Alabama Genealogy

USA (1,379,301) > Alabama (33,615)

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Overview of Alabama records

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Birth Records (194)
Cemetery Records (16,739)
Census Records (3,645)
Church Records (1,232)
City Directories (1,069)
Court Records (201)
Death Records (849)
Histories and Genealogies (812)
Immigration Records (74)
Land Records (864)
Map Records (846)
Marriage Records (1,218)
Military Records (1,112)
Minority Records (98)
Miscellaneous Records (479)
Newspapers and Obituaries (2,585)
Probate Records (657)
School Records (2,037)
Tax Records (99)

By County

Autauga County (499)
Baldwin County (584)
Barbour County (488)
Bibb County (408)
Blount County (533)
Bullock County (271)
Butler County (440)
Calhoun County (674)
Chambers County (466)
Cherokee County (351)
Chilton County (392)
Choctaw County (321)
Clarke County (529)
Clay County (478)
Cleburne County (329)
Coffee County (398)
Colbert County (412)
Conecuh County (424)
Coosa County (374)
Covington County (475)
Crenshaw County (284)
Cullman County (543)
Dale County (547)
Dallas County (589)
DeKalb County (689)
Elmore County (453)
Escambia County (392)
Etowah County (509)
Fayette County (385)
Franklin County (459)
Geneva County (328)
Greene County (323)
Hale County (333)
Henry County (325)
Houston County (270)
Jackson County (843)
Jefferson County (1,596)
Lamar County (392)
Lauderdale County (881)
Lawrence County (549)
Lee County (417)
Limestone County (640)
Lowndes County (403)
Macon County (315)
Madison County (813)
Marengo County (385)
Marion County (510)
Marshall County (606)
Mobile County (1,232)
Monroe County (474)
Montgomery County (768)
Morgan County (695)
Perry County (375)
Pickens County (471)
Pike County (438)
Randolph County (544)
Russell County (347)
Shelby County (579)
St Clair County (396)
Sumter County (423)
Talladega County (510)
Tallapoosa County (628)
Tuscaloosa County (764)
Walker County (493)
Washington County (376)
Wilcox County (435)
Winston County (428)

By City

Abanda (in Chambers County) (31)
Abbeville (in Henry County) (85)
Abernant (in Tuscaloosa County) (33)
Abernathy (in Cleburne County) (30)
Adair Ford (in Madison County) (32)
Adamsville (in Jefferson County) (43)
Addison (in Winston County) (48)
Akron (in Hale County) (45)
Alabama City (in Etowah County) (34)
Alabaster (in Shelby County) (56)
Albertville (in Marshall County) (97)
Alexander City (in Tallapoosa County) (141)
Alexandria (in Calhoun County) (36)
Aliceville (in Pickens County) (66)
Alpine (in Talladega County) (41)
Altoona (in Etowah County) (41)
Andalusia (in Covington County) (124)
Anderson (in Lauderdale County) (37)
Anniston (in Calhoun County) (204)
Arab (in Marshall County) (64)
Ardmore (in Limestone County) (42)
Ariton (in Dale County) (39)
Arkadelphia (in Cullman County) (32)
Arley (in Winston County) (54)
Asbury (in Marshall County) (37)
Ashford (in Houston County) (42)
Ashland (in Clay County) (90)
Ashridge (in Winston County) (30)
Ashville (in St Clair County) (55)
Athens (in Limestone County) (231)
Atmore (in Escambia County) (58)
Attalla (in Etowah County) (63)
Auburn (in Lee County) (85)
Aurora (in Etowah County) (29)
Autaugaville (in Autauga County) (65)
Awin (in Wilcox County) (31)
Babbie (in Covington County) (31)
Bacon Level (in Randolph County) (31)
Baileyton (in Cullman County) (30)
Bakerhill (in Barbour County) (57)
Ballplay (in Etowah County) (32)
Bangor (in Blount County) (46)
Banks (in Pike County) (44)
Bankston (in Fayette County) (35)
Barfield (in Clay County) (26)
Barlow Bend (in Clarke County) (32)
Barrytown (in Choctaw County) (34)
Barton (in Colbert County) (25)
Bay Minette (in Baldwin County) (68)
