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Overview of New Hampshire records

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Birth Records (515)
Cemetery Records (3,776)
Census Records (639)
Church Records (491)
City Directories (1,976)
Court Records (34)
Death Records (578)
Histories and Genealogies (1,226)
Immigration Records (145)
Land Records (61)
Map Records (600)
Marriage Records (639)
Military Records (445)
Minority Records (41)
Miscellaneous Records (479)
Newspapers and Obituaries (997)
Probate Records (74)
School Records (653)
Tax Records (73)

By County

Belknap County (1,013)
Carroll County (805)
Cheshire County (989)
Coos County (589)
Grafton County (1,199)
Hillsborough County (2,011)
Merrimack County (1,688)
Rockingham County (2,283)
Strafford County (1,321)
Sullivan County (630)

By City

Acworth (in Sullivan County) (49)
Albany (in Carroll County) (36)
Alexandria (in Grafton County) (37)
Allenstown (in Merrimack County) (39)
Alstead (in Cheshire County) (48)
Alton (in Belknap County) (123)
Amherst (in Hillsborough County) (90)
Andover (in Merrimack County) (72)
Antrim (in Hillsborough County) (81)
Ashland (in Grafton County) (50)
Atkinson (in Rockingham County) (45)
Auburn (in Rockingham County) (40)
Barnstead (in Belknap County) (110)
Barrington (in Strafford County) (159)
Bartlett (in Carroll County) (46)
Bath (in Grafton County) (43)
Bedford (in Hillsborough County) (69)
Belmont (in Belknap County) (66)
Bennington (in Hillsborough County) (35)
Benton (in Grafton County) (44)
Berlin (in Coos County) (100)
Bethlehem (in Grafton County) (63)
Boscawen (in Merrimack County) (74)
Bow (in Merrimack County) (44)
Bradford (in Merrimack County) (60)
Brentwood (in Rockingham County) (66)
Bridgewater (in Grafton County) (37)
Bristol (in Grafton County) (67)
Brookfield (in Carroll County) (72)
Brookline (in Hillsborough County) (53)
Campton (in Grafton County) (42)
Canaan (in Grafton County) (71)
Candia (in Rockingham County) (64)
Canterbury (in Merrimack County) (62)
Carroll (in Coos County) (27)
Center Harbor (in Belknap County) (43)
Center Ossipee (in Carroll County) (27)
Center Strafford (in Strafford County) (28)
Charlestown (in Sullivan County) (58)
Chatham (in Carroll County) (35)
Chester (in Rockingham County) (65)
Chesterfield (in Cheshire County) (68)
Chichester (in Merrimack County) (55)
Claremont (in Sullivan County) (159)
Colebrook (in Coos County) (61)
Columbia (in Coos County) (29)
Concord (in Merrimack County) (416)
Contoocook (in Merrimack County) (32)
Conway (in Carroll County) (64)
Cornish (in Sullivan County) (70)
Croydon (in Sullivan County) (37)
Dalton (in Coos County) (32)
Danbury (in Merrimack County) (39)
Danville (in Rockingham County) (55)
Deerfield (in Rockingham County) (98)
Deering (in Hillsborough County) (34)
Derry (in Rockingham County) (88)
Dorchester (in Grafton County) (39)
Dover (in Strafford County) (319)
Dublin (in Cheshire County) (59)
Dummer (in Coos County) (24)
Dunbarton (in Merrimack County) (50)
Dunstable (in Hillsborough County) (28)
Durham (in Strafford County) (107)
East Hampstead (in Rockingham County) (28)
East Kingston (in Rockingham County) (42)
Eaton (in Carroll County) (34)
Eaton Center (in Carroll County) (36)
Effingham (in Carroll County) (57)
Ellsworth (in Grafton County) (32)
Enfield (in Grafton County) (77)
Epping (in Rockingham County) (114)
Epsom (in Merrimack County) (75)
Errol (in Coos County) (33)
Exeter (in Rockingham County) (209)
Farmington (in Strafford County) (92)
Fitzwilliam (in Cheshire County) (40)
Francestown (in Hillsborough County) (40)
Franconia (in Grafton County) (40)
Franklin (in Merrimack County) (123)
Freedom (in Carroll County) (53)
Fremont (in Rockingham County) (54)
Gilford (in Belknap County) (60)
Gilmanton (in Belknap County) (101)
Gilmanton Ironworks (in Belknap County) (28)
Gilsum (in Cheshire County) (42)
Goffstown (in Hillsborough County) (76)
Gonic (in Strafford County) (29)
Gorham (in Coos County) (60)
Goshen (in Sullivan County) (33)
Grafton (in Grafton County) (35)
Grantham (in Sullivan County) (34)
Great Falls (in Strafford County) (49)
Greenfield (in Hillsborough County) (52)
Greenland (in Rockingham County) (58)
Greenville (in Hillsborough County) (33)
Groton (in Grafton County) (38)
Groveton (in Coos County) (33)
Hampstead (in Rockingham County) (55)
Hampton (in Rockingham County) (125)
Hampton Falls (in Rockingham County) (65)
Hancock (in Hillsborough County) (53)
Hanover (in Grafton County) (122)
Harrisville (in Cheshire County) (31)
Hartford (in Grafton County) (33)
Haverhill (in Grafton County) (66)
Hebron (in Grafton County) (42)
Henniker (in Merrimack County) (66)
Hill (in Merrimack County) (55)
Hillsborough (in Hillsborough County) (84)
Hinsdale (in Cheshire County) (58)
Holderness (in Grafton County) (63)
Hollis (in Hillsborough County) (71)
Hooksett (in Merrimack County) (40)
Hopkinton (in Merrimack County) (74)
Hudson (in Hillsborough County) (97)
Intervale (in Carroll County) (26)
