Minnesota Genealogy

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Overview of Minnesota records

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Birth Records (802)
Cemetery Records (6,514)
Census Records (5,300)
Church Records (1,907)
City Directories (1,138)
Court Records (50)
Death Records (902)
Histories and Genealogies (820)
Immigration Records (566)
Land Records (773)
Map Records (1,650)
Marriage Records (510)
Military Records (530)
Minority Records (125)
Miscellaneous Records (142)
Newspapers and Obituaries (4,527)
Probate Records (158)
School Records (2,447)
Tax Records (95)

By County

Aitkin County (255)
Anoka County (308)
Becker County (388)
Beltrami County (358)
Benton County (219)
Big Stone County (188)
Blue Earth County (558)
Brown County (423)
Carlton County (274)
Carver County (298)
Cass County (269)
Chippewa County (246)
Chisago County (252)
Clay County (350)
Clearwater County (187)
Cook County (129)
Cottonwood County (254)
Crow Wing County (318)
Dakota County (480)
Dodge County (237)
Douglas County (309)
Faribault County (311)
Fillmore County (433)
Freeborn County (402)
Goodhue County (494)
Grant County (212)
Hennepin County (1,712)
Houston County (342)
Hubbard County (228)
Isanti County (188)
Itasca County (279)
Jackson County (205)
Kanabec County (147)
Kandiyohi County (356)
Kittson County (151)
Koochiching County (194)
Lac qui Parle County (251)
Lake County (127)
Lake of the Woods County (101)
Le Sueur County (283)
Lincoln County (225)
Lyon County (343)
Mahnomen County (113)
Marshall County (292)
Martin County (279)
McLeod County (260)
Meeker County (261)
Mille Lacs County (226)
Morrison County (329)
Mower County (381)
Murray County (181)
Nicollet County (334)
Nobles County (295)
Norman County (246)
Olmsted County (500)
Otter Tail County (640)
Pennington County (161)
Pine County (263)
Pipestone County (193)
Polk County (533)
Pope County (233)
Ramsey County (1,259)
Red Lake County (143)
Redwood County (328)
Renville County (366)
Rice County (474)
Rock County (215)
Roseau County (284)
Scott County (267)
Sherburne County (191)
Sibley County (285)
St Louis County (954)
Stearns County (635)
Steele County (308)
Stevens County (185)
Swift County (219)
Todd County (267)
Traverse County (152)
Wabasha County (323)
Wadena County (194)
Waseca County (248)
Washington County (461)
Watonwan County (243)
Wilkin County (166)
Winona County (465)
Wright County (442)
Yellow Medicine County (205)

By City

Ada (in Norman County) (50)
Adams (in Mower County) (52)
Adrian (in Watonwan County) (51)
Aetna (in Pipestone County) (34)
Afton (in Washington County) (57)
Aitkin (in Aitkin County) (57)
Akeley (in Hubbard County) (37)
Albany (in Stearns County) (54)
Albert Lea (in Freeborn County) (121)
Alberta (in Stevens County) (33)
Albertville (in Wright County) (36)
Alborn (in St Louis County) (40)
Alden (in Freeborn County) (56)
Alexandria (in Douglas County) (88)
Alvarado (in Marshall County) (33)
Amboy (in Blue Earth County) (57)
Annandale (in Wright County) (56)
Anoka (in Anoka County) (86)
Apple Valley (in Dakota County) (48)
Appleton (in Swift County) (44)
Arago (in Hubbard County) (28)
Argyle (in Marshall County) (33)
Arlington (in Sibley County) (67)
Ashby (in Grant County) (38)
Askov (in Pine County) (44)
Atwater (in Kandiyohi County) (53)
Audubon (in Becker County) (39)
Aurora (in St Louis County) (52)
Austin (in Mower County) (146)
Avoca (in Murray County) (35)
Avon (in Stearns County) (46)
Babbitt (in St Louis County) (45)
Badger (in Roseau County) (40)
Bagley (in Clearwater County) (40)
Balaton (in Lyon County) (45)
Barnesville (in Clay County) (56)
Barnum (in Carlton County) (42)
Barrett (in Grant County) (44)
Bashaw (in Brown County) (41)
Battle Lake (in Otter Tail County) (45)
Baudette (in Lake of the Woods County) (36)
Bayport (in Washington County) (53)
Baytown (in Washington County) (44)
Beardsley (in Big Stone County) (39)
