North Carolina Genealogy

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Overview of North Carolina records

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Birth Records (549)
Cemetery Records (40,818)
Census Records (4,288)
Church Records (4,035)
City Directories (3,654)
Court Records (878)
Death Records (1,210)
Histories and Genealogies (1,129)
Immigration Records (247)
Land Records (1,005)
Map Records (1,023)
Marriage Records (1,407)
Military Records (980)
Minority Records (258)
Miscellaneous Records (529)
Newspapers and Obituaries (3,761)
Probate Records (1,588)
School Records (3,706)
Tax Records (616)

By County

Alamance County (685)
Alexander County (312)
Alleghany County (400)
Anson County (621)
Ashe County (697)
Avery County (332)
Beaufort County (826)
Bertie County (674)
Bladen County (647)
Brunswick County (579)
Buncombe County (1,155)
Burke County (896)
Cabarrus County (699)
Caldwell County (554)
Camden County (312)
Carteret County (604)
Caswell County (732)
Catawba County (638)
Chatham County (1,014)
Cherokee County (264)
Chowan County (510)
Clay County (180)
Cleveland County (850)
Columbus County (763)
Craven County (963)
Cumberland County (960)
Currituck County (445)
Dare County (373)
Davidson County (742)
Davie County (522)
Duplin County (859)
Durham County (1,070)
Edgecombe County (872)
Forsyth County (1,103)
Franklin County (764)
Gaston County (741)
Gates County (465)
Graham County (191)
Granville County (982)
Greene County (476)
Guilford County (1,395)
Halifax County (685)
Harnett County (762)
Haywood County (494)
Henderson County (508)
Hertford County (475)
Hoke County (181)
Hyde County (466)
Iredell County (719)
Jackson County (343)
Johnston County (1,962)
Jones County (319)
Lee County (398)
Lenoir County (578)
Lincoln County (540)
Macon County (388)
Madison County (624)
Martin County (503)
McDowell County (402)
Mecklenburg County (1,446)
Mitchell County (464)
Montgomery County (515)
Moore County (609)
Nash County (782)
New Hanover County (708)
Northampton County (618)
Onslow County (848)
Orange County (922)
Pamlico County (281)
Pasquotank County (508)
Pender County (483)
Perquimans County (467)
Person County (694)
Pitt County (2,071)
Polk County (273)
Randolph County (827)
Richmond County (529)
Robeson County (969)
Rockingham County (832)
Rowan County (897)
Rutherford County (799)
Sampson County (1,693)
Scotland County (251)
Stanly County (614)
Stokes County (672)
Surry County (1,317)
Swain County (363)
Transylvania County (281)
Tyrrell County (244)
Union County (770)
Vance County (424)
Wake County (2,877)
Warren County (1,032)
Washington County (677)
Watauga County (478)
Wayne County (1,154)
Wilkes County (835)
Wilson County (698)
Yadkin County (488)
Yancey County (979)

