Pennsylvania Genealogy

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Overview of Pennsylvania records

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Birth Records (1,171)
Cemetery Records (20,155)
Census Records (5,050)
Church Records (12,124)
City Directories (5,820)
Court Records (221)
Death Records (1,693)
Histories and Genealogies (4,795)
Immigration Records (753)
Land Records (1,097)
Map Records (2,935)
Marriage Records (1,859)
Military Records (1,658)
Minority Records (345)
Miscellaneous Records (511)
Newspapers and Obituaries (7,443)
Probate Records (913)
School Records (6,160)
Tax Records (542)

By County

Adams County (1,000)
Allegheny County (3,701)
Armstrong County (895)
Beaver County (889)
Bedford County (962)
Berks County (3,039)
Blair County (927)
Bradford County (797)
Bucks County (2,083)
Butler County (839)
Cambria County (1,020)
Cameron County (198)
Carbon County (526)
Centre County (740)
Chester County (2,263)
Clarion County (510)
Clearfield County (878)
Clinton County (503)
Columbia County (679)
Crawford County (854)
Cumberland County (1,302)
Dauphin County (1,781)
Delaware County (1,510)
Elk County (322)
Erie County (1,096)
Fayette County (1,357)
Forest County (214)
Franklin County (1,193)
Fulton County (336)
Greene County (847)
Huntingdon County (704)
Indiana County (790)
Jefferson County (543)
Juniata County (407)
Lackawanna County (1,028)
Lancaster County (3,197)
Lawrence County (624)
Lebanon County (1,155)
Lehigh County (1,706)
Luzerne County (1,736)
Lycoming County (935)
McKean County (594)
Mercer County (725)
Mifflin County (558)
Monroe County (506)
Montgomery County (2,470)
Montour County (252)
Northampton County (1,281)
Northumberland County (1,006)
Perry County (690)
Philadelphia County (5,277)
Pike County (209)
Potter County (466)
Schuylkill County (1,777)
Snyder County (442)
Somerset County (1,317)
Sullivan County (273)
Susquehanna County (630)
Tioga County (1,190)
Union County (422)
Venango County (695)
Warren County (559)
Washington County (1,497)
Wayne County (516)
Westmoreland County (1,905)
Wyoming County (298)
York County (2,079)

By City

Aaronsburg (in Centre County) (31)
Abbott (in Potter County) (27)
Abbottstown (in Adams County) (44)
Abington (in Montgomery County) (81)
Abington in Lackawanna County (in Lackawanna County) (28)
Adams Township (in Snyder County) (25)
Adamsburgh (in Westmoreland County) (39)
Adamstown (in Lancaster County) (52)
Adamsville (in Crawford County) (25)
Addison (in Somerset County) (53)
Adrian (in Armstrong County) (28)
Airville (in York County) (41)
Akron (in Lancaster County) (58)
Albany in Berks County (in Berks County) (115)
Albion (in Erie County) (39)
Alburtis (in Lehigh County) (35)
Aleppo (in Greene County) (45)
Alexandria (in Huntingdon County) (38)
Aliquippa (in Beaver County) (79)
Allegany (in Potter County) (23)
Allegheny (in Somerset County) (102)
Allegheny in Allegheny County (in Allegheny County) (36)
Allegheny in Blair County (in Blair County) (23)
Allegheny in Westmoreland County (in Westmoreland County) (54)
Alleghenyville (in Berks County) (57)
Allen (in Northampton County) (42)
Allensville (in Mifflin County) (32)
Allentown (in Lehigh County) (406)
Allison Park (in Allegheny County) (36)
Allport (in Clearfield County) (23)
Alsace (in Berks County) (77)
Altoona (in Blair County) (269)
Alum Bank (in Bedford County) (32)
Alverton (in Westmoreland County) (43)
Amaranth (in Fulton County) (25)
Ambler (in Montgomery County) (69)
Ambridge (in Beaver County) (62)
Amity (in Washington County) (36)
Amity in Berks County (in Berks County) (67)
Amityville (in Berks County) (60)
Amwell (in Washington County) (53)
Andersonburg (in Perry County) (21)
Anita (in Jefferson County) (23)
Annin (in McKean County) (31)
Annville (in Lebanon County) (84)
Antis (in Blair County) (22)
Antrim (in Franklin County) (30)
Apollo (in Armstrong County) (60)
Ararat (in Susquehanna County) (26)
Arcadia (in Indiana County) (27)
Archbald (in Lackawanna County) (37)
Ardmore (in Montgomery County) (71)
Arendtsville (in Adams County) (37)
Argus (in Bucks County) (52)
Aristes (in Columbia County) (27)
Armagh (in Indiana County) (31)
Armagh Township (in Mifflin County) (32)
Arnold (in Westmoreland County) (42)
Arnot (in Tioga County) (24)
Ashland (in Schuylkill County) (77)
Ashley (in Luzerne County) (39)
Aspinwall (in Allegheny County) (25)
Aston (in Delaware County) (36)
Asylum (in Bradford County) (26)
Atglen (in Chester County) (75)
Athens (in Bradford County) (60)
Athol (in Berks County) (63)
Auburn (in Schuylkill County) (48)
Auburn Township (in Susquehanna County) (27)
Audubon (in Montgomery County) (39)
Augustaville (in Northumberland County) (31)
Austin (in Potter County) (32)
Avalon (in Allegheny County) (27)
Avella (in Washington County) (36)
Avis (in Clinton County) (23)
Avoca (in Luzerne County) (30)
Avondale (in Chester County) (57)
Avonmore (in Westmoreland County) (39)
Ayr (in Fulton County) (24)
Back Mountain (in Luzerne County) (24)
Baden (in Beaver County) (45)
Bainbridge (in Lancaster County) (52)
Bakers Summit (in Bedford County) (33)
Bala Cynwyd (in Montgomery County) (50)
Bald Eagle (in Clinton County) (23)
Baldwin (in Allegheny County) (30)
Bally (in Berks County) (94)
Bangor (in Northampton County) (51)
Barnesboro (in Cambria County) (40)
Barnesville (in Schuylkill County) (32)
Bart (in Lancaster County) (61)
Bastress (in Lycoming County) (17)
Bath (in Northampton County) (43)
Beallsville (in Washington County) (35)
Bear Lake (in Warren County) (20)
Beaver (in Beaver County) (117)
Beaver Falls (in Beaver County) (94)
Beaver Meadows (in Carbon County) (22)
Beaver Springs (in Snyder County) (39)
Beaver Valley (in Columbia County) (22)
Beaver in Clarion County (in Clarion County) (27)
Beaver in Columbia County (in Columbia County) (26)
Beaver in Snyder County (in Snyder County) (23)
Beaverdale (in Cambria County) (26)
Beavertown (in Snyder County) (23)
Beccaria (in Clearfield County) (25)
Bedford (in Bedford County) (135)
Bedminster (in Bucks County) (133)
Beech Creek (in Clinton County) (30)
Bell (in Clearfield County) (28)
Bell in Westmoreland County (in Westmoreland County) (41)
Belle Vernon (in Fayette County) (58)
Bellefonte (in Centre County) (117)
Bellegrove (in Lebanon County) (24)
Belleville (in Mifflin County) (50)
Bellevue (in Allegheny County) (34)
Bellwood (in Blair County) (47)
Bendersville (in Adams County) (28)
Benezette (in Elk County) (23)
Bensalem (in Bucks County) (118)
Bentleyville (in Washington County) (44)
Benton (in Columbia County) (40)
Berlin (in Somerset County) (69)
Bern (in Berks County) (74)
Bernville (in Berks County) (100)
Berrysburg (in Dauphin County) (48)
Berwick (in Columbia County) (70)
Berwick Township (in York County) (35)
Berwick in Adams County (in Adams County) (27)
Berwyn (in Chester County) (96)
Bessemer (in Lawrence County) (35)
Bethany (in Wayne County) (25)
Bethel Park (in Allegheny County) (40)
Bethel in Berks County (in Berks County) (84)
Bethel in Delaware County (in Delaware County) (27)
Bethel in Fulton County (in Fulton County) (22)
Bethel in Lebanon County (in Lebanon County) (40)
Bethlehem (in Lehigh County) (262)
Big Beaver (in Beaver County) (35)
Big Cove Tannery (in Fulton County) (26)
Big Run (in Jefferson County) (24)
Biglerville (in Adams County) (42)
Bingham (in Potter County) (24)
Birdsboro (in Berks County) (95)
Birmingham (in Delaware County) (33)
Birmingham in Chester County (in Chester County) (68)
Birmingham in Huntingdon County (in Huntingdon County) (32)
Black (in Somerset County) (44)
Black Creek (in Luzerne County) (26)
Black Lick (in Indiana County) (30)
Blain (in Perry County) (40)
Blair (in Blair County) (20)
Blairsville (in Indiana County) (85)
Blakely (in Lackawanna County) (24)
Blandon (in Berks County) (58)
Blockley (in Philadelphia County) (61)
Bloom (in Clearfield County) (26)
Bloomfield (in Crawford County) (25)
Blooming Glen (in Bucks County) (52)
Blooming Grove (in Pike County) (17)
Bloomsburg (in Columbia County) (138)
Bloss (in Tioga County) (27)
Blossburg (in Tioga County) (50)
Blue Bell (in Montgomery County) (48)
Blue Ridge Summit (in Franklin County) (23)
Bluff (in Greene County) (31)
Boalsburg (in Centre County) (27)
Boggs (in Clearfield County) (23)
Boiling Springs (in Cumberland County) (51)
Bolivar (in Westmoreland County) (45)
Booneville (in Clinton County) (22)
Boothwyn (in Delaware County) (39)
Boswell (in Somerset County) (46)
Bowers (in Berks County) (66)
Bowmansville (in Lancaster County) (61)
Boyertown (in Berks County) (100)
Brackenridge (in Allegheny County) (29)
Braddock (in Allegheny County) (78)
Bradford (in McKean County) (146)
Bradford in Clearfield County (in Clearfield County) (26)
Brady (in Clearfield County) (26)
Bradys Bend (in Armstrong County) (41)
Branch (in Schuylkill County) (47)
Brandywine (in Chester County) (59)
Brandywine Manor (in Chester County) (63)
Bratton (in Mifflin County) (31)
Brecknock (in Berks County) (64)
Breezewood (in Bedford County) (32)
Breinigsville (in Lehigh County) (26)
Brentwood (in Allegheny County) (27)
Briar Creek (in Columbia County) (34)
Brick Church (in Armstrong County) (24)
Brickerville (in Lancaster County) (73)
Bridesburg (in Philadelphia County) (63)
Bridgeport (in Montgomery County) (68)
Bridgeville (in Allegheny County) (50)
Bridgewater (in Susquehanna County) (30)
Brisbin (in Clearfield County) (24)
Bristol (in Bucks County) (133)
Brockway (in Jefferson County) (36)
Brodbecks (in York County) (39)
Brodheadsville (in Monroe County) (26)
Brookfield (in Tioga County) (43)
Brooklyn (in Susquehanna County) (30)
Brookville (in Jefferson County) (91)
Broomall (in Delaware County) (34)
Brothersvalley (in Somerset County) (65)
Brown (in Mifflin County) (29)
Brownstown (in Lancaster County) (54)
Brownsville (in Fayette County) (123)
Brush Valley (in Indiana County) (43)
Bryn Athyn (in Montgomery County) (44)
Bryn Mawr (in Montgomery County) (72)
Buck Valley (in Fulton County) (25)
Buckingham (in Bucks County) (80)
Buffalo (in Washington County) (41)
Buffalo Mills (in Bedford County) (32)
Buffalo in Perry County (in Perry County) (23)
Bullskin (in Fayette County) (39)
Burgettstown (in Washington County) (59)
Burlington (in Bradford County) (24)
Burnham (in Mifflin County) (38)
Burnside (in Clearfield County) (35)