Bayou La Batre (in Mobile County) (53)
Bear Creek (in Marion County) (50)
Beatrice (in Monroe County) (41)
Beaverton (in Lamar County) (49)
Bedford (in Lamar County) (27)
Belgreen (in Franklin County) (55)
Belk (in Fayette County) (38)
Bellefonte (in Jackson County) (31)
Belleville (in Conecuh County) (37)
Bellwood (in Geneva County) (27)
Belmont (in Sumter County) (36)
Benevola (in Pickens County) (39)
Benton (in Lowndes County) (43)
Berlin (in Cullman County) (28)
Berry (in Fayette County) (74)
Bessemer (in Jefferson County) (174)
Beulah (in Lee County) (24)
Bigbee (in Washington County) (28)
Billingsley (in Autauga County) (53)
Birmingham (in Jefferson County) (728)
Black (in Geneva County) (29)
Blackburn (in Lauderdale County) (31)
Bladon Springs (in Choctaw County) (34)
Blakeley (in Baldwin County) (39)
Blountsville (in Blount County) (67)
Blue Springs (in Barbour County) (58)
Bluff (in Fayette County) (33)
Bluff Springs (in Clay County) (26)
Boaz (in Marshall County) (73)
Boligee (in Greene County) (42)
Bon Secour (in Baldwin County) (40)
Borden Springs (in Cleburne County) (30)
Bostic (in Pickens County) (39)
Braggs (in Lowndes County) (43)
Branchville (in St Clair County) (34)
Brantley (in Crenshaw County) (40)
Bremen (in Cullman County) (40)
Brent (in Bibb County) (39)
Brewton (in Escambia County) (96)
Bridgeport (in Jackson County) (69)
Brilliant (in Marion County) (65)
Bromley (in Baldwin County) (39)
Brooklyn (in Conecuh County) (32)
Brookside (in Jefferson County) (33)
Brooksville (in Blount County) (46)
Brookwood (in Tuscaloosa County) (51)
Broomtown (in Cherokee County) (31)
Brownsboro (in Madison County) (34)
Brundidge (in Pike County) (71)
Bryant (in Jackson County) (51)
Buhl (in Tuscaloosa County) (36)
Burnsville (in Dallas County) (33)
Burnt Corn (in Monroe County) (35)
Butler (in Choctaw County) (69)
Bynum (in Calhoun County) (30)
Caddo (in Lawrence County) (37)
Cahaba (in Dallas County) (52)
Cairo (in Limestone County) (33)
Calera (in Shelby County) (64)
Camden (in Wilcox County) (86)
Camp Hill (in Tallapoosa County) (72)
Carbon Hill (in Walker County) (46)
Carlowville (in Dallas County) (37)
Carrollton (in Pickens County) (75)
Castleberry (in Conecuh County) (49)
Catherine (in Wilcox County) (37)
Cedar Bluff (in Cherokee County) (43)
Center Hill in Lauderdale County (in Lauderdale County) (37)
Center Star (in Lauderdale County) (41)
Centre (in Cherokee County) (78)
Centreville (in Bibb County) (64)
Chalkville (in Jefferson County) (32)
Chastang (in Mobile County) (41)
Chatom (in Washington County) (42)
Chelsea (in Shelby County) (48)
Cherokee (in Colbert County) (66)
Chickasaw (in Mobile County) (49)
Childersburg (in Talladega County) (50)
Chilton (in Clarke County) (33)
Chulafinnee (in Cleburne County) (31)
Chunchula (in Mobile County) (46)
Citronelle (in Mobile County) (68)
Claiborne (in Monroe County) (39)
Clanton (in Chilton County) (93)
Clay (in Jefferson County) (34)
Clayhatchee (in Dale County) (32)
Clayton (in Barbour County) (88)
Cleveland (in Blount County) (52)
Clinton (in Greene County) (31)
Clio (in Barbour County) (63)
Cloverdale (in Lauderdale County) (35)
Coaling (in Tuscaloosa County) (34)
Coatopa (in Sumter County) (38)
Cochrane (in Pickens County) (41)
Coden (in Mobile County) (41)
Coffee Springs (in Geneva County) (30)
Coffeeville (in Clarke County) (59)
Coker (in Tuscaloosa County) (56)
Cold Springs (in Cullman County) (29)
Collinsville (in DeKalb County) (85)
Collirene (in Lowndes County) (45)
Columbia (in Houston County) (43)
Columbiana (in Shelby County) (84)
Cooks Springs (in St Clair County) (35)
Cooper (in Chilton County) (25)
Coosada (in Elmore County) (33)
Cordova (in Walker County) (38)