Jackson (in Carroll County) (29)
Jaffrey (in Cheshire County) (68)
Jefferson (in Coos County) (44)
Keene (in Cheshire County) (257)
Kensington (in Rockingham County) (46)
Kingston (in Rockingham County) (88)
Laconia (in Belknap County) (185)
Lake Village (in Strafford County) (27)
Lakeport (in Belknap County) (41)
Lancaster (in Coos County) (82)
Landaff (in Grafton County) (33)
Langdon (in Sullivan County) (31)
Lebanon (in Grafton County) (103)
Lee (in Strafford County) (56)
Lincoln (in Grafton County) (39)
Lisbon (in Grafton County) (56)
Litchfield (in Hillsborough County) (35)
Littleton (in Grafton County) (104)
Londonderry (in Rockingham County) (102)
Loudon (in Merrimack County) (58)
Lyman (in Grafton County) (39)
Lyme (in Grafton County) (45)
Lyndeborough (in Hillsborough County) (58)
Madbury (in Strafford County) (45)
Madison (in Carroll County) (37)
Manchester (in Hillsborough County) (561)
Marlborough (in Cheshire County) (55)
Marlow (in Cheshire County) (28)
Mason (in Hillsborough County) (42)
Meredith (in Belknap County) (171)
Meriden (in Sullivan County) (33)
Merrimack (in Hillsborough County) (57)
Middleton (in Strafford County) (38)
Milan (in Coos County) (32)
Milford (in Hillsborough County) (93)
Milton (in Strafford County) (78)
Monroe (in Grafton County) (31)
Mont Vernon (in Hillsborough County) (48)
Moultonborough (in Carroll County) (66)
Nashua (in Hillsborough County) (290)
Nashville (in Hillsborough County) (29)
Nelson (in Cheshire County) (36)
New Boston (in Hillsborough County) (43)
New Castle (in Rockingham County) (62)
New Durham (in Strafford County) (78)
New Hampton (in Belknap County) (74)
New Ipswich (in Hillsborough County) (51)
New London (in Merrimack County) (62)
Newbury (in Merrimack County) (37)
Newfields (in Rockingham County) (46)
Newington (in Rockingham County) (47)
Newmarket (in Rockingham County) (118)
Newport (in Sullivan County) (122)
Newton (in Rockingham County) (63)
North Conway (in Carroll County) (46)
North Hampton (in Rockingham County) (75)
North Haverhill (in Grafton County) (31)
North Sandwich (in Carroll County) (29)
North Stratford (in Coos County) (25)
Northfield (in Merrimack County) (66)
Northumberland (in Coos County) (33)
Northwood (in Rockingham County) (76)
Nottingham (in Rockingham County) (73)
Orange (in Grafton County) (34)
Orford (in Grafton County) (42)
Ossipee (in Carroll County) (70)
Pelham (in Hillsborough County) (44)
Pembroke (in Merrimack County) (72)
Penacook (in Merrimack County) (61)
Peterborough (in Hillsborough County) (104)
Piermont (in Grafton County) (44)
Pittsburg (in Coos County) (27)
Pittsfield (in Merrimack County) (83)
Plainfield (in Sullivan County) (45)
Plaistow (in Rockingham County) (57)
Plymouth (in Grafton County) (81)
Portsmouth (in Rockingham County) (379)
Randolph (in Coos County) (26)
Raymond (in Rockingham County) (61)
Richmond (in Cheshire County) (49)
Rindge (in Cheshire County) (56)
Rochester (in Strafford County) (189)
Rollinsford (in Strafford County) (40)
Roxbury (in Cheshire County) (27)
Rumney (in Grafton County) (39)
Rye (in Rockingham County) (90)
Salem (in Rockingham County) (82)
Salisbury (in Merrimack County) (48)
Sanbornton (in Belknap County) (134)
Sanbornville (in Carroll County) (27)
Sandown (in Rockingham County) (37)
Sandwich (in Carroll County) (72)
Seabrook (in Rockingham County) (57)
Sharon (in Hillsborough County) (32)
Shelburne (in Coos County) (35)
Somersworth (in Strafford County) (86)
South Hampton (in Rockingham County) (51)
Springfield (in Sullivan County) (36)
Stark (in Coos County) (32)
Stewartstown (in Coos County) (38)
Stoddard (in Cheshire County) (43)
Strafford (in Strafford County) (92)
Stratford (in Coos County) (38)
Stratham (in Rockingham County) (59)
Sullivan (in Cheshire County) (35)
Sunapee (in Sullivan County) (47)
Suncook (in Merrimack County) (43)
Surry (in Cheshire County) (46)
Sutton (in Merrimack County) (49)
Swanzey (in Cheshire County) (53)
Tamworth (in Carroll County) (51)
Temple (in Hillsborough County) (40)
Thornton (in Grafton County) (48)
Tilton (in Belknap County) (69)
Troy (in Cheshire County) (50)
Tuftonboro (in Carroll County) (77)
Twin Mountain (in Coos County) (24)
Unity (in Sullivan County) (36)
Wakefield (in Carroll County) (69)
Walpole (in Cheshire County) (83)
Warner (in Merrimack County) (77)
Warren (in Grafton County) (45)
Washington (in Sullivan County) (36)
Weare (in Hillsborough County) (60)
Webster (in Merrimack County) (51)
Wentworth (in Grafton County) (36)
West Lebanon (in Grafton County) (33)
West Stewartstown (in Coos County) (28)
West Swanzey (in Cheshire County) (26)
Westmoreland (in Cheshire County) (48)
Whitefield (in Coos County) (51)
Wilmot (in Merrimack County) (41)
Wilton (in Hillsborough County) (69)
Winchester (in Cheshire County) (64)
Windham (in Rockingham County) (65)
Windsor (in Hillsborough County) (34)
Wolfeboro (in Carroll County) (70)
Wolfeborough (in Carroll County) (52)
Woodstock (in Grafton County) (32)
Woodsville (in Grafton County) (59)

