) (75)
Pesotum (in Champaign County) (33)
Petersburg (in Menard County) (80)
Philadelphia (in Cass County) (29)
Phillips (in White County) (35)
Philo (in Champaign County) (35)
Piasa (in Macoupin County) (30)
Pierron (in Bond County) (37)
Pilot (in Kankakee County) (36)
Pilot Grove (in Hancock County) (44)
Pinckneyville (in Perry County) (61)
Pine Creek (in Ogle County) (32)
Piper City (in Ford County) (35)
Pittsburg (in Williamson County) (39)
Pittsfield (in Pike County) (76)
Plainfield (in Will County) (56)
Plainville (in Adams County) (54)
Plano (in Kendall County) (68)
Plato (in Kane County) (37)
Pleasant Grove (in Coles County) (40)
Pleasant Hill (in Pike County) (43)
Pleasant Mound (in Bond County) (36)
Pleasant Plains (in Sangamon County) (48)
Pleasant Valley (in Jo Daviess County) (33)
Plum Hill (in Washington County) (28)
Plymouth (in Hancock County) (55)
Pocahontas (in Bond County) (43)
Polo (in Ogle County) (60)
Pomona (in Jackson County) (43)
Pontiac (in Livingston County) (93)
Pontoosuc (in Hancock County) (47)
Pope (in Fayette County) (28)
Poplar Grove (in Boone County) (49)
Port Byron (in Rock Island County) (54)
Posen (in Cook County) (66)
Potomac (in Vermilion County) (37)
Prairie (in Edgar County) (31)
Prairie Township (in Crawford County) (31)
Prairie du Rocher (in Randolph County) (50)
Prairie in McDonough County (in McDonough County) (41)
Prairietown (in Madison County) (36)
Princeton (in Bureau County) (85)
Princeville (in Peoria County) (60)
Prophetstown (in Whiteside County) (42)
Pulaski (in Pulaski County) (28)
Pullman (in Cook County) (66)
Putnam (in Putnam County) (25)
Quincy (in Adams County) (331)
Raccoon (in Marion County) (35)
Radnor (in Peoria County) (28)
Ramsey (in Fayette County) (53)
Rankin (in Vermilion County) (41)
Rantoul (in Champaign County) (57)
Rapids (in Rock Island County) (32)
Raritan (in Henderson County) (39)
Raymond (in Montgomery County) (41)
Red Bud (in Randolph County) (80)
Reddick (in Kankakee County) (36)
Redmon (in Edgar County) (33)
Renault (in Monroe County) (35)
Rend (in Franklin County) (39)
Reynolds (in Rock Island County) (34)
Richland (in LaSalle County) (42)
Richmond (in McHenry County) (38)
Richton Park (in Cook County) (73)
Ridge Farm (in Vermilion County) (40)
Ridgway (in Gallatin County) (47)
Ridott (in Stephenson County) (27)
Rio (in Knox County) (37)
Ripley (in Brown County) (32)
River Forest (in Cook County) (81)
River Grove (in Cook County) (76)
Riverdale (in Cook County) (69)
Riverside (in Cook County) (76)
Riverton (in Sangamon County) (43)
Roanoke (in Woodford County) (44)
Roberts (in Ford County) (34)
Robinson (in Crawford County) (60)
Rochelle (in Ogle County) (59)
Rochester (in Sangamon County) (56)
Rock Creek (in Hardin County) (53)
Rock Falls (in Whiteside County) (42)
Rock Island (in Rock Island County) (302)
Rockbridge (in Greene County) (36)
Rockford (in Winnebago County) (351)
Rockton (in Winnebago County) (60)
Rockville (in Kankakee County) (37)
Rockwood (in Randolph County) (63)
Rocky Run (in Hancock County) (48)
Rolling Meadows (in Cook County) (76)
Rome in Jefferson County (in Jefferson County) (32)
Romeoville (in Will County) (42)
Romine (in Marion County) (37)
Roodhouse (in Greene County) (54)
Rosamond (in Christian County) (33)
Roscoe (in Winnebago County) (47)
Rose Hill (in Jasper County) (32)
Roselle (in DuPage County) (37)
Roseville (in Warren County) (60)
Rosiclare (in Hardin County) (51)
Rossville (in Vermilion County) (38)
Round Lake (in Lake County) (39)
Roxana (in Madison County) (37)
Royal (in Champaign County) (36)
Royalton (in Franklin County) (48)
Rubicon (in Greene County) (30)
Ruma (in Randolph County) (49)
Rush (in Jo Daviess County) (32)
Rushville (in Schuyler County) (92)
Russellville (in Lawrence County) (29)
Rutland (in LaSalle County) (44)
Sadorus (in Champaign County) (40)
Sailor Springs (in Clay County) (40)
Saint Albans (in Hancock County) (48)
Saint Anne (in Kankakee County) (56)
Saint Augustine (in Knox County) (31)
Saint Charles (in Kane County) (103)
Saint Elmo (in Fayette County) (34)
Saint Francisville (in Lawrence County) (30)
Saint George (in Kankakee County) (36)
Saint Jacob (in Madison County) (45)
