Arkansas Genealogy

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Overview of Arkansas records

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Birth Records (137)
Cemetery Records (14,298)
Census Records (3,793)
Church Records (454)
City Directories (359)
Court Records (206)
Death Records (967)
Histories and Genealogies (472)
Immigration Records (68)
Land Records (757)
Map Records (921)
Marriage Records (810)
Military Records (709)
Minority Records (41)
Miscellaneous Records (163)
Newspapers and Obituaries (2,137)
Probate Records (337)
School Records (1,808)
Tax Records (324)

By County

Arkansas County (372)
Ashley County (367)
Baxter County (364)
Benton County (821)
Boone County (483)
Bradley County (257)
Calhoun County (253)
Carroll County (431)
Chicot County (223)
Clark County (438)
Clay County (279)
Cleburne County (276)
Cleveland County (287)
Columbia County (400)
Conway County (379)
Craighead County (446)
Crawford County (499)
Crittenden County (233)
Cross County (260)
Dallas County (268)
Desha County (222)
Drew County (364)
Faulkner County (413)
Franklin County (430)
Fulton County (305)
Garland County (526)
Grant County (279)
Greene County (321)
Hempstead County (401)
Hot Spring County (340)
Howard County (315)
Independence County (464)
Izard County (343)
Jackson County (434)
Jefferson County (486)
Johnson County (410)
Lafayette County (216)
Lawrence County (446)
Lee County (242)
Lincoln County (208)
Little River County (234)
Logan County (517)
Lonoke County (355)
Madison County (509)
Marion County (291)
Miller County (284)
Mississippi County (322)
Monroe County (240)
Montgomery County (279)
Nevada County (294)
Newton County (492)
Ouachita County (400)
Perry County (239)
Phillips County (314)
Pike County (296)
Poinsett County (206)
Polk County (316)
Pope County (612)
Prairie County (258)
Pulaski County (1,094)
Randolph County (392)
Saline County (397)
Scott County (313)
Searcy County (308)
Sebastian County (676)
Sevier County (254)
Sharp County (360)
St Francis County (274)
Stone County (249)
Union County (492)
Van Buren County (291)
Washington County (1,024)
White County (475)
Woodruff County (225)
Yell County (367)

By City

Acorn (in Polk County) (33)
Adona (in Perry County) (28)
Ain (in Grant County) (23)
Alabam (in Madison County) (26)
Alexander (in Saline County) (42)
Alicia (in Lawrence County) (40)
Alma (in Crawford County) (46)
Almyra (in Arkansas County) (28)
Alpena (in Boone County) (38)
Alpine (in Clark County) (27)
Altheimer (in Jefferson County) (41)
Altus (in Franklin County) (31)
Amity (in Clark County) (66)
Antoine (in Pike County) (23)
Appleton (in Pope County) (36)
Arkadelphia (in Clark County) (99)
Arkansas City (in Desha County) (34)
Arkansas Post (in Arkansas County) (27)
Armorel (in Mississippi County) (24)
Ash Flat (in Sharp County) (35)
Ashdown (in Little River County) (52)
Athens (in Howard County) (30)
Atkins (in Pope County) (79)
Atlanta (in Columbia County) (25)
Aubrey (in Lee County) (25)
Augusta (in Woodruff County) (43)
Aurora (in Madison County) (30)
Austin (in Lonoke County) (32)
Avoca (in Benton County) (30)
Bald Knob (in White County) (46)
Banks (in Bradley County) (28)
Barber (in Logan County) (21)
Bass (in Newton County) (28)
Bassett (in Mississippi County) (25)
Batavia (in Boone County) (24)
Batesville (in Independence County) (125)
Bauxite (in Saline County) (33)
Bay (in Craighead County) (27)
Bearden (in Ouachita County) (34)
Beaver (in Carroll County) (28)
Bee Branch (in Van Buren County) (45)
Beebe (in White County) (37)
Beech Grove (in Greene County) (24)
Beedeville (in Jackson County) (27)
Bella Vista (in Benton County) (45)
Bellefonte (in Boone County) (43)