Overview of New Hampshire Genealogy Records

  • History: New Hampshire was first settled in 1625. It became a state in 1778.
  • Birth records: Birth records were kept by the individual towns in New Hampshire starting in the early 1600s, but less than half the population was listed in these records. Statewide registration of births began in 1883. More detailed information is listed in birth records starting in 1901. Birth records from 1631 to the present can be obtained from the New Hampshire Division of Vital Records Administration.
  • Marriage records: Marriage records were kept in New Hampshire by the individual towns starting in the early 1600s, but less than half the population was listed in these records. Statewide registration of marriages began in 1883. More detailed information is listed in marriage records starting in 1901.  Marriage records from 1652 to the present can be obtained from the New Hampshire Division of Vital Records Administration.
  • Death records: Death records were kept by the individual towns in New Hampshire starting in the early 1600s, but less than half the population was listed in these records. Statewide registration of deaths began in 1883. More detailed information is listed in death records starting in 1901. Death records from 1654 to the present can be obtained from the New Hampshire Division of Vital Records Administration.
  • Divorce records: Divorce records can be obtained from the New Hampshire Division of Vital Records Administration.
  • Census records: The first federal census available for New Hampshire is 1790. There are federal censuses publicly available for 1790, 1800 (partial), 1810, 1820 (partial), 1830, 1840, 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930, 1940, and 1950.
  • County records: Court, land, probate, naturalization, and tax records were kept by the individual counties.
  • Other records: Many cities and towns kept newspapers, records kept by churches, cemeteries, histories, school, city directories, and other records that can be located by using the city pages on this site. Records specific to minority groups can be found in the Minority Records section.
  • All records: Use the links on this site to locate online indexes and images of many of the above records.
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