Cottondale (in Tuscaloosa County) (44)
Cottonton (in Russell County) (30)
Cottonwood (in Houston County) (33)
County Line (in Blount County) (59)
Courtland (in Lawrence County) (76)
Coy (in Wilcox County) (39)
Cragford (in Clay County) (36)
Crane Hill (in Cullman County) (31)
Crawford (in Russell County) (31)
Crews (in Lamar County) (27)
Cropwell (in St Clair County) (39)
Crossville (in DeKalb County) (69)
Crossville in Lamar County (in Lamar County) (31)
Cuba (in Sumter County) (48)
Cullman (in Cullman County) (156)
Cusseta (in Chambers County) (33)
Dadeville (in Tallapoosa County) (100)
Daleville (in Dale County) (40)
Dallas (in Blount County) (46)
Danielsville (in Crenshaw County) (28)
Danville (in Morgan County) (58)
Daphne (in Baldwin County) (62)
Dauphin Island (in Mobile County) (44)
Daviston (in Tallapoosa County) (55)
Dawson (in DeKalb County) (37)
Dayton (in Marengo County) (29)
Deatsville (in Elmore County) (36)
Decatur (in Morgan County) (176)
Deer Park (in Washington County) (28)
Delta (in Clay County) (40)
Demopolis (in Marengo County) (80)
Detroit (in Lamar County) (34)
Dickinson (in Clarke County) (30)
Dixons Mills (in Marengo County) (32)
Dora (in Walker County) (35)
Dora in Jefferson County (in Jefferson County) (31)
Dothan (in Dale County) (158)
Double Springs (in Winston County) (88)
Douglas (in Marshall County) (43)
Dozier (in Crenshaw County) (31)
Duck Springs (in Etowah County) (30)
Duncanville (in Tuscaloosa County) (40)
Dunnavant (in Shelby County) (31)
Dutton (in Jackson County) (39)
East Brewton (in Escambia County) (39)
Eastaboga (in Calhoun County) (29)
Echo (in Dale County) (39)
Echola (in Tuscaloosa County) (39)
Eclectic (in Elmore County) (51)
Edwardsville (in Cleburne County) (38)
Eight Mile (in Mobile County) (57)
Elba (in Coffee County) (79)
Elberta (in Baldwin County) (36)
Eldridge (in Walker County) (33)
Elgin (in Lauderdale County) (45)
Eliska (in Monroe County) (29)
Elkmont (in Limestone County) (78)
Elrod (in Tuscaloosa County) (33)
Emelle (in Sumter County) (44)
Empire (in Walker County) (29)
Enterprise (in Coffee County) (77)
Eoline (in Bibb County) (29)
Epes (in Sumter County) (41)
Equality (in Coosa County) (39)
Estillfork (in Jackson County) (38)
Ethelsville (in Pickens County) (51)
Eufaula (in Barbour County) (133)
Eutaw (in Greene County) (76)
Eva (in Morgan County) (53)
Evergreen (in Conecuh County) (113)
Ewell (in Dale County) (33)
Excel (in Monroe County) (32)
Fackler (in Jackson County) (32)
Fairfield (in Jefferson County) (33)
Fairford (in Washington County) (30)
Fairhope (in Baldwin County) (66)
Fairview (in Cullman County) (31)
Falkville (in Morgan County) (81)
Farmersville (in Lowndes County) (48)
Faunsdale (in Marengo County) (34)
Fayette (in Fayette County) (74)
Fayetteville (in Talladega County) (30)
Finchburg (in Monroe County) (30)
Fitzpatrick (in Bullock County) (27)
Five Points (in Chambers County) (34)
Flat Rock (in Jackson County) (44)
Flat Rock in Conecuh County (in Conecuh County) (32)
Flomaton (in Escambia County) (53)
Florala (in Covington County) (69)
Florence (in Lauderdale County) (303)
Foley (in Baldwin County) (54)
Forest Home (in Butler County) (31)
Forkland (in Greene County) (47)
Forney (in Cherokee County) (28)
Fort Deposit (in Lowndes County) (68)
Fort Mitchell (in Russell County) (32)
Fort Morgan (in Baldwin County) (35)
Fort Payne (in DeKalb County) (131)
Fosters (in Tuscaloosa County) (41)
Frankfort (in Franklin County) (30)
Franklin (in Monroe County) (32)
Franklin in Macon County (in Macon County) (38)
Frankville (in Washington County) (28)
Fredonia (in Chambers County) (33)
Frisco City (in Monroe County) (46)
Fruitdale (in Washington County) (31)
Fruithurst (in Cleburne County) (38)