Burnt Cabins (in Fulton County) (26)
Bushkill (in Pike County) (18)
Bushkill Center (in Northampton County) (27)
Bustleton (in Philadelphia County) (59)
Butler (in Butler County) (150)
Butler in Adams County (in Adams County) (32)
Butler in Luzerne County (in Luzerne County) (30)
Butler in Schuylkill County (in Schuylkill County) (39)
Byberry (in Philadelphia County) (70)
Cadogan (in Armstrong County) (24)
Caernarvon (in Berks County) (62)
Caernarvon in Lancaster County (in Lancaster County) (58)
Cairnbrook (in Somerset County) (32)
California (in Washington County) (59)
Callensburg (in Clarion County) (26)
Calvin (in Huntingdon County) (29)
Cambridge (in Chester County) (56)
Cambridge Springs (in Crawford County) (46)
Camp Hill (in Cumberland County) (55)
Campbelltown (in Lebanon County) (28)
Candor (in Washington County) (33)
Canonsburg (in Washington County) (86)
Canton (in Bradford County) (51)
Carbondale (in Lackawanna County) (120)
Carlisle (in Cumberland County) (305)
Carmichaels (in Greene County) (43)
Carnegie (in Allegheny County) (83)
Carrick (in Allegheny County) (27)
Carroll (in Perry County) (26)
Carroll in Clinton County (in Clinton County) (22)
Carroll in Washington County (in Washington County) (32)
Carrolltown (in Cambria County) (26)
Carversville (in Bucks County) (54)
Cassville (in Huntingdon County) (29)
Castle Shannon (in Allegheny County) (26)
Catasauqua (in Lehigh County) (64)
Catawissa (in Columbia County) (74)
Catharine (in Blair County) (20)
Cecil (in Washington County) (40)
Center (in Greene County) (34)
Center Valley (in Lehigh County) (25)
Centerville (in Bedford County) (33)
Centerville in Crawford County (in Crawford County) (28)
Centerville in Washington County (in Washington County) (36)
Central City (in Somerset County) (30)
Centralia (in Columbia County) (34)
Centre (in Snyder County) (26)
Centre Hall (in Centre County) (41)
Centre in Berks County (in Berks County) (64)
Centre in Columbia County (in Columbia County) (22)
Ceres (in McKean County) (44)
Cessna (in Bedford County) (30)
Chadds Ford (in Delaware County) (36)
Chalfont (in Bucks County) (60)
Chambersburg (in Franklin County) (333)
Chanceford (in York County) (55)
Chandlers Valley (in Warren County) (22)
Chapman (in Clinton County) (23)
Chapman in Snyder County (in Snyder County) (29)
Charleroi (in Washington County) (58)
Charleston (in Tioga County) (55)
Charlestown (in Chester County) (61)
Chatham (in Tioga County) (42)
Cheltenham (in Montgomery County) (59)
Cherry (in Sullivan County) (29)
Cherry Tree (in Indiana County) (29)
Cherrytree (in Venango County) (35)
Cherryville (in Northampton County) (30)
Chester (in Delaware County) (251)
Chester Springs (in Chester County) (76)
Chester in Chester County (in Chester County) (56)
Chestnut Hill (in Philadelphia County) (75)
Chestnuthill (in Monroe County) (21)
Cheswick (in Allegheny County) (29)
Chicora (in Butler County) (37)
Chillisquaque (in Northumberland County) (30)
Christiana (in Lancaster County) (59)
Church Hill (in Forest County) (25)
Churchtown (in Lancaster County) (54)
Churchville (in Bucks County) (73)
Clairton (in Allegheny County) (43)
Claridge (in Westmoreland County) (41)
Clarion (in Clarion County) (73)
Clark (in Mercer County) (27)
Clarks Green (in Lackawanna County) (24)
Clarks Summit (in Lackawanna County) (52)
Clarksville (in Greene County) (28)
Clay (in Huntingdon County) (34)
Clay in Lancaster County (in Lancaster County) (51)
Claysburg (in Blair County) (30)
Claysville (in Washington County) (60)
Clearfield (in Clearfield County) (110)
Clearville (in Bedford County) (47)
Cleona (in Lebanon County) (41)
Clifford (in Susquehanna County) (38)
Clifton Heights (in Delaware County) (33)
Clinton (in Butler County) (30)
Clinton in Allegheny County (in Allegheny County) (25)
Clinton in Wayne County (in Wayne County) (21)
Clintonville (in Venango County) (36)
Clymer (in Indiana County) (41)
Clymer in Tioga County (in Tioga County) (29)
Coal (in Northumberland County) (45)
Coal Center (in Washington County) (46)
Coaldale in Schuylkill County (in Schuylkill County) (36)
Coalport (in Clearfield County) (31)
Coatesville (in Chester County) (139)
Cocalico (in Lancaster County) (53)
Cochranton (in Crawford County) (49)
Cochranville (in Chester County) (68)
Codorus (in York County) (47)
Cogan Station (in Lycoming County) (19)
Colebrook (in Lebanon County) (24)
Colerain (in Bedford County) (39)
College (in Centre County) (28)
Collegeville (in Montgomery County) (63)
Colley (in Sullivan County) (25)
Collingdale (in Delaware County) (39)
Colonial Park (in Dauphin County) (35)
Colonial Village (in Venango County) (31)
Columbia (in Lancaster County) (135)
Columbus (in Warren County) (24)
Compass (in Chester County) (68)
Concord (in Delaware County) (46)
Concord in Erie County (in Erie County) (23)
Concord in Franklin County (in Franklin County) (25)
Concordville (in Delaware County) (40)
Conemaugh (in Somerset County) (73)
Conemaugh in Cambria County (in Cambria County) (29)
Conemaugh in Indiana County (in Indiana County) (33)
Conestoga (in Lancaster County) (81)
Conewago (in York County) (48)
Conewago in Adams County (in Adams County) (50)
Confluence (in Somerset County) (36)
Conneaut Lake (in Crawford County) (32)
Conneautville (in Crawford County) (46)
Connellsville (in Fayette County) (148)
Connoquenessing (in Butler County) (33)
Conoy (in Lancaster County) (52)
Conshohocken (in Montgomery County) (65)
Conyngham (in Luzerne County) (34)
Cook (in Westmoreland County) (51)
Coolbaugh (in Monroe County) (20)
Cooper (in Clearfield County) (25)
Coopersburg (in Lehigh County) (38)
Cooperstown (in Venango County) (33)
Coplay (in Lehigh County) (31)
Coraopolis (in Allegheny County) (58)
Cornwall (in Lebanon County) (29)
Corry (in Erie County) (82)
Corsica (in Jefferson County) (26)
Coudersport (in Potter County) (68)
Covington (in Tioga County) (46)
Cowansville (in Armstrong County) (32)
Crafton (in Allegheny County) (29)
Cranberry (in Butler County) (43)
Crawford Corners (in Venango County) (27)
Cresson (in Cambria County) (36)
Cressona (in Schuylkill County) (37)
Cross Creek (in Washington County) (55)
Cross Roads (in York County) (35)
Crystal Spring (in Fulton County) (24)
Cumberland (in Greene County) (40)
Cumberland Valley (in Bedford County) (37)
Curtin (in Centre County) (26)
Curwensville (in Clearfield County) (39)
Daleville (in Lackawanna County) (30)
Dallas (in Luzerne County) (49)
Dallastown (in York County) (47)
Dalton (in Lackawanna County) (27)
Damascus (in Wayne County) (32)
Danielsville (in Northampton County) (26)
Danville (in Montour County) (120)
Darby (in Delaware County) (76)
Darlington (in Beaver County) (76)
Dauberville (in Berks County) (60)
Dauphin (in Dauphin County) (34)
Davidsville (in Somerset County) (30)
Dawson (in Fayette County) (43)
Dayton (in Armstrong County) (33)
Decatur (in Mifflin County) (36)
Decatur in Clearfield County (in Clearfield County) (25)
Deerfield (in Tioga County) (33)
Delaware (in Mercer County) (26)
Delaware Water Gap (in Monroe County) (19)
Delmar (in Tioga County) (34)
Delmont (in Westmoreland County) (46)
Delta (in York County) (67)
Denver (in Lancaster County) (66)
Derry (in Westmoreland County) (93)
Derry in Dauphin County (in Dauphin County) (60)
Derry in Mifflin County (in Mifflin County) (29)
Devon (in Chester County) (65)
Dickinson (in Cumberland County) (37)
Dickson City (in Lackawanna County) (34)
Dillsburg (in York County) (62)
Dimock (in Susquehanna County) (27)
Dolington (in Bucks County) (53)
Donegal (in Westmoreland County) (91)
Donegal in Washington County (in Washington County) (40)
Donora (in Washington County) (59)
Douglass (in Berks County) (57)
Douglass Township (in Montgomery County) (39)
Douglassville (in Berks County) (69)
Dover (in York County) (83)
Downingtown (in Chester County) (125)
Doylestown (in Bucks County) (194)
Dravosburg (in Allegheny County) (29)
Dresher (in Montgomery County) (39)
Drexel Hill (in Delaware County) (37)
Driftwood (in Cameron County) (27)
Drumore (in Lancaster County) (62)
Dryville (in Berks County) (70)
Du Bois (in Clearfield County) (119)
Duke Center (in McKean County) (27)
Dunbar (in Fayette County) (78)
Duncannon (in Perry County) (49)
Duncansville (in Blair County) (26)
Dundaff (in Susquehanna County) (32)
Dunkard (in Greene County) (35)
Dunlo (in Cambria County) (21)
Dunmore (in Lackawanna County) (53)
Dunnstown (in Clinton County) (22)
Dupont (in Luzerne County) (24)
Duquesne (in Allegheny County) (46)
Durham (in Bucks County) (75)
Duryea (in Luzerne County) (30)
Dushore (in Sullivan County) (52)
Dyerstown (in Bucks County) (54)
Eagles Mere (in Sullivan County) (22)
Eagleville (in Montgomery County) (42)
Earl (in Lancaster County) (61)
East Berlin (in Adams County) (42)
East Bethlehem (in Washington County) (34)
East Brady (in Clarion County) (40)
East Buffalo (in Union County) (19)
East Chillisquaque (in Northumberland County) (31)
East Cocalico (in Lancaster County) (74)
East Conemaugh (in Cambria County) (24)
East Coventry (in Chester County) (66)
East Donegal (in Lancaster County) (63)
East Drumore (in Lancaster County) (54)
East Earl (in Lancaster County) (71)
East Fallowfield (in Chester County) (60)
East Finley (in Washington County) (38)
East Freedom (in Blair County) (20)
East Greenville (in Montgomery County) (65)
East Hanover (in Dauphin County) (34)
East Hanover in Lebanon County (in Lebanon County) (26)
East Hickory (in Forest County) (21)
East Huntingdon (in Westmoreland County) (54)
East Lampeter (in Lancaster County) (54)
East Liberty (in Allegheny County) (25)
East Manchester (in York County) (39)
East McKeesport (in Allegheny County) (27)
East Nantmeal (in Chester County) (56)
East Nottingham (in Chester County) (57)
East Penn (in Carbon County) (23)
East Petersburg (in Lancaster County) (55)
East Pikeland (in Chester County) (59)
East Pittsburgh (in Allegheny County) (25)
East Providence (in Bedford County) (29)
East Smithfield (in Bradford County) (25)
East Springfield (in Erie County) (23)
East Stroudsburg (in Monroe County) (43)
East Taylor (in Cambria County) (21)
East Vincent (in Chester County) (68)
East Whiteland (in Chester County) (70)
Easton (in Northampton County) (352)
Ebensburg (in Cambria County) (114)
Economy (in Beaver County) (43)
