Mississippi Genealogy

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Overview of Mississippi records

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Birth Records (103)
Cemetery Records (14,382)
Census Records (2,612)
Church Records (245)
City Directories (401)
Court Records (197)
Death Records (376)
Histories and Genealogies (406)
Immigration Records (87)
Land Records (657)
Map Records (810)
Marriage Records (497)
Military Records (927)
Minority Records (120)
Miscellaneous Records (162)
Newspapers and Obituaries (2,368)
Probate Records (427)
School Records (1,590)
Tax Records (168)

By County

Adams County (478)
Alcorn County (301)
Amite County (633)
Attala County (355)
Benton County (199)
Bolivar County (246)
Calhoun County (225)
Carroll County (373)
Chickasaw County (271)
Choctaw County (216)
Claiborne County (350)
Clarke County (358)
Clay County (192)
Coahoma County (259)
Copiah County (375)
Covington County (352)
DeSoto County (298)
Forrest County (425)
Franklin County (266)
George County (459)
Greene County (351)
Grenada County (247)
Hancock County (206)
Harrison County (454)
Hinds County (830)
Holmes County (397)
Humphreys County (113)
Issaquena County (98)
Itawamba County (252)
Jackson County (411)
Jasper County (372)
Jefferson County (287)
Jefferson Davis County (308)
Jones County (618)
Kemper County (248)
Lafayette County (385)
Lamar County (278)
Lauderdale County (441)
Lawrence County (268)
Leake County (263)
Lee County (316)
Leflore County (169)
Lincoln County (355)
Lowndes County (432)
Madison County (512)
Marion County (420)
Marshall County (375)
Monroe County (346)
Montgomery County (223)
Neshoba County (294)
Newton County (283)
Noxubee County (253)
Oktibbeha County (333)
Panola County (357)
Pearl River County (266)
Perry County (414)
Pike County (375)
Pontotoc County (271)
Prentiss County (260)
Quitman County (108)
Rankin County (311)
Scott County (224)
Sharkey County (123)
Simpson County (270)
Smith County (258)
Stone County (216)
Sunflower County (211)
Tallahatchie County (248)
Tate County (290)
Tippah County (382)
Tishomingo County (387)
Tunica County (114)
Union County (215)
Walthall County (251)
Warren County (451)
Washington County (278)
Wayne County (356)
Webster County (191)
Wilkinson County (356)
Winston County (260)
Yalobusha County (295)
Yazoo County (358)

By City

Abbeville (in Lafayette County) (38)
Aberdeen (in Monroe County) (95)
Ackerman (in Choctaw County) (45)
Agricola (in George County) (46)
Algoma (in Pontotoc County) (20)
Altitude (in Prentiss County) (16)
Amory (in Monroe County) (41)
Anguilla (in Sharkey County) (29)
Antioch (in Warren County) (20)
Arkabutla (in Tate County) (30)
Arlington (in Neshoba County) (21)
Artesia (in Lowndes County) (23)
Ashland (in Benton County) (47)
Augusta (in Perry County) (20)
Avent (in George County) (19)
Bailey (in Lauderdale County) (19)
Baldwyn (in Lee County) (31)
Banner (in Calhoun County) (20)
Barbara (in Perry County) (19)
Barlow (in Copiah County) (22)
Barton (in George County) (17)
Basin (in George County) (29)
Bassfield (in Jefferson Davis County) (49)
Batesville (in Panola County) (67)
Baxterville (in Lamar County) (25)
Bay Saint Louis (in Hancock County) (59)
Bay Springs (in Jasper County) (51)
Beaumont (in Perry County) (52)
Belden (in Lee County) (22)
Belmont (in Tishomingo County) (37)
Belzoni (in Humphreys County) (39)
Benndale (in George County) (54)
Benoit (in Bolivar County) (20)
Benton (in Yazoo County) (42)
Bentonia (in Yazoo County) (21)
Beulah (in Bolivar County) (20)
Bexley (in George County) (37)
Big Creek (in Calhoun County) (15)
Bigbee (in Monroe County) (21)
Biggersville (in Alcorn County) (16)
Biloxi (in Harrison County) (118)
Black Hawk (in Carroll County) (26)
Blodgett (in Jones County) (25)