Belleville (in Yell County) (32)
Ben Hur (in Newton County) (24)
Ben Lomond (in Sevier County) (25)
Benton (in Saline County) (114)
Bentonville (in Benton County) (93)
Bergman (in Boone County) (30)
Berryville (in Carroll County) (74)
Bethesda (in Independence County) (26)
Bexar (in Fulton County) (22)
Big Flat (in Baxter County) (25)
Big Rock (in Pulaski County) (32)
Bigelow (in Perry County) (29)
Biggers (in Randolph County) (40)
Birdell (in Randolph County) (32)
Biscoe (in Prairie County) (27)
Bismarck (in Hot Spring County) (38)
Black Fork (in Scott County) (23)
Black Rock (in Lawrence County) (36)
Black Springs (in Montgomery County) (24)
Blevins (in Hempstead County) (38)
Blue Mountain (in Logan County) (31)
Bluff City (in Nevada County) (22)
Blytheville (in Mississippi County) (76)
Board Camp (in Polk County) (34)
Bodcaw (in Nevada County) (27)
Bonnerdale (in Hot Spring County) (27)
Bono (in Craighead County) (31)
Booneville (in Logan County) (66)
Boxley (in Newton County) (22)
Bradford (in White County) (27)
Bradley (in Lafayette County) (28)
Branch (in Franklin County) (38)
Brentwood (in Washington County) (34)
Briggsville (in Yell County) (28)
Brightwater (in Benton County) (28)
Brinkley (in Monroe County) (48)
Brookland (in Craighead County) (39)
Bruno (in Marion County) (29)
Brush Creek (in Grant County) (23)
Bryant (in Saline County) (32)
Buckner (in Lafayette County) (25)
Bucksnort (in Dallas County) (23)
Buford (in Baxter County) (22)
Cabot (in Lonoke County) (53)
Caddo Valley (in Clark County) (25)
Calamine (in Sharp County) (26)
Cale (in Nevada County) (26)
Calhoun (in Columbia County) (22)
Calico Rock (in Izard County) (44)
Calion (in Union County) (26)
Camden (in Ouachita County) (118)
Campbell Station (in Jackson County) (26)
Cane Hill (in Washington County) (39)
Canehill (in Washington County) (36)
Capps (in Boone County) (25)
Caraway (in Craighead County) (29)
Carlisle (in Lonoke County) (52)
Carrollton (in Carroll County) (32)
Carthage (in Dallas County) (27)
Casa (in Perry County) (35)
Cash (in Craighead County) (31)
Cass (in Franklin County) (27)
Caulksville (in Logan County) (29)
Cauthron (in Scott County) (24)
Cauthron in Logan County (in Logan County) (22)
Cave City (in Sharp County) (52)
Cave Springs (in Benton County) (41)
Cecil (in Franklin County) (34)
Cedar Creek (in Scott County) (23)
Cedarville (in Crawford County) (33)
Center (in Sharp County) (22)
Center Hill (in White County) (27)
Center Point (in Howard County) (23)
Center Ridge (in Conway County) (46)
Centerton (in Benton County) (30)
Chambersville (in Calhoun County) (27)
Charleston (in Franklin County) (52)
Charlotte (in Independence County) (27)
Cherokee Village (in Fulton County) (26)
Cherry Valley (in Cross County) (29)
Chester (in Crawford County) (36)
Chickalah (in Yell County) (28)
Chidester (in Ouachita County) (45)
Chismville (in Logan County) (29)
Cincinnati (in Washington County) (41)
Clarendon (in Monroe County) (40)
Clarkridge (in Baxter County) (22)
Clarksville (in Johnson County) (92)
Clay (in White County) (27)
Clifty (in Madison County) (31)
Clinton (in Van Buren County) (57)
Coal Hill (in Johnson County) (41)
College City (in Lawrence County) (26)
Collins (in Drew County) (25)
Colt (in St Francis County) (29)
Combs (in Madison County) (28)
Cominto (in Drew County) (22)
Compton (in Newton County) (32)
Concord (in Cleburne County) (25)
Conway (in Faulkner County) (121)
Corning (in Clay County) (53)
Cotter (in Baxter County) (47)
Cotton Plant (in Woodruff County) (33)
Cove (in Polk County) (40)
Crawfordsville (in Crittenden County) (34)
Cross Roads in Grant County (in Grant County) (24)
Crossett (in Ashley County) (54)