Eddington (in Bucks County) (52)
Eddystone (in Delaware County) (40)
Eden (in Lancaster County) (50)
Eden Grove (in Adams County) (26)
Edenburg (in Berks County) (58)
Edgegrove (in Adams County) (27)
Edgemont (in Delaware County) (30)
Edgewood (in Allegheny County) (25)
Edinboro (in Erie County) (47)
Edinburg (in Lawrence County) (24)
Edwardsville (in Luzerne County) (37)
Egypt (in Lehigh County) (33)
Eighty Four (in Washington County) (41)
Elders Ridge (in Indiana County) (30)
Elderton (in Armstrong County) (37)
Eldred (in McKean County) (54)
Eldred in Warren County (in Warren County) (21)
Elimsport (in Lycoming County) (16)
Elizabeth (in Allegheny County) (63)
Elizabeth in Lancaster County (in Lancaster County) (69)
Elizabethtown (in Lancaster County) (122)
Elizabethville (in Dauphin County) (48)
Elk (in Warren County) (24)
Elk Lick (in Somerset County) (47)
Elkins Park (in Montgomery County) (45)
Elkland (in Tioga County) (53)
Elkland in Sullivan County (in Sullivan County) (24)
Elliottsburg (in Perry County) (28)
Ellsworth (in Washington County) (40)
Ellwood City (in Lawrence County) (44)
Ellwood City in Beaver County (in Beaver County) (35)
Elmhurst (in Lackawanna County) (25)
Elverson (in Chester County) (69)
Elwyn (in Delaware County) (31)
Elysburg (in Northumberland County) (32)
Emlenton (in Venango County) (44)
Emmaus (in Lehigh County) (72)
Emporium (in Cameron County) (69)
Emsworth (in Allegheny County) (27)
Enders (in Dauphin County) (33)
Enola (in Cumberland County) (38)
Enon Valley (in Lawrence County) (26)
Enterline (in Dauphin County) (30)
Ephrata (in Lancaster County) (173)
Ercildoun (in Chester County) (61)
Erdenheim (in Montgomery County) (40)
Erdman (in Dauphin County) (38)
Erie (in Erie County) (448)
Espy (in Columbia County) (32)
Espyville (in Crawford County) (24)
Etna (in Allegheny County) (31)
Eulalia (in Potter County) (23)
Evans City (in Butler County) (48)
Evansburg (in Montgomery County) (41)
Everett (in Bedford County) (64)
Exeter (in Luzerne County) (41)
Exeter in Berks County (in Berks County) (82)
Export (in Westmoreland County) (56)
Exton (in Chester County) (60)
Factoryville (in Wyoming County) (25)
Faggs Manor (in Chester County) (56)
Fairchance (in Fayette County) (38)
Fairfield (in Westmoreland County) (56)
Fairfield in Adams County (in Adams County) (34)
Fairhope (in Somerset County) (31)
Fairless Hills (in Bucks County) (60)
Fairmount (in Luzerne County) (27)
Fairview (in York County) (51)
Fairview Village (in Montgomery County) (40)
Fairview in Butler County (in Butler County) (33)
Fairview in Erie County (in Erie County) (29)
Fall Brook (in Tioga County) (22)
Fallowfield in Washington County (in Washington County) (37)
Falls (in Wyoming County) (22)
Falls Creek (in Jefferson County) (35)
Falls in Bucks County (in Bucks County) (53)
Fallsington (in Bucks County) (67)
Fannettsburg (in Franklin County) (33)
Farmington (in Tioga County) (28)
Farmington in Fayette County (in Fayette County) (45)
Farmington in Warren County (in Warren County) (24)
Farrell (in Mercer County) (35)
Fawn Grove (in York County) (42)
Fayette (in Juniata County) (27)
Fayette City (in Fayette County) (65)
Fayetteville (in Franklin County) (33)
Feasterville (in Bucks County) (58)
Felton (in York County) (37)
Ferguson (in Clearfield County) (25)
Ferguson in Centre County (in Centre County) (24)
Ferndale (in Bucks County) (56)
Findley (in Mercer County) (27)
Finleyville (in Washington County) (42)
Fishertown (in Bedford County) (36)
Fisherville (in Dauphin County) (33)
Fishing Creek (in Columbia County) (25)
Fleetville (in Lackawanna County) (25)
Fleetwood (in Berks County) (94)
Flinton (in Cambria County) (22)
Florence (in Washington County) (39)
Flourtown (in Montgomery County) (43)
Fogelsville (in Lehigh County) (27)
Folsom (in Delaware County) (31)
Ford City (in Armstrong County) (57)
Forest City (in Susquehanna County) (41)
Forest Grove (in Bucks County) (52)
Forest Hills (in Allegheny County) (26)
Forks (in Sullivan County) (23)
Forks in Northampton County (in Northampton County) (29)
Forkston (in Wyoming County) (23)
Forksville (in Sullivan County) (22)
Fort Loudon (in Franklin County) (25)
Fort Washington (in Montgomery County) (52)
Forty Fort (in Luzerne County) (37)
Fountain Dale (in Adams County) (26)
Fountain Hill (in Lehigh County) (27)
Fountain Springs (in Schuylkill County) (33)
Fowlersville (in Columbia County) (22)
Fox Chapel (in Allegheny County) (25)
Foxburg (in Clarion County) (27)
Frackville (in Schuylkill County) (63)
Francisville (in Philadelphia County) (70)
Franconia (in Montgomery County) (81)
Frankford (in Philadelphia County) (92)
Frankfort Springs (in Beaver County) (45)
Franklin (in Venango County) (128)
Franklin Park (in Allegheny County) (31)
Franklin in Adams County (in Adams County) (30)
Franklin in Beaver County (in Beaver County) (35)
Franklin in Chester County (in Chester County) (59)
Franklin in Fayette County (in Fayette County) (40)
Franklin in Greene County (in Greene County) (42)
Franklin in Westmoreland County (in Westmoreland County) (48)
Frankstown (in Blair County) (27)
Frazer (in Chester County) (62)
Fredericksburg (in Lebanon County) (37)
Fredericktown (in Washington County) (44)
Fredonia (in Mercer County) (29)
Freeburg (in Snyder County) (34)
Freedom (in Beaver County) (50)
Freehold (in Warren County) (22)
Freeland (in Luzerne County) (71)
Freemansburg (in Northampton County) (31)
Freeport (in Armstrong County) (74)
Freysville (in York County) (39)
Friedens (in Somerset County) (30)
Friedensburg (in Schuylkill County) (48)
Friedensville (in Lehigh County) (33)
Friendsville (in Susquehanna County) (31)
Fryburg (in Clarion County) (26)
Frystown (in Berks County) (57)
Fullerton (in Lehigh County) (27)
Fulton (in Lancaster County) (59)
Gaines (in Tioga County) (39)
Galeton (in Potter County) (43)
Gallitzin (in Cambria County) (37)
Gap (in Lancaster County) (71)
Garards Fort (in Greene County) (25)
Garland (in Warren County) (23)
Garrett (in Somerset County) (32)
Garrison (in Greene County) (25)
Geigertown (in Berks County) (63)
Geistown (in Cambria County) (23)
Genesee (in Potter County) (26)
Georges (in Fayette County) (56)
Georgetown (in Lancaster County) (50)
Georgetown in Beaver County (in Beaver County) (35)
German (in Fayette County) (51)
Germania (in Centre County) (24)
Germantown (in Philadelphia County) (226)
Germany (in Adams County) (29)
Gettysburg (in Adams County) (260)
Gibraltar (in Berks County) (60)
Gibson in Susquehanna County (in Susquehanna County) (28)
Gibsonia (in Allegheny County) (36)
Gilbert (in Monroe County) (16)
Gilbertsville (in Montgomery County) (40)
Gillett (in Bradford County) (20)
Gilpin Township (in Armstrong County) (24)
Ginger Hill (in Washington County) (37)
Girard (in Erie County) (54)
Girard in Clearfield County (in Clearfield County) (24)
Girardville (in Schuylkill County) (39)
Glade (in Warren County) (20)
Gladwyne (in Montgomery County) (42)
Glasgow (in Cambria County) (25)
Glassport (in Allegheny County) (39)
Glen Campbell (in Indiana County) (34)
Glen Lyon (in Luzerne County) (29)
Glen Mills (in Delaware County) (36)
Glen Rock (in York County) (65)
Glenmoore (in Chester County) (67)
Glenolden (in Delaware County) (40)
Glenshaw (in Allegheny County) (34)
Glenside (in Montgomery County) (45)
Glenville (in York County) (36)
Gordonville (in Lancaster County) (50)
Goshen (in Clearfield County) (25)
Goshen in Chester County (in Chester County) (56)
Gouglersville (in Berks County) (60)
Grampian (in Clearfield County) (25)
Grand Valley (in Warren County) (24)
Grantville (in Dauphin County) (29)
Granville (in Mifflin County) (41)
Granville in Bradford County (in Bradford County) (20)
Gratz (in Dauphin County) (34)
Graysville (in Greene County) (25)
Great Bend (in Susquehanna County) (39)
Green (in Indiana County) (28)
Green Park (in Perry County) (21)
Green Tree (in Allegheny County) (28)
Greenburr (in Clinton County) (22)
Greencastle (in Franklin County) (81)
Greene in Clinton County (in Clinton County) (23)
Greenock (in Allegheny County) (25)
Greensboro (in Greene County) (35)
Greensburg (in Westmoreland County) (232)
Greenville (in Mercer County) (107)
Greenville in Somerset County (in Somerset County) (32)
Greenwich (in Berks County) (79)
Greenwood (in Perry County) (33)
Greenwood in Columbia County (in Columbia County) (23)
Gregg Township (in Centre County) (28)
Grimville (in Berks County) (69)
Grindstone (in Fayette County) (34)
Grove (in Chester County) (58)
Grove City (in Mercer County) (68)
Guilford (in Franklin County) (28)
Guthsville (in Lehigh County) (25)
Guys Mills (in Crawford County) (26)
Gwynedd (in Montgomery County) (57)
Hadley (in Mercer County) (28)
Halifax (in Dauphin County) (52)
Hallam (in York County) (41)
Hallstead (in Susquehanna County) (44)
Hamburg (in Berks County) (113)
Hamilton (in Tioga County) (26)
Hamilton in McKean County (in McKean County) (28)
Hamilton in Monroe County (in Monroe County) (19)
Hamlin (in McKean County) (27)
Hamlin in Lebanon County (in Lebanon County) (35)
Hampden (in Cumberland County) (33)
Hampton (in Allegheny County) (30)
Hanover (in York County) (165)
Hanover in Lehigh County (in Lehigh County) (37)
Hanover in Luzerne County (in Luzerne County) (30)
Harborcreek (in Erie County) (32)
Harford (in Susquehanna County) (39)
Harlansburg (in Lawrence County) (23)
Harleysville (in Montgomery County) (58)
Harmonsburg (in Crawford County) (24)
Harmony (in Butler County) (44)
Harris (in Centre County) (27)
Harrisburg (in Dauphin County) (698)
Harrison (in Potter County) (32)
Harrison City (in Westmoreland County) (42)
Harrisonville (in Fulton County) (22)
Harrisville (in Butler County) (35)
Hartleton (in Union County) (23)
Hartsfield (in Tioga County) (22)
Hartsville (in Bucks County) (58)
Harveys Lake (in Luzerne County) (25)
Harveyville (in Luzerne County) (25)
Hastings (in Cambria County) (25)
Hatboro (in Montgomery County) (55)
Hatfield (in Montgomery County) (68)
Haverford (in Delaware County) (49)
Haverford in Montgomery County (in Montgomery County) (44)
Havertown (in Delaware County) (42)
Hawk Run (in Clearfield County) (25)
Hawley (in Wayne County) (42)
Haycock (in Bucks County) (56)
Hazel Hurst (in McKean County) (28)
Hazleton (in Luzerne County) (178)
Hebron (in Potter County) (27)