Blue Mountain (in Tippah County) (45)
Blue Springs (in Union County) (18)
Bogue Chitto (in Lincoln County) (57)
Bolton (in Hinds County) (27)
Bond (in Stone County) (15)
Booneville (in Prentiss County) (75)
Bovina (in Warren County) (29)
Brandon (in Rankin County) (59)
Braxton (in Simpson County) (25)
Brookhaven (in Lincoln County) (126)
Brooklyn (in Forrest County) (30)
Brooksville (in Noxubee County) (32)
Brownsville (in Hinds County) (23)
Bruce (in Calhoun County) (34)
Buckatunna (in Wayne County) (31)
Bude (in Franklin County) (27)
Buena Vista (in Chickasaw County) (18)
Bunker Hill (in Marion County) (28)
Burnsville (in Tishomingo County) (46)
Byhalia (in Marshall County) (38)
Byram (in Hinds County) (27)
Caledonia (in Lowndes County) (39)
Calhoun City (in Calhoun County) (35)
Camden (in Madison County) (31)
Camp Shelby (in Perry County) (22)
Cannonsburg (in Jefferson County) (24)
Canton (in Madison County) (155)
Carlisle (in Claiborne County) (26)
Carnes (in Forrest County) (21)
Carpenter (in Copiah County) (25)
Carriere (in Pearl River County) (28)
Carrollton (in Carroll County) (99)
Carson (in Jefferson Davis County) (30)
Carterville (in Forrest County) (16)
Carthage (in Leake County) (59)
Cary (in Sharkey County) (18)
Cascilla (in Tallahatchie County) (28)
Caseyville (in Lincoln County) (22)
Cedar Bluff (in Clay County) (19)
Center (in Union County) (16)
Centreville (in Wilkinson County) (61)
Chalybeate (in Tippah County) (32)
Charleston (in Tallahatchie County) (80)
Chester (in Choctaw County) (22)
Chicora (in Wayne County) (27)
Chulahoma (in Marshall County) (19)
Chunky (in Newton County) (24)
Church Hill (in Jefferson County) (30)
Clara (in Wayne County) (32)
Clarksdale (in Coahoma County) (122)
Clem (in Jefferson Davis County) (22)
Cleveland (in Bolivar County) (59)
Clinton (in Hinds County) (48)
Coffeeville (in Yalobusha County) (51)
Coila (in Carroll County) (22)
Coldwater (in Tate County) (46)
College Hill (in Lafayette County) (22)
Collins (in Covington County) (72)
Collinsville (in Lauderdale County) (19)
Columbia (in Marion County) (94)
Columbus (in Lowndes County) (218)
Como (in Panola County) (44)
Conehatta (in Newton County) (25)
Corinth (in Alcorn County) (105)
Courtland (in Panola County) (25)
Coxburg (in Holmes County) (17)
Crawford (in Lowndes County) (30)
Crenshaw (in Panola County) (28)
Crosby (in Amite County) (25)
Crossroads in Pearl River County (in Pearl River County) (17)
Cruger (in Holmes County) (19)
Crystal Springs (in Copiah County) (59)
Culkin (in Warren County) (20)
D'Iberville (in Harrison County) (33)
D'Lo (in Simpson County) (22)
Dale (in George County) (14)
Daleville (in Lauderdale County) (17)
Darbun (in Walthall County) (17)
De Kalb (in Kemper County) (62)
De Soto (in Clarke County) (21)
Decatur (in Newton County) (46)
Delta City (in Sharkey County) (17)
Denmark (in Lafayette County) (23)
Dennis (in Tishomingo County) (27)
Dentville (in Copiah County) (25)
Dexter (in Walthall County) (24)
Dixie (in Forrest County) (21)
Dixon (in Neshoba County) (26)
Doddsville (in Sunflower County) (16)
Dorsey (in Itawamba County) (21)
Double Springs (in Oktibbeha County) (19)
Drew (in Sunflower County) (29)
Dry Creek (in Tippah County) (25)
Duck Hill (in Montgomery County) (37)
Duffee (in Newton County) (23)
Dumas (in Tippah County) (30)
Durant (in Holmes County) (37)
East Fork (in Amite County) (24)
Eastabuchie (in Jones County) (23)
Eatonville (in Forrest County) (15)
Ebenezer (in Holmes County) (21)
Ecru (in Pontotoc County) (19)
Edinburg (in Leake County) (24)
Edwards (in Hinds County) (35)
Ellisville (in Jones County) (124)
Emory (in Holmes County) (18)
Enid (in Tallahatchie County) (19)
Enterprise (in Clarke County) (39)
Escatawpa (in Jackson County) (28)
Ethel (in Attala County) (39)