Curtis (in Clark County) (29)
Cushman (in Independence County) (28)
Damascus (in Faulkner County) (22)
Danville (in Yell County) (49)
Dardanelle (in Yell County) (66)
Dayton (in Sebastian County) (35)
De Ann (in Hempstead County) (26)
De Queen (in Sevier County) (49)
De Valls Bluff (in Prairie County) (32)
DeWitt (in Arkansas County) (50)
Dean Springs (in Crawford County) (28)
Decatur (in Benton County) (40)
Deer (in Newton County) (31)
Delaplaine (in Greene County) (24)
Delight (in Pike County) (27)
Denmark (in Jackson County) (22)
Dennard (in Van Buren County) (25)
Denning (in Franklin County) (26)
Denton (in Lawrence County) (28)
Denver (in Carroll County) (27)
Dermott (in Chicot County) (42)
Des Arc (in Prairie County) (94)
Desha (in Independence County) (25)
Diaz (in Jackson County) (22)
Dierks (in Howard County) (79)
Dinsmore (in Newton County) (22)
Doddridge (in Miller County) (28)
Dolph (in Izard County) (26)
Donaldson (in Hot Spring County) (29)
Dover (in Pope County) (77)
Drasco (in Cleburne County) (22)
Dryfork (in Carroll County) (26)
Duckett (in Howard County) (24)
Dumas (in Desha County) (34)
Durham (in Washington County) (34)
Dyer (in Crawford County) (35)
Earle (in Crittenden County) (37)
East End (in Saline County) (28)
Eaton (in Lawrence County) (26)
Egypt (in Lawrence County) (27)
El Dorado (in Union County) (144)
El Paso (in White County) (27)
Elaine (in Phillips County) (27)
Elgin (in Jackson County) (23)
Elkins (in Washington County) (41)
Elm Springs (in Washington County) (36)
Emerson (in Columbia County) (43)
Emmet (in Nevada County) (29)
England (in Lonoke County) (46)
Enola (in Faulkner County) (30)
Erbie (in Newton County) (25)
Etna (in Franklin County) (26)
Eudora (in Chicot County) (39)
Eureka Springs (in Carroll County) (76)
Evansville (in Washington County) (43)
Evening Shade (in Sharp County) (42)
Everton (in Boone County) (25)
Fairbanks (in Van Buren County) (25)
Fairfield Bay (in Cleburne County) (20)
Fallsville (in Newton County) (28)
Fancy Hill (in Montgomery County) (22)
Farmington (in Washington County) (41)
Fayetteville (in Washington County) (233)
Fifty-Six (in Stone County) (30)
Flippin (in Marion County) (48)
Floral (in Independence County) (31)
Floyd (in White County) (29)
Fordyce (in Dallas County) (49)
Foreman (in Little River County) (40)
Forrest City (in St Francis County) (84)
Fort Chaffee (in Sebastian County) (33)
Fort Smith (in Sebastian County) (300)
Forum (in Madison County) (27)
Fouke (in Miller County) (33)
Fountain Hill (in Ashley County) (35)
Fountain Lake (in Garland County) (25)
Franklin (in Izard County) (33)
Friendship in Cleveland County (in Cleveland County) (19)
Fulton (in Hempstead County) (28)
Gaither (in Boone County) (25)
Gamaliel (in Baxter County) (22)
Garfield (in Benton County) (37)
Gassville (in Baxter County) (22)
Gateway (in Benton County) (29)
Genoa (in Miller County) (21)
Gentry (in Benton County) (63)
Gillett (in Arkansas County) (33)
Gillham (in Sevier County) (29)
Glenwood (in Pike County) (42)
Goshen (in Washington County) (40)
Gould (in Lincoln County) (24)
Grady (in Lincoln County) (28)
Grapevine (in Grant County) (33)
Gravesville (in Van Buren County) (26)
Gravette (in Benton County) (56)
Green Forest (in Carroll County) (62)
Greenbrier (in Faulkner County) (49)
Greenland (in Washington County) (45)
Greenway (in Clay County) (25)
Greenwood (in Sebastian County) (57)
Greers Ferry (in Cleburne County) (25)
Griffithville (in White County) (29)
Grubbs (in Jackson County) (28)
Guion (in Izard County) (31)
Gum Springs (in Clark County) (30)
Gurdon (in Clark County) (43)
Guy (in Faulkner County) (22)
Hackett (in Sebastian County) (44)
Hagarville (in Johnson County) (47)