Beauford (in Blue Earth County) (40)
Beaver Creek (in Rock County) (39)
Beaver Falls (in Renville County) (33)
Becker (in Sherburne County) (37)
Belgrade (in Stearns County) (56)
Belgrade Township (in Nicollet County) (40)
Belle Creek (in Goodhue County) (40)
Belle Plaine (in Scott County) (53)
Bellingham (in Lac qui Parle County) (31)
Beltrami (in Polk County) (31)
Belvidere Mills (in Goodhue County) (42)
Belview (in Redwood County) (35)
Bemidji (in Beltrami County) (129)
Bena (in Cass County) (33)
Benson (in Swift County) (63)
Bertha (in Todd County) (43)
Big Lake (in Sherburne County) (46)
Bigfork (in Itasca County) (39)
Birch Cooley (in Renville County) (32)
Bird Island (in Renville County) (48)
Biscay (in McLeod County) (37)
Biwabik (in St Louis County) (46)
Black Hammer (in Houston County) (40)
Blackduck (in Beltrami County) (36)
Blaine (in Anoka County) (42)
Blooming Prairie (in Steele County) (69)
Bloomington (in Hennepin County) (96)
Blue Earth (in Faribault County) (67)
Bluffton (in Otter Tail County) (32)
Bovey (in Itasca County) (39)
Bowlus (in Morrison County) (35)
Boy River (in Cass County) (33)
Boyd (in Lac qui Parle County) (37)
Braham (in Isanti County) (42)
Brainerd (in Crow Wing County) (120)
Brandon (in Douglas County) (39)
Breckenridge (in Wilkin County) (53)
Brewster (in Nobles County) (40)
Bricelyn (in Faribault County) (47)
Brighton (in Nicollet County) (48)
Bristol (in Fillmore County) (38)
Brook Park (in Pine County) (33)
Brooklyn Center (in Hennepin County) (45)
Brooklyn Park (in Hennepin County) (50)
Brooten (in Stearns County) (54)
Browerville (in Todd County) (40)
Browns Valley (in Traverse County) (47)
Brownsdale (in Mower County) (43)
Brownsville (in Houston County) (44)
Brownton (in McLeod County) (42)
Bruno (in Pine County) (34)
Brunswick (in Kanabec County) (42)
Buckman (in Morrison County) (36)
Buffalo (in Wright County) (64)
Buffalo Lake (in Renville County) (35)
Buhl (in St Louis County) (46)
Burnsville (in Dakota County) (64)
Butterfield (in Watonwan County) (53)
Butternut (in Blue Earth County) (40)
Byron (in Olmsted County) (59)
Cairo (in Renville County) (34)
Caledonia (in Houston County) (64)
Cambria (in Blue Earth County) (41)
Cambridge (in Isanti County) (52)
Camp Release (in Lac qui Parle County) (31)
Campbell (in Wilkin County) (37)
Canby (in Yellow Medicine County) (49)
Cannon City (in Rice County) (45)
Cannon Falls (in Goodhue County) (71)
Canton (in Fillmore County) (43)
Carlos (in Douglas County) (38)
Carlston (in Freeborn County) (39)
Carlton (in Carlton County) (46)
Carver (in Carver County) (47)
Cass Lake (in Cass County) (54)
Castle Rock (in Dakota County) (39)
Center City (in Chisago County) (39)
Ceylon (in Martin County) (42)
Champlin (in Hennepin County) (53)
Chanhassen (in Carver County) (52)
Chaska (in Carver County) (78)
Chatfield (in Fillmore County) (63)
Chisago City (in Chisago County) (39)
Chisago Lake (in Chisago County) (37)
Chisholm (in St Louis County) (54)
Chokio (in Stevens County) (35)
Clara City (in Chippewa County) (42)
Claremont (in Dodge County) (51)
Clarissa (in Todd County) (43)
Clarkfield (in Yellow Medicine County) (39)
Clarks Grove (in Freeborn County) (42)
Clear Lake (in Sherburne County) (40)
Clearbrook (in Clearwater County) (51)
Clearwater (in Wright County) (41)
Clements (in Redwood County) (33)
Cleveland (in Le Sueur County) (53)
Climax (in Polk County) (35)
Clinton (in Big Stone County) (42)
Clitherall (in Otter Tail County) (32)
Clontarf (in Swift County) (30)
Cloquet (in Carlton County) (77)
Cokato (in Wright County) (59)
Cold Spring (in Stearns County) (60)
Coleraine (in Itasca County) (43)
Collegeville (in Stearns County) (53)
Cologne (in Carver County) (39)
Columbia Heights (in Anoka County) (48)
Comfrey (in Brown County) (55)
Comstock (in Clay County) (40)
Cook (in St Louis County) (47)
Coon Rapids (in Anoka County) (45)
Corcoran (in Hennepin County) (46)
