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Overview of North Dakota records

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Birth Records (102)
Cemetery Records (3,418)
Census Records (2,821)
Church Records (581)
City Directories (383)
Court Records (16)
Death Records (342)
Histories and Genealogies (232)
Immigration Records (290)
Land Records (176)
Map Records (575)
Marriage Records (122)
Military Records (262)
Minority Records (32)
Miscellaneous Records (79)
Newspapers and Obituaries (1,627)
Probate Records (7)
School Records (1,001)
Tax Records (20)

By County

Adams County (120)
Barnes County (408)
Benson County (318)
Billings County (74)
Bottineau County (312)
Bowman County (117)
Burke County (172)
Burleigh County (356)
Cass County (644)
Cavalier County (230)
Dickey County (202)
Divide County (232)
Dunn County (116)
Eddy County (115)
Emmons County (167)
Foster County (133)
Golden Valley County (81)
Grand Forks County (454)
Grant County (129)
Griggs County (162)
Hettinger County (129)
Kidder County (164)
LaMoure County (176)
Logan County (168)
McHenry County (320)
McIntosh County (285)
McKenzie County (181)
McLean County (276)
Mercer County (163)
Morton County (276)
Mountrail County (227)
Nelson County (187)
Oliver County (82)
Pembina County (265)
Pierce County (155)
Ramsey County (274)
Ransom County (154)
Renville County (164)
Richland County (336)
Rolette County (173)
Sargent County (168)
Sheridan County (124)
Sioux County (104)
Slope County (81)
Stark County (186)
Steele County (154)
Stutsman County (375)
Towner County (147)
Traill County (238)
Walsh County (336)
Ward County (506)
Wells County (208)
Williams County (318)

