Tennessee Genealogy

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Overview of Tennessee records

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Birth Records (476)
Cemetery Records (28,328)
Census Records (2,841)
Church Records (983)
City Directories (748)
Court Records (713)
Death Records (1,342)
Histories and Genealogies (1,244)
Immigration Records (67)
Land Records (691)
Map Records (887)
Marriage Records (1,265)
Military Records (515)
Minority Records (76)
Miscellaneous Records (476)
Newspapers and Obituaries (3,892)
Probate Records (636)
School Records (1,813)
Tax Records (225)

By County

Anderson County (778)
Bedford County (634)
Benton County (380)
Bledsoe County (365)
Blount County (595)
Bradley County (402)
Campbell County (505)
Cannon County (277)
Carroll County (456)
Carter County (705)
Cheatham County (391)
Chester County (219)
Claiborne County (649)
Clay County (252)
Cocke County (620)
Coffee County (382)
Crockett County (265)
Cumberland County (395)
Davidson County (1,714)
DeKalb County (335)
Decatur County (312)
Dickson County (551)
Dyer County (270)
Fayette County (298)
Fentress County (303)
Franklin County (463)
Gibson County (618)
Giles County (619)
Grainger County (471)
Greene County (643)
Grundy County (263)
Hamblen County (380)
Hamilton County (1,037)
Hancock County (506)
Hardeman County (569)
Hardin County (375)
Hawkins County (763)
Haywood County (264)
Henderson County (505)
Henry County (609)
Hickman County (442)
Houston County (270)
Humphreys County (393)
Jackson County (479)
Jefferson County (421)
Johnson County (399)
Knox County (1,239)
Lake County (104)
Lauderdale County (255)
Lawrence County (490)
Lewis County (220)
Lincoln County (767)
Loudon County (292)
Macon County (408)
Madison County (622)
Marion County (336)
Marshall County (424)
Maury County (799)
McMinn County (458)
McNairy County (403)
Meigs County (223)
Monroe County (418)
Montgomery County (801)
Moore County (169)
Morgan County (320)
Obion County (331)
Overton County (419)
Perry County (283)
Pickett County (168)
Polk County (294)
Putnam County (541)
Rhea County (376)
Roane County (562)
Robertson County (651)
Rutherford County (927)
Scott County (573)
Sequatchie County (172)
Sevier County (554)
Shelby County (1,299)
Smith County (742)
Stewart County (522)
Sullivan County (641)
Sumner County (758)
Tipton County (249)
Trousdale County (181)
Unicoi County (306)
Union County (361)
Van Buren County (137)
Warren County (420)
Washington County (649)
Wayne County (380)
Weakley County (494)
White County (476)
Williamson County (813)
Wilson County (907)

By City

Adams (in Robertson County) (48)
Adamsville (in McNairy County) (56)
Afton (in Greene County) (49)
Alamo (in Crockett County) (51)
Alcoa (in Blount County) (31)
Aleandria (in DeKalb County) (30)
Alexandria (in DeKalb County) (35)
Algood (in Putnam County) (34)
Allardt (in Fentress County) (26)
Allons (in Overton County) (32)
Almaville (in Rutherford County) (34)
Alpine (in Overton County) (31)
Altamont (in Grundy County) (32)
Alto (in Franklin County) (30)
Alumwell (in Hawkins County) (36)
Andersonville (in Anderson County) (62)
Antioch (in Davidson County) (72)
Apison (in Hamilton County) (27)
Ardmore (in Giles County) (40)
Arlington (in Shelby County) (64)
Arrington (in Williamson County) (35)
Arthur (in Claiborne County) (35)
Ashland City (in Cheatham County) (103)
Athens (in McMinn County) (136)
Atoka (in Tipton County) (33)
Atwood (in Carroll County) (34)
Auburntown (in Cannon County) (28)
Baileyton (in Greene County) (41)
Bakewell (in Hamilton County) (29)
Bangham (in Putnam County) (30)
Baptist Ridge (in Clay County) (23)
Barren Plain (in Robertson County) (44)
Bartlett (in Shelby County) (59)
Bater (in Putnam County) (63)
Bath Springs (in Decatur County) (34)
Baucom (in Coffee County) (27)
Baxter (in Putnam County) (47)
Bean Station (in Grainger County) (57)
Beaver Hill (in Overton County) (29)
Beech Bluff (in Madison County) (35)
Beech Fork (in Campbell County) (28)
Beechgrove (in Coffee County) (35)
Beersheba Springs (in Grundy County) (35)
Belfast (in Marshall County) (28)
Bell Buckle (in Bedford County) (42)
Belleville (in Lincoln County) (37)