Hecktown (in Northampton County) (35)
Hector (in Potter County) (30)
Hegins (in Schuylkill County) (46)
Heidelberg (in York County) (51)
Heidelberg in Berks County (in Berks County) (67)
Heidelberg in Lebanon County (in Lebanon County) (22)
Heidelberg in Lehigh County (in Lehigh County) (37)
Heidlersburg (in Adams County) (27)
Heilwood (in Indiana County) (27)
Hellam (in York County) (55)
Hellertown (in Northampton County) (55)
Hemlock (in Columbia County) (27)
Hempfield (in Westmoreland County) (117)
Hempfield in Lancaster County (in Lancaster County) (53)
Henrietta (in Blair County) (20)
Henry Clay (in Fayette County) (40)
Hereford (in Berks County) (64)
Herman (in Butler County) (31)
Herminie (in Westmoreland County) (49)
Hermitage (in Mercer County) (58)
Herndon (in Northumberland County) (42)
Herrickville (in Bradford County) (21)
Hershey (in Dauphin County) (65)
Hesston (in Huntingdon County) (29)
Hestonville (in Philadelphia County) (59)
Hickory (in Washington County) (50)
Hickory Corners (in Northumberland County) (32)
Hickory in Forest County (in Forest County) (20)
Hickory in Lawrence County (in Lawrence County) (26)
Highland in Adams County (in Adams County) (26)
Highspire (in Dauphin County) (36)
Hill Valley (in Huntingdon County) (29)
Hilltown (in Bucks County) (91)
Hokendauqua (in Lehigh County) (25)
Hollenback (in Luzerne County) (23)
Hollidaysburg (in Blair County) (103)
Holmesburg (in Philadelphia County) (65)
Homeacre-Lyndora (in Butler County) (29)
Homer (in Potter County) (23)
Homer City (in Indiana County) (50)
Homestead (in Allegheny County) (85)
Homeville (in Chester County) (57)
Homewood (in Beaver County) (36)
Honesdale (in Wayne County) (86)
Honey Brook (in Chester County) (74)
Hookstown (in Beaver County) (50)
Hooversville (in Somerset County) (36)
Hopewell (in Bedford County) (41)
Hopewell in Cumberland County (in Cumberland County) (33)
Hopewell in York County (in York County) (47)
Hopwood (in Fayette County) (37)
Horsham (in Montgomery County) (58)
Host (in Berks County) (61)
Houston (in Washington County) (40)
Houtzdale (in Clearfield County) (44)
Howard (in Centre County) (37)
Howertown (in Northampton County) (35)
Hughesville (in Lycoming County) (30)
Hulmeville (in Bucks County) (60)
Hummelstown (in Dauphin County) (89)
Hunlock Creek (in Luzerne County) (26)
Huntersville (in Lycoming County) (17)
Huntingdon (in Huntingdon County) (135)
Huntingdon Valley (in Montgomery County) (49)
Huntington Mills (in Luzerne County) (24)
Huntington Township (in Adams County) (30)
Huntington in Luzerne County (in Luzerne County) (29)
Huston (in Clearfield County) (29)
Huston in Blair County (in Blair County) (21)
Hustontown (in Fulton County) (28)
Hydetown (in Crawford County) (28)
Hyndman (in Bedford County) (45)
Imperial (in Allegheny County) (31)
Independence (in Washington County) (33)
Indian Head (in Fayette County) (36)
Indiana (in Indiana County) (159)
Indianland (in Northampton County) (30)
Industry (in Beaver County) (49)
Ingram (in Allegheny County) (25)
Intercourse (in Lancaster County) (51)
Iona (in Lebanon County) (24)
Irvona (in Clearfield County) (25)
Irwin (in Westmoreland County) (99)
Jackson (in Tioga County) (44)
Jackson Center (in Mercer County) (27)
Jackson in Dauphin County (in Dauphin County) (31)
Jackson in Greene County (in Greene County) (34)
Jackson in Huntingdon County (in Huntingdon County) (29)
Jackson in Lebanon County (in Lebanon County) (34)
Jackson in Lycoming County (in Lycoming County) (21)
Jackson in Northumberland County (in Northumberland County) (31)
Jackson in Perry County (in Perry County) (23)
Jackson in Snyder County (in Snyder County) (25)
Jackson in Susquehanna County (in Susquehanna County) (28)
Jackson in York County (in York County) (41)
Jacksonville (in Centre County) (26)
Jacksonville in Lehigh County (in Lehigh County) (28)
Jacksonwald (in Berks County) (66)
Jacobus (in York County) (36)
Jamestown (in Mercer County) (39)
Jeannette (in Westmoreland County) (71)
Jefferson (in Greene County) (49)
Jefferson Hills (in Allegheny County) (25)
Jefferson in Allegheny County (in Allegheny County) (25)
Jefferson in Berks County (in Berks County) (67)
Jefferson in Somerset County (in Somerset County) (34)
Jenkintown (in Montgomery County) (59)
Jenner (in Somerset County) (63)
Jermyn (in Lackawanna County) (37)
Jerome (in Somerset County) (29)
Jersey Shore (in Lycoming County) (66)
Jessup (in Lackawanna County) (28)
Jim Thorpe (in Carbon County) (59)
Johnsonburg (in Elk County) (44)
Johnstown (in Cambria County) (295)
Jonestown (in Lebanon County) (53)
Jordan in Northumberland County (in Northumberland County) (32)
Juniata in Blair County (in Blair County) (24)
Juniata in Perry County (in Perry County) (21)
Kane (in McKean County) (71)
Karns City (in Butler County) (32)
Karthaus (in Clearfield County) (25)
Keating in McKean County (in McKean County) (28)
Kellers Church (in Bucks County) (53)
Kemblesville (in Chester County) (58)
Kempton (in Berks County) (71)
Kennett Square (in Chester County) (107)
Kensington (in Philadelphia County) (118)
Kersey (in Elk County) (29)
Khedive (in Greene County) (25)
Killinger (in Dauphin County) (41)
Kimmel (in Bedford County) (31)
King (in Bedford County) (33)
King of Prussia (in Montgomery County) (56)
Kingsessing (in Philadelphia County) (59)
Kingston (in Luzerne County) (75)
Kingwood (in Somerset County) (28)
Kintnersville (in Bucks County) (54)
Kinzers (in Lancaster County) (55)
Kirkwood (in Lancaster County) (59)
Kissel Hill (in Lancaster County) (50)
Kittanning (in Armstrong County) (130)
Kleinfeltersville (in Lebanon County) (22)
Kline (in Schuylkill County) (32)
Klingerstown (in Schuylkill County) (39)
Knauertown (in Chester County) (56)
Knox (in Clarion County) (42)
Knoxville (in Tioga County) (47)
Koppel (in Beaver County) (36)
Kreidersville (in Northampton County) (39)
Kresgeville (in Monroe County) (15)
Krumsville (in Berks County) (58)
Kulpmont (in Northumberland County) (42)
Kulpsville (in Montgomery County) (42)
Kunkletown (in Monroe County) (19)
Kutztown (in Berks County) (120)
Kylertown (in Clearfield County) (25)
La Plume (in Lackawanna County) (25)
Laceyville (in Wyoming County) (30)
Lafayette (in McKean County) (29)
Lahaska (in Bucks County) (60)
Lake (in Luzerne County) (24)
Lake Ariel (in Wayne County) (22)
Lake Como (in Wayne County) (21)
Lake Township (in Wayne County) (23)
Lakewood (in Wayne County) (21)
Lamar (in Clinton County) (23)
Lampeter (in Lancaster County) (60)
Lancaster (in Lancaster County) (642)
Landenberg (in Chester County) (59)
Landisburg (in Perry County) (32)
Landisville (in Lancaster County) (59)
Lanesboro (in Susquehanna County) (30)
Langhorne (in Bucks County) (96)
Lansdale (in Montgomery County) (110)
Lansdowne (in Delaware County) (54)
Lanse (in Clearfield County) (23)
Lansford (in Carbon County) (47)
Laporte (in Sullivan County) (44)
Larimer (in Somerset County) (29)
Larksville (in Luzerne County) (31)
Latimore (in Adams County) (50)
Latrobe (in Westmoreland County) (94)
Laureldale (in Berks County) (65)
Laurelton (in Union County) (21)
Lavelle (in Schuylkill County) (32)
Lawrence (in Tioga County) (29)
Lawrence in Clearfield County (in Clearfield County) (27)
Lawrenceville (in Tioga County) (45)
Le Raysville (in Bradford County) (21)
Leacock (in Lancaster County) (61)
Lebanon (in Lebanon County) (258)
Leck Kill (in Northumberland County) (30)
Leechburg (in Armstrong County) (56)
Leesport (in Berks County) (78)
Leetsdale (in Allegheny County) (36)
Lehigh (in Northampton County) (27)
Lehigh Valley (in Lehigh County) (28)
Lehighton (in Carbon County) (77)
Lehman (in Luzerne County) (35)
Leisenring (in Fayette County) (34)
Leithsville (in Northampton County) (27)
Lemont (in Centre County) (24)
Lemoyne (in Cumberland County) (40)
Lenhartsville (in Berks County) (61)
Lenox (in Susquehanna County) (26)
Leola (in Lancaster County) (65)
Letterkenny (in Franklin County) (28)
Levittown (in Bucks County) (78)
Lewisberry (in York County) (41)
Lewisburg (in Union County) (111)
Lewistown (in Mifflin County) (119)
Lewistown in Schuylkill County (in Schuylkill County) (34)
Lewisville (in Chester County) (57)
Liberty (in Tioga County) (69)
Liberty in McKean County (in McKean County) (28)
Liberty in Montour County (in Montour County) (19)
Library (in Allegheny County) (30)
Licking (in Clarion County) (28)
Licking Creek (in Fulton County) (22)
Ligonier (in Westmoreland County) (104)
Lilly (in Cambria County) (30)
Lima (in Delaware County) (29)
Limerick (in Montgomery County) (56)
Lincoln (in Somerset County) (35)
Lincoln in Lancaster County (in Lancaster County) (50)
Linesville (in Crawford County) (42)
Linglestown (in Dauphin County) (37)
Linwood (in Delaware County) (29)
Lionville (in Chester County) (59)
Litchfield (in Bradford County) (27)
Lititz (in Lancaster County) (145)
Little Britain (in Lancaster County) (58)
Little Cooley (in Crawford County) (24)
Littlestown (in Adams County) (75)
Liverpool (in Perry County) (45)
Llewellyn (in Schuylkill County) (33)
Lock Haven (in Clinton County) (102)
Locust (in Columbia County) (24)
Locust Gap (in Northumberland County) (30)
Logan (in Clinton County) (22)
Logan in Blair County (in Blair County) (21)
Loganton (in Clinton County) (39)
Loganville (in York County) (39)
London Grove (in Chester County) (62)
Londonderry in Bedford County (in Bedford County) (33)
Londonderry in Chester County (in Chester County) (57)
Longswamp (in Berks County) (65)
Lopez (in Sullivan County) (26)
Loretto (in Cambria County) (38)
Lottsville (in Warren County) (20)
Lower Allen (in Cumberland County) (33)
Lower Augusta (in Northumberland County) (30)
Lower Burrell (in Westmoreland County) (52)
Lower Chichester (in Delaware County) (30)
Lower Dublin (in Philadelphia County) (71)
Lower Heidelberg (in Berks County) (77)
Lower Macungie (in Lehigh County) (35)
Lower Mahanoy (in Northumberland County) (41)
Lower Merion (in Montgomery County) (59)
Lower Milford (in Lehigh County) (46)
Lower Paxton (in Dauphin County) (35)
Lower Providence (in Montgomery County) (43)
Lower Salford (in Montgomery County) (47)
Lower Saucon (in Northampton County) (44)
Lower Turkeyfoot (in Somerset County) (30)
Lower Windsor (in York County) (47)
Lowhill (in Lehigh County) (35)
Loyalsock (in Lycoming County) (26)