Fulton (in Clarke County) (37)
Fyffe (in DeKalb County) (54)
Gadsden (in Etowah County) (172)
Gainestown (in Clarke County) (31)
Gainesville (in Sumter County) (56)
Gallant (in Etowah County) (30)
Gallion (in Hale County) (28)
Gantt (in Covington County) (34)
Garden City (in Cullman County) (28)
Gardendale (in Jefferson County) (57)
Garth (in Jackson County) (40)
Gateswood (in Baldwin County) (35)
Gaylesville (in Cherokee County) (35)
Geiger (in Sumter County) (35)
Geneva (in Geneva County) (59)
Georgetown (in Mobile County) (43)
Georgiana (in Butler County) (67)
Geraldine (in DeKalb County) (66)
Gibsonville (in Clay County) (26)
Gilbertown (in Choctaw County) (44)
Girard (in Russell County) (32)
Glen Allen (in Fayette County) (48)
Glencoe (in Etowah County) (35)
Glenville (in Russell County) (35)
Glenwood (in Crenshaw County) (28)
Good Hope (in Cullman County) (30)
Goodsprings (in Walker County) (32)
Goodwater (in Coosa County) (67)
Goodway (in Monroe County) (27)
Gordo (in Pickens County) (67)
Gordon (in Houston County) (31)
Gordonville (in Lowndes County) (43)
Goshen (in Pike County) (49)
Gosport (in Clarke County) (30)
Grady (in Montgomery County) (39)
Graham (in Randolph County) (35)
Grand Bay (in Mobile County) (56)
Grant (in Marshall County) (66)
Gravelly Springs (in Lauderdale County) (31)
Graysville (in Jefferson County) (33)
Green Hill (in Lauderdale County) (46)
Greensboro (in Hale County) (111)
Greenville (in Butler County) (125)
Grove Hill (in Clarke County) (72)
Grove Oak (in DeKalb County) (39)
Guin (in Marion County) (68)
Gulf Shores (in Baldwin County) (35)
Gulfcrest (in Mobile County) (43)
Guntersville (in Marshall County) (106)
Gurley (in Madison County) (49)
Hackleburg (in Marion County) (62)
Hackneyville (in Tallapoosa County) (37)
Hacoda (in Geneva County) (30)
Haleburg (in Henry County) (42)
Haleyville (in Winston County) (85)
Hamilton (in Marion County) (99)
Hammondville (in DeKalb County) (37)
Hanceville (in Cullman County) (60)
Hanover (in Coosa County) (34)
Hardaway (in Macon County) (35)
Harpersville (in Shelby County) (39)
Hartford (in Geneva County) (62)
Hartselle (in Morgan County) (92)
Harvest (in Madison County) (57)
Hatchechubbee (in Russell County) (35)
Hatton (in Lawrence County) (48)
Havana (in Hale County) (30)
Hayden (in Blount County) (81)
Hayneville (in Lowndes County) (74)
Hazel Green (in Madison County) (50)
Headland (in Henry County) (72)
Heflin (in Cleburne County) (62)
Heiberger (in Perry County) (37)
Helena (in Shelby County) (42)
Henagar (in DeKalb County) (53)
Heron Bay (in Mobile County) (41)
Hillsboro (in Lawrence County) (60)
Hissop (in Coosa County) (35)
Hodges (in Franklin County) (44)
Hokes Bluff (in Etowah County) (40)
Hollins (in Clay County) (26)
Hollis Crossroads (in Cleburne County) (29)
Holly Pond (in Cullman County) (38)
Hollytree (in Jackson County) (33)
Hollywood (in Jackson County) (55)
Holt (in Tuscaloosa County) (36)
Holy Trinity (in Russell County) (30)
Homewood (in Jefferson County) (51)
Honoraville (in Crenshaw County) (29)
Hoover (in Jefferson County) (45)
Hope Hull (in Montgomery County) (41)
Horton (in Marshall County) (34)
Houston (in Winston County) (36)
Howelton (in Etowah County) (29)
Hubbertville (in Fayette County) (31)
Hueytown (in Jefferson County) (49)
Huguley (in Chambers County) (29)
Huntsville (in Madison County) (297)
Hurtsboro (in Russell County) (45)
Huxford (in Escambia County) (24)
Hybart (in Monroe County) (27)
Hytop (in Jackson County) (49)
Ider (in DeKalb County) (52)
Independence (in Autauga County) (42)
Irondale (in Jefferson County) (41)
Jack (in Coffee County) (33)
Jackson (in Clarke County) (66)
Jacksons Gap (in Tallapoosa County) (53)
Jacksonville (in Calhoun County) (95)