Cordova (in Le Sueur County) (40)
Cosmos (in Meeker County) (37)
Cottage Grove (in Washington County) (60)
Cottonwood (in Lyon County) (51)
Courtland (in Nicollet County) (46)
Cromwell (in Carlton County) (37)
Crookston (in Polk County) (104)
Crosby (in Crow Wing County) (53)
Crystal (in Hennepin County) (43)
Currie (in Murray County) (38)
Custer (in Lyon County) (32)
Cyrus (in Pope County) (38)
Dahlgren (in Carver County) (42)
Dalbo (in Isanti County) (34)
Dalton (in Otter Tail County) (35)
Danube (in Renville County) (39)
Danvers (in Swift County) (32)
Darwin (in Meeker County) (37)
Dassel (in Meeker County) (51)
Dawson (in Lac qui Parle County) (51)
Dayton (in Hennepin County) (42)
Deer Creek (in Otter Tail County) (37)
Deer River (in Itasca County) (55)
Deerfield (in Steele County) (41)
Deerwood (in Crow Wing County) (43)
Delano (in Wright County) (69)
Delavan (in Faribault County) (48)
Delton (in Cottonwood County) (42)
Denmark (in Washington County) (43)
Dennison (in Goodhue County) (43)
Dent (in Otter Tail County) (30)
Detroit (in Becker County) (35)
Detroit Lakes (in Becker County) (80)
Dexter (in Mower County) (43)
Dodge Center (in Dodge County) (67)
Donnelly (in Stevens County) (32)
Douglas (in Olmsted County) (46)
Dover (in Olmsted County) (43)
Dresbach (in Winona County) (41)
Duluth (in St Louis County) (344)
Dundas (in Rice County) (42)
Eagan (in Dakota County) (43)
Eagle Bend (in Todd County) (47)
Eagle Lake (in Blue Earth County) (46)
East Bethel (in Anoka County) (40)
East Chain (in Martin County) (42)
East Grand Forks (in Polk County) (61)
Easton (in Faribault County) (39)
Echo (in Yellow Medicine County) (32)
Eden Prairie (in Hennepin County) (63)
Eden Township (in Brown County) (46)
Eden Valley (in Stearns County) (56)
Edgerton (in Pipestone County) (40)
Edina (in Hennepin County) (102)
Eitzen (in Houston County) (43)
Elba (in Winona County) (41)
Elbow Lake (in Grant County) (57)
Elgin (in Wabasha County) (44)
Elizabeth (in Otter Tail County) (33)
Elk River (in Sherburne County) (60)
Elkton (in Mower County) (40)
Ellendale (in Steele County) (51)
Ellsworth (in Nobles County) (44)
Elmdale (in Morrison County) (36)
Elmore (in Faribault County) (50)
Ely (in St Louis County) (56)
Elysian (in Le Sueur County) (42)
Emmons (in Freeborn County) (41)
Erhard (in Otter Tail County) (33)
Erskine (in Polk County) (42)
Esko (in Carlton County) (39)
Euclid (in Polk County) (33)
Evan (in Brown County) (41)
Evansville (in Douglas County) (47)
Eveleth (in St Louis County) (66)
Excelsior (in Hennepin County) (71)
Eyota (in Olmsted County) (63)
Fairfax (in Renville County) (43)
Fairhaven (in Stearns County) (45)
Fairmont (in Martin County) (75)
Faribault (in Rice County) (176)
Farmington (in Dakota County) (59)
Farmington Township (in Olmsted County) (43)
Farwell (in Pope County) (30)
Federal Dam (in Cass County) (33)
Fergus Falls (in Otter Tail County) (157)
Fertile (in Polk County) (56)
Finlayson (in Pine County) (34)
Fisher (in Polk County) (38)
Flom (in Norman County) (34)
Floodwood (in St Louis County) (56)
Foley (in Benton County) (45)
Forest (in Rice County) (48)
Forest City (in Meeker County) (37)
Forest Lake (in Washington County) (63)
Foreston (in Mille Lacs County) (36)
Fort Snelling (in Hennepin County) (42)
Fosston (in Polk County) (73)
Fountain (in Fillmore County) (41)
Foxhome (in Wilkin County) (32)
Frankfort (in Wright County) (36)
Franklin (in Renville County) (41)
Frazee (in Becker County) (53)
Freeborn (in Freeborn County) (43)
French Lake (in Wright County) (44)
Fridley (in Anoka County) (52)
Frontenac (in Goodhue County) (42)
Frost (in Faribault County) (44)
Fulda (in Murray County) (40)
Garden City (in Blue Earth County) (50)
Garfield (in Douglas County) (40)
Gary (in Norman County) (41)
Gaylord (in Sibley County) (63)
Geneva (in Freeborn County) (38)
Georgetown (in Clay County) (38)
Gibbon (in Sibley County) (65)
Gilbert (in St Louis County) (47)