Etta (in Union County) (18)
Eucutta (in Wayne County) (26)
Eudora (in DeSoto County) (20)
Eupora (in Webster County) (47)
Fairview (in Itawamba County) (21)
Falkner (in Tippah County) (54)
Farmhaven (in Madison County) (19)
Farmington (in Alcorn County) (19)
Fayette (in Jefferson County) (55)
Fearns Springs (in Winston County) (19)
Flora (in Madison County) (48)
Florence (in Rankin County) (42)
Flowood (in Rankin County) (21)
Forest (in Scott County) (42)
Foxworth (in Marion County) (56)
Frankstown (in Prentiss County) (17)
French Camp (in Choctaw County) (27)
Friars Point (in Coahoma County) (31)
Fulton (in Itawamba County) (55)
Gallman (in Copiah County) (24)
Gattman (in Monroe County) (22)
Gautier (in Jackson County) (25)
Georgetown (in Copiah County) (23)
Gillsburg (in Amite County) (36)
Gitano (in Jones County) (27)
Glen (in Alcorn County) (28)
Glen Allan (in Washington County) (27)
Gloster (in Amite County) (56)
Gluckstadt (in Madison County) (23)
Golden (in Tishomingo County) (23)
Goodman (in Holmes County) (29)
Gore Springs (in Grenada County) (24)
Grady (in Webster County) (17)
Grand Gulf (in Claiborne County) (24)
Gravel Hill (in Carroll County) (22)
Greenville (in Washington County) (129)
Greenwood (in Leflore County) (72)
Greenwood Springs (in Monroe County) (23)
Grenada (in Grenada County) (75)
Gulfport (in Harrison County) (108)
Gunnison (in Bolivar County) (19)
Guntown (in Lee County) (23)
Hamilton (in Monroe County) (28)
Handsboro (in Harrison County) (19)
Harleston (in Jackson County) (18)
Harmontown (in Lafayette County) (20)
Harperville (in Scott County) (18)
Harrisville (in Simpson County) (23)
Hatley (in Monroe County) (22)
Hattiesburg (in Forrest County) (185)
Hazel (in Newton County) (20)
Hazlehurst (in Copiah County) (96)
Hebron (in Jones County) (27)
Hebron in Jefferson Davis County (in Jefferson Davis County) (20)
Heidelberg (in Jasper County) (59)
Henleyfield (in Pearl River County) (16)
Hermanville (in Claiborne County) (33)
Hernando (in DeSoto County) (72)
Hesterville (in Attala County) (24)
Hickory (in Newton County) (30)
Hickory Flat (in Benton County) (25)
Hickory Grove (in Pearl River County) (16)
Hintonville (in Perry County) (45)
Holcomb (in Grenada County) (24)
Holcut (in Tishomingo County) (20)
Hollandale (in Washington County) (26)
Holly Bluff (in Yazoo County) (18)
Holly Springs (in Marshall County) (105)
Horn Lake (in DeSoto County) (20)
Hot Coffee (in Covington County) (25)
Houlka (in Chickasaw County) (32)
Houston (in Chickasaw County) (61)
Howell (in George County) (19)
Hurley (in Jackson County) (24)
Improve (in Marion County) (42)
Independence (in Tate County) (27)
Indian Springs (in Perry County) (23)
Indianola (in Sunflower County) (43)
Inverness (in Sunflower County) (23)
Isola (in Humphreys County) (16)
Itta Bena (in Leflore County) (24)
Iuka (in Tishomingo County) (115)
Jacinto (in Alcorn County) (18)
Jackson (in Hinds County) (427)
Janice (in Perry County) (27)
Jayess (in Lawrence County) (22)
Jefferson (in Carroll County) (23)
Jonestown (in Coahoma County) (18)
Jumpertown (in Prentiss County) (16)
Kendrick (in Alcorn County) (17)
Keownville (in Union County) (16)
Kilmichael (in Montgomery County) (28)
Kiln (in Hancock County) (32)
Kingston (in Adams County) (29)
Kokomo (in Marion County) (26)
Kosciusko (in Attala County) (108)
Kossuth (in Alcorn County) (26)
Lake (in Scott County) (25)
Lake Como (in Jasper County) (18)
Lamar (in Benton County) (22)
Lambert (in Quitman County) (18)
Langsdale (in Clarke County) (20)
Latimer (in Jackson County) (22)
Lauderdale (in Lauderdale County) (21)
Laurel (in Jones County) (193)
Laws Hill (in Marshall County) (20)
Le Tourneau (in Warren County) (19)
Leakesville (in Greene County) (84)
Learned (in Hinds County) (23)