By City

Abercrombie (in Richland County) (30)
Adams (in Walsh County) (31)
Alamo (in Williams County) (20)
Alexander (in McKenzie County) (22)
Alice (in Cass County) (23)
Alkabo (in Divide County) (18)
Alsen (in Cavalier County) (19)
Ambrose (in Divide County) (32)
Amidon (in Slope County) (19)
Anamoose (in McHenry County) (24)
Aneta (in Nelson County) (27)
Antler (in Bottineau County) (23)
Appam (in Williams County) (19)
Argusville (in Cass County) (27)
Arnegard (in McKenzie County) (29)
Arthur (in Cass County) (27)
Arvilla (in Grand Forks County) (18)
Ashley (in McIntosh County) (40)
Baldwin (in Burleigh County) (18)
Balfour (in McHenry County) (21)
Balta (in Pierce County) (20)
Bantry (in McHenry County) (17)
Barton (in Pierce County) (21)
Bathgate (in Pembina County) (20)
Beach (in Golden Valley County) (33)
Belcourt (in Rolette County) (20)
Belfield (in Stark County) (33)
Benedict (in McLean County) (23)
Bergen (in McHenry County) (22)
Berthold (in Ward County) (25)
Berwick (in McHenry County) (19)
Beulah (in Mercer County) (34)
Binford (in Griggs County) (24)
Bisbee (in Towner County) (22)
Bismarck (in Burleigh County) (181)
Bottineau (in Bottineau County) (62)
Bowbells (in Burke County) (33)
Bowdon (in Wells County) (22)
Bowman (in Bowman County) (33)
Braddock (in Emmons County) (22)
Bremen (in Wells County) (18)
Brinsmade (in Benson County) (20)
Brocket (in Ramsey County) (20)
Buffalo (in Cass County) (26)
Burlington (in Ward County) (18)
Buxton (in Traill County) (36)
Caledonia (in Traill County) (18)
Cando (in Towner County) (40)
Cannon Ball (in Sioux County) (28)
Carbury (in Bottineau County) (17)
Carpio (in Ward County) (28)
Carrington (in Foster County) (40)
Carson (in Grant County) (18)
Cartwright (in McKenzie County) (19)
Casselton (in Cass County) (43)
Cathay (in Wells County) (17)
Cavalier (in Pembina County) (34)
Center (in Oliver County) (26)
Christine (in Richland County) (24)
Churchs Ferry (in Ramsey County) (19)
Cleveland (in Stutsman County) (20)
Cogswell (in Sargent County) (23)
Colfax (in Richland County) (24)
Columbus (in Burke County) (36)
Cooperstown (in Griggs County) (62)
Coulee (in Mountrail County) (18)
Courtenay (in Stutsman County) (24)
Crary (in Ramsey County) (24)
Crosby (in Divide County) (84)
Crystal (in Pembina County) (18)
Cummings (in Traill County) (17)
Davenport (in Cass County) (31)
Dawson (in Kidder County) (19)
Dazey (in Barnes County) (28)
De Lamere (in Sargent County) (18)
Deering (in McHenry County) (23)
Des Lacs (in Ward County) (27)
Devils Lake (in Ramsey County) (95)
Dickinson (in Stark County) (67)
Dogden (in McLean County) (19)
Donnybrook (in Ward County) (26)
Douglas (in Ward County) (32)
Drake (in McHenry County) (28)
Drayton (in Pembina County) (32)
Driscoll (in Burleigh County) (19)
Dunn Center (in Dunn County) (25)
Dunseith (in Rolette County) (30)
Eckman (in Bottineau County) (17)
Edgeley (in LaMoure County) (21)
Edinburg (in Walsh County) (23)
Edmore (in Ramsey County) (29)
Egeland (in Towner County) (19)
Elgin (in Grant County) (26)
Ellendale (in Dickey County) (48)
Emmet (in McLean County) (18)
Enderlin (in Cass County) (39)
Epping (in Williams County) (17)
Erie (in Cass County) (23)
Esmond (in Benson County) (34)
Fairdale (in Walsh County) (30)
Fairmount (in Richland County) (24)
Fargo (in Cass County) (276)
Fessenden (in Wells County) (33)
Fingal (in Barnes County) (27)
Finley (in Steele County) (32)
Flasher (in Morton County) (24)
Flaxton (in Burke County) (25)
Forbes (in Dickey County) (21)
Fordville (in Walsh County) (29)
Forest River (in Walsh County) (17)
Forman (in Sargent County) (31)
Fort Ransom (in Ransom County) (27)
Fort Totten (in Benson County) (23)
Fort Yates (in Sioux County) (39)
Fortuna (in Divide County) (28)
Fredonia (in Logan County) (28)
Fullerton (in Dickey County) (19)
Gackle (in Logan County) (26)
Galesburg (in Traill County) (17)
Gardner (in Cass County) (29)
Garrison (in McLean County) (33)
Gascoyne (in Bowman County) (20)
Gilby (in Grand Forks County) (22)
Glen Ullin (in Morton County) (25)
Glenburn (in Renville County) (22)
Glenfield (in Foster County) (24)
Golden Valley (in Mercer County) (22)
Goodrich (in Sheridan County) (20)
Grace City (in Foster County) (21)
Grafton (in Walsh County) (53)
Grand Forks (in Grand Forks County) (223)
Grandin (in Cass County) (24)
Grano (in Renville County) (19)
Granville (in McHenry County) (25)
Grassy Butte (in McKenzie County) (18)
Great Bend (in Richland County) (23)
Grenora (in Williams County) (26)
Gwinner (in Sargent County) (21)
Hague (in Emmons County) (21)
Halliday (in Dunn County) (22)
Hamberg (in Wells County) (18)
Hamilton (in Pembina County) (19)
Hampden (in Ramsey County) (20)
Hankinson (in Richland County) (70)
Hannaford (in Griggs County) (27)
Hannover (in Oliver County) (18)
Harvey (in Wells County) (49)
Harwood (in Cass County) (29)
Hastings (in Barnes County) (19)
Hatton (in Traill County) (28)
Havana (in Sargent County) (26)
Hazelton (in Emmons County) (21)
Hazen (in Mercer County) (37)
Heaton (in Wells County) (19)
Hebron (in Morton County) (33)
Hettinger (in Adams County) (23)
Hillsboro (in Traill County) (42)
Hoople (in Walsh County) (31)
Hope (in Steele County) (25)
Horace (in Cass County) (25)
Hunter (in Cass County) (26)
Hurdsfield (in Wells County) (17)
Inkster (in Grand Forks County) (20)
Jamestown (in Stutsman County) (125)
Karlsruhe (in McHenry County) (18)
Kathryn (in Barnes County) (33)
Kenmare (in Ward County) (42)
Kensal (in Stutsman County) (29)
Kermit (in Divide County) (18)
Killdeer (in Dunn County) (27)
Kindred (in Cass County) (39)