Loysburg (in Bedford County) (39)
Loysville (in Perry County) (29)
Ludlow (in McKean County) (28)
Luthersburg (in Clearfield County) (28)
Luzerne (in Luzerne County) (30)
Luzerne in Fayette County (in Fayette County) (44)
Lykens (in Dauphin County) (88)
Lynn (in Lehigh County) (32)
Lynnville (in Lehigh County) (32)
Macungie (in Lehigh County) (43)
Maddensville (in Huntingdon County) (31)
Madera (in Clearfield County) (26)
Madison (in Perry County) (45)
Madisonburg (in Centre County) (26)
Mahaffey (in Clearfield County) (30)
Mahanoy (in Schuylkill County) (79)
Mahoning (in Armstrong County) (28)
Maidencreek (in Berks County) (59)
Mainville (in Columbia County) (24)
Malvern (in Chester County) (99)
Manayunk (in Philadelphia County) (77)
Manchester (in York County) (57)
Manchester in Wayne County (in Wayne County) (21)
Manheim (in Lancaster County) (131)
Manheim in York County (in York County) (42)
Manns Choice (in Bedford County) (31)
Manor Hill (in Huntingdon County) (30)
Manor Township (in Lancaster County) (61)
Mansfield (in Tioga County) (76)
Mapleton (in Huntingdon County) (37)
Marcus Hook (in Delaware County) (41)
Marianna (in Washington County) (38)
Marienville (in Forest County) (25)
Marietta (in Lancaster County) (101)
Marion (in Franklin County) (35)
Marion Center (in Indiana County) (37)
Marion in Berks County (in Berks County) (67)
Marklesburg (in Huntingdon County) (32)
Markleysburg (in Fayette County) (40)
Marple (in Delaware County) (32)
Mars (in Butler County) (44)
Marshallton (in Chester County) (59)
Martic (in Lancaster County) (54)
Martinsburg (in Blair County) (57)
Marysville (in Perry County) (34)
Masontown (in Fayette County) (57)
Mastersonville (in Lancaster County) (50)
Matamoras (in Pike County) (20)
Mattie (in Bedford County) (31)
Mauch Chunk (in Carbon County) (46)
Maxatawny (in Berks County) (76)
Mayfield (in Lackawanna County) (26)
Maytown (in Lancaster County) (73)
McAdoo (in Schuylkill County) (43)
McAlevys Fort (in Huntingdon County) (32)
McAlisterville (in Juniata County) (26)
McCandless (in Allegheny County) (29)
McClellandtown (in Fayette County) (43)
McClure (in Snyder County) (34)
McConnellsburg (in Fulton County) (64)
McDonald (in Washington County) (59)
McElhattan (in Clinton County) (25)
McKean (in Erie County) (40)
McKeansburg (in Schuylkill County) (34)
McKees Rocks (in Allegheny County) (46)
McKeesport (in Allegheny County) (139)
McMurray (in Washington County) (44)
McSherrystown (in Adams County) (40)
McVeytown (in Mifflin County) (41)
Meadville (in Crawford County) (171)
Mechanicsburg (in Cumberland County) (113)
Media (in Delaware County) (82)
Mehoopany (in Wyoming County) (25)
Menallen (in Fayette County) (44)
Menallen Township (in Adams County) (34)
Mench (in Bedford County) (29)
Menno (in Mifflin County) (29)
Mercer (in Mercer County) (63)
Mercersburg (in Franklin County) (91)
Merion (in Montgomery County) (63)
Mertztown (in Berks County) (66)
Meshoppen (in Wyoming County) (33)
Metal (in Franklin County) (29)
Meyersdale (in Somerset County) (52)
Middle Smithfield (in Monroe County) (15)
Middle Spring (in Cumberland County) (40)
Middleburg (in Snyder County) (58)
Middlebury (in Tioga County) (47)
Middlecreek (in Somerset County) (36)
Middleport (in Schuylkill County) (32)
Middlesex (in Cumberland County) (38)
Middletown (in Dauphin County) (111)
Middletown in Bucks County (in Bucks County) (53)
Middletown in Delaware County (in Delaware County) (31)
Middletown in Susquehanna County (in Susquehanna County) (28)
Midland (in Beaver County) (40)
Midway (in Washington County) (39)
Mifflin (in Cumberland County) (33)
Mifflin in Dauphin County (in Dauphin County) (34)
Mifflinburg (in Union County) (54)
Mifflintown (in Juniata County) (87)
Mifflinville (in Columbia County) (22)
Mildred (in Sullivan County) (26)
Miles (in Centre County) (26)
Milesburg (in Centre County) (30)
Milford (in Pike County) (43)
Milford Square (in Bucks County) (52)
Milford in Bucks County (in Bucks County) (64)
Milford in Somerset County (in Somerset County) (33)
Mill Hall (in Clinton County) (37)
Mill Run (in Fayette County) (38)
Mill Village (in Erie County) (23)
Millardsville in Lebanon County (in Lebanon County) (22)
Millbach (in Lebanon County) (33)
Millcreek (in Erie County) (27)
Millcreek in Lebanon County (in Lebanon County) (30)
Millersburg (in Dauphin County) (51)
Millerstown (in Perry County) (46)
Millersville (in Lancaster County) (97)
Millerton (in Tioga County) (26)
Millheim (in Centre County) (36)
Millvale (in Allegheny County) (34)
Millville (in Columbia County) (33)
Milroy (in Mifflin County) (35)
Milton (in Northumberland County) (81)
Minersville (in Schuylkill County) (75)
Mohnton (in Berks County) (67)
Mohrsville (in Berks County) (60)
Monaca (in Beaver County) (52)
Monaghan (in York County) (35)
Monessen (in Westmoreland County) (74)
Monongahela (in Washington County) (93)
Monroe Township (in Bedford County) (42)
Monroe in Cumberland County (in Cumberland County) (34)
Monroeton (in Bradford County) (27)
Monroeville (in Allegheny County) (58)
Mont Alto (in Franklin County) (24)
Mont Clare (in Montgomery County) (45)
Montgomery (in Montgomery County) (41)
Montgomery in Franklin County (in Montgomery County) (39)
Montgomery in Lycoming County (in Lycoming County) (32)
Montoursville (in Lycoming County) (40)
Montrose (in Susquehanna County) (88)
Moon (in Allegheny County) (25)
Moore (in Northampton County) (50)
Moorestown (in Northampton County) (35)
Moosic (in Lackawanna County) (24)
Morgan (in Greene County) (30)
Morgantown (in Berks County) (77)
Morris (in Greene County) (34)
Morris in Tioga County (in Tioga County) (32)
Morrisdale (in Clearfield County) (35)
Morrisville (in Bucks County) (61)
Morton (in Delaware County) (30)
Moscow (in Lackawanna County) (36)
Mount Aetna (in Berks County) (59)
Mount Airy (in Lancaster County) (51)
Mount Airy in Philadelphia County (in Philadelphia County) (59)
Mount Bethel (in Northampton County) (33)
Mount Carmel (in Northumberland County) (89)
Mount Holly Springs (in Cumberland County) (47)
Mount Jackson (in Lawrence County) (23)
Mount Jewett (in McKean County) (41)
Mount Joy (in Lancaster County) (115)
Mount Joy in Adams County (in Adams County) (39)
Mount Lebanon (in Allegheny County) (42)
Mount Morris (in Greene County) (28)
Mount Oliver (in Allegheny County) (31)
Mount Penn (in Berks County) (61)
Mount Pleasant (in Westmoreland County) (141)
Mount Pleasant Mills (in Snyder County) (30)
Mount Pleasant in Adams County (in Adams County) (28)
Mount Pleasant in Washington County (in Washington County) (35)
Mount Pleasant in Wayne County (in Wayne County) (28)
Mount Union (in Huntingdon County) (56)
Mount Zion (in Lebanon County) (26)
Mountain Grove (in Luzerne County) (26)
Mountain Top (in Luzerne County) (26)
Mountville (in Lancaster County) (54)
Moyamensing (in Philadelphia County) (60)
Muhlenberg (in Berks County) (63)
Muncy (in Lycoming County) (61)
Munhall (in Allegheny County) (38)
Murrinsville (in Butler County) (28)
Murrysville (in Westmoreland County) (59)
Myerstown (in Lebanon County) (61)
Nanticoke (in Luzerne County) (64)
Nanty Glo (in Cambria County) (29)
Napier (in Bedford County) (29)
Narberth (in Montgomery County) (45)
Narvon (in Lancaster County) (54)
Natrona (in Allegheny County) (26)
Natrona Heights (in Allegheny County) (32)
Nazareth (in Northampton County) (96)
Needmore (in Fulton County) (22)
Neffs (in Lehigh County) (30)
Neffsville (in Lancaster County) (54)
Nelson (in Tioga County) (30)
Nescopeck (in Luzerne County) (31)
Neshaminy (in Bucks County) (62)
Neshannock (in Lawrence County) (42)
Nesquehoning (in Carbon County) (25)
New Albany (in Bradford County) (26)
New Alexandria (in Westmoreland County) (54)
New Bedford (in Lawrence County) (30)
New Berlin (in Union County) (40)
New Bethlehem (in Clarion County) (45)
New Bloomfield (in Perry County) (68)
New Bridgeville (in York County) (35)
New Brighton (in Beaver County) (67)
New Britain (in Bucks County) (62)
New Castle (in Lawrence County) (175)
New Centerville (in Somerset County) (45)
New Cumberland (in Cumberland County) (43)
New Florence (in Westmoreland County) (47)
New Freedom (in York County) (43)
New Freeport (in Greene County) (27)
New Galilee (in Beaver County) (48)
New Garden (in Chester County) (78)
New Hanover (in Montgomery County) (90)
New Holland (in Lancaster County) (113)
New Hope (in Bucks County) (75)
New Kensington (in Westmoreland County) (89)
New Kingstown (in Cumberland County) (38)
New London (in Chester County) (81)
New Milford (in Susquehanna County) (42)
New Millport (in Clearfield County) (24)
New Oxford (in Adams County) (41)
New Paris (in Bedford County) (36)
New Park (in York County) (38)
New Philadelphia (in Schuylkill County) (40)
New Providence (in Lancaster County) (59)
New Ringgold (in Schuylkill County) (33)
New Salem in Fayette County (in Fayette County) (37)
New Stanton (in Westmoreland County) (46)
New Tripoli (in Lehigh County) (47)
New Vernon (in Mercer County) (27)
New Wilmington (in Lawrence County) (38)
Newberry (in York County) (48)
Newberry in Lycoming County (in Lycoming County) (19)
Newburg (in Cumberland County) (34)
Newfoundland (in Wayne County) (25)
Newmanstown (in Lebanon County) (27)
Newport (in Perry County) (63)
Newry (in Blair County) (29)
Newton (in Lackawanna County) (30)
Newtown (in Bucks County) (110)
Newtown Square (in Delaware County) (41)
Newtown in Delaware County (in Delaware County) (35)
Newville (in Cumberland County) (96)
Nicholson (in Wyoming County) (31)
Nineveh (in Greene County) (25)
Nockamixon (in Bucks County) (74)
Normalville (in Fayette County) (35)
Norristown (in Montgomery County) (257)
North Annville (in Lebanon County) (37)
North Beaver (in Lawrence County) (39)
North Belle Vernon (in Westmoreland County) (40)
North Bethlehem (in Washington County) (36)
North Braddock (in Allegheny County) (28)
North Buffalo (in Armstrong County) (30)
North Catasauqua (in Northampton County) (27)
North Centre (in Columbia County) (22)
North Codorus (in York County) (61)
North Coventry (in Chester County) (65)
North East (in Erie County) (64)
North Heidelberg (in Berks County) (64)
North Hills (in Montgomery County) (46)
North Huntingdon (in Westmoreland County) (46)
North Lebanon (in Lebanon County) (31)