Gilman (in Benton County) (33)
Glencoe (in McLeod County) (55)
Glenville (in Freeborn County) (49)
Glenwood (in Pope County) (59)
Glyndon (in Clay County) (42)
Golden Valley (in Hennepin County) (49)
Gonvick (in Clearwater County) (30)
Good Thunder (in Blue Earth County) (53)
Goodhue (in Goodhue County) (47)
Goodridge (in Pennington County) (30)
Graceville (in Big Stone County) (42)
Granada (in Martin County) (43)
Grand Marais (in Cook County) (53)
Grand Meadow (in Mower County) (51)
Grand Portage (in Cook County) (33)
Grand Prairie (in Nobles County) (39)
Grand Rapids (in Itasca County) (57)
Granite Falls (in Chippewa County) (57)
Grant (in Washington County) (45)
Green Isle (in Sibley County) (47)
Greenbush in Roseau County (in Roseau County) (40)
Greenleaf (in Meeker County) (39)
Grove (in Stearns County) (45)
Grove City (in Meeker County) (43)
Grygla (in Marshall County) (36)
Gully (in Polk County) (37)
Hackensack (in Cass County) (37)
Hallock (in Kittson County) (41)
Halstad (in Norman County) (35)
Ham Lake (in Anoka County) (39)
Hampton (in Dakota County) (41)
Hancock (in Stevens County) (36)
Hanley Falls (in Yellow Medicine County) (27)
Hanska (in Brown County) (53)
Harmony (in Fillmore County) (52)
Harris (in Chisago County) (36)
Hart (in Winona County) (40)
Hartland (in Freeborn County) (40)
Hastings (in Dakota County) (96)
Havana (in Steele County) (41)
Haverhill (in Olmsted County) (45)
Hawick (in Kandiyohi County) (32)
Hawley (in Clay County) (55)
Hayfield (in Dodge County) (45)
Hayward (in Freeborn County) (38)
Hector (in Renville County) (49)
Henderson (in Sibley County) (72)
Hendricks (in Lincoln County) (42)
Hendrum (in Norman County) (40)
Henning (in Otter Tail County) (47)
Herman (in Grant County) (39)
Hermantown (in St Louis County) (48)
Heron Lake (in Jackson County) (51)
Hewitt (in Todd County) (35)
Hibbing (in St Louis County) (100)
High Forest (in Olmsted County) (42)
Hillman (in Morrison County) (34)
Hills (in Rock County) (49)
Hinckley (in Pine County) (47)
Hines (in Beltrami County) (28)
Hitterdal (in Clay County) (45)
Hoffman (in Grant County) (36)
Hokah (in Houston County) (51)
Holdingford (in Stearns County) (47)
Holloway (in Swift County) (32)
Hollywood (in Carver County) (40)
Holmes City (in Douglas County) (40)
Holt (in Marshall County) (32)
Homer Township (in Winona County) (39)
Hopkins (in Hennepin County) (67)
Houston (in Houston County) (60)
Hovland (in Cook County) (33)
Howard Lake (in Wright County) (46)
Hubbard (in Hubbard County) (30)
Hugo (in Washington County) (46)
Hutchinson (in McLeod County) (58)
Independence (in Hennepin County) (45)
International Falls (in Koochiching County) (43)
Inver Grove Heights (in Dakota County) (44)
Iona (in Murray County) (33)
Iosco (in Waseca County) (39)
Ironton (in Crow Wing County) (42)
Isanti (in Isanti County) (45)
Island Lake (in Lyon County) (33)
Isle (in Mille Lacs County) (33)
Ivanhoe (in Lincoln County) (44)
Jackson (in Jackson County) (48)
Janesville (in Waseca County) (55)
Jasper (in Pipestone County) (42)
Jeffers (in Cottonwood County) (44)
Jenkins (in Crow Wing County) (36)
Jordan (in Scott County) (58)
Judson (in Blue Earth County) (43)
Kandiyohi (in Kandiyohi County) (36)
Karlstad (in Kittson County) (32)
Kasota (in Le Sueur County) (48)
Kasson (in Dodge County) (59)
Kelliher (in Beltrami County) (31)
Kellogg (in Wabasha County) (46)
Kennedy (in Kittson County) (31)
Kensington (in Douglas County) (39)
Kenyon (in Goodhue County) (74)
Kerkhoven (in Swift County) (38)
Kerrick (in Pine County) (33)
Kettle River (in Carlton County) (38)
Kiester (in Faribault County) (45)
Kilkenny (in Le Sueur County) (41)
Kimball (in Stearns County) (45)
Kingston (in Meeker County) (40)
Koochiching (in Koochiching County) (25)
La Crescent (in Houston County) (65)
La Prairie (in Itasca County) (34)
Lac qui Parle (in Lac qui Parle County) (32)
Lafayette (in Nicollet County) (55)