Hamburg (in Ashley County) (71)
Hampton (in Calhoun County) (47)
Hardy (in Sharp County) (46)
Harrell (in Calhoun County) (28)
Harrisburg (in Poinsett County) (46)
Harrison (in Boone County) (106)
Hartford (in Sebastian County) (42)
Hartman (in Johnson County) (44)
Haskell (in Saline County) (30)
Hasty (in Newton County) (22)
Hatfield (in Polk County) (48)
Hattieville (in Conway County) (26)
Havana (in Yell County) (36)
Haynes (in Lee County) (25)
Hazen (in Prairie County) (41)
Heber Springs (in Cleburne County) (47)
Hector (in Pope County) (61)
Helena (in Phillips County) (104)
Hermitage (in Bradley County) (37)
Hickory Plains (in Prairie County) (26)
Hickory Ridge (in Cross County) (21)
Highfill (in Benton County) (30)
Highland (in Sharp County) (28)
Hill Township (in Pulaski County) (30)
Hindsville (in Madison County) (43)
Hiwasse (in Benton County) (30)
Holland (in Faulkner County) (27)
Hollis (in Perry County) (23)
Holly Grove (in Monroe County) (31)
Holly Springs (in Dallas County) (23)
Hollywood (in Clark County) (26)
Hope (in Hempstead County) (81)
Hopewell in Greene County (in Greene County) (23)
Horatio (in Sevier County) (38)
Horseshoe Bend (in Fulton County) (24)
Hot Springs (in Garland County) (274)
Hot Springs Village (in Saline County) (29)
Houston (in Perry County) (28)
Hoxie (in Lawrence County) (28)
Hughes (in St Francis County) (27)
Humnoke (in Lonoke County) (24)
Humphrey (in Arkansas County) (36)
Hunt (in Johnson County) (25)
Huntington (in Sebastian County) (37)
Huntsville (in Madison County) (70)
Huttig (in Union County) (29)
Imboden (in Lawrence County) (42)
Ingram (in Randolph County) (35)
Ironton (in Pulaski County) (31)
Jacksonport (in Jackson County) (29)
Jacksonville (in Pulaski County) (74)
Jamestown (in Independence County) (26)
Japton (in Madison County) (28)
Jasper (in Newton County) (79)
Jenny Lind (in Sebastian County) (32)
Jerome (in Drew County) (23)
Jerusalem (in Conway County) (25)
Jessieville (in Garland County) (37)
Johnson (in Washington County) (36)
Johnsville (in Bradley County) (21)
Joiner (in Mississippi County) (27)
Jonesboro (in Craighead County) (171)
Joy (in White County) (27)
Judsonia (in White County) (46)
Junction City (in Union County) (51)
Kensett (in White County) (30)
Keo (in Lonoke County) (21)
Kibler (in Crawford County) (27)
Kingsland (in Cleveland County) (57)
Kingston (in Madison County) (40)
Kirby (in Pike County) (48)
Knob (in Clay County) (20)
Knobel (in Clay County) (27)
Knoxville (in Johnson County) (26)
La Grange (in Lee County) (20)
LaCrosse (in Izard County) (23)
Lafe (in Greene County) (27)
Lake City (in Craighead County) (39)
Lake Village (in Chicot County) (44)
Lamar (in Johnson County) (45)
Laneburg (in Nevada County) (25)
Lavaca (in Sebastian County) (54)
Leachville (in Mississippi County) (29)
Lead Hill (in Boone County) (47)
Leola (in Grant County) (23)
Lepanto (in Poinsett County) (32)
Leslie (in Searcy County) (38)
Letona (in White County) (28)
Lewisville (in Lafayette County) (48)
Lexa (in Phillips County) (28)
Limestone (in Newton County) (37)
Lincoln (in Washington County) (72)
Little Rock (in Pulaski County) (614)
Lockesburg (in Sevier County) (51)
Locust Bayou (in Calhoun County) (25)
London (in Pope County) (51)
Lone Rock (in Baxter County) (24)
Lonoke (in Lonoke County) (53)
Lorado (in Greene County) (26)
Louann (in Ouachita County) (26)
Lowell (in Benton County) (37)
Lurton (in Newton County) (23)
Luxora (in Mississippi County) (29)
Lynn (in Lawrence County) (32)
Macedonia (in Columbia County) (22)
Madison (in St Francis County) (26)
Magazine (in Logan County) (66)
Magness (in Independence County) (26)
Magnet Cove (in Hot Spring County) (29)