North Londonderry (in Lebanon County) (31)
North Manheim (in Schuylkill County) (38)
North Middleton (in Cumberland County) (41)
North Philadelphia (in Philadelphia County) (68)
North Sewickley (in Beaver County) (42)
North Union (in Fayette County) (47)
North Versailles (in Allegheny County) (33)
North Wales (in Montgomery County) (52)
North Washington (in Butler County) (29)
North Whitehall (in Lehigh County) (30)
Northampton (in Northampton County) (57)
Northampton in Bucks County (in Bucks County) (55)
Northampton in Somerset County (in Somerset County) (37)
Northern Cambria (in Cambria County) (21)
Northern Liberties (in Philadelphia County) (66)
Northumberland (in Northumberland County) (66)
Norwegian (in Schuylkill County) (38)
Nottingham (in Chester County) (63)
Nottingham in Washington County (in Washington County) (33)
Numidia (in Columbia County) (32)
Nuremberg (in Schuylkill County) (32)
Oak Hill (in McKean County) (34)
Oak Lane (in Philadelphia County) (67)
Oakdale (in Allegheny County) (38)
Oakland (in Susquehanna County) (31)
Oakmont (in Allegheny County) (48)
Oaks (in Montgomery County) (46)
Oberlin (in Dauphin County) (30)
Ohiopyle (in Fayette County) (39)
Oil City (in Venango County) (111)
Old Forge (in Lackawanna County) (37)
Old Zionsville (in Lehigh County) (33)
Oley (in Berks County) (102)
Olyphant (in Lackawanna County) (39)
Ontelaunee (in Berks County) (61)
Orangeville (in Columbia County) (30)
Orbisonia (in Huntingdon County) (45)
Orefield (in Lehigh County) (26)
Orrstown (in Franklin County) (24)
Orwell (in Bradford County) (28)
Orwigsburg (in Schuylkill County) (72)
Osceola (in Tioga County) (33)
Osceola Mills (in Clearfield County) (37)
Osterburg (in Bedford County) (32)
Oswayo (in Potter County) (29)
Otto (in McKean County) (30)
Ottsville (in Bucks County) (54)
Oval (in Lycoming County) (17)
Overbrook (in Philadelphia County) (63)
Overton (in Bradford County) (26)
Oxford (in Chester County) (110)
Oxford Circle (in Philadelphia County) (61)
Oxford in Adams County (in Adams County) (30)
Oxford in Philadelphia County (in Philadelphia County) (61)
Paint (in Somerset County) (43)
Palmerton (in Carbon County) (35)
Palmyra (in Lebanon County) (58)
Paoli (in Chester County) (89)
Paradise (in Lancaster County) (73)
Paradise in York County (in York County) (43)
Paris (in Washington County) (37)
Parker (in Armstrong County) (38)
Parker Ford (in Chester County) (58)
Parkesburg (in Chester County) (78)
Parryville (in Carbon County) (20)
Patton (in Cambria County) (35)
Paupack (in Pike County) (16)
Paxinos (in Northumberland County) (35)
Paxtang (in Dauphin County) (48)
Peach Bottom (in York County) (35)
Peach Bottom in Lancaster County (in Lancaster County) (54)
Peckville (in Lackawanna County) (30)
Pen Argyl (in Northampton County) (37)
Penbrook (in Dauphin County) (34)
Penfield (in Clearfield County) (37)
Penn (in Westmoreland County) (54)
Penn Hills (in Allegheny County) (35)
Penn in Clearfield County (in Clearfield County) (24)
Penn in Cumberland County (in Cumberland County) (37)
Penn in Lancaster County (in Lancaster County) (65)
Penn in Perry County (in Perry County) (21)
Penn in York County (in York County) (35)
Penns Creek (in Snyder County) (29)
Pennsburg (in Montgomery County) (56)
Pennsdale (in Lycoming County) (16)
Penryn (in Lancaster County) (55)
Pequea (in Lancaster County) (76)
Perkasie (in Bucks County) (87)
Perkiomen (in Montgomery County) (40)
Perry (in Greene County) (36)
Perry in Armstrong County (in Armstrong County) (29)
Perry in Berks County (in Berks County) (63)
Perry in Lawrence County (in Lawrence County) (23)
Perryopolis (in Fayette County) (48)
Peters (in Washington County) (37)
Peters in Franklin County (in Franklin County) (29)
Petersburg (in Huntingdon County) (36)
Petersville (in Northampton County) (27)
Petroleum Center (in Venango County) (31)
Petrolia (in Butler County) (31)
Philadelphia (in Philadelphia County) (4,195)
Philipsburg (in Centre County) (60)
Phoenixville (in Chester County) (153)
Picture Rocks (in Lycoming County) (16)
Pike (in Clearfield County) (26)
Pike in Berks County (in Berks County) (72)
Pikeland (in Chester County) (56)
Pine (in Allegheny County) (30)
Pine Bank (in Greene County) (28)
Pine Creek (in Clinton County) (22)
Pine Grove (in Schuylkill County) (133)
Pine Grove Mills (in Centre County) (25)
Pine Grove in Warren County (in Warren County) (22)
Pine in Indiana County (in Indiana County) (28)
Pinecreek (in Jefferson County) (23)
Pinecroft (in Blair County) (26)
Pitcairn (in Allegheny County) (38)
Pitman (in Schuylkill County) (40)
Pittsburgh (in Allegheny County) (1,720)
Pittsfield (in Warren County) (33)
Pittston (in Luzerne County) (104)
Plain Grove (in Lawrence County) (48)
Plainfield (in Cumberland County) (32)
Plainfield in Northampton County (in Northampton County) (33)
Plains (in Luzerne County) (38)
Pleasant Gap (in Centre County) (27)
Pleasant Hall (in Franklin County) (25)
Pleasant Mount (in Wayne County) (37)
Pleasant Unity (in Westmoreland County) (42)
Pleasant Valley (in Bucks County) (58)
Pleasantville (in Venango County) (33)
Plowville (in Berks County) (59)
Plum (in Allegheny County) (35)
Plumcreek (in Armstrong County) (26)
Plumstead (in Bucks County) (61)
Plumville (in Indiana County) (28)
Plymouth (in Luzerne County) (83)
Plymouth Meeting (in Montgomery County) (44)
Plymouth Township (in Montgomery County) (50)
Pocono Lake (in Monroe County) (15)
Pocono Pines (in Monroe County) (16)
Point Marion (in Fayette County) (49)
Polk (in Venango County) (27)
Port Allegany (in McKean County) (41)
Port Carbon (in Schuylkill County) (52)
Port Clinton (in Schuylkill County) (33)
Port Matilda (in Centre County) (32)
Port Royal (in Juniata County) (36)
Port Trevorton (in Snyder County) (27)
Portage (in Cambria County) (45)
Portage in Potter County (in Potter County) (25)
Porter in Clinton County (in Clinton County) (23)
Portersville (in Butler County) (48)
Portland (in Northampton County) (27)
Potter (in Centre County) (25)
Potts Grove (in Northumberland County) (30)
Pottstown (in Montgomery County) (176)
Pottsville (in Schuylkill County) (278)
Preston (in Wayne County) (35)
Pricetown (in Berks County) (64)
Princeton (in Lawrence County) (25)
Pringle (in Luzerne County) (25)
Prospect (in Butler County) (29)
Prospect Park (in Delaware County) (39)
Prosperity (in Washington County) (34)
Providence (in Bedford County) (32)
Providence in Lancaster County (in Lancaster County) (50)
Pulaski (in Lawrence County) (34)
Punxsutawney (in Jefferson County) (79)
Quakertown (in Bucks County) (125)
Quarryville (in Lancaster County) (93)
Quemahoning (in Somerset County) (42)
Quiggleville (in Lycoming County) (18)
Quincy (in Franklin County) (37)
Radnor (in Delaware County) (80)
Ralpho (in Northumberland County) (33)
Ralston (in Lycoming County) (16)
Ramey (in Clearfield County) (28)
Ransom (in Lackawanna County) (29)
Rapho (in Lancaster County) (56)
Reading (in Berks County) (699)
Reamstown (in Lancaster County) (61)
Rebersburg (in Centre County) (38)
Rebuck (in Northumberland County) (33)
Red Hill (in Montgomery County) (41)
Red Lion (in York County) (63)
Redbank (in Armstrong County) (25)
Redstone (in Fayette County) (43)
Reedsville (in Mifflin County) (44)
Rehrersburg (in Berks County) (106)
Reinholds (in Lancaster County) (55)
Reno (in Venango County) (33)
Renovo (in Clinton County) (49)
Republic (in Fayette County) (35)
Reserve (in Allegheny County) (28)
Revere (in Bucks County) (54)
Reynoldsville (in Jefferson County) (65)
Rheems (in Lancaster County) (51)
Rices Landing (in Greene County) (25)
Richboro (in Bucks County) (56)
Richfield (in Juniata County) (24)
Richhill (in Greene County) (49)
Richland (in Cambria County) (29)
Richland in Bucks County (in Bucks County) (55)
Richland in Lebanon County (in Lebanon County) (35)
Richmond (in Tioga County) (44)
Richmond in Berks County (in Berks County) (81)
Ridgebury (in Bradford County) (24)
Ridgway (in Elk County) (63)
Ridley (in Delaware County) (34)
Ridley Park (in Delaware County) (32)
Riegelsville (in Bucks County) (74)
Rimersburg (in Clarion County) (35)
Ringgold (in Jefferson County) (24)
Ringtown (in Schuylkill County) (49)
Rittersville (in Lehigh County) (28)
Riverside (in Northumberland County) (30)
Roaring Creek (in Columbia County) (23)
Roaring Spring (in Blair County) (47)
Robeson (in Berks County) (73)
Robesonia (in Berks County) (79)
Robinson (in Allegheny County) (25)
Rochester (in Beaver County) (67)
Rock Glen (in Luzerne County) (25)
Rockdale (in Delaware County) (32)
Rockefeller (in Northumberland County) (32)
Rockhill Furnace (in Huntingdon County) (30)
Rockland (in Venango County) (32)
Rockland Township (in Berks County) (70)
Rockledge (in Montgomery County) (40)
Rockwood (in Somerset County) (37)
Rogersville (in Greene County) (42)
Rohrerstown (in Lancaster County) (58)
Rome (in Bradford County) (33)
Roscoe (in Washington County) (32)
Rosemont (in Montgomery County) (55)
Rosemont in Delaware County (in Delaware County) (27)
Roseto (in Northampton County) (28)
Roseville (in Tioga County) (22)
Roslyn (in Montgomery County) (43)
Ross (in Allegheny County) (33)
Rossiter (in Indiana County) (32)
Rossville (in York County) (38)
Rostraver (in Westmoreland County) (51)
Rothsville (in Lancaster County) (53)
Rough and Ready (in Schuylkill County) (32)
Roulette (in Potter County) (34)
Rouseville (in Venango County) (30)
Roxborough (in Philadelphia County) (83)
Royersford (in Montgomery County) (62)
Ruffs Dale (in Westmoreland County) (41)
Rural Valley (in Armstrong County) (33)
Rush (in Schuylkill County) (41)
Russell (in Warren County) (30)
Russellton (in Allegheny County) (25)
Rutland (in Tioga County) (32)
Rye (in Perry County) (21)
Sacramento (in Schuylkill County) (34)
Sadsbury (in Chester County) (60)
Saegersville (in Lehigh County) (27)
Saegertown (in Crawford County) (29)
Safe Harbor (in Lancaster County) (51)
Saint Clair (in Schuylkill County) (67)
Saint Johns (in Luzerne County) (23)
Saint Marys (in Elk County) (55)
Saint Petersburg (in Clarion County) (30)
Saint Thomas (in Franklin County) (45)
Salem (in Luzerne County) (32)
Salem in Clarion County (in Clarion County) (25)
Salem in Wayne County (in Wayne County) (28)
Salem in Westmoreland County (in Westmoreland County) (40)
Salemville (in Bedford County) (33)
