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Overview of Montana records

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Birth Records (269)
Cemetery Records (1,493)
Census Records (1,666)
Church Records (173)
City Directories (692)
Court Records (5)
Death Records (337)
Histories and Genealogies (245)
Immigration Records (189)
Land Records (253)
Map Records (696)
Marriage Records (478)
Military Records (321)
Minority Records (23)
Miscellaneous Records (101)
Newspapers and Obituaries (1,804)
Probate Records (60)
School Records (739)
Tax Records (11)

By County

Beaverhead County (188)
Big Horn County (126)
Blaine County (148)
Broadwater County (134)
Carbon County (205)
Carter County (73)
Cascade County (426)
Chouteau County (219)
Custer County (175)
Daniels County (84)
Dawson County (127)
Deer Lodge County (183)
Fallon County (106)
Fergus County (368)
Flathead County (284)
Gallatin County (355)
Garfield County (94)
Glacier County (173)
Golden Valley County (73)
Granite County (107)
Hill County (235)
Jefferson County (184)
Judith Basin County (131)
Lake County (136)
Lewis and Clark County (483)
Liberty County (98)
Lincoln County (138)
Madison County (197)
McCone County (64)
Meagher County (86)
Mineral County (85)
Missoula County (327)
Musselshell County (88)
Park County (208)
Petroleum County (50)
Phillips County (106)
Pondera County (129)
Powder River County (79)
Powell County (112)
Prairie County (73)
Ravalli County (173)
Richland County (118)
Roosevelt County (159)
Rosebud County (171)
Sanders County (126)
Sheridan County (138)
Silver Bow County (344)
Stillwater County (135)
Sweet Grass County (114)
Teton County (134)
Toole County (114)
Treasure County (49)
Valley County (144)
Wheatland County (95)
Wibaux County (63)
Yellowstone County (342)