Saint Joseph (in Champaign County) (43)
Saint Libory (in St Clair County) (44)
Saint Mary's (in Hancock County) (45)
Saint Rose (in Clinton County) (41)
Sainte Marie (in Jasper County) (43)
Salem (in Marion County) (81)
Salisbury (in Sangamon County) (42)
San Jose (in Logan County) (27)
Sandoval (in Marion County) (46)
Sandwich (in DeKalb County) (80)
Sangamon (in Piatt County) (34)
Santa Fe (in Clinton County) (36)
Saratoga (in Grundy County) (34)
Saunemin (in Livingston County) (32)
Savanna (in Carroll County) (47)
Saybrook (in McLean County) (46)
Scales Mound (in Jo Daviess County) (35)
Schaumburg (in Cook County) (90)
Sciota (in McDonough County) (36)
Scottville (in Macoupin County) (34)
Seaton (in Mercer County) (28)
Seneca (in LaSalle County) (50)
Serena (in LaSalle County) (46)
Sesser (in Franklin County) (65)
Seward (in Winnebago County) (41)
Seward Township (in Kendall County) (44)
Shabbona (in DeKalb County) (50)
Shannon (in Carroll County) (29)
Shawneetown (in Gallatin County) (71)
Sheffield (in Bureau County) (40)
Shelbyville (in Shelby County) (87)
Sheldon (in Iroquois County) (63)
Sheridan (in LaSalle County) (46)
Sherman (in Sangamon County) (40)
Sherrard (in Mercer County) (29)
Shiloh (in St Clair County) (48)
Shiloh in Jefferson County (in Jefferson County) (33)
Shipman (in Macoupin County) (41)
Shirland (in Winnebago County) (41)
Shoal Creek (in Bond County) (36)
Shumway (in Effingham County) (36)
Sibley (in Ford County) (33)
Sidell (in Vermilion County) (37)
Sidney (in Champaign County) (41)
Sigel (in Shelby County) (37)
Silvis (in Rock Island County) (32)
Simpson (in Johnson County) (41)
Skokie (in Cook County) (121)
Smithfield (in Fulton County) (39)
Smithton (in St Clair County) (53)
Somonauk (in DeKalb County) (56)
Sonora (in Hancock County) (52)
Sorento (in Bond County) (39)
South Beloit (in Winnebago County) (41)
South Holland (in Cook County) (75)
South Litchfield (in Montgomery County) (31)
South Wheatland (in Macon County) (39)
Sparland (in Marshall County) (28)
Sparta (in Randolph County) (103)
Spring Garden (in Jefferson County) (35)
Spring Grove (in McHenry County) (35)
Spring Valley (in Bureau County) (55)
Springerton (in White County) (34)
Springfield (in Sangamon County) (476)
Stanford (in McLean County) (49)
Staunton (in Macoupin County) (67)
Steeleville (in Randolph County) (60)
Sterling (in Whiteside County) (137)
Steward (in Lee County) (28)
Stewardson (in Shelby County) (53)
Stickney (in Cook County) (71)
Stillman Valley (in Ogle County) (36)
Stockland (in Iroquois County) (55)
Stockton (in Jo Daviess County) (43)
Stonefort (in Williamson County) (35)
Stonefort in Saline County (in Saline County) (41)
Stonington (in Christian County) (37)
Strasburg (in Shelby County) (58)
Streamwood (in Cook County) (71)
Streator (in LaSalle County) (110)
Stronghurst (in Henderson County) (47)
Sublette (in Lee County) (27)
Sugar Creek (in Clinton County) (38)
Sugar Grove (in Kane County) (41)
Sugar Loaf (in St Clair County) (42)
Sullivan (in Moultrie County) (80)
Summerfield (in St Clair County) (38)
Sumner (in Lawrence County) (54)
Sumner in Warren County (in Warren County) (42)
Sutter (in Hancock County) (45)
Swansea (in St Clair County) (37)
Sycamore (in DeKalb County) (82)
Table Grove (in Fulton County) (47)
Tallula (in Menard County) (42)
Tamalco (in Bond County) (33)
Tamaroa (in Perry County) (43)
Tamms (in Alexander County) (36)
Tampico (in Whiteside County) (43)
Taylor Ridge (in Rock Island County) (31)
Taylorville (in Christian County) (65)
Tennessee (in McDonough County) (38)
Teutopolis (in Effingham County) (47)
Thebes (in Alexander County) (35)
Thompson (in Jo Daviess County) (35)
Thompsonville (in Franklin County) (40)
Thomson (in Carroll County) (33)
Thornton (in Cook County) (69)
Thurber (in Hamilton County) (34)
Tilden (in Randolph County) (48)
Tilton (in Vermilion County) (34)
Timewell (in Brown County) (35)
Tinley Park (in Cook County) (90)
Tiskilwa (in Bureau County) (46)
Toledo (in Cumberland County) (39)
Tolono (in Champaign County) (49)
Toluca (in Marshall County) (30)
Tonica (in LaSalle County) (49)
Toulon (in Stark County) (59)
Towanda (in McLean County) (37)