Salina (in Westmoreland County) (44)
Salisbury (in Somerset County) (45)
Salisbury in Lehigh County (in Lehigh County) (49)
Salladasburg (in Lycoming County) (17)
Salona (in Clinton County) (25)
Saltlick (in Fayette County) (51)
Saltsburg (in Indiana County) (62)
Sandy (in Clearfield County) (30)
Sandy Creek (in Mercer County) (27)
Sandy Lake (in Mercer County) (42)
Sardis (in Westmoreland County) (43)
Sarver (in Butler County) (33)
Sassamansville (in Montgomery County) (43)
Saville (in Perry County) (23)
Saxonburg (in Butler County) (34)
Saxton (in Bedford County) (44)
Saylorsburg (in Monroe County) (17)
Sayre (in Bradford County) (51)
Scalp Level (in Cambria County) (21)
Scandia (in Warren County) (20)
Scenery Hill (in Washington County) (33)
Schaefferstown (in Lebanon County) (52)
Schellsburg (in Bedford County) (41)
Schoenersville (in Lehigh County) (25)
Schuylkill Haven (in Schuylkill County) (81)
Schwenksville (in Montgomery County) (56)
Scotland (in Franklin County) (29)
Scott (in Lackawanna County) (26)
Scottdale (in Westmoreland County) (63)
Scranton (in Lackawanna County) (400)
Sebring (in Tioga County) (27)
Seiberlingsville (in Lehigh County) (25)
Selinsgrove (in Snyder County) (63)
Sellersville (in Bucks County) (68)
Seneca (in Venango County) (26)
Sergeant (in McKean County) (27)
Seven Valleys (in York County) (42)
Sewickley (in Allegheny County) (64)
Sewickley in Westmoreland County (in Westmoreland County) (46)
Shade (in Somerset County) (60)
Shade Gap (in Huntingdon County) (35)
Shaler (in Allegheny County) (31)
Shamokin (in Northumberland County) (121)
Shamokin Dam (in Snyder County) (25)
Shanksville (in Somerset County) (32)
Shannondale (in Clarion County) (26)
Sharon (in Mercer County) (97)
Sharon Hill (in Delaware County) (37)
Sharon in Potter County (in Potter County) (25)
Sharpsburg (in Allegheny County) (49)
Sharpsville (in Mercer County) (37)
Shavertown (in Luzerne County) (38)
Shawnee (in Monroe County) (15)
Sheffield (in Warren County) (35)
Shenandoah (in Schuylkill County) (94)
Shenandoah Heights (in Schuylkill County) (56)
Shenango Township (in Lawrence County) (34)
Sheppton (in Schuylkill County) (32)
Shermans Dale (in Perry County) (29)
Sheshequin (in Bradford County) (23)
Shickshinny (in Luzerne County) (44)
Shillington (in Berks County) (68)
Shiloh (in York County) (40)
Shinglehouse (in Potter County) (31)
Shippen (in Tioga County) (22)
Shippensburg (in Cumberland County) (118)
Shippenville (in Clarion County) (30)
Shiremanstown (in Cumberland County) (40)
Shirleysburg (in Huntingdon County) (38)
Shoemakersville (in Berks County) (70)
Shoenersville (in Lehigh County) (50)
Shohola (in Pike County) (22)
Shrewsbury (in York County) (53)
Shunk (in Sullivan County) (24)
Sidman (in Cambria County) (31)
Sigel (in Jefferson County) (28)
Silver Spring (in Cumberland County) (54)
Simpson (in Lackawanna County) (26)
Sinking Spring (in Berks County) (65)
Sinnemahoning (in Cameron County) (28)
Skippack (in Montgomery County) (69)
Slate Lick (in Armstrong County) (26)
Slatington (in Lehigh County) (59)
Sligo (in Clarion County) (33)
Slippery Rock (in Butler County) (70)
Slippery Rock in Lawrence County (in Lawrence County) (29)
Smethport (in McKean County) (83)
Smithfield (in Fayette County) (45)
Smithfield in Monroe County (in Monroe County) (25)
Smithton (in Westmoreland County) (41)
Snake Spring (in Bedford County) (34)
Snow Shoe (in Centre County) (29)
Snyder (in Blair County) (21)
Solebury (in Bucks County) (68)
Somerset (in Somerset County) (130)
Somerset in Washington County (in Washington County) (36)
Sonestown (in Sullivan County) (28)
Souderton (in Montgomery County) (77)
South Abington (in Lackawanna County) (24)
South Beaver (in Beaver County) (36)
South Bend (in Armstrong County) (26)
South Bethlehem (in Armstrong County) (31)
South Buffalo (in Armstrong County) (24)
South Canaan (in Wayne County) (25)
South Fork (in Cambria County) (32)
South Huntingdon (in Westmoreland County) (53)
South Lebanon (in Lebanon County) (23)
South Londonderry (in Lebanon County) (25)
South Manheim (in Schuylkill County) (41)
South Middleton (in Cumberland County) (33)
South Newton (in Cumberland County) (33)
South Park (in Allegheny County) (25)
South Philadelphia (in Philadelphia County) (64)
South Whitehall (in Lehigh County) (54)
South Williamsport (in Lycoming County) (19)
Southampton (in Somerset County) (37)
Southampton in Bedford County (in Bedford County) (29)
Southampton in Bucks County (in Bucks County) (68)
Southampton in Cumberland County (in Cumberland County) (33)
Southwark (in Philadelphia County) (90)
Spangler (in Cambria County) (23)
Spartansburg (in Crawford County) (38)
Spinnerstown (in Bucks County) (66)
Spring (in Perry County) (23)
Spring Brook (in Lackawanna County) (25)
Spring Church (in Armstrong County) (27)
Spring City (in Chester County) (81)
Spring Creek (in Warren County) (23)
Spring Garden (in Philadelphia County) (66)
Spring Grove (in York County) (62)
Spring Mills (in Centre County) (29)
Spring Run (in Franklin County) (23)
Springboro (in Crawford County) (24)
Springdale (in Allegheny County) (38)
Springettsbury (in York County) (35)
Springfield (in Delaware County) (59)
Springfield in Bradford County (in Bradford County) (25)
Springfield in Bucks County (in Bucks County) (72)
Springfield in Fayette County (in Fayette County) (37)
Springfield in Mercer County (in Mercer County) (27)
Springfield in York County (in York County) (42)
Springhill (in Greene County) (36)
Springhill in Fayette County (in Fayette County) (50)
Springtown (in Bucks County) (70)
Springville (in Susquehanna County) (29)
Spruce Hill (in Juniata County) (23)
Stahlstown (in Westmoreland County) (40)
Standing Stone (in Bradford County) (27)
Stanton (in Jefferson County) (23)
Starrucca (in Wayne County) (22)
Starview (in York County) (35)
State College (in Centre County) (64)
Steelton (in Dauphin County) (67)
Sterling (in Wayne County) (26)
Sterling Run (in Cameron County) (27)
Stewart (in Fayette County) (41)
Stewartstown (in York County) (47)
Stone Church (in Northampton County) (29)
Stoneboro (in Mercer County) (30)
Stonybrook (in York County) (36)
Stonycreek (in Somerset County) (65)
Stouchsburg (in Berks County) (60)
Stoystown (in Somerset County) (37)
Straban (in Adams County) (34)
Strafford (in Chester County) (56)
Strasburg (in Lancaster County) (67)
Strattanville (in Clarion County) (31)
Strausstown (in Berks County) (60)
Stroudsburg (in Monroe County) (106)
Sugar Grove (in Warren County) (49)
Sugar Notch (in Luzerne County) (26)
Sugarcreek (in Armstrong County) (33)
Sugarcreek in Venango County (in Venango County) (27)
Sugarloaf (in Columbia County) (25)
Sugarloaf in Luzerne County (in Luzerne County) (24)
Sullivan (in Tioga County) (48)
Summerhill (in Cambria County) (30)
Summerville (in Jefferson County) (27)
Summit (in Somerset County) (39)
Summit Hill (in Carbon County) (49)
Summit Mills (in Somerset County) (28)
Summit in Potter County (in Potter County) (26)
Sumneytown (in Montgomery County) (42)
Sunbury (in Northumberland County) (136)
Susquehanna (in Susquehanna County) (42)
Susquehanna Depot (in Susquehanna County) (26)
Susquehanna in Dauphin County (in Dauphin County) (32)
Swarthmore (in Delaware County) (42)
Swatara (in Lebanon County) (25)
Sweden (in Potter County) (24)
Sweet Valley (in Luzerne County) (29)
Swoyersville (in Luzerne County) (26)
Sycamore (in Greene County) (25)
Sykesville (in Jefferson County) (27)
Tamaqua (in Schuylkill County) (88)
Tannersville (in Monroe County) (19)
Tarentum (in Allegheny County) (47)
Taylor (in Lackawanna County) (32)
Telford (in Montgomery County) (53)
Telford in Bucks County (in Bucks County) (53)
Templeton (in Armstrong County) (26)
Ten Mile (in Washington County) (32)
Thomasville (in York County) (36)
Thompson (in Susquehanna County) (30)
Thompsontown (in Juniata County) (33)
Thornbury (in Delaware County) (30)
Three Springs (in Huntingdon County) (41)
Throop (in Lackawanna County) (29)
Tidal (in Armstrong County) (26)
Tidioute (in Warren County) (41)
Tinicum (in Bucks County) (69)
Tioga (in Tioga County) (39)
Tionesta (in Forest County) (54)
Titusville (in Crawford County) (164)
Toboyne (in Perry County) (22)
Todd (in Huntingdon County) (33)
Topton (in Berks County) (63)
Torresdale (in Philadelphia County) (62)
Towamencin (in Montgomery County) (48)
Towanda (in Bradford County) (102)
Tower City (in Schuylkill County) (47)
Townville (in Crawford County) (30)
Trafford (in Westmoreland County) (47)
Transfer (in Mercer County) (27)
Trappe (in Montgomery County) (75)
Trauger (in Westmoreland County) (42)
Tredyffrin (in Chester County) (71)
Tremont (in Schuylkill County) (51)
Trevorton (in Northumberland County) (44)
Trexlertown (in Lehigh County) (27)
Trout Run (in Lycoming County) (26)
Troutville (in Clearfield County) (24)
Troxelville (in Snyder County) (24)
Troy (in Bradford County) (40)
Troy in Crawford County (in Crawford County) (25)
Trucksville (in Luzerne County) (26)
Trumbauersville (in Bucks County) (61)
Tulpehocken (in Berks County) (62)
Tunkhannock (in Wyoming County) (72)
Turbett (in Juniata County) (24)
Turbot (in Northumberland County) (35)
Turbotville (in Northumberland County) (51)
Turtle Creek (in Allegheny County) (35)
Tuscarora (in Juniata County) (25)
Twin Oaks (in Venango County) (29)
Tylersville (in Clinton County) (22)
Tyrone (in Blair County) (77)
Tyrone in Perry County (in Perry County) (22)
Ulster (in Bradford County) (28)
Ulysses (in Potter County) (41)
Union (in Tioga County) (45)
Union City (in Union County) (39)
Union in Adams County (in Adams County) (35)
Union in Erie County (in Erie County) (28)
Union in Lebanon County (in Lebanon County) (32)
Union in Mifflin County (in Mifflin County) (30)
Union in Schuylkill County (in Schuylkill County) (35)
Union in Washington County (in Washington County) (33)
Uniontown (in Fayette County) (194)
Unity (in Westmoreland County) (54)
University Park (in Centre County) (26)
Upland (in Delaware County) (47)
Upper Allen (in Cumberland County) (38)
Upper Black Eddy (in Bucks County) (52)
Upper Burrell (in Westmoreland County) (39)
Upper Chichester (in Delaware County) (29)
Upper Darby (in Delaware County) (56)
Upper Dublin (in Montgomery County) (42)
Upper Frederick (in Montgomery County) (44)