Bellevue (in Davidson County) (38)
Bells (in Crockett County) (47)
Bellview (in Bledsoe County) (23)
Bellwood (in Wilson County) (28)
Belmont (in Fayette County) (22)
Belvidere (in Franklin County) (36)
Benton (in Polk County) (58)
Bethel Springs (in McNairy County) (52)
Bethesda (in Williamson County) (43)
Bethlehem (in Campbell County) (30)
Bethpage (in Sumner County) (56)
Bible Hill (in Decatur County) (30)
Big Lick (in Cumberland County) (28)
Big Rock (in Stewart County) (36)
Big Sandy (in Benton County) (56)
Big Springs (in Rutherford County) (31)
Big Springs in Hancock County (in Hancock County) (25)
Birchwood (in Hamilton County) (35)
Black Oak (in Scott County) (26)
Blackman (in Rutherford County) (34)
Blaine (in Grainger County) (58)
Bloomingdale (in Sullivan County) (27)
Bloomington Springs (in Putnam County) (40)
Blountville (in Sullivan County) (59)
Blue Goose (in Henderson County) (26)
Bluff City (in Sullivan County) (55)
Bolivar (in Hardeman County) (155)
Boma (in Putnam County) (31)
Bon Air (in White County) (30)
Bon Aqua (in Hickman County) (49)
Boonshill (in Lincoln County) (33)
Boston (in Williamson County) (35)
Brackentown (in Sumner County) (39)
Braden (in Fayette County) (31)
Bradford (in Gibson County) (49)
Brazil (in Gibson County) (28)
Brentwood (in Williamson County) (100)
Briceville (in Anderson County) (59)
Bridgeport (in Cocke County) (30)
Brighton (in Tipton County) (30)
Bristol (in Sullivan County) (152)
Brownsville (in Haywood County) (98)
Bruceton (in Carroll County) (35)
Brush Creek (in Smith County) (71)
Buchanan (in Henry County) (46)
Buck Mountain (in Carter County) (34)
Buena Vista (in Carroll County) (29)
Buffalo Valley (in Putnam County) (61)
Buladeen (in Carter County) (33)
Bulls Gap (in Hawkins County) (53)
Bumpus Mills (in Stewart County) (46)
Burlison (in Tipton County) (28)
Burns (in Dickson County) (67)
Burristown (in Jackson County) (23)
Burwood (in Williamson County) (31)
Butler (in Johnson County) (66)
Butlers Landing (in Clay County) (22)
Bybee (in Cocke County) (38)
Byrdstown (in Pickett County) (54)
Cades (in Gibson County) (27)
Cades Cove (in Blount County) (47)
Cainsville (in Wilson County) (31)
Cairo (in Sumner County) (37)
Calhoun (in McMinn County) (38)
Camden (in Benton County) (101)
Camelot (in Hawkins County) (33)
Camp Creek (in Greene County) (34)
Campaign (in Warren County) (32)
Campbellsville (in Giles County) (31)
Caney Spring (in Marshall County) (23)
Cardiff (in Roane County) (34)
Carters Creek (in Maury County) (43)
Carthage (in Smith County) (90)
Caryville (in Campbell County) (58)
Cash Point (in Lincoln County) (30)
Castalian Springs (in Sumner County) (53)
Cato (in Trousdale County) (25)
Cedar Grove in Carroll County (in Carroll County) (29)
Cedar Hill (in Robertson County) (79)
Cedar Lake (in Henderson County) (28)
Celina (in Clay County) (59)
Centertown (in Warren County) (35)
Centerville (in Hickman County) (70)
Centerville in Wilson County (in Wilson County) (28)
Central (in Carter County) (32)
Champ (in Lincoln County) (28)
Chapel Hill (in Marshall County) (57)
Chapmansboro (in Cheatham County) (29)
Charleston (in Bradley County) (38)
Charlotte (in Dickson County) (99)
Chattanooga (in Hamilton County) (624)
Cheap Hill (in Cheatham County) (26)
Cherry Valley (in Wilson County) (27)
Chesterfield (in Henderson County) (28)
Chestnut Mound (in Smith County) (60)
Chewalla (in McNairy County) (27)
Choptack (in Hawkins County) (33)
Christiana (in Rutherford County) (51)
Chuckey (in Greene County) (44)
Church Hill (in Hawkins County) (61)
Clairfield (in Claiborne County) (41)
Clarkrange (in Fentress County) (31)
Clarksburg (in Carroll County) (44)
Clarksville (in Montgomery County) (352)
Claton (in Anderson County) (25)
Claxton (in Anderson County) (24)
Cleveland (in Bradley County) (169)
Clifton (in Wayne County) (56)
Clinton (in Anderson County) (174)
Cloverport (in Hardeman County) (27)
Club Springs (in Smith County) (39)
Coalfield (in Morgan County) (36)
Coalmont (in Grundy County) (34)
Coffee Ridge (in Unicoi County) (34)
Coker Creek (in Monroe County) (32)
Cold Springs (in Bledsoe County) (30)
Coldwater (in Lincoln County) (28)