Lake Benton (in Lincoln County) (64)
Lake Bronson (in Kittson County) (30)
Lake City (in Wabasha County) (84)
Lake Crystal (in Blue Earth County) (68)
Lake Elmo (in Washington County) (50)
Lake Eunice (in Becker County) (34)
Lake Henry (in Stearns County) (43)
Lake Lillian (in Kandiyohi County) (43)
Lake Park (in Becker County) (51)
Lakefield (in Jackson County) (58)
Lakeland (in Washington County) (43)
Lakeville (in Dakota County) (68)
Lamberton (in Redwood County) (42)
Lancaster (in Kittson County) (38)
Lanesboro (in Fillmore County) (59)
Lansing (in Mower County) (45)
Laporte (in Hubbard County) (37)
Le Center (in Le Sueur County) (47)
Le Roy (in Mower County) (58)
Le Sueur (in Le Sueur County) (75)
Leavenworth (in Brown County) (41)
Lemond (in Steele County) (42)
Lengby (in Polk County) (32)
Lester Prairie (in McLeod County) (50)
Lewiston (in Winona County) (47)
Lincoln (in Blue Earth County) (43)
Lindstrom (in Chisago County) (47)
Lino Lakes (in Anoka County) (38)
Lismore (in Nobles County) (46)
Litchfield (in Meeker County) (64)
Little Falls (in Morrison County) (90)
Little Sauk (in Todd County) (38)
Littlefork (in Koochiching County) (34)
London (in Freeborn County) (38)
Long Prairie (in Todd County) (53)
Lonsdale (in Rice County) (45)
Louriston (in Chippewa County) (33)
Lowry (in Pope County) (32)
Lucan (in Redwood County) (38)
Lucas (in Lyon County) (32)
Lutsen (in Cook County) (31)
Luverne (in Rock County) (70)
Lyle (in Mower County) (44)
Lynd (in Lyon County) (41)
Lynden (in Stearns County) (45)
Mabel (in Fillmore County) (57)
Madelia (in Watonwan County) (65)
Madison (in Lac qui Parle County) (65)
Madison Lake (in Blue Earth County) (54)
Magnolia (in Nobles County) (41)
Mahnomen (in Mahnomen County) (27)
Mahtomedi (in Washington County) (47)
Mahtowa (in Carlton County) (34)
Malung (in Roseau County) (29)
Manannah (in Meeker County) (38)
Mankato (in Blue Earth County) (228)
Mansfield (in Freeborn County) (42)
Mantorville (in Dodge County) (54)
Maple Grove (in Hennepin County) (52)
Maple Lake (in Wright County) (42)
Mapleton (in Blue Earth County) (60)
Maplewood (in Ramsey County) (54)
Marietta (in Lac qui Parle County) (36)
Marine on Saint Croix (in Washington County) (46)
Marion (in Olmsted County) (41)
Marshall (in Lyon County) (69)
May (in Washington County) (44)
Mayer (in Carver County) (40)
Maynard (in Chippewa County) (37)
Mazeppa (in Wabasha County) (43)
McGrath (in Aitkin County) (33)
McGregor (in Aitkin County) (38)
McIntosh (in Polk County) (59)
Meadowlands (in St Louis County) (43)
Medford (in Steele County) (49)
Medina (in Hennepin County) (46)
Melrose (in Stearns County) (56)
Menahga (in Wadena County) (37)
Mendota Heights (in Dakota County) (43)
Mentor (in Polk County) (37)
Middle River (in Marshall County) (34)
Middleville (in Wright County) (36)
Milaca (in Mille Lacs County) (46)
Milan (in Chippewa County) (38)
Millerville (in Douglas County) (36)
Millville (in Wabasha County) (41)
Milroy (in Redwood County) (37)
Minneapolis (in Hennepin County) (997)
Minneiska (in Wabasha County) (42)
Minneota (in Lyon County) (50)
Minnesota Lake (in Faribault County) (46)
Minnetonka (in Hennepin County) (59)
Money Creek (in Houston County) (41)
Monson (in Traverse County) (32)
Montevideo (in Chippewa County) (69)
Montgomery (in Le Sueur County) (62)
Monticello (in Wright County) (56)
Montrose (in Wright County) (36)
Moorhead (in Clay County) (128)
Moose Lake (in Carlton County) (51)
Mora (in Kanabec County) (49)
Morgan (in Redwood County) (51)
Morris (in Stevens County) (87)
Morrison (in Morrison County) (35)
Morristown (in Rice County) (61)
Morton (in Renville County) (43)
Moscow (in Freeborn County) (38)
Motley (in Morrison County) (35)
Mound (in Hennepin County) (53)
Mounds View (in Ramsey County) (43)
Mountain Iron (in St Louis County) (54)
Mountain Lake (in Cottonwood County) (58)
Murdock (in Swift County) (40)
Myrtle (in Freeborn County) (37)