Knox (in Benson County) (22)
Kulm (in LaMoure County) (28)
LaMoure (in LaMoure County) (30)
Lakota (in Nelson County) (29)
Landa (in Bottineau County) (22)
Langdon (in Cavalier County) (46)
Lankin (in Walsh County) (31)
Lansford (in Bottineau County) (23)
Larimore (in Grand Forks County) (36)
Lawton (in Ramsey County) (19)
Leeds (in Benson County) (28)
Lehr (in McIntosh County) (21)
Leonard (in Cass County) (30)
Leroy (in Pembina County) (21)
Lidgerwood (in Richland County) (39)
Lignite (in Burke County) (23)
Lincoln Valley (in Sheridan County) (16)
Linton (in Emmons County) (34)
Lisbon (in Ransom County) (48)
Litchville (in Barnes County) (33)
Lostwood (in Mountrail County) (18)
Luverne (in Steele County) (17)
Maddock (in Benson County) (41)
Makoti (in Ward County) (23)
Mandan (in Morton County) (106)
Mandaree (in McKenzie County) (25)
Manfred (in Wells County) (17)
Manning (in Dunn County) (17)
Manvel (in Grand Forks County) (18)
Mapleton (in Cass County) (27)
Marion (in LaMoure County) (22)
Martin (in Sheridan County) (19)
Max (in McLean County) (32)
Maxbass (in Bottineau County) (18)
Mayville (in Traill County) (39)
McClusky (in Sheridan County) (30)
McGregor (in Williams County) (20)
McHenry (in Foster County) (25)
McVille (in Nelson County) (24)
Medina (in Stutsman County) (26)
Medora (in Billings County) (21)
Mekinock (in Grand Forks County) (20)
Menoken (in Burleigh County) (22)
Mercer (in McLean County) (23)
Michigan (in Nelson County) (23)
Milnor (in Sargent County) (28)
Milton (in Cavalier County) (30)
Minnewaukan (in Benson County) (36)
Minot (in Ward County) (163)
Minto (in Walsh County) (24)
Mohall (in Renville County) (41)
Montpelier (in Stutsman County) (21)
Mooreton (in Richland County) (22)
Mott (in Hettinger County) (25)
Mountain (in Pembina County) (18)
Munich (in Cavalier County) (28)
Napoleon (in Logan County) (29)
Neche (in Pembina County) (28)
Nekoma (in Cavalier County) (19)
New England (in Hettinger County) (29)
New Leipzig (in Grant County) (21)
New Rockford (in Eddy County) (38)
New Salem (in Morton County) (32)
New Town (in Mountrail County) (42)
Newburg (in Bottineau County) (17)
Nome (in Barnes County) (20)
Noonan (in Divide County) (30)
Norma (in Renville County) (19)
Northwood (in Grand Forks County) (32)
Norwich (in McHenry County) (21)
Oakes (in Dickey County) (51)
Oberon (in Benson County) (34)
Olga (in Cavalier County) (20)
Oriska (in Barnes County) (23)
Osnabrock (in Cavalier County) (25)
Page (in Cass County) (33)
Palermo (in Mountrail County) (24)
Park River (in Walsh County) (53)
Parshall (in Mountrail County) (26)
Pekin (in Nelson County) (19)
Pembina (in Pembina County) (44)
Perth (in Towner County) (21)
Petersburg (in Nelson County) (19)
Pettibone (in Kidder County) (20)
Pingree (in Stutsman County) (21)
Pisek (in Walsh County) (21)
Plaza (in Mountrail County) (25)
Portal (in Burke County) (17)
Portland (in Traill County) (31)
Raleigh (in Grant County) (16)
Ray (in Williams County) (26)
Reeder (in Adams County) (25)
Regan (in Burleigh County) (19)
Regent (in Hettinger County) (20)
Reynolds (in Grand Forks County) (27)
Rhame (in Bowman County) (25)
Richardton (in Stark County) (29)
Robinson (in Kidder County) (22)
Rolette (in Rolette County) (25)
Rolla (in Rolette County) (32)
Roseglen (in McLean County) (22)
Ross (in Mountrail County) (21)
Rugby (in Pierce County) (45)
Ruso (in McLean County) (18)
Russell (in Bottineau County) (17)
Rutland (in Sargent County) (18)
Ryder (in Ward County) (32)
Saint John (in Rolette County) (25)
Saint Thomas (in Pembina County) (29)
Sanborn (in Barnes County) (25)
Sanish (in Mountrail County) (19)
Sargent (in Sargent County) (18)
Sawyer (in Ward County) (35)
Scranton (in Bowman County) (24)
Selfridge (in Sioux County) (18)
Sentinel Butte (in Golden Valley County) (17)
Sharon (in Steele County) (20)
Sheldon (in Ransom County) (25)
Sherwood (in Renville County) (26)
Sheyenne (in Eddy County) (28)
Souris (in Bottineau County) (31)
South Prairie (in Ward County) (22)
Stanley (in Mountrail County) (31)
Stanton (in Mercer County) (25)
Starkweather (in Ramsey County) (21)
Steele (in Kidder County) (30)
Strasburg (in Emmons County) (24)
Streeter (in Stutsman County) (23)
Surrey (in Ward County) (21)
Sykeston (in Wells County) (24)
Tappen (in Kidder County) (25)
Taylor (in Stark County) (22)
Thompson (in Grand Forks County) (23)
Tioga (in Williams County) (33)
Tolley (in Renville County) (26)
Tolna (in Nelson County) (25)
Tower City (in Cass County) (28)
Towner (in McHenry County) (36)
Turtle Lake (in McLean County) (31)
Tuttle (in Kidder County) (20)
Underwood (in McLean County) (33)
Upham (in McHenry County) (36)
Valley City (in Barnes County) (104)
Velva (in McHenry County) (34)
Venturia (in McIntosh County) (29)
Verona (in LaMoure County) (23)
Wahpeton (in Richland County) (68)
Walcott (in Richland County) (22)
Walhalla (in Pembina County) (30)
Washburn (in McLean County) (42)
Watford City (in McKenzie County) (40)
West Fargo (in Cass County) (30)
Westhope (in Bottineau County) (24)
Wheelock (in Williams County) (17)
White Earth (in Mountrail County) (21)
Wildrose (in Williams County) (36)
Williston (in Williams County) (79)
Willow City (in Bottineau County) (28)
Wilton (in Burleigh County) (27)
Wimbledon (in Barnes County) (19)
Wing (in Burleigh County) (23)
Wishek (in McIntosh County) (30)
Wolford (in Pierce County) (25)
Woodworth (in Stutsman County) (26)
Wyndmere (in Richland County) (32)
York (in Benson County) (18)
Zahl (in Williams County) (17)
Zap (in Mercer County) (20)
Zeeland (in McIntosh County) (42)