Magnolia (in Columbia County) (87)
Malvern (in Hot Spring County) (99)
Mammoth Spring (in Fulton County) (58)
Manila (in Mississippi County) (33)
Mansfield (in Sebastian County) (62)
Marble (in Madison County) (31)
Marianna (in Lee County) (51)
Marie (in Mississippi County) (24)
Marion (in Crittenden County) (37)
Marked Tree (in Poinsett County) (35)
Marmaduke (in Greene County) (37)
Marshall (in Searcy County) (62)
Marvell (in Phillips County) (53)
Maumelle (in Pulaski County) (35)
Mayflower (in Faulkner County) (28)
Maynard (in Randolph County) (61)
Maysville (in Benton County) (36)
McCrory (in Woodruff County) (53)
McGehee (in Desha County) (43)
McNeil (in Columbia County) (36)
McPhearson (in Baxter County) (21)
Melbourne (in Izard County) (42)
Mena (in Polk County) (104)
Midland (in Sebastian County) (40)
Midway (in Baxter County) (22)
Midway in Logan County (in Logan County) (22)
Mineral Springs (in Howard County) (37)
Minturn (in Lawrence County) (27)
Monette (in Craighead County) (45)
Monticello (in Drew County) (103)
Montrose (in Ashley County) (23)
Moorefield (in Independence County) (29)
Moreland (in Pope County) (30)
Morganton (in Van Buren County) (25)
Moro (in Lee County) (30)
Morrilton (in Conway County) (85)
Morrison Bluff (in Logan County) (23)
Morrow (in Washington County) (38)
Mount Holly (in Union County) (30)
Mount Ida (in Montgomery County) (52)
Mount Judea (in Newton County) (41)
Mount Olive (in Izard County) (26)
Mount Pleasant (in Izard County) (46)
Mount Vernon (in Faulkner County) (21)
Mountain Home (in Baxter County) (90)
Mountain Pine (in Garland County) (36)
Mountain View (in Stone County) (66)
Mountainburg (in Crawford County) (46)
Mulberry (in Crawford County) (51)
Murfreesboro (in Pike County) (49)
Napoleon (in Desha County) (21)
Nashville (in Howard County) (49)
Natural Steps (in Pulaski County) (30)
Nettleton (in Craighead County) (23)
New Blaine (in Logan County) (40)
New Edinburg (in Cleveland County) (39)
Newark (in Independence County) (61)
Newhope (in Pike County) (22)
Newnata (in Stone County) (26)
Newport (in Jackson County) (84)
Norfork (in Baxter County) (32)
Norman (in Montgomery County) (43)
Norphlet (in Union County) (27)
North Crossett (in Ashley County) (23)
North Little Rock (in Pulaski County) (116)
Oark (in Johnson County) (32)
Oden (in Montgomery County) (35)
Oil Trough (in Independence County) (33)
Okolona (in Clark County) (37)
Ola (in Yell County) (27)
Olvey (in Boone County) (29)
Omaha (in Boone County) (35)
Onda (in Washington County) (34)
Onia (in Stone County) (27)
Oppelo (in Conway County) (28)
Osage (in Carroll County) (38)
Osceola (in Mississippi County) (40)
Owensville (in Saline County) (30)
Oxford (in Izard County) (31)
Ozan (in Hempstead County) (28)
Ozark (in Franklin County) (117)
Ozone (in Johnson County) (25)
Palestine (in St Francis County) (29)
Pangburn (in White County) (31)
Paragould (in Greene County) (116)
Paris (in Logan County) (69)
Parkdale (in Ashley County) (30)
Parkin (in Cross County) (33)
Paron (in Saline County) (43)
Parthenon (in Newton County) (24)
Pastoria (in Jefferson County) (25)
Patmos (in Hempstead County) (33)
Patrick (in Madison County) (26)
Pea Ridge (in Benton County) (52)
Pearcy (in Garland County) (24)
Pencil Bluff (in Montgomery County) (22)
Perrytown (in Hempstead County) (26)
Perryville (in Perry County) (37)
Pettigrew (in Madison County) (31)
Piggott (in Clay County) (28)
Pindall (in Searcy County) (25)
Pine Bluff (in Jefferson County) (195)
Plainview (in Yell County) (38)
Pleasant Grove (in Stone County) (25)
Pleasant Plains (in Independence County) (35)
Pleasant View (in Franklin County) (27)
Plumerville (in Conway County) (40)