By City

Abbotts Creek (in Forsyth County) (24)
Abbottsburg (in Bladen County) (41)
Aberdeen (in Moore County) (54)
Addor (in Moore County) (26)
Advance (in Davie County) (70)
Aho (in Watauga County) (28)
Ahoskie (in Hertford County) (105)
Airlie (in Halifax County) (31)
Alamance (in Alamance County) (22)
Albemarle (in Stanly County) (202)
Albertson (in Duplin County) (67)
Albright (in Chatham County) (48)
Alert (in Franklin County) (34)
Alexander (in Buncombe County) (33)
Alexis (in Gaston County) (26)
Alfordsville (in Robeson County) (26)
Allensville (in Person County) (42)
Alliance (in Pamlico County) (29)
Alligator (in Tyrrell County) (35)
Almond (in Swain County) (28)
Altapass (in Mitchell County) (22)
Ammon (in Bladen County) (57)
Anderson (in Caswell County) (32)
Anderson Creek (in Harnett County) (37)
Andrews (in Cherokee County) (32)
Angier (in Harnett County) (97)
Ansonville (in Anson County) (43)
Antioch (in Hoke County) (27)
Apex (in Wake County) (151)
Aquadale (in Stanly County) (29)
Aquone (in Macon County) (27)
Arapahoe (in Pamlico County) (41)
Ararat (in Surry County) (79)
Arba (in Greene County) (26)
Archdale (in Randolph County) (38)
Arcola (in Warren County) (36)
Arden (in Buncombe County) (37)
Arthur Township (in Pitt County) (28)
Asbury (in Stokes County) (39)
Ash (in Brunswick County) (61)
Asheboro (in Randolph County) (197)
Asheville (in Buncombe County) (566)
Ashland (in Caswell County) (32)
Askewville (in Bertie County) (36)
Askin (in Craven County) (34)
Atkinson (in Pender County) (37)
Atlantic (in Carteret County) (37)
Aulander (in Bertie County) (95)
Aurelian Springs (in Halifax County) (32)
Aurora (in Beaufort County) (43)
Autryville (in Sampson County) (109)
Averasboro Township (in Harnett County) (23)
Avon (in Dare County) (37)
Ayden (in Pitt County) (104)
Aydlett (in Currituck County) (42)
Ayersville (in Rockingham County) (28)
Badin (in Stanly County) (31)
Bahama (in Durham County) (37)
Bailey (in Nash County) (55)
Bakersville (in Mitchell County) (112)
Bald Creek (in Yancey County) (29)
Bald Mountain (in Yancey County) (32)
Baldwin (in Chatham County) (62)
Ballards Crossroad (in Pitt County) (29)
Balsam (in Jackson County) (28)
Banner (in Johnston County) (58)
Banner Elk (in Avery County) (34)
Barbecue (in Harnett County) (23)
Barclaysville (in Harnett County) (24)
Barco (in Currituck County) (46)
Barium Springs (in Iredell County) (27)
Barnard (in Madison County) (35)
Barnardsville (in Buncombe County) (67)
Barnesville (in Robeson County) (29)
Bat Cave (in Henderson County) (33)
Bath (in Beaufort County) (60)
Battleboro (in Edgecombe County) (43)
Bayboro (in Pamlico County) (48)
Baynes (in Caswell County) (32)
Beamons Crossroads (in Sampson County) (32)
Bear Creek (in Chatham County) (116)
Bear Grass (in Martin County) (76)
Beaufort (in Carteret County) (120)
Beautancus (in Duplin County) (32)
Beaver Dam (in Cumberland County) (49)
Beaver Island (in Stokes County) (36)
Beaverdam (in Richmond County) (30)
Bee Log (in Yancey County) (42)
Beech Mountain (in Avery County) (20)
Belcross (in Camden County) (30)
Belews Creek (in Forsyth County) (31)
Belhaven (in Beaufort County) (58)
Bell Arthur (in Pitt County) (40)
Belmont (in Gaston County) (92)
Belvidere (in Perquimans County) (62)
Belvoir (in Pitt County) (54)
Belwood (in Cleveland County) (34)
Bennett (in Chatham County) (32)
Benson (in Johnston County) (127)
Bentonville (in Johnston County) (87)
Berea (in Granville County) (59)
Bessemer City (in Gaston County) (58)
Bethania (in Forsyth County) (22)
Bethel (in Pitt County) (99)
Bethel Hill (in Person County) (29)
Bethel in Caswell County (in Caswell County) (29)
Bethel in Perquimans County (in Perquimans County) (34)
Bethel in Watauga County (in Watauga County) (28)
Bethesda (in Durham County) (29)
Bethlehem (in Alexander County) (32)
Beulah (in Surry County) (90)
Beulah Township (in Johnston County) (36)
Beulah in Hyde County (in Hyde County) (30)
Beulaville (in Duplin County) (125)
Big Creek Township (in Stokes County) (34)
Big Laurel (in Madison County) (33)
Big Lick (in Stanly County) (35)
Big Pine (in Madison County) (29)
Bills Creek (in Rutherford County) (28)
Bingham Township (in Orange County) (58)
Biscoe (in Montgomery County) (54)
Black Creek (in Wilson County) (46)
Black Jack (in Pitt County) (29)
Black Mountain (in Buncombe County) (68)
Black River (in Cumberland County) (46)
Black