Tower Hill (in Shelby County) (41)
Tremont (in Tazewell County) (60)
Trenton (in Clinton County) (44)
Trivoli (in Peoria County) (36)
Troy (in Madison County) (90)
Truro (in Knox County) (35)
Tunbridge (in De Witt County) (33)
Tunnel Hill (in Johnson County) (30)
Tuscola (in Douglas County) (73)
Ullin (in Pulaski County) (32)
Union (in Cumberland County) (26)
Upper Alton (in Madison County) (37)
Urbana (in Champaign County) (188)
Ursa (in Adams County) (53)
Utica (in LaSalle County) (45)
Valmeyer (in Monroe County) (40)
Vandalia (in Fayette County) (70)
Varna (in Marshall County) (32)
Venedy (in Washington County) (28)
Venice (in Madison County) (52)
Vergennes (in Jackson County) (42)
Vermont (in Fulton County) (47)
Vernon (in Marion County) (39)
Vernon Hills (in Lake County) (34)
Versailles (in Brown County) (50)
Vevay Park (in Cumberland County) (23)
Victoria (in Knox County) (37)
Vienna (in Johnson County) (61)
Villa Grove (in Douglas County) (38)
Villa Park (in DuPage County) (33)
Villa Ridge (in Pulaski County) (29)
Viola (in Mercer County) (27)
Viola in Lee County (in Lee County) (27)
Virden (in Macoupin County) (61)
Virginia (in Cass County) (71)
Volo (in Lake County) (34)
Wabash (in Wabash County) (34)
Wadsworth (in Lake County) (39)
Walker (in Hancock County) (49)
Walkerville (in Greene County) (33)
Walnut (in Bureau County) (39)
Walnut Grove (in McDonough County) (39)
Walsh (in Randolph County) (45)
Waltonville (in Jefferson County) (36)
Wapella (in De Witt County) (49)
Warren (in Jo Daviess County) (48)
Warrensburg (in Macon County) (48)
Warrenville (in DuPage County) (33)
Warsaw (in Hancock County) (99)
Washburn (in Woodford County) (42)
Washington (in Tazewell County) (65)
Washington in Will County (in Will County) (36)
Wataga (in Knox County) (34)
Waterloo (in Monroe County) (80)
Waterman (in DeKalb County) (44)
Watseka (in Iroquois County) (86)
Wauconda (in Lake County) (52)
Waukegan (in Lake County) (164)
Waverly (in Morgan County) (81)
Wayne (in DuPage County) (43)
Wayne City (in Wayne County) (51)
Waynesville (in De Witt County) (44)
Webster (in Hancock County) (45)
Weldon (in De Witt County) (31)
Wellington (in Iroquois County) (56)
Wenona (in Marshall County) (43)
West Chicago (in DuPage County) (44)
West Frankfort (in Franklin County) (67)
West Jersey (in Stark County) (34)
West Point (in Hancock County) (46)
West Salem (in Edwards County) (54)
West Union (in Clark County) (36)
Westchester (in Cook County) (73)
Western Springs (in Cook County) (67)
Westfield (in Clark County) (44)
Westmont (in DuPage County) (35)
Westville (in Vermilion County) (41)
Wetaug (in Pulaski County) (29)
Wethersfield (in Henry County) (41)
Wheatfield (in Clinton County) (37)
Wheaton (in DuPage County) (77)
Wheeling (in Cook County) (78)
White Hall (in Greene County) (54)
White Heath (in Piatt County) (33)
White Rock (in Ogle County) (33)
Wilcox (in Hancock County) (47)
Williamsfield (in Knox County) (35)
Williamsville (in Sangamon County) (48)
Willisville (in Perry County) (31)
Willow Springs (in Cook County) (70)
Wilmette (in Cook County) (91)
Wilmington (in Will County) (62)
Wilson (in De Witt County) (30)
Wilton (in Will County) (37)
Winchester (in Scott County) (69)
Windsor (in Shelby County) (48)
Wine Hill (in Randolph County) (48)
Winfield (in DuPage County) (38)
Winnebago (in Winnebago County) (53)
Winnetka (in Cook County) (93)
Winslow (in Stephenson County) (26)
Witt (in Montgomery County) (42)
Wood River (in Madison County) (51)
Woodbine (in Jo Daviess County) (30)
Woodhull (in Henry County) (59)
Woodlawn (in Jefferson County) (34)
Woodside (in Sangamon County) (39)
Woodson (in Morgan County) (43)
Woodstock (in McHenry County) (75)
Worden (in Madison County) (38)
Worth (in Cook County) (68)
Wyanet (in Bureau County) (52)
Wyoming (in Stark County) (52)
Wythe (in Hancock County) (49)
Xenia (in Clay County) (49)
Yale (in Jasper County) (31)
Yates City (in Knox County) (34)
Yatesville (in Morgan County) (40)
York (in Clark County) (29)
Yorkville (in Kendall County) (70)
Young America (in Edgar County) (31)
Zanesville (in Montgomery County) (29)
Zeigler (in Franklin County) (45)
Zion (in Lake County) (63)