By City

Absarokee (in Stillwater County) (28)
Alberton (in Mineral County) (28)
Alzada (in Carter County) (20)
Anaconda (in Deer Lodge County) (127)
Antelope (in Sheridan County) (23)
Ashland (in Rosebud County) (36)
Augusta (in Lewis and Clark County) (42)
Babb (in Glacier County) (18)
Bainville (in Roosevelt County) (23)
Baker (in Fallon County) (38)
Basin (in Jefferson County) (48)
Bearcreek (in Carbon County) (19)
Belfry (in Carbon County) (25)
Belgrade (in Gallatin County) (53)
Belt (in Cascade County) (38)
Benton (in Chouteau County) (28)
Big Sandy (in Chouteau County) (35)
Big Timber (in Sweet Grass County) (50)
Bigfork (in Flathead County) (41)
Billings (in Yellowstone County) (212)
Blackfeet Indian Reservation (in Glacier County) (43)
Boulder (in Jefferson County) (69)
Box Elder (in Hill County) (21)
Bozeman (in Gallatin County) (183)
Brady (in Pondera County) (27)
Bridger (in Carbon County) (36)
Broadus (in Powder River County) (34)
Broadview (in Yellowstone County) (25)
Browning (in Glacier County) (66)
Busby (in Big Horn County) (36)
Butte (in Silver Bow County) (269)
Bynum (in Teton County) (24)
Carter (in Chouteau County) (25)
Cascade (in Cascade County) (36)
Chester (in Liberty County) (34)
Chinook (in Blaine County) (33)
Choteau (in Teton County) (47)
Circle (in McCone County) (29)
Clancy (in Jefferson County) (38)
Clyde Park (in Park County) (23)
Coffee Creek (in Fergus County) (27)
Cohagen (in Garfield County) (19)
Colstrip (in Rosebud County) (25)
Columbia Falls (in Flathead County) (56)
Columbus (in Stillwater County) (43)
Conrad (in Pondera County) (38)
Corvallis (in Ravalli County) (27)
Crow Agency (in Big Horn County) (30)
Culbertson (in Roosevelt County) (37)
Cut Bank (in Glacier County) (32)
Darby (in Ravalli County) (30)
Deer Lodge (in Powell County) (59)
Denton (in Fergus County) (37)
Dillon (in Beaverhead County) (109)
Dodson (in Phillips County) (21)
Drummond (in Granite County) (33)
Dupuyer (in Pondera County) (29)
Dutton (in Teton County) (31)
East Helena (in Lewis and Clark County) (38)
Ekalaka (in Carter County) (33)
Elkhorn (in Jefferson County) (35)
Ennis (in Madison County) (27)
Eureka (in Lincoln County) (33)
Fairfield (in Teton County) (33)
Fairview (in Richland County) (26)
Flaxville (in Daniels County) (23)
Forest Grove (in Fergus County) (19)
Forsyth (in Rosebud County) (51)
Fort Belknap Agency (in Blaine County) (21)
Fort Benton (in Chouteau County) (63)
Fort Peck (in Valley County) (25)
Fortine (in Lincoln County) (21)
Frazer (in Valley County) (26)
Frenchtown (in Missoula County) (26)
Froid (in Roosevelt County) (32)
Fromberg (in Carbon County) (21)
Galata (in Toole County) (22)
Geraldine (in Chouteau County) (29)
Geyser (in Judith Basin County) (25)
Gildford (in Hill County) (21)
Gilman (in Lewis and Clark County) (32)
Giltedge (in Fergus County) (19)
Glasgow (in Valley County) (53)
Glendive (in Dawson County) (55)
Grass Range (in Fergus County) (29)
Great Falls (in Cascade County) (230)
Hamilton (in Ravalli County) (61)
Hardin (in Big Horn County) (41)
Harlem (in Blaine County) (39)
Harlowton (in Wheatland County) (37)
Havre (in Hill County) (103)
Hays (in Blaine County) (23)
Heart Butte (in Pondera County) (23)
Hedgesville (in Wheatland County) (19)
Helena (in Lewis and Clark County) (324)
Helmville (in Powell County) (28)
Highwood (in Chouteau County) (25)
Hilger (in Fergus County) (20)
Hingham (in Hill County) (22)
Hinsdale (in Valley County) (32)
Hobson (in Judith Basin County) (35)
Hot Springs (in Sanders County) (23)
Hysham (in Treasure County) (26)
Ingomar (in Rosebud County) (23)
Inverness (in Hill County) (20)
Ismay (in Custer County) (24)
Joliet (in Carbon County) (23)
Joplin (in Liberty County) (31)
Jordan (in Garfield County) (26)
Judith Gap (in Wheatland County) (35)
Kalispell (in Flathead County) (132)
Kendall (in Fergus County) (30)
Kremlin (in Hill County) (22)
Lambert (in Richland County) (26)
Lame Deer (in Rosebud County) (43)
Laurel (in Yellowstone County) (44)
Lavina (in Golden Valley County) (19)
Lewistown (in Fergus County) (121)
Libby (in Lincoln County) (57)
Lima (in Beaverhead County) (28)
Lincoln (in Lewis and Clark County) (33)
Livingston (in Park County) (105)
Lodge Grass (in Big Horn County) (27)
Logan (in Gallatin County) (30)
Lothair (in Liberty County) (21)
Maiden (in Fergus County) (19)
Malta (in Phillips County) (32)
Manhattan (in Gallatin County) (41)
Marysville (in Lewis and Clark County) (36)
Medicine Lake (in Sheridan County) (26)
Melrose (in Silver Bow County) (28)
Melstone (in Musselshell County) (21)
Melville (in Sweet Grass County) (24)
Miles City (in Custer County) (99)
Missoula (in Missoula County) (235)
Moccasin (in Judith Basin County) (26)
Moore (in Fergus County) (39)
Nashua (in Valley County) (30)
Neihart (in Cascade County) (33)
Oilmont (in Toole County) (22)
Opheim (in Valley County) (29)
Outlook (in Sheridan County) (22)
Park City (in Stillwater County) (28)
Philipsburg (in Granite County) (51)
Plains (in Sanders County) (37)
Plentywood (in Sheridan County) (41)
Plevna (in Fallon County) (26)
Polson (in Lake County) (35)
Pony (in Madison County) (27)
Poplar (in Roosevelt County) (37)
Pryor (in Big Horn County) (27)
Red Lodge (in Carbon County) (60)
Richey (in Dawson County) (25)
Rocky Boy (in Hill County) (24)
Ronan (in Lake County) (32)
Rosebud (in Rosebud County) (25)
Roundup (in Musselshell County) (38)
Roy (in Fergus County) (22)
Ryegate (in Golden Valley County) (26)
Saco (in Phillips County) (30)
Saint Ignatius (in Lake County) (34)
Sand Coulee (in Cascade County) (25)
Sand Springs (in Garfield County) (20)
Savage (in Richland County) (26)
Scobey (in Daniels County) (28)
Seeley Lake (in Missoula County) (25)
Shelby (in Toole County) (38)
Sheridan (in Madison County) (37)
Sidney (in Richland County) (40)
Stanford (in Judith Basin County) (41)
Stevensville (in Ravalli County) (52)
Sun River (in Cascade County) (30)
Sunburst (in Toole County) (26)
Superior (in Mineral County) (30)
Sweet Grass (in Toole County) (25)
Terry (in Prairie County) (24)
Thompson Falls (in Sanders County) (40)
Three Forks (in Gallatin County) (36)
Toston (in Broadwater County) (32)
Townsend (in Broadwater County) (59)
Troy (in Lincoln County) (27)
Twin Bridges (in Madison County) (37)
Valier (in Pondera County) (34)
Victor (in Ravalli County) (28)
Virginia City (in Madison County) (72)
West Yellowstone (in Gallatin County) (29)
Westby (in Sheridan County) (30)
White Sulphur Springs (in Meagher County) (36)
Whitefish (in Flathead County) (44)
Whitehall (in Jefferson County) (48)
Wibaux (in Wibaux County) (33)
Wilsall (in Park County) (22)
Winifred (in Fergus County) (40)
Winnett (in Petroleum County) (22)
Winston (in Broadwater County) (31)
Wolf Creek (in Lewis and Clark County) (32)
Wolf Point (in Roosevelt County) (37)