Nashwauk (in Itasca County) (39)
Nassau (in Lac qui Parle County) (31)
Nelson (in Douglas County) (42)
Nerstrand (in Rice County) (44)
Nett Lake (in St Louis County) (40)
Nevis (in Hubbard County) (42)
New Brighton (in Ramsey County) (59)
New Haven (in Olmsted County) (41)
New Hope (in Hennepin County) (56)
New London (in Kandiyohi County) (43)
New Market (in Scott County) (41)
New Prague (in Scott County) (55)
New Richland (in Waseca County) (62)
New Ulm (in Brown County) (148)
New York Mills (in Otter Tail County) (59)
Newfolden (in Marshall County) (33)
Newport (in Washington County) (49)
Newry (in Freeborn County) (37)
Nicollet (in Nicollet County) (58)
Nininger (in Dakota County) (46)
Nordland (in Lyon County) (33)
Norseland (in Nicollet County) (47)
North Branch (in Chisago County) (52)
North Mankato (in Nicollet County) (44)
North St Paul (in Ramsey County) (54)
Northfield (in Rice County) (117)
Northome (in Koochiching County) (31)
Norway Lake (in Kandiyohi County) (31)
Norwegian Grove (in Otter Tail County) (30)
Norwood Young America (in Carver County) (61)
Oak Grove (in Anoka County) (37)
Oakdale (in Washington County) (53)
Oakland (in Freeborn County) (42)
Odessa (in Big Stone County) (36)
Odin (in Watonwan County) (37)
Ogilvie (in Kanabec County) (36)
Oklee (in Red Lake County) (27)
Olivia (in Renville County) (40)
Onamia (in Mille Lacs County) (47)
Oronoco (in Olmsted County) (46)
Orr (in St Louis County) (43)
Ortonville (in Big Stone County) (57)
Osage (in Becker County) (34)
Osakis (in Douglas County) (51)
Oslo (in Marshall County) (36)
Osseo (in Hennepin County) (60)
Ostrander (in Fillmore County) (38)
Otisco (in Waseca County) (43)
Otsego (in Wright County) (36)
Ottertail (in Otter Tail County) (34)
Owatonna (in Steele County) (124)
Page (in Mille Lacs County) (33)
Palisade (in Aitkin County) (31)
Park Rapids (in Hubbard County) (54)
Parkers Prairie (in Otter Tail County) (46)
Paynesville (in Stearns County) (60)
Pelican Rapids (in Otter Tail County) (67)
Pennock (in Kandiyohi County) (35)
Pequot Lakes (in Crow Wing County) (43)
Perham (in Otter Tail County) (60)
Perley (in Norman County) (32)
Peterson (in Fillmore County) (46)
Pierz (in Morrison County) (46)
Pillager (in Cass County) (37)
Pine City (in Pine County) (56)
Pine Island (in Goodhue County) (53)
Pine River (in Cass County) (40)
Pipestone (in Pipestone County) (57)
Plainview (in Wabasha County) (59)
Plato (in McLeod County) (37)
Pleasant Grove (in Olmsted County) (49)
Plummer (in Red Lake County) (28)
Plymouth (in Hennepin County) (53)
Posen (in Yellow Medicine County) (28)
Preston (in Fillmore County) (73)
Princeton (in Mille Lacs County) (64)
Prior Lake (in Scott County) (50)
Proctor (in St Louis County) (48)
Quincy (in Olmsted County) (46)
Quiring (in Beltrami County) (30)
Racine (in Mower County) (45)
Ramsey (in Anoka County) (38)
Randall (in Morrison County) (35)
Randolph (in Dakota County) (41)
Ransom (in Nobles County) (36)
Rapidan (in Blue Earth County) (42)
Raymond (in Kandiyohi County) (37)
Read's Landing (in Wabasha County) (42)
Red Lake (in Beltrami County) (33)
Red Lake Falls (in Red Lake County) (51)
Red Wing (in Goodhue County) (162)
Redwood Falls (in Redwood County) (67)
Remer (in Cass County) (44)
Renville (in Renville County) (39)
Richfield (in Hennepin County) (64)
Richland (in Rice County) (44)
Richmond (in Stearns County) (43)
Robbinsdale (in Hennepin County) (48)
Rochester (in Olmsted County) (216)
Rock Dell (in Olmsted County) (41)
Rockford (in Wright County) (43)
Rogers (in Hennepin County) (47)
Ronneby (in Benton County) (34)
Roosevelt (in Roseau County) (28)
Rose Creek (in Mower County) (43)
Rose Hill Township (in Cottonwood County) (43)
Roseau (in Roseau County) (66)
Rosemount (in Dakota County) (49)
Roseville (in Ramsey County) (67)
Rothsay (in Otter Tail County) (53)
Royalton (in Morrison County) (37)
Rush City (in Chisago County) (53)