Jamestown (in Cherokee County) (28)
Jasper (in Walker County) (91)
Jefferson (in Marengo County) (36)
Jemison (in Chilton County) (48)
Jones (in Autauga County) (40)
Jones Chapel (in Cullman County) (29)
Joppa (in Cullman County) (34)
Kansas (in Walker County) (27)
Kellyton (in Coosa County) (58)
Kennedy (in Lamar County) (38)
Kent (in Elmore County) (26)
Killen (in Lauderdale County) (56)
Kilpatrick (in DeKalb County) (39)
Kinsey (in Houston County) (23)
Kinston (in Coffee County) (52)
Knoxville (in Greene County) (29)
Kushla (in Mobile County) (41)
Kyles (in Jackson County) (33)
LaFayette (in Chambers County) (85)
Laceys Spring (in Morgan County) (43)
Ladonia (in Russell County) (32)
Landersville (in Lawrence County) (36)
Lanett (in Chambers County) (58)
Langdale (in Chambers County) (28)
Langston (in Jackson County) (37)
Larkinsville (in Jackson County) (33)
Latham (in Baldwin County) (36)
Lebanon (in DeKalb County) (37)
Leeds (in Jefferson County) (57)
Leesburg (in Cherokee County) (36)
Leighton (in Colbert County) (53)
Leroy (in Washington County) (37)
Lester (in Limestone County) (44)
Letohatchee (in Lowndes County) (47)
Lexington (in Lauderdale County) (59)
Lillian (in Baldwin County) (35)
Lim Rock (in Jackson County) (37)
Lincoln (in Talladega County) (46)
Linden (in Marengo County) (47)
Lineville (in Clay County) (72)
Linwood (in Pike County) (36)
Lisman (in Choctaw County) (42)
Little River (in Baldwin County) (36)
Littleville (in Colbert County) (27)
Livingston (in Sumter County) (87)
Loachapoka (in Lee County) (25)
Locust Fork (in Blount County) (60)
Logan (in Cullman County) (29)
Lottie (in Baldwin County) (35)
Louisville (in Barbour County) (64)
Lower Peach Tree (in Wilcox County) (34)
Lowndesboro (in Lowndes County) (53)
Loxley (in Baldwin County) (38)
Luverne (in Crenshaw County) (64)
Lyeffion (in Conecuh County) (33)
Lynn (in Winston County) (40)
Madison (in Madison County) (71)
Madrid (in Houston County) (22)
Magnolia (in Marengo County) (37)
Magnolia Springs (in Baldwin County) (35)
Malvern (in Geneva County) (27)
Maplesville (in Chilton County) (52)
Marble Valley (in Coosa County) (36)
Marbury (in Autauga County) (44)
Marion (in Perry County) (112)
Marion Junction (in Dallas County) (33)
Marvyn (in Lee County) (27)
Masterson Mill (in Lawrence County) (34)
Matthews (in Montgomery County) (35)
Mauvilla (in Mobile County) (41)
Maysville (in Madison County) (39)
McCalla (in Jefferson County) (47)
McCullough (in Escambia County) (25)
McIntosh (in Washington County) (38)
McKenzie (in Butler County) (42)
McWilliams (in Wilcox County) (33)
Memphis (in Pickens County) (39)
Mentone (in DeKalb County) (41)
Meridianville (in Madison County) (43)
Merrellton (in Calhoun County) (28)
Mexia (in Monroe County) (30)
Midfield (in Jefferson County) (36)
Midland City (in Dale County) (51)
Midway (in Bullock County) (47)
Millbrook (in Elmore County) (49)
Millers Ferry (in Wilcox County) (31)
Millerville (in Clay County) (47)
Millport (in Lamar County) (46)
Millry (in Washington County) (53)
Milltown (in Chambers County) (30)
Mobile (in Mobile County) (660)
Monroeville (in Monroe County) (61)
Monrovia (in Madison County) (33)
Montevallo (in Shelby County) (72)
Montgomery (in Montgomery County) (436)
Moody (in St Clair County) (36)
Moores Bridge (in Tuscaloosa County) (35)
Moores Mill (in Madison County) (33)
Mooresville (in Limestone County) (44)
Moreland (in Winston County) (29)
Morgan City (in Morgan County) (34)
Morris (in Jefferson County) (41)
Moulton (in Lawrence County) (104)
Moundville (in Hale County) (54)
Mount Hope (in Lawrence County) (43)
Mount Sterling (in Choctaw County) (34)
Mount Vernon (in Mobile County) (46)