College Grove (in Williamson County) (48)
Collegedale (in Hamilton County) (34)
Collierville (in Shelby County) (70)
Collinwood (in Wayne County) (54)
Colonial Heights (in Sullivan County) (28)
Columbia (in Maury County) (198)
Commerce (in Wilson County) (26)
Como (in Henry County) (38)
Compton (in Rutherford County) (29)
Concord (in Knox County) (27)
Cookeville (in Putnam County) (154)
Coopertown (in Robertson County) (40)
Copperhill (in Polk County) (30)
Cordell (in Scott County) (30)
Cordova (in Shelby County) (59)
Cornersville (in Marshall County) (29)
Corryton (in Knox County) (35)
Cosby (in Cocke County) (95)
Cottage Grove (in Henry County) (53)
Cottontown (in Sumner County) (57)
Counce (in Hardin County) (29)
Countyline (in Moore County) (25)
Covington (in Tipton County) (64)
Cowan (in Franklin County) (49)
Crab Orchard (in Cumberland County) (34)
Crackers Neck (in Johnson County) (31)
Cross Plains (in Robertson County) (59)
Crossroads (in Hardin County) (23)
Crossville (in Cumberland County) (106)
Crump (in Hardin County) (26)
Culleoka (in Maury County) (54)
Cumberland City (in Stewart County) (50)
Cumberland Furnace (in Dickson County) (42)
Cumberland Gap (in Claiborne County) (43)
Cumberland Heights (in Montgomery County) (31)
Cunningham (in Montgomery County) (49)
Cypress Inn (in Wayne County) (30)
Dancyville (in Haywood County) (28)
Dandridge (in Jefferson County) (87)
Darden (in Henderson County) (44)
Dayton (in Rhea County) (108)
Deanburg (in Madison County) (29)
Decatur (in Meigs County) (50)
Decaturville (in Decatur County) (62)
Decherd (in Franklin County) (34)
Deer Lodge (in Morgan County) (29)
Defeated (in Smith County) (55)
Del Rio (in Cocke County) (66)
Demory (in Campbell County) (28)
Denmark (in Madison County) (41)
Devonia (in Anderson County) (24)
Dickson (in Dickson County) (96)
Difficult (in Smith County) (52)
Dillton (in Rutherford County) (29)
Dixon Springs (in Smith County) (42)
Dodson Branch (in Jackson County) (25)
Doeville (in Johnson County) (40)
Donelson (in Davidson County) (44)
Dotsonville (in Montgomery County) (30)
Double Springs (in Putnam County) (28)
Dover (in Stewart County) (106)
Dowelltown (in DeKalb County) (30)
Doyle (in White County) (40)
Dresden (in Weakley County) (88)
Drummonds (in Tipton County) (28)
Duck River (in Hickman County) (34)
Ducktown (in Polk County) (36)
Duff (in Campbell County) (32)
Dukedom (in Weakley County) (33)
Dunlap (in Sequatchie County) (63)
Durhamville (in Lauderdale County) (31)
Dyer (in Gibson County) (54)
Dyersburg (in Dyer County) (77)
Eads (in Shelby County) (47)
Eagleville (in Rutherford County) (51)
East Ridge (in Hamilton County) (28)
Eastview (in McNairy County) (29)
Eaton (in Gibson County) (29)
Edwina (in Cocke County) (40)
Eidson (in Hawkins County) (63)
Elbridge (in Obion County) (27)
Elgin (in Scott County) (27)
Elizabethton (in Carter County) (209)
Elk Mills (in Carter County) (42)
Elk Ridge (in Marshall County) (25)
Elk Valley (in Campbell County) (29)
Elkton (in Giles County) (44)
Ellis Mills (in Houston County) (28)
Elmwood (in Smith County) (60)
Elora (in Lincoln County) (30)
Englewood (in McMinn County) (36)
Enville (in Chester County) (33)
Erin (in Houston County) (73)
Erwin (in Unicoi County) (83)
Estill Springs (in Franklin County) (37)
Ethridge (in Lawrence County) (37)
Etowah (in McMinn County) (51)
Eureka (in Roane County) (31)
Evensville (in Rhea County) (37)
Fairfield in Sumner County (in Sumner County) (38)
Fairgarden (in Sevier County) (23)
Fairview (in Williamson County) (62)
Fall Branch (in Washington County) (36)
Farmington (in Marshall County) (28)
Farragut (in Knox County) (34)
Fayette Corners (in Fayette County) (22)
Fayetteville (in Lincoln County) (149)
Fincastle (in Campbell County) (30)
Finger (in McNairy County) (38)
Flag Pond (in Unicoi County) (56)
Flat Creek (in Bedford County) (28)
Flat Rock (in Wilson County) (26)
Flintville (in Lincoln County) (51)
Flynns Lick (in Jackson County) (30)
Forest Hills (in Davidson County) (29)
Forge Creek (in Johnson County) (39)
Fosterville (in Rutherford County) (29)
Fountain City (in Knox County) (28)
Fowlkes (in Dyer County) (26)
Frankewing (in Giles County) (30)