Rush Point (in Chisago County) (35)
Rushford (in Fillmore County) (57)
Rushmore (in Nobles County) (41)
Russell (in Lyon County) (36)
Ruthton (in Pipestone County) (37)
Sacred Heart (in Renville County) (51)
Sanborn (in Redwood County) (40)
Sandstone (in Pine County) (46)
Santiago (in Sherburne County) (35)
Sargeant (in Mower County) (40)
Sartell (in Stearns County) (54)
Sauk Centre (in Stearns County) (75)
Sauk Rapids (in Benton County) (87)
Savage (in Scott County) (40)
Sawyer (in Carlton County) (35)
Scanlon (in Carlton County) (34)
Seaforth (in Redwood County) (36)
Searles (in Brown County) (41)
Sebeka (in Wadena County) (47)
Sedan (in Pope County) (32)
Shakopee (in Scott County) (84)
Sheldon (in Houston County) (40)
Shelly (in Norman County) (33)
Sherburn (in Martin County) (53)
Shevlin (in Clearwater County) (36)
Shorewood (in Hennepin County) (41)
Sibley (in Sibley County) (43)
Silver Bay (in Lake County) (37)
Silver Creek (in Wright County) (39)
Silver Lake (in McLeod County) (44)
Slayton (in Murray County) (54)
Sleepy Eye (in Brown County) (76)
Solway (in Beltrami County) (28)
South St Paul (in Dakota County) (70)
Spicer (in Kandiyohi County) (39)
Spring Grove (in Houston County) (60)
Spring Lake (in Scott County) (44)
Spring Valley (in Fillmore County) (65)
Springfield (in Brown County) (67)
St Anthony (in Hennepin County) (60)
St Charles (in Winona County) (70)
St Clair (in Blue Earth County) (49)
St Cloud (in Stearns County) (189)
St Francis (in Anoka County) (41)
St Hilaire (in Pennington County) (24)
St James (in Watonwan County) (76)
St Joseph (in Stearns County) (58)
St Louis Park (in Hennepin County) (51)
St Michael (in Wright County) (46)
St Paul (in Ramsey County) (1,034)
St Paul Park (in Washington County) (52)
St Peter (in Nicollet County) (116)
Stanley (in Lyon County) (32)
Staples (in Todd County) (45)
Starbuck (in Pope County) (48)
Stark in Brown County (in Brown County) (42)
Stephen (in Marshall County) (42)
Stewart (in McLeod County) (43)
Stewartville (in Olmsted County) (56)
Stillwater (in Washington County) (157)
Stockholm (in Wright County) (37)
Stockton (in Winona County) (38)
Storden (in Cottonwood County) (52)
Straight River (in Hubbard County) (29)
Strandquist (in Marshall County) (37)
Strathcona (in Roseau County) (29)
Sturgeon Lake (in Pine County) (34)
Sunburg (in Kandiyohi County) (32)
Swanville (in Morrison County) (41)
Tabor (in Polk County) (34)
Taylors Falls (in Chisago County) (54)
Thief River Falls (in Pennington County) (63)
Thomson (in Carlton County) (34)
Tower (in St Louis County) (54)
Tracy (in Lyon County) (53)
Trail (in Polk County) (35)
Traverse (in Nicollet County) (42)
Trimont (in Martin County) (52)
Truman (in Martin County) (50)
Turtle River (in Beltrami County) (28)
Twin Lakes (in Freeborn County) (39)
Twin Valley (in Norman County) (45)
Two Harbors (in Lake County) (63)
Two Inlets (in Becker County) (34)
Tyler (in Lincoln County) (52)
Ulen (in Clay County) (45)
Underwood (in Otter Tail County) (40)
Union (in Houston County) (42)
Upsala (in Morrison County) (42)
Utica (in Winona County) (40)
Vasa (in Goodhue County) (46)
Verdi (in Lincoln County) (38)
Vergas (in Otter Tail County) (35)
Verndale (in Wadena County) (44)
Vernon Center (in Blue Earth County) (42)
Vesta (in Redwood County) (35)
Victoria (in Carver County) (41)
Villard (in Pope County) (41)
Vineland (in Mille Lacs County) (34)
Vining (in Otter Tail County) (33)
Viola (in Olmsted County) (44)
Virginia (in St Louis County) (89)
Wabasha (in Wabasha County) (77)
Wabasso (in Redwood County) (44)
Waconia (in Carver County) (58)
Wadena (in Wadena County) (65)
Waite Park (in Stearns County) (45)
Walcott (in Rice County) (42)
Waldorf (in Waseca County) (44)
Walker (in Cass County) (42)
Walnut Grove (in Redwood County) (47)
Waltham (in Mower County) (40)
Wanamingo (in Goodhue County) (54)
Wanda (in Redwood County) (35)
Wannaska (in Roseau County) (29)