Mount Willing (in Lowndes County) (41)
Mountain Brook (in Jefferson County) (34)
Mulberry in Autauga County (in Autauga County) (35)
Munford (in Talladega County) (40)
Muscadine (in Cleburne County) (39)
Muscle Shoals (in Colbert County) (40)
Myrtlewood (in Marengo County) (30)
Nanafalia (in Marengo County) (30)
Natural Bridge (in Winston County) (32)
Nauvoo (in Walker County) (34)
Nectar (in Blount County) (46)
New Brockton (in Coffee County) (50)
New Hope (in Madison County) (54)
New Market (in Madison County) (59)
New Site (in Tallapoosa County) (46)
Newell (in Randolph County) (37)
Newton (in Dale County) (54)
Newville (in Henry County) (47)
Nixburg (in Coosa County) (38)
Nokomis (in Escambia County) (24)
North Perry (in Perry County) (40)
Northport (in Tuscaloosa County) (86)
Notasulga (in Macon County) (52)
Oak Grove (in Jefferson County) (31)
Oak Hill (in Wilcox County) (40)
Oak Level (in Cleburne County) (33)
Oakman (in Walker County) (39)
Oakville (in Lawrence County) (36)
Oaky Streak (in Butler County) (29)
Odenville (in St Clair County) (47)
Ohatchee (in Calhoun County) (42)
Old Eastaboga (in Talladega County) (34)
Old Salem (in Monroe County) (27)
Old Spring Hill (in Marengo County) (30)
Oneonta (in Blount County) (72)
Opelika (in Lee County) (142)
Opp (in Covington County) (68)
Orange Beach (in Baldwin County) (38)
Orrville (in Dallas County) (65)
Oswichee (in Russell County) (32)
Our Town (in Tallapoosa County) (38)
Owens Cross Roads (in Madison County) (50)
Oxford (in Calhoun County) (66)
Ozark (in Dale County) (106)
Paint Rock (in Jackson County) (50)
Painter (in DeKalb County) (38)
Panola (in Sumter County) (40)
Pansey (in Houston County) (24)
Parrish (in Walker County) (39)
Pelham (in Shelby County) (41)
Pell City (in St Clair County) (68)
Pennington (in Choctaw County) (34)
Penton (in Chambers County) (32)
Perdido (in Baldwin County) (36)
Perdue Hill (in Monroe County) (34)
Peterman (in Monroe County) (27)
Pettusville (in Limestone County) (32)
Phenix City (in Russell County) (80)
Phil Campbell (in Franklin County) (65)
Pickensville (in Pickens County) (50)
Piedmont (in Calhoun County) (67)
Pike Road (in Montgomery County) (43)
Pinckard (in Dale County) (32)
Pine Apple (in Wilcox County) (46)
Pine Hill (in Wilcox County) (42)
Pine Level (in Montgomery County) (38)
Pine Level in Autauga County (in Autauga County) (34)
Pinhook (in Lawrence County) (35)
Pinson (in Jefferson County) (51)
Pisgah (in Jackson County) (37)
Pittsview (in Russell County) (42)
Plantersville (in Dallas County) (50)
Pleasant Gap (in Cherokee County) (28)
Pleasant Grove (in Jefferson County) (35)
Pleasant Grove in Franklin County (in Franklin County) (31)
Pleasant Groves (in Jackson County) (33)
Pleasant Hill (in Dallas County) (35)
Pletcher (in Chilton County) (26)
Point Clear (in Baldwin County) (37)
Pollard (in Escambia County) (25)
Pondville (in Bibb County) (29)
Powell (in DeKalb County) (39)
Pratt City (in Jefferson County) (40)
Prattville (in Autauga County) (139)
Prichard (in Mobile County) (59)
Princeton (in Jackson County) (33)
Pushmataha (in Choctaw County) (34)
Quinton (in Walker County) (28)
Ragland (in St Clair County) (51)
Rainbow City (in Etowah County) (35)
Rainsville (in DeKalb County) (66)
Ralph (in Tuscaloosa County) (34)
Ramer (in Montgomery County) (61)
Ranburne (in Cleburne County) (33)
Randolph (in Bibb County) (32)
Red Bay (in Franklin County) (50)
Red Hill (in Elmore County) (27)
Red Level (in Covington County) (53)
Reeltown (in Tallapoosa County) (51)
Reform (in Pickens County) (70)
Rehobeth (in Houston County) (25)
Remlap (in Blount County) (48)
Repton (in Conecuh County) (48)
Rhodesville (in Lauderdale County) (31)
Ridgeville (in Butler County) (31)