Leland (in Washington County) (37)
Lena (in Leake County) (22)
Lexie (in Walthall County) (15)
Lexington (in Holmes County) (110)
Liberty (in Amite County) (144)
Little Rock (in Newton County) (24)
Lone Star (in Covington County) (20)
Long Beach (in Harrison County) (35)
Longview (in Oktibbeha County) (19)
Lorman (in Jefferson County) (23)
Louin (in Jasper County) (26)
Louisville (in Winston County) (80)
Loyd Star (in Lincoln County) (24)
Lucedale (in George County) (126)
Lumberton (in Lamar County) (39)
Maben (in Oktibbeha County) (35)
Macon (in Noxubee County) (84)
Madden (in Leake County) (22)
Madison (in Madison County) (39)
Magee (in Simpson County) (54)
Magnolia (in Pike County) (58)
Mahned (in Perry County) (21)
Mantachie (in Itawamba County) (28)
Marietta (in Prentiss County) (20)
Marion (in Lauderdale County) (18)
Marks (in Quitman County) (22)
Mars Hill (in Amite County) (25)
Martinville (in Simpson County) (24)
Mashulaville (in Noxubee County) (18)
Matherville (in Wayne County) (25)
Mathiston (in Webster County) (19)
Maxie (in Forrest County) (15)
Mayersville (in Issaquena County) (30)
Mayhew (in Lowndes County) (19)
McAdams (in Attala County) (29)
McCall Creek (in Franklin County) (28)
McCarley (in Carroll County) (24)
McComb (in Pike County) (78)
McCool (in Attala County) (24)
McHenry (in Stone County) (19)
McLain (in Greene County) (26)
McLaurin (in Forrest County) (16)
McNeill (in Pearl River County) (18)
Meadville (in Franklin County) (47)
Mechanicsburg (in Yazoo County) (17)
Mendenhall (in Simpson County) (48)
Meridian (in Lauderdale County) (205)
Merigold (in Bolivar County) (18)
Merrill (in George County) (23)
Mize (in Smith County) (48)
Monticello (in Lawrence County) (67)
Montpelier (in Clay County) (16)
Montrose (in Jasper County) (23)
Mooreville (in Lee County) (22)
Moorhead (in Sunflower County) (30)
Morgantown (in Marion County) (26)
Morriston (in Forrest County) (17)
Morton (in Scott County) (35)
Moscow (in Kemper County) (20)
Moselle (in Jones County) (40)
Moss (in Jasper County) (20)
Moss Point (in Jackson County) (54)
Mound Bayou (in Bolivar County) (28)
Mount Olive (in Covington County) (46)
Mount Pleasant (in Marshall County) (18)
Movella (in George County) (16)
Myrtle (in Union County) (28)
Natchez (in Adams County) (285)
Neely (in Greene County) (21)
Nesbit (in DeSoto County) (19)
Nettleton (in Lee County) (21)
New Albany (in Union County) (60)
New Augusta (in Perry County) (68)
New Hebron (in Lawrence County) (40)
New Hope (in Lowndes County) (23)
New Sight (in Lincoln County) (17)
New Site (in Prentiss County) (16)
New Union (in Marion County) (27)
Newport (in Attala County) (21)
Newton (in Newton County) (40)
North Carrollton (in Carroll County) (24)
Noxapater (in Winston County) (23)
Oak Grove (in Lamar County) (17)
Oak Ridge (in Warren County) (28)
Oakland (in Yalobusha County) (32)
Ocean Springs (in Jackson County) (49)
Okolona (in Chickasaw County) (71)
Olive Branch (in DeSoto County) (43)
Oloh (in Lamar County) (23)
Osyka (in Pike County) (27)
Ovett (in Jones County) (34)
Oxford (in Lafayette County) (149)
Pachuta (in Clarke County) (25)
Paden (in Tishomingo County) (28)
Palo Alto (in Clay County) (16)
Panola (in Panola County) (56)
Pascagoula (in Jackson County) (104)
Pass Christian (in Harrison County) (47)
Pattison (in Claiborne County) (29)
Paulding (in Jasper County) (41)
Paynes (in Tallahatchie County) (21)
Pearl (in Rankin County) (34)
Pearl River (in Neshoba County) (20)
Pearlington (in Hancock County) (26)
Pelahatchie (in Rankin County) (37)
Perkinston (in Stone County) (31)
Petal (in Forrest County) (44)
Pheba (in Clay County) (17)
Philadelphia (in Neshoba County) (84)
Phoenix (in Yazoo County) (19)
Picayune (in Pearl River County) (43)
Pickens (in Holmes County) (23)