Upper Hanover (in Montgomery County) (49)
Upper Macungie (in Lehigh County) (26)
Upper Mahanoy (in Northumberland County) (38)
Upper Mahantango (in Schuylkill County) (32)
Upper Makefield (in Bucks County) (54)
Upper Merion (in Montgomery County) (48)
Upper Milford (in Lehigh County) (36)
Upper Mount Bethel (in Northampton County) (37)
Upper Paxton (in Dauphin County) (34)
Upper Providence (in Delaware County) (40)
Upper Providence in Montgomery County (in Montgomery County) (60)
Upper Salford (in Montgomery County) (65)
Upper Saucon (in Lehigh County) (45)
Upper St Clair (in Allegheny County) (28)
Upper Strasburg (in Franklin County) (24)
Upper Turkeyfoot (in Somerset County) (45)
Upper Tyrone (in Fayette County) (34)
Upton (in Franklin County) (27)
Utica (in Venango County) (27)
Uwchlan (in Chester County) (59)
Valencia (in Butler County) (32)
Valley Forge in Chester County (in Chester County) (60)
Valley View (in Schuylkill County) (72)
Vanceville (in Washington County) (33)
Vanderbilt (in Fayette County) (36)
Vandergrift (in Westmoreland County) (73)
Venango (in Crawford County) (24)
Verona (in Allegheny County) (44)
Villanova (in Delaware County) (41)
Vincent (in Chester County) (56)
Vintondale (in Cambria County) (21)
Vira (in Mifflin County) (33)
Volant (in Lawrence County) (26)
Wagontown (in Chester County) (56)
Walker in Centre County (in Centre County) (24)
Wallingford (in Delaware County) (34)
Walnut Bottom (in Cumberland County) (34)
Wampum (in Lawrence County) (28)
Wanamie (in Luzerne County) (25)
Wapwallopen (in Luzerne County) (26)
Ward (in Tioga County) (40)
Warfordsburg (in Fulton County) (39)
Warminster (in Bucks County) (67)
Warren (in Warren County) (139)
Warren in Bradford County (in Bradford County) (23)
Warren in Franklin County (in Franklin County) (26)
Warrington (in York County) (52)
Warriors Mark (in Huntingdon County) (38)
Warwick (in Lancaster County) (62)
Warwick in Bucks County (in Bucks County) (65)
Warwick in Chester County (in Chester County) (60)
Washington (in Washington County) (222)
Washington in Fayette County (in Fayette County) (36)
Washington in Franklin County (in Franklin County) (23)
Washington in Greene County (in Greene County) (26)
Washington in Lancaster County (in Lancaster County) (54)
Washington in Lycoming County (in Lycoming County) (18)
Washington in Northumberland County (in Northumberland County) (43)
Washington in Schuylkill County (in Schuylkill County) (41)
Washington in Snyder County (in Snyder County) (24)
Washington in Westmoreland County (in Westmoreland County) (40)
Washington in York County (in York County) (40)
Waterfall (in Fulton County) (23)
Waterford (in Erie County) (64)
Waterville (in Lycoming County) (19)
Watsontown (in Northumberland County) (56)
Wattsburg (in Erie County) (43)
Waymart (in Wayne County) (30)
Wayne (in Greene County) (49)
Wayne in Delaware County (in Delaware County) (48)
Wayne in Lawrence County (in Lawrence County) (23)
Wayne in Schuylkill County (in Schuylkill County) (45)
Waynesboro (in Franklin County) (130)
Waynesburg (in Greene County) (102)
Weatherly (in Carbon County) (33)
Weedville (in Elk County) (23)
Weisenberg (in Lehigh County) (48)
Weissport (in Carbon County) (30)
Wellsboro (in Tioga County) (113)
Wellsville (in York County) (36)
Welsh Run (in Franklin County) (32)
Wernersville (in Berks County) (62)
Wescosville (in Lehigh County) (26)
Wesleyville (in Erie County) (25)
West Alexander (in Washington County) (51)
West Auburn (in Susquehanna County) (27)
West Beaver (in Snyder County) (26)
West Bethlehem (in Washington County) (42)
West Bradford (in Chester County) (63)
West Branch (in Potter County) (24)
West Brandywine (in Chester County) (66)
West Brownsville (in Washington County) (38)
West Brunswick (in Schuylkill County) (37)
West Caln (in Chester County) (56)
West Cameron (in Northumberland County) (31)
West Chester (in Chester County) (265)
West Cocalico (in Lancaster County) (52)
West Elizabeth (in Allegheny County) (31)
West Fairfield (in Westmoreland County) (40)
West Finley (in Washington County) (44)
West Goshen (in Chester County) (64)
West Greenville (in Mercer County) (26)
West Grove (in Chester County) (72)
West Hanover (in Dauphin County) (29)
West Hazleton (in Luzerne County) (31)
West Hempfield (in Lancaster County) (51)
West Lampeter (in Lancaster County) (51)
West Lawn (in Berks County) (59)
West Liberty (in Butler County) (28)
West Manchester (in York County) (54)
West Manheim (in York County) (47)
West Marlborough (in Chester County) (57)
West Middlesex (in Mercer County) (41)
West Middletown (in Washington County) (40)
West Mifflin (in Allegheny County) (55)
West Nanticoke (in Luzerne County) (24)
West Nantmeal (in Chester County) (57)
West Newton (in Westmoreland County) (62)
West Norriton (in Montgomery County) (39)
West Penn (in Schuylkill County) (39)
West Pennsboro Township (in Cumberland County) (35)
West Philadelphia (in Philadelphia County) (74)
West Pike Run (in Washington County) (34)
West Pikeland (in Chester County) (60)
West Pittston (in Luzerne County) (36)
West Reading (in Berks County) (57)
West Rockhill (in Bucks County) (53)
West Salem Township (in Mercer County) (30)
West Springfield (in Erie County) (25)
West Sunbury (in Butler County) (43)
West Vincent (in Chester County) (63)
West Whiteland (in Chester County) (58)
Westfield (in Tioga County) (70)
Westmont (in Cambria County) (21)
Westover (in Clearfield County) (26)
Westport (in Clinton County) (22)
Westtown (in Chester County) (67)
Westview (in Allegheny County) (25)
Wexford (in Allegheny County) (29)
Wharton (in Fayette County) (42)
Wharton Furnace (in Fayette County) (35)
Wharton in Potter County (in Potter County) (25)
White Deer (in Union County) (18)
White Haven (in Luzerne County) (46)
White Pine (in Lycoming County) (16)
White in Fayette County (in Fayette County) (35)
Whitehall (in Lehigh County) (56)
Whiteley (in Greene County) (39)
Whitemarsh (in Montgomery County) (56)
Wiconisco (in Dauphin County) (36)
Wilcox (in Elk County) (28)
Wilkes-Barre (in Luzerne County) (334)
Wilkins (in Allegheny County) (26)
Wilkinsburg (in Allegheny County) (57)
Williams (in Northampton County) (49)
Williamsburg (in Blair County) (51)
Williamson (in Franklin County) (24)
Williamsport (in Lycoming County) (290)
Williamstown (in Dauphin County) (43)
Willow Grove (in Montgomery County) (41)
Willow Hill in Franklin County (in Franklin County) (23)
Willow Street (in Lancaster County) (51)
Wilmerding (in Allegheny County) (28)
Wilmington (in Mercer County) (29)
Wilmington in Lawrence County (in Lawrence County) (25)
Wilmore (in Cambria County) (22)
Wilmot (in Bradford County) (23)
Wilson (in Northampton County) (30)
Winburne (in Clearfield County) (32)
Wind Gap (in Northampton County) (27)
Windber (in Somerset County) (50)
Windham (in Bradford County) (21)
Windsor (in York County) (53)
Winslow (in Jefferson County) (27)
Winterstown (in York County) (35)
Wissinoming (in Philadelphia County) (59)
Womelsdorf (in Berks County) (75)
Woodbury (in Bedford County) (45)
Woodbury in Blair County (in Blair County) (20)
Woodcock (in Crawford County) (24)
Woodlawn (in Montgomery County) (41)
Woodward (in Clearfield County) (23)
Woodward in Centre County (in Centre County) (24)
Woolrich (in Clinton County) (22)
Worcester (in Montgomery County) (50)
Worthington (in Armstrong County) (33)
Wrightstown (in Bucks County) (81)
Wrightsville (in York County) (66)
Wyalusing (in Bradford County) (39)
Wyncote (in Montgomery County) (40)
Wyoming (in Luzerne County) (41)
Wyomissing (in Berks County) (59)
Wysox (in Bradford County) (26)
Yardley (in Bucks County) (69)
Yatesboro (in Armstrong County) (26)
Yeadon (in Delaware County) (34)
Yeagertown (in Mifflin County) (37)
Yellow Creek (in Bedford County) (31)
Yellow House (in Berks County) (57)
York (in York County) (415)
York Springs (in Adams County) (58)
Youngstown (in Westmoreland County) (41)
Youngsville (in Warren County) (37)
Youngwood (in Westmoreland County) (50)
Yukon (in Westmoreland County) (39)
Zelienople (in Butler County) (60)
Zions View (in York County) (36)
Zionsville (in Lehigh County) (39)

Overview of Pennsylvania Genealogy Records

  • History: Pennsylvania was first settled in 1643. It became a state in 1787.
  • Birth records: Some Pennsylvania counties kept birth records from 1852-1854 and again starting in 1893. Statewide registration of births began in 1906 with complete records by 1915. Copies of recent birth certificates can be obtained from the Pennsylvania Department of Health.
  • Marriage records: Marriage records were kept by the government in Pennsylvania starting in 1885 with a few kept before 1885. Copies of recent marriage certificates can be obtained from the marriage license clerk in the county courthouse where the marriage license was issued.
  • Death records: Some Pennsylvania counties kept death records from 1852-1854 and again starting in 1893. Statewide registration of death began in 1906 with complete records by 1915. Copies of recent death certificates can be obtained from the Pennsylvania Department of Health.
  • Philadelphia: Many of the records for the city of Philadelphia were kept separately and are kept in the Philadelphia City Archives.
  • Census records: Federal censuses are available starting in 1790 and every 10 years through 1950.
  • County records: Court, land, probate, and tax records were kept at the county level.
  • Naturalization records: Naturalization records from 1727 to 1794 are at the Pennsylvania State Archives. After 1794, naturalization records were kept by the individual county courts.
  • Church records: Many church records that were kept previous to civil registration have been preserved so checking for church records in the town or city where your ancestor lived may be helpful.
  • Other records: Many cities and towns had newspapers, records kept by churches, cemeteries, histories, school, city directories, and other records that can be located on the city pages on this site. Records specific to minority groups can be found in the Minority Records section.
  • All records: Online indexes and images of many of the above records can be found by using the links on this site.
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