Riverview (in Escambia County) (26)
Roanoke (in Randolph County) (84)
Robertsdale (in Baldwin County) (60)
Rock Mills (in Randolph County) (36)
Rockford (in Coosa County) (65)
Rodentown (in DeKalb County) (41)
Rogersville (in Lauderdale County) (95)
Romulus (in Tuscaloosa County) (33)
Rosalie (in Jackson County) (35)
Rosinton (in Baldwin County) (41)
Russellville (in Franklin County) (103)
Rutledge (in Crenshaw County) (36)
Ryland (in Madison County) (33)
Salem (in Lee County) (38)
Samantha (in Tuscaloosa County) (37)
Samson (in Geneva County) (51)
Sand Rock (in Cherokee County) (34)
Sandy Ridge (in Lowndes County) (42)
Saraland (in Mobile County) (42)
Sardis (in Dallas County) (36)
Sardis City (in Etowah County) (32)
Satsuma (in Mobile County) (42)
Saville (in Crenshaw County) (31)
Sawyerville (in Hale County) (35)
Scottsboro (in Jackson County) (126)
Seale (in Russell County) (51)
Section (in Jackson County) (39)
Selma (in Dallas County) (246)
Semmes (in Mobile County) (60)
Sheffield (in Colbert County) (53)
Shelby (in Shelby County) (35)
Shiloh (in Marengo County) (29)
Shorter (in Macon County) (45)
Shorterville (in Henry County) (41)
Silas (in Choctaw County) (43)
Siluria (in Shelby County) (31)
Sipsey (in Walker County) (32)
Skipperville (in Dale County) (32)
Skyline (in Jackson County) (51)
Slocomb (in Geneva County) (51)
Smiths Station (in Lee County) (39)
Snead (in Blount County) (56)
Snowdoun (in Montgomery County) (34)
Society Hill (in Macon County) (36)
Somerville (in Morgan County) (93)
Spanish Fort (in Baldwin County) (42)
Speake (in Lawrence County) (40)
Spring Garden (in Cherokee County) (33)
Spring Hill in Barbour County (in Barbour County) (50)
Spring Valley (in Colbert County) (25)
Springfield (in Randolph County) (32)
Springville (in St Clair County) (52)
Spruce Pine (in Franklin County) (37)
St Florian (in Lauderdale County) (32)
St Stephens (in Washington County) (37)
Stanton (in Chilton County) (25)
Stapleton (in Baldwin County) (40)
Steele (in St Clair County) (38)
Sterrett (in Shelby County) (40)
Stevenson (in Jackson County) (102)
Stewartville (in Coosa County) (35)
Stockton (in Baldwin County) (36)
Straight Mountain (in Blount County) (48)
Suggsville (in Clarke County) (37)
Sulligent (in Lamar County) (61)
Sulphur Springs (in Calhoun County) (29)
Sumiton (in Walker County) (33)
Sunflower (in Washington County) (29)
Susan Moore (in Blount County) (47)
Sweet Water (in Marengo County) (42)
Sylacauga (in Talladega County) (84)
Sylvania (in DeKalb County) (42)
Talladega (in Talladega County) (97)
Tallassee (in Elmore County) (46)
Tanner (in Limestone County) (49)
Tarrant City (in Jefferson County) (37)
Taylor (in Houston County) (23)
Tensaw (in Baldwin County) (35)
Theodore (in Mobile County) (57)
Thomaston (in Marengo County) (37)
Thomasville (in Clarke County) (71)
Thornton (in Tallapoosa County) (37)
Thorsby (in Chilton County) (38)
Tibbie (in Washington County) (29)
Titus (in Elmore County) (31)
Toney (in Madison County) (48)
Town Creek (in Lawrence County) (65)
Townley (in Walker County) (34)
Toxey (in Choctaw County) (35)
Trenton (in Jackson County) (34)
Triana (in Madison County) (34)
Trimble (in Cullman County) (28)
Trinity (in Morgan County) (44)
Troy (in Pike County) (130)
Trussville (in Jefferson County) (59)
Tunnel Springs (in Monroe County) (31)
Tuscaloosa (in Tuscaloosa County) (219)
Tuscumbia (in Colbert County) (92)
Tuskegee (in Macon County) (99)
Tyler (in Dallas County) (35)
Uchee (in Russell County) (30)
Underwood-Petersville (in Lauderdale County) (40)
Union (in Greene County) (38)
Union Grove (in Marshall County) (47)
Union Springs (in Bullock County) (77)
Uniontown (in Perry County) (70)
Uriah (in Monroe County) (39)