Pocahontas (in Randolph County) (95)
Pollard (in Clay County) (23)
Poplar Grove (in Phillips County) (27)
Portia (in Lawrence County) (33)
Portland (in Ashley County) (35)
Potter (in Polk County) (34)
Pottsville (in Pope County) (41)
Poughkeepsie (in Sharp County) (24)
Powhatan (in Lawrence County) (29)
Poyen (in Grant County) (25)
Prairie Grove (in Washington County) (69)
Prairie View (in Logan County) (23)
Prattsville (in Grant County) (25)
Prescott (in Nevada County) (90)
Princeton (in Dallas County) (28)
Pyatt (in Marion County) (37)
Quitman (in Cleburne County) (34)
Ratcliff (in Franklin County) (26)
Ravenden Springs (in Randolph County) (62)
Rector (in Clay County) (45)
Red Star (in Madison County) (30)
Redfield (in Jefferson County) (29)
Reyno (in Randolph County) (33)
Rison (in Cleveland County) (57)
Roe (in Monroe County) (25)
Rogers (in Benton County) (86)
Rohwer (in Desha County) (24)
Rosboro (in Pike County) (23)
Rose Bud (in White County) (48)
Roseville (in Logan County) (23)
Rosston (in Nevada County) (28)
Rowell (in Cleveland County) (19)
Royal (in Garland County) (32)
Rudy (in Crawford County) (38)
Russellville (in Pope County) (133)
Rye (in Cleveland County) (20)
Saffell (in Lawrence County) (32)
Sage (in Izard County) (26)
Saint Francis (in Clay County) (22)
Saint Joe (in Searcy County) (28)
Saint Paul (in Madison County) (39)
Salem (in Fulton County) (36)
Salem in Saline County (in Saline County) (30)
Scotland (in Van Buren County) (39)
Scott (in Lonoke County) (26)
Scottsville (in Pope County) (34)
Scranton (in Logan County) (32)
Searcy (in White County) (85)
Sedgwick (in Lawrence County) (27)
Shawmut (in Pike County) (22)
Sheridan (in Grant County) (63)
Sherrill (in Jefferson County) (26)
Sherwood (in Pulaski County) (40)
Shirley (in Van Buren County) (44)
Sidney (in Sharp County) (25)
Siloam Springs (in Benton County) (76)
Sims (in Montgomery County) (23)
Slovak (in Prairie County) (27)
Smackover (in Union County) (39)
Smithville (in Lawrence County) (38)
Snowball (in Searcy County) (29)
Solgohachia (in Conway County) (26)
Sparkman (in Dallas County) (39)
Spring Hill (in Hempstead County) (30)
Springdale (in Washington County) (89)
St Joe (in Searcy County) (25)
St Paul (in Madison County) (35)
Stamps (in Lafayette County) (42)
Star City (in Lincoln County) (46)
Stephens (in Ouachita County) (36)
Strawberry (in Lawrence County) (40)
Strickler (in Washington County) (34)
Strong (in Union County) (56)
Sturkie (in Fulton County) (22)
Stuttgart (in Arkansas County) (85)
Subiaco (in Logan County) (53)
Success (in Clay County) (24)
Sugar Grove (in Logan County) (22)
Sulphur Rock (in Independence County) (42)
Sulphur Springs (in Benton County) (43)
Sulphur Springs in Jefferson County (in Jefferson County) (29)
Summers (in Washington County) (37)
Swain (in Newton County) (25)
Sweet Home (in Pulaski County) (38)
Swifton (in Jackson County) (36)
Sylamore (in Izard County) (23)
Taylor (in Columbia County) (27)
Texarkana (in Miller County) (107)
Thornton (in Calhoun County) (30)
Three Creeks (in Union County) (24)
Tichnor (in Arkansas County) (27)
Tillar (in Drew County) (25)
Timbo (in Stone County) (28)
Tinsman (in Calhoun County) (25)
Tollette (in Howard County) (23)
Tontitown (in Washington County) (35)
Traskwood (in Saline County) (29)
Trumann (in Poinsett County) (28)
Tuckerman (in Jackson County) (46)
Tull (in Grant County) (25)
Tumbling Shoals (in Cleburne County) (20)
Tyronza (in Poinsett County) (27)
Umpire (in Howard County) (36)
Union in Fulton County (in Fulton County) (22)
Valley Springs (in Boone County) (40)
Van Buren (in Crawford County) (106)
Vandervoort (in Polk County) (38)
Vanndale (in Cross County) (21)