Overview of North Dakota Genealogy Records

  • History: North Dakota was first settled in 1812. It became Dakota Territory in 1861, which was divided into North and South Dakota in 1873, and became a state in 1889.
  • Birth records: Statewide registration of births in North Dakota began in 1907 with complete records by 1920. Birth records from 1870 to the present (incomplete before 1920) can be obtained from the North Dakota Department of Health.
  • Marriage records: Marriage records in North Dakota were kept by the county governments by the clerk district court. Statewide registration of marriages began in 1925.
  • Death records: Statewide registration of deaths in North Dakota began in 1907 with complete records by 1920. Death records from 1893 to the present (incomplete before 1920) can be obtained from the North Dakota Department of Health.
  • Divorce records: Divorce records are kept by the district court clerks in each county.
  • Census records: The first federal census available for North Dakota is 1850. There are federal censuses publicly available for 1850 (included with Minnesota), 1860, 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930, 1940, and 1950. There were state censuses taken in 1857 (included with Minnesota), 1885, 1915, and 1925.
  • County records: Court, land, probate, naturalization, and tax records were kept by the individual counties.
  • Other records: Many cities and towns kept newspapers, records kept by churches, cemeteries, histories, school, city directories, and other records that can be located by using the city pages on this site. Records specific to minority groups can be found in the Minority Records section.
  • All records: Use the links on this site to locate online indexes and images of many of the above records.
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