Warren (in Marshall County) (52)
Warroad (in Roseau County) (46)
Warsaw (in Rice County) (41)
Waseca (in Waseca County) (76)
Wasioja (in Dodge County) (44)
Waterford (in Dakota County) (39)
Watertown (in Carver County) (49)
Waterville (in Le Sueur County) (68)
Watkins (in Meeker County) (38)
Watson (in Chippewa County) (36)
Waubun (in Mahnomen County) (30)
Waverly (in Wright County) (47)
Wayzata (in Hennepin County) (72)
Webster (in Rice County) (44)
Welcome (in Martin County) (46)
Wells (in Faribault County) (62)
Wendell (in Grant County) (31)
West Albany (in Wabasha County) (43)
West Concord (in Dodge County) (48)
West Newton (in Nicollet County) (40)
West St Paul (in Dakota County) (65)
West Union (in Todd County) (34)
Westbrook (in Cottonwood County) (55)
Wheaton (in Traverse County) (48)
White Bear Lake (in Ramsey County) (78)
White Earth (in Becker County) (51)
Whitewater (in Winona County) (39)
Williams (in Lake of the Woods County) (30)
Willmar (in Kandiyohi County) (108)
Willow River (in Pine County) (38)
Wilmington (in Houston County) (42)
Wilno (in Lincoln County) (39)
Wilson (in Winona County) (48)
Wilton (in Beltrami County) (32)
Windom (in Cottonwood County) (67)
Winger (in Polk County) (36)
Winnebago (in Faribault County) (63)
Winona (in Winona County) (186)
Winsted (in McLeod County) (42)
Winthrop (in Sibley County) (60)
Wolf Lake (in Becker County) (38)
Wolverton (in Wilkin County) (31)
Wood Lake (in Yellow Medicine County) (28)
Woodbury (in Washington County) (51)
Worthington (in Nobles County) (89)
Wrenshall (in Carlton County) (37)
Wright (in Carlton County) (39)
Wyanett (in Isanti County) (35)
Wykoff (in Fillmore County) (51)
Wyoming (in Chisago County) (38)
Yellowbank (in Lac qui Parle County) (34)
York (in Fillmore County) (40)
Zimmerman (in Sherburne County) (37)
Zumbro Falls (in Wabasha County) (43)
Zumbrota (in Goodhue County) (70)

Overview of Minnesota Genealogy Records

  • History: Minnesota was first settled in 1823, it became part of Wisconsin Territory in 1836, became Minnesota Territory in 1849, and became a state in 1858.
  • Birth records: Birth records were kept in Minnesota starting in 1870, but they were incomplete. Statewide registration of births began in 1900 with complete records by 1915. Birth records from 1900 to the present can be obtained from the Minnesota Department of Health.
  • Marriage records: Marriage records were generally kept shortly after the creation of the county. Copies of marriage records can be obtained from the district court administrator's office in the respective county.
  • Death records: Death records were kept in Minnesota starting in 1870, but they were incomplete. Statewide registration of deaths began in 1908 with complete records by 1915.  Death records from 1908 to the present can be obtained from the Minnesota Department of Health.
  • Divorce records: Divorce records can be obtained from the district court administration offices.
  • Census records:The first federal census available for Minnesota is 1820. There are federal censuses publicly available for 1820 (listed with Michigan), 1840 (listed with Wisconsin and Iowa), 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930, 1940, and 1950. There were territorial censuses taken in 1849 and 1857, and state censuses taken in 1865, 1875, 1885, 1895, and 1905.
  • County records: Court, land, probate, naturalization, and tax records were kept by the individual counties.
  • Other records: Many cities and towns kept newspapers, records kept by churches, cemeteries, histories, school, city directories, and other records that can be located by using the city pages on this site. Records specific to minority groups can be found in the Minority Records section.
  • All records: Use the links on this site to locate online indexes and images of many of the above records.
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