Valhermoso Springs (in Morgan County) (41)
Valley (in Chambers County) (55)
Valley Grande (in Dallas County) (33)
Valley Head (in DeKalb County) (54)
Vance (in Tuscaloosa County) (43)
Vandiver (in Shelby County) (31)
Verbena (in Chilton County) (35)
Vernon (in Lamar County) (80)
Vestavia Hills (in Jefferson County) (37)
Vina (in Franklin County) (43)
Vincent (in Shelby County) (43)
Vinemont (in Cullman County) (31)
Vredenburgh (in Monroe County) (31)
Wadley (in Randolph County) (55)
Waldo (in Talladega County) (32)
Walker Springs (in Clarke County) (34)
Walnut Grove (in Etowah County) (32)
Warrior (in Jefferson County) (51)
Waterloo (in Lauderdale County) (53)
Waverly (in Chambers County) (32)
Weaver (in Calhoun County) (35)
Webb (in Houston County) (24)
Webster Chapel (in Calhoun County) (28)
Wedowee (in Randolph County) (84)
Wellington (in Calhoun County) (28)
Weogufka (in Coosa County) (50)
West Blocton (in Bibb County) (61)
West Jefferson (in Jefferson County) (32)
West Point (in Cullman County) (31)
Weston (in Marion County) (34)
Westover (in Shelby County) (33)
Wetumpka (in Elmore County) (122)
Whatley (in Clarke County) (35)
Whistler (in Mobile County) (50)
White Hall (in Lowndes County) (42)
White Plains (in Calhoun County) (36)
Whitten (in Pickens County) (39)
Wicksburg (in Houston County) (27)
Wilmer (in Mobile County) (47)
Wilsonville (in Shelby County) (38)
Winfield (in Marion County) (80)
Winn (in Clarke County) (30)
Winterboro (in Talladega County) (33)
Woodland (in Randolph County) (50)
Woodstock (in Bibb County) (39)
Woodville (in Jackson County) (57)
Wren (in Lawrence County) (35)
Yellow Bluff (in Wilcox County) (33)
York (in Sumter County) (53)

Overview of Alabama Genealogy Records

  • History: Alabama was first settled in 1783 and became a state in 1817.
  • Birth records: Births were recorded by the government starting in 1881, though not all were recorded. State registration of births started in 1908 with most births recorded by 1927. Birth records for 1908 and later can be obtained from the Alabama Department of Public Health.
  • Marriage records: Marriages were recorded by the government starting in 1799. Marriages were kept by the county orphans court previous to 1850 and by the county probate court starting in 1850. Statewide registration of marriages began in 1936. Marriages for 1936 and later can be obtained from the Alabama Department of Public Health.
  • Death records: Deaths were recorded by the government starting in 1881, though not all were recorded. State registration of deaths started in 1908. Death records for 1908 and later can be obtained from the Alabama Department of Public Health.
  • Divorce records: Divorce records are held by the circuit courts in the individual counties.
  • Census records: The first federal census taken in Alabama was in 1830. There are federal censuses publicly available for 1830, 1840, 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, 1890 (Perry County only), 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930, 1940, and 1950. There were partial state censuses taken in 1816, 1820, 1850, 1855, 1866, and 1890.
  • County records: Court, land, probate, naturalization, and tax records were kept by the individual counties.
  • Other records: Many cities and towns had newspapers, records kept by churches, cemeteries, histories, school, city directories, and other records that can be located on the city pages on this site. Records specific to minority groups can be found in the Minority Records section.
  • All records: Online indexes and images of many of the above records can be found by using the links on this site.
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