Overview of Montana Genealogy Records

  • History: Montana was first settled in 1846. The western part of the state became part of Oregon Territory in 1846, and in 1860 became Missoula County in Washington Territory. By 1864, all of Montana was part of Idaho Territory, and in the same year of 1864, it became Montana Territory. Montana became a state in 1889.
  • Birth records: Some counties in Montana recorded births as early as 1878, though most did not. Statewide registration of births began in 1907 with complete records by 1920.  Birth records from 1907 to the present can be obtained from the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services.
  • Marriage records: Marriage records in Montana were generally kept soon after the organization of each county. Marriage records can be obtained from the county clerk of the district court in the individual county. Marriage records from 1943 to the present can be obtained from the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services.
  • Death records: Some counties in Montana recorded deaths as early as 1884, though most did not. Statewide registration of deaths began in 1907 with complete records by 1920.  Death records from 1907 to the present can be obtained from the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services.
  • Divorce records: Divorce records can be obtained from the clerk of the district court of the individual counties.
  • Census records: The first federal census available for Montana is 1860. There are federal censuses publicly available for 1860 (listed with Dakota and Washington Territories), 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930, 1940, and 1950.
  • County records: Court, land, probate, naturalization, and tax records were kept by the individual counties.
  • Other records: Many cities and towns kept newspapers, churches kept records, and there are records of cemeteries, histories, schools, city directories, and other records that can be located by using the city pages on this site. Records specific to minority groups can be found in the Minority Records section.
  • All records: Use the links on this site to locate the online indexes and images of many of the above records.
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