Franklin (in Williamson County) (181)
Free Communion (in Overton County) (29)
Friendship (in Crockett County) (37)
Friendship in Hawkins County (in Hawkins County) (35)
Friendsville (in Blount County) (40)
Frost Bottom (in Anderson County) (24)
Gadsden (in Crockett County) (39)
Gainesboro (in Jackson County) (107)
Gallatin (in Sumner County) (180)
Gallaway (in Fayette County) (25)
Gates (in Lauderdale County) (31)
Gatlinburg (in Sevier County) (60)
Gentry (in Putnam County) (30)
Georgetown (in Bradley County) (36)
Germantown (in Shelby County) (57)
Gibson (in Gibson County) (26)
Gladdice (in Jackson County) (29)
Gladeville (in Wilson County) (40)
Gleason (in Weakley County) (44)
Glen Alice (in Roane County) (31)
Glendale (in Maury County) (48)
Glenmary (in Scott County) (32)
Goin (in Claiborne County) (34)
Goodlettsville (in Davidson County) (71)
Gordonsville (in Smith County) (57)
Grand Junction (in Hardeman County) (46)
Grandview (in Rhea County) (30)
Grant (in Smith County) (48)
Granville (in Jackson County) (36)
Grassy Cove (in Cumberland County) (32)
Grassy Fork (in Cocke County) (35)
Graveltown (in Smith County) (44)
Gray (in Washington County) (42)
Greenback (in Loudon County) (35)
Greenbrier (in Robertson County) (39)
Greenbrier in Sevier County (in Sevier County) (38)
Greeneville (in Greene County) (211)
Greenfield (in Weakley County) (51)
Greenvale (in Wilson County) (28)
Greystone (in Greene County) (31)
Grimsley (in Fentress County) (24)
Habersham (in Campbell County) (28)
Haley (in Bedford County) (26)
Hall Town (in Sumner County) (37)
Halls (in Lauderdale County) (44)
Halls Crossroads (in Knox County) (25)
Hampshire (in Maury County) (48)
Hampton (in Carter County) (87)
Happy Valley (in Blount County) (27)
Harriman (in Roane County) (76)
Harrison (in Hamilton County) (33)
Harrogate (in Claiborne County) (56)
Hartford (in Cocke County) (43)
Hartsville (in Trousdale County) (72)
Haydenburg (in Jackson County) (24)
Heiskell (in Knox County) (28)
Helenwood (in Scott County) (41)
Henderson (in Chester County) (61)
Hendersonville (in Sumner County) (89)
Henning (in Lauderdale County) (37)
Henrietta (in Cheatham County) (28)
Henry (in Henry County) (35)
Henryville (in Lawrence County) (28)
Hermitage (in Davidson County) (47)
Hermitage Springs (in Clay County) (24)
Hickman (in Smith County) (51)
Hickory Point (in Montgomery County) (35)
Hickory Valley (in Hardeman County) (47)
Highland in Jackson County (in Jackson County) (31)
Hilham (in Overton County) (44)
Hillsboro (in Coffee County) (43)
Hillsdale (in Macon County) (24)
Hillville (in Haywood County) (28)
Hixson (in Hamilton County) (38)
Hohenwald (in Lewis County) (96)
Holladay (in Benton County) (43)
Hollow Rock (in Carroll County) (33)
Hoodoo (in Coffee County) (27)
Hornbeak (in Obion County) (34)
Hornsby (in Hardeman County) (36)
Horse Creek (in Greene County) (36)
Howard Quarter (in Claiborne County) (41)
Howell (in Lincoln County) (30)
Hubbards Cove (in Grundy County) (28)
Humboldt (in Gibson County) (78)
Huntersville (in Madison County) (30)
Huntingdon (in Carroll County) (78)
Huntland (in Franklin County) (35)
Huntsville (in Scott County) (78)
Hurricane Mills (in Humphreys County) (32)
Idlewild (in Gibson County) (31)
Indian Mound (in Stewart County) (54)
Iron City (in Lawrence County) (31)
Irving College (in Warren County) (29)
Jacks Creek (in Chester County) (31)
Jacksboro (in Campbell County) (56)
Jackson (in Madison County) (261)
Jamestown (in Fentress County) (60)
Jasper (in Marion County) (57)
Jeannette (in Decatur County) (29)
Jearoldstown (in Greene County) (32)
Jefferson City (in Jefferson County) (59)
Jellico (in Campbell County) (45)
Joelton (in Davidson County) (39)
Johnson City (in Washington County) (181)
Johnsons Grove (in Crockett County) (31)
Jones Cove (in Sevier County) (42)
Jonesborough (in Washington County) (146)
Karns (in Knox County) (23)
Kelso (in Lincoln County) (40)
Keltonburg (in DeKalb County) (29)
Kempville (in Smith County) (44)
Kenton (in Obion County) (36)
Kerrville (in Shelby County) (41)
Kingsport (in Sullivan County) (158)
Kingston (in Roane County) (102)
Kingston Springs (in Cheatham County) (39)
Kittrell (in Rutherford County) (31)