Vendor (in Newton County) (25)
Vidette (in Fulton County) (22)
Village (in Columbia County) (22)
Vilonia (in Faulkner County) (30)
Viola (in Fulton County) (40)
Violet Hill (in Izard County) (24)
Waldo (in Columbia County) (39)
Waldron (in Scott County) (85)
Walker (in White County) (30)
Walnut Ridge (in Lawrence County) (56)
Waltreak (in Yell County) (26)
Ward (in Lonoke County) (29)
Warm Springs (in Randolph County) (36)
Warren (in Bradley County) (81)
Washburn (in Sebastian County) (32)
Washington (in Hempstead County) (38)
Watson (in Desha County) (23)
Waveland (in Yell County) (28)
Wayton (in Newton County) (24)
Weiner (in Poinsett County) (31)
Weldon (in Jackson County) (23)
Wesley (in Madison County) (29)
West Fork (in Washington County) (63)
West Helena (in Phillips County) (37)
West Memphis (in Crittenden County) (46)
Western Grove (in Newton County) (33)
Wharton (in Madison County) (30)
Wheatley (in St Francis County) (30)
Whelen Springs (in Clark County) (25)
White Hall (in Jefferson County) (30)
Wickes (in Polk County) (40)
Wilburn (in Cleburne County) (21)
Wild Cherry (in Fulton County) (24)
Williford (in Sharp County) (24)
Willisville (in Nevada County) (32)
Willow (in Dallas County) (23)
Wilmar (in Drew County) (37)
Wilmot (in Ashley County) (41)
Wilson (in Mississippi County) (28)
Wilton (in Little River County) (26)
Winchester (in Drew County) (23)
Winslow (in Washington County) (56)
Winthrop (in Little River County) (40)
Wirth (in Sharp County) (24)
Witcherville (in Sebastian County) (33)
Witter (in Madison County) (28)
Witts Springs (in Searcy County) (23)
Wittsburg (in Cross County) (21)
Woodson (in Pulaski County) (31)
Wynne (in Cross County) (64)
Yellville (in Marion County) (63)
Zinc (in Boone County) (22)

Overview of Arkansas Genealogy Records

  • History: Arkansas was first settled in 1803, it became part of Missouri Territory in 1812, it became Arkansas Territory in 1819, and became a state in 1836. It was part of the Confederate states in the Civil War from 1861 to 1865.
  • Birth records: Some birth records were kept in Arkansas starting in 1881 with statewide registration starting in 1914 and full records being kept by the 1930s.  Birth records from 1914 to the present can be obtained from the Arkansas Department of Health.
  • Marriage records: Marriage records were kept as early as 1820 by the county clerk, frequently in the county of the bride's residence. Statewide registration of marriages began in 1917.  Marriage records from 1917 to the present can be obtained from the Arkansas Department of Health.
  • Death records: Deaths were recorded by the government of Arkansas starting in 1914.  Death records from 1914 to the present can be obtained from the Arkansas Department of Health.
  • Divorce records: Divorce records were kept by the individual county chancery courts. Divorce records from 1923 to the present can be obtained from the Arkansas Department of Health.
  • Census records: The first federal census available for Arkansas is 1830. There are federal censuses publicly available for 1830, 1840, 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930,  1940, and 1950.
  • County records: Court, land, probate, naturalization, and tax records were kept by the individual counties.
  • Other records: The city pages on this site can help you to locate newspapers, records kept by churches, cemeteries, histories, school, city directories, and other records. Records specific to minority groups can be found in the Minority Records section.
  • All records: Use the links on this site to locate online indexes and images of many of the above records.
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