Pinola (in Simpson County) (36)
Pisgah (in Greene County) (22)
Pistol Ridge (in Forrest County) (15)
Pittsboro (in Calhoun County) (20)
Plantersville (in Lee County) (20)
Plattsburg (in Winston County) (19)
Polkville (in Smith County) (21)
Pontotoc (in Pontotoc County) (64)
Pope (in Panola County) (26)
Poplar Creek (in Montgomery County) (18)
Poplarville (in Pearl River County) (70)
Port Gibson (in Claiborne County) (118)
Porterville (in Kemper County) (21)
Potts Camp (in Marshall County) (31)
Prentiss (in Jefferson Davis County) (74)
Preston (in Kemper County) (29)
Pricedale (in Pike County) (21)
Pulaski (in Scott County) (20)
Purvis (in Lamar County) (50)
Quitman (in Clarke County) (77)
Raleigh (in Smith County) (72)
Ramsey Springs (in Stone County) (17)
Rawhide (in Warren County) (20)
Raymond (in Hinds County) (62)
Raytown (in Madison County) (19)
Red Banks (in Marshall County) (18)
Red Lick (in Jefferson County) (22)
Redwood (in Warren County) (28)
Reform (in Choctaw County) (25)
Richland (in Rankin County) (27)
Richton (in Perry County) (80)
Ridgeland (in Madison County) (32)
Rienzi (in Alcorn County) (32)
Ripley (in Tippah County) (127)
Rock Hill (in Forrest County) (15)
Rocky Springs (in Claiborne County) (23)
Rodney (in Jefferson County) (41)
Rolling Fork (in Sharkey County) (33)
Rose Hill (in Jasper County) (30)
Rosedale (in Bolivar County) (31)
Roxie (in Franklin County) (33)
Ruleville (in Sunflower County) (25)
Runnelstown (in Perry County) (33)
Russum (in Claiborne County) (22)
Ruth (in Lincoln County) (18)
Salem (in Walthall County) (14)
Sallis (in Attala County) (35)
Saltillo (in Lee County) (33)
Sand Hill (in Greene County) (22)
Sandersville (in Jones County) (36)
Sandy Hook (in Marion County) (24)
Sanford (in Covington County) (27)
Sardis (in Panola County) (68)
Saucier (in Harrison County) (61)
Scobey (in Yalobusha County) (22)
Scooba (in Kemper County) (43)
Sebastopol (in Scott County) (19)
Seminary (in Covington County) (79)
Senatobia (in Tate County) (67)
Shannon (in Lee County) (41)
Sharon (in Madison County) (26)
Sharon in Jones County (in Jones County) (25)
Shaw (in Bolivar County) (34)
Shelby (in Bolivar County) (30)
Shipman (in George County) (20)
Shivers (in Simpson County) (30)
Shubuta (in Clarke County) (57)
Shuford (in Panola County) (25)
Shuqualak (in Noxubee County) (23)
Silver City (in Humphreys County) (16)
Silver Creek (in Lawrence County) (32)
Slate Spring (in Calhoun County) (17)
Smithdale (in Amite County) (37)
Smithville (in Monroe County) (29)
Soso (in Jones County) (42)
Southaven (in DeSoto County) (38)
Springdale (in Lafayette County) (20)
Star (in Rankin County) (19)
Starkville (in Oktibbeha County) (155)
State Line (in Greene County) (27)
Steens (in Lowndes County) (21)
Stewart (in Webster County) (17)
Strengthford (in Wayne County) (27)
Strickland (in Alcorn County) (17)
Stringer (in Jasper County) (33)
Sturgis (in Oktibbeha County) (45)
Summit (in Pike County) (45)
Sumner (in Tallahatchie County) (21)
Sumrall (in Lamar County) (61)
Taylor (in Lafayette County) (24)
Taylorsville (in Smith County) (37)
Tchula (in Holmes County) (20)
Teoc (in Carroll County) (23)
Terry (in Hinds County) (24)
Thomastown (in Leake County) (23)
Thompson (in Amite County) (22)
Thrasher (in Prentiss County) (16)
Tillatoba (in Yalobusha County) (28)
Tiplersville (in Tippah County) (39)
Tippo (in Tallahatchie County) (19)
Tishomingo (in Tishomingo County) (27)
Toccopola (in Pontotoc County) (20)
Tollison (in Choctaw County) (22)
Toomsuba (in Lauderdale County) (21)
Topeka (in Lawrence County) (21)
Tremont (in Itawamba County) (38)
Troy (in Pontotoc County) (24)
Tucker (in Neshoba County) (20)
Tula (in Lafayette County) (22)
Tunica (in Tunica County) (27)
Tupelo (in Lee County) (77)