Knoxville (in Knox County) (793)
Kodak (in Sevier County) (33)
Kyles Ford (in Hancock County) (47)
La Follette (in Campbell County) (29)
La Grange (in Fayette County) (26)
La Vergne (in Rutherford County) (47)
LaFollette (in Campbell County) (99)
LaGuardo (in Wilson County) (33)
Laconia (in Fayette County) (23)
Lafayette (in Macon County) (109)
Lake City (in Anderson County) (91)
Lake Tansi (in Cumberland County) (30)
Lakeland (in Shelby County) (46)
Lakesite (in Hamilton County) (27)
Lancaster (in Smith County) (46)
Lancing (in Morgan County) (34)
Lascassas (in Rutherford County) (44)
Latham (in Weakley County) (26)
Laurel Bloomery (in Johnson County) (31)
Laurel Grove (in Anderson County) (24)
Lavinia (in Carroll County) (29)
Lawrenceburg (in Lawrence County) (135)
Leach (in Carroll County) (28)
Lebanon (in Wilson County) (206)
Lee Valley (in Hawkins County) (35)
Leeville (in Wilson County) (27)
Leington (in Henderson County) (47)
Leipers Fork (in Williamson County) (32)
Lenoir City (in Loudon County) (91)
Leoma (in Lawrence County) (35)
Lewisburg (in Marshall County) (96)
Lexington (in Henderson County) (113)
Liberty (in DeKalb County) (33)
Liberty in Jackson County (in Jackson County) (23)
Lily Grove (in Claiborne County) (33)
Limestone (in Washington County) (45)
Limestone Cove (in Unicoi County) (29)
Linden (in Perry County) (65)
Linwood (in Wilson County) (27)
Little Crab (in Fentress County) (25)
Littlelot (in Hickman County) (31)
Livingston (in Overton County) (91)
Lobelville (in Perry County) (55)
Lone Mountain (in Claiborne County) (41)
Longview (in Bedford County) (28)
Lookout Mountain (in Hamilton County) (28)
Looneys Gap (in Hancock County) (26)
Loretto (in Lawrence County) (49)
Loudon (in Loudon County) (80)
Louisville (in Blount County) (31)
Lucy (in Shelby County) (40)
Luray (in Henderson County) (31)
Luttrell (in Union County) (55)
Lutts (in Wayne County) (33)
Lyles (in Hickman County) (49)
Lynchburg (in Moore County) (64)
Lynnville (in Giles County) (51)
Macedonia (in White County) (30)
Macon (in Fayette County) (25)
Madison (in Davidson County) (55)
Madisonville (in Monroe County) (99)
Manchester (in Coffee County) (77)
Marlow (in Anderson County) (26)
Martin (in Weakley County) (82)
Martin Springs (in Marion County) (30)
Maryville (in Blount County) (232)
Mason (in Tipton County) (45)
Mason Hall (in Obion County) (28)
Maury City (in Crockett County) (37)
Maynardville (in Union County) (82)
McCains (in Maury County) (34)
McClures Bend (in Smith County) (39)
McDonald (in Bradley County) (33)
McEwen (in Humphreys County) (61)
McKenzie (in Carroll County) (89)
McLemoresville (in Carroll County) (31)
McMinnville (in Warren County) (143)
Medina (in Gibson County) (41)
Medon (in Madison County) (47)
Melvine (in Bledsoe County) (28)
Memphis (in Shelby County) (893)
Mercer (in Madison County) (34)
Michie (in McNairy County) (42)
Middleburg (in Henderson County) (28)
Middleburg in Hardeman County (in Hardeman County) (28)
Middleton (in Hardeman County) (70)
Midway (in Greene County) (51)
Mifflin (in Chester County) (30)
Milan (in Gibson County) (95)
Millersville (in Sumner County) (38)
Millington (in Shelby County) (73)
Milton (in Rutherford County) (36)
Mimosa (in Lincoln County) (30)
Minor Hill (in Giles County) (37)
Mitchellville (in Sumner County) (42)
Model (in Stewart County) (36)
Mohawk (in Greene County) (48)
Monoville (in Smith County) (46)
Monroe (in Overton County) (38)
Monterey (in Putnam County) (52)
Moodyville (in Pickett County) (25)
Mooresburg (in Hawkins County) (62)
Morley (in Campbell County) (29)
Morris Chapel (in Hardin County) (29)
Morrison (in Warren County) (36)
Morristown (in Hamblen County) (168)
Moscow (in Fayette County) (35)
Mosheim (in Greene County) (61)
Moss (in Clay County) (31)
Mount Carmel (in Hawkins County) (44)
Mount Crest (in Bledsoe County) (26)
Mount Horeb (in Jefferson County) (26)
Mount Juliet (in Wilson County) (96)
Mount Pleasant (in Maury County) (90)
Mountain City (in Johnson County) (109)
Mulberry (in Lincoln County) (34)
Munford (in Tipton County) (35)
Murfreesboro (in Rutherford County) (232)
Nameless (in Jackson County) (28)
Nashville (in Davidson County) (1,197)
Neva (in Johnson County) (36)
New Hope (in Marion County) (30)
New Hope in Cheatham County (in Cheatham County) (27)
New Johnsonville (in Humphreys County) (27)
New Market (in Jefferson County) (47)
New Middleton (in Smith County) (56)
New Salem (in Jackson County) (25)
New Tazewell (in Claiborne County) (61)
Newbern (in Dyer County) (59)
Newcomb (in Campbell County) (29)
Newport (in Cocke County) (120)
Niota (in McMinn County) (41)
Nolensville (in Williamson County) (52)
Norene (in Wilson County) (55)
Norma (in Scott County) (33)
Normandy (in Bedford County) (40)
Norris (in Anderson County) (44)
North Springs (in Jackson County) (27)
Nunnelly (in Hickman County) (31)
Nutbush (in Haywood County) (27)
Oak Grove (in Sumner County) (45)
Oak Grove in Henry County (in Henry County) (34)
Oak Grove in Washington County (in Washington County) (32)
Oak Ridge (in Anderson County) (81)
Oakdale (in Morgan County) (34)
Oakfield (in Madison County) (31)
Oakland (in Fayette County) (27)
Oakridge (in Montgomery County) (31)
Oakwood (in Montgomery County) (35)
Obion (in Obion County) (31)
Ocoee (in Polk County) (26)
Okolona (in Carter County) (32)
Old Hickory (in Davidson County) (38)
Oldfort (in Polk County) (31)
Olive Hill (in Hardin County) (25)
Olivehill (in Hardin County) (29)
Oliver Springs (in Anderson County) (44)
Oneida (in Scott County) (97)
Only (in Hickman County) (31)
Ooltewah (in Hamilton County) (64)
Orlinda (in Robertson County) (48)
Ozone (in Cumberland County) (27)
Paint Rock (in Roane County) (35)
Pall Mall (in Fentress County) (23)
Palmersville (in Weakley County) (32)
Palmyra (in Montgomery County) (51)
Paris (in Henry County) (172)
Parker's Crossroads (in Henderson County) (45)
Parrottsville (in Cocke County) (44)
Parsons (in Decatur County) (66)
Paulette (in Union County) (29)
Pea Ridge (in Clay County) (28)
Pebble Hill (in McNairy County) (28)
Pegram (in Cheatham County) (34)
Pelham (in Grundy County) (34)
Persia (in Hawkins County) (33)
Petersburg (in Lincoln County) (72)
Petros (in Morgan County) (30)
Petway (in Cheatham County) (29)
Peytonsville (in Williamson County) (33)
Philadelphia (in Loudon County) (29)
Pigeon Forge (in Sevier County) (40)
Pikeville (in Bledsoe County) (123)
Pine Hill (in Clay County) (24)
Pine View (in Perry County) (27)
Pinewood (in Hickman County) (29)
Piney Flats (in Sullivan County) (47)
Piney Grove in Hardeman County (in Hardeman County) (27)
Pinson (in Madison County) (41)
Pioneer (in Campbell County) (31)
Pittman Center (in Sevier County) (40)
Plainview (in Rutherford County) (29)
Pleasant Hill (in Cumberland County) (31)
Pleasant Shade (in Smith County) (56)
Pleasant View (in Cheatham County) (53)
Pleasantville (in Hickman County) (29)
Pocahontas (in Hardeman County) (31)
Poga (in Carter County) (33)
Port Royal (in Montgomery County) (41)
Portland (in Sumner County) (99)
Postoak (in Roane County) (33)
Powder Springs (in Grainger County) (30)
Powell (in Knox County) (36)
Primm Springs (in Hickman County) (29)
Prospect (in Giles County) (49)
Pulaski (in Giles County) (124)
Puryear (in Henry County) (49)
Quebeck (in White County) (36)
Raleigh (in Shelby County) (42)
Rally Hill (in Maury County) (45)
Ramer (in McNairy County) (35)
Rankin (in Cocke County) (30)
Raus (in Bedford County) (26)
Raven Branch (in Cocke County) (30)
Readyville (in Rutherford County) (33)
Reagan (in Henderson County) (38)
Red Bank (in Hamilton County) (27)
Red Boiling Springs (in Macon County) (55)
Riceville (in McMinn County) (39)
Richardson Cove (in Sevier County) (24)
Rickman (in Overton County) (33)
Riddleton (in Smith County) (45)
Ridgely (in Lake County) (26)
Ridgetop (in Robertson County) (28)
Ripley (in Lauderdale County) (77)
Rives (in Obion County) (36)
RoEllen (in Dyer County) (25)
Roan Mountain (in Carter County) (105)
Robbins (in Scott County) (44)
Rock City (in Smith County) (42)
Rock Island (in Warren County) (38)
Rock Springs (in Henderson County) (28)
Rock Springs in Maury County (in Maury County) (32)
Rockdale (in Rutherford County) (29)
Rockford (in Blount County) (27)
Rocksprings (in Rutherford County) (34)
Rockvale (in Rutherford County) (43)