Tutwiler (in Tallahatchie County) (20)
Tylertown (in Walthall County) (70)
Union (in Newton County) (37)
Union Church (in Jefferson County) (24)
Utica (in Hinds County) (57)
Vaiden (in Carroll County) (54)
Van Vleet (in Chickasaw County) (21)
Vance (in Quitman County) (17)
Vancleave (in Jackson County) (49)
Vardaman (in Calhoun County) (23)
Vaughan (in Yazoo County) (21)
Vernal (in Greene County) (49)
Verona (in Lee County) (19)
Vicksburg (in Warren County) (258)
Vimville (in Lauderdale County) (17)
Vossburg (in Jasper County) (20)
Walls (in DeSoto County) (28)
Walnut (in Tippah County) (54)
Walnut Grove (in Leake County) (34)
Walthall (in Webster County) (27)
Washington (in Adams County) (31)
Water Valley (in Yalobusha County) (87)
Waterford (in Marshall County) (19)
Waynesboro (in Wayne County) (80)
Webb (in Tallahatchie County) (24)
Webster (in Winston County) (18)
Weir (in Choctaw County) (31)
Wesson (in Copiah County) (54)
West (in Holmes County) (19)
West Lincoln (in Lincoln County) (21)
West Point (in Clay County) (68)
Westside (in Claiborne County) (24)
Wheeler (in Prentiss County) (16)
Whistler (in Wayne County) (24)
Whitfield (in Jones County) (28)
Wiggins (in Stone County) (85)
Williamsburg (in Covington County) (28)
Willows (in Claiborne County) (26)
Winchester (in Wayne County) (23)
Winona (in Montgomery County) (61)
Woodland (in Chickasaw County) (24)
Woodville (in Wilkinson County) (115)
Wren (in Monroe County) (19)
Wyatte (in Tate County) (23)
Yazoo City (in Yazoo County) (141)
Yokena (in Warren County) (19)

Overview of Mississippi Genealogy Records

  • History: Mississippi was first settled in 1699, became a territory in 1798, and became a state in 1817. It was part of the Confederate states during the Civil War from 1861 to 1865.
  • Birth records: There were a few birth records kept as early as 1879, but they were very incomplete. Statewide registration of births in Mississippi began in 1912 with complete records by 1921. Birth records from 1912 to the present can be obtained from the Mississippi State Department of Health.
  • Marriage records: Most counties in Mississippi began recording marriages as early as 1800. However, about 50% of the early marriage records before 1850 have been lost. Marriage records can be obtained from the circuit court for the county in which the event occurred. Marriage records from 1926 to the present can be obtained from the Mississippi State Department of Health.
  • Death records: There were a few death records kept as early as 1879, but they were very incomplete. Statewide registration of deaths in Mississippi began in 1912 with complete records by 1921. Death records from 1912 to the present can be obtained from the Mississippi State Department of Health.
  • Divorce records: Divorce proceedings are usually kept by the chancery court in each county. Divorce records for 1926 to the present can be obtained from the Mississippi State Department of Health.
  • Census records: The first federal census available for Mississippi is 1820. There are federal censuses publicly available for 1820, 1830 (partial), 1840, 1850, 1860 (partial), 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930, 1940, and 1950.
  • County records: Court, land, probate, naturalization, and tax records were kept by the individual counties.
  • Other records: Many cities and towns had newspapers, records kept by churches, cemeteries, histories, school, city directories, and other records that can be located on the city pages on this site. Records specific to minority groups can be found in the Minority Records section.
  • All records: Online indexes and images of many of the above records can be found by using the links on this site.
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