Rockwood (in Roane County) (57)
Rocky Fork (in Rutherford County) (32)
Rogers Springs (in Hardeman County) (27)
Rogersville (in Hawkins County) (183)
Rome (in Smith County) (55)
Rose Creek (in McNairy County) (27)
Rossville (in Fayette County) (23)
Round Rock (in Campbell County) (28)
Rover (in Bedford County) (26)
Rugby (in Morgan County) (49)
Russell Hill (in Macon County) (25)
Russellville (in Hamblen County) (38)
Rutherford (in Gibson County) (47)
Rutledge (in Grainger County) (65)
Saint Joseph (in Lawrence County) (28)
Sale Creek (in Hamilton County) (29)
Saltillo (in Hardin County) (23)
Santa Fe (in Maury County) (60)
Sardis (in Henderson County) (33)
Saulsbury (in Hardeman County) (61)
Savannah (in Hardin County) (87)
Scotts Hill (in Decatur County) (46)
Selmer (in McNairy County) (65)
Sengtown (in Sumner County) (38)
Sequatchie (in Marion County) (40)
Sevierville (in Sevier County) (127)
Sewanee (in Franklin County) (50)
Seymour (in Sevier County) (41)
Shady Grove (in Montgomery County) (31)
Shady Grove Duck River (in Hickman County) (34)
Shady Valley (in Johnson County) (34)
Sharon (in Weakley County) (47)
Sharps Chapel (in Union County) (63)
Shea (in Campbell County) (28)
Shelbyville (in Bedford County) (152)
Shell Creek (in Carter County) (34)
Shiloh (in Hardin County) (25)
Shiloh in Montgomery County (in Montgomery County) (30)
Shop Springs (in Wilson County) (29)
Shouns (in Johnson County) (33)
Siam (in Carter County) (38)
Signal Mountain (in Hamilton County) (28)
Silerton (in Chester County) (31)
Silver Hill (in Rutherford County) (30)
Silver Point (in Putnam County) (43)
Skullbone (in Gibson County) (27)
Slayden (in Dickson County) (37)
Smith (in Bledsoe County) (24)
Smithville (in DeKalb County) (73)
Smyrna (in Rutherford County) (81)
Sneedville (in Hancock County) (126)
Soddy-Daisy (in Hamilton County) (80)
Somerville (in Fayette County) (69)
South Carthage (in Smith County) (43)
South Clinton (in Anderson County) (24)
South Fulton (in Obion County) (31)
South Pittsburg (in Marion County) (55)
Southport (in Maury County) (43)
Southside (in Montgomery County) (41)
Sparta (in White County) (188)
Speedwell (in Claiborne County) (106)
Spencer (in Van Buren County) (34)
Spring City (in Rhea County) (70)
Spring Creek (in Madison County) (33)
Spring Hill (in Maury County) (69)
Springdale (in Claiborne County) (36)
Springfield (in Robertson County) (122)
Springville (in Henry County) (43)
Stainville (in Anderson County) (25)
Stanton (in Haywood County) (34)
Stantonville (in McNairy County) (44)
Statesville (in Wilson County) (34)
Static (in Pickett County) (25)
Stinking Creek (in Campbell County) (41)
Stonewall (in Smith County) (38)
Straight Fork (in Scott County) (27)
Strawberry Plains (in Jefferson County) (32)
Striggersville (in Hawkins County) (34)
Stroudville (in Robertson County) (27)
Sugar Tree (in Decatur County) (28)
Suggs Creek (in Wilson County) (27)
Sullivan Gardens (in Sullivan County) (31)
Summer City (in Bledsoe County) (23)
Summertown (in Lawrence County) (39)
Sunbright (in Morgan County) (41)
Surgoinsville (in Hawkins County) (61)
Sweetwater (in Monroe County) (86)
Sykes (in Smith County) (45)
Sylvia (in Dickson County) (35)
Taft (in Lincoln County) (38)
Tampico (in Grainger County) (29)
Taylors Crossroads (in Overton County) (29)
Taylorsville (in Wilson County) (29)
Tazewell (in Claiborne County) (120)
Telford (in Washington County) (36)
Tellico Plains (in Monroe County) (48)
Temperance Hall (in DeKalb County) (37)
Ten Mile (in Meigs County) (36)
Tennessee City (in Dickson County) (33)
Tennessee Ridge (in Houston County) (43)
Theta (in Maury County) (47)
Thomasville (in Cheatham County) (36)
Thompson's Station (in Williamson County) (30)
Thompsons Station (in Williamson County) (40)
Thorn Grove (in Knox County) (23)
Thorn Hill (in Grainger County) (76)
Tiger Valley (in Carter County) (34)
Tiptonville (in Lake County) (38)
Toone (in Hardeman County) (58)
Townsend (in Blount County) (46)
Tracy City (in Grundy County) (69)
Trade (in Johnson County) (39)
Treadway (in Hancock County) (35)
Trent Valley (in Hancock County) (31)
Trenton (in Gibson County) (112)
Trezevant (in Carroll County) (45)
Trimble (in Dyer County) (29)
Triune (in Williamson County) (34)
Troy (in Obion County) (51)
Tullahoma (in Coffee County) (75)
Turtletown (in Polk County) (26)
Tusculum (in Greene County) (34)
Una (in Davidson County) (30)
Union (in Roane County) (31)
Union City (in Obion County) (94)
Unionville (in Bedford County) (39)
Unitia (in Loudon County) (26)
Valley Forge (in Carter County) (38)
Vandever (in Cumberland County) (30)
Vanleer (in Dickson County) (45)
Vesta (in Wilson County) (26)
Vildo (in Hardeman County) (30)
Vine (in Wilson County) (26)
Viola (in Warren County) (36)
Vonore (in Monroe County) (43)
Walden Creek (in Sevier County) (25)
Walland (in Blount County) (40)
Walling (in White County) (34)
Walterhill (in Rutherford County) (33)
Wartburg (in Morgan County) (50)
Wartrace (in Bedford County) (66)
Washburn (in Grainger County) (52)
Watauga (in Carter County) (45)
Watertown (in Wilson County) (68)
Waverly (in Humphreys County) (94)
Waynesboro (in Wayne County) (71)
Wear Valley (in Sevier County) (23)
Westel (in Cumberland County) (32)
Westmoreland (in Sumner County) (66)
Westpoint (in Lawrence County) (29)
Westport (in Carroll County) (30)
White Bluff (in Dickson County) (50)
White House (in Sumner County) (57)
White Oak (in Campbell County) (30)
White Pine (in Jefferson County) (37)
Whites Creek (in Davidson County) (38)
Whitesburg (in Hamblen County) (43)
Whiteville (in Hardeman County) (56)
Whitleyville (in Jackson County) (39)
Whitwell (in Marion County) (42)
Wildersville (in Henderson County) (43)
Willette (in Macon County) (26)
Williamsport (in Maury County) (41)
Williston (in Fayette County) (31)
Winchester (in Franklin County) (118)
Windle (in Overton County) (31)
Windy (in Madison County) (29)
Winfield (in Scott County) (50)
Winona (in Scott County) (29)
Woodbury (in Cannon County) (81)
Woodlawn (in Montgomery County) (45)
Woodville (in Chester County) (25)
Yellow Creek (in Dickson County) (34)
Yorkville (in Gibson County) (35)
Yukon (in Lincoln County) (28)
Yuma (in Carroll County) (28)

Overview of Tennessee Genealogy Records

  • History: Tennessee was first settled in 1769 and became a state in 1796. It was a Confederate state during the Civil War from 1861-1865.
  • Birth records: A few Tennessee counties recorded births starting in 1874 but most started in 1908. Statewide registration of births began in 1914 with complete records by 1927. Birth records from 1908 to 1920 can be obtained from the Tennessee State Library and Archives. Birth records for 1921 and later can be obtained from the Tennessee Vital Records Office.
  • Marriages: A few Tennessee counties starting recording marriages as early as 1778 and most began recording marriages by 1838. Statewide registration of marriages began in 1915. Marriage records from 1818 to 1970 can be obtained from the Tennessee State Library and Archives. Marriage records for 1971 and later can be obtained from the Tennessee Vital Records Office.
  • Deaths: A few Tennessee counties recorded deaths starting in 1876 but most started in 1908. Statewide registration of deaths began in 1914 with complete records by 1937. Death records from 1908 to 1970 can be obtained from the Tennessee State Library and Archives. Death records from 1971 and later can be obtained from the Tennessee Vital Records Office.
  • Divorces: Divorce records were usually recorded by the individual circuit courts.
  • Census: The first federal census available for Tennessee is 1810. There are federal censuses publicly available for 1810 (partial), 1820 (partial), 1830, 1840, 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930, 1940, and 1950.
  • County records: Court, land, probate, and tax records were kept by the individual county courts.
  • Other records: Many cities and towns had newspapers, records kept by churches, cemeteries, histories, school, city directories, and other records that can be located on the city pages on this site. Records specific to minority groups can be found in the Minority Records section.
  • All records: Online indexes and images of many of the above records can be found by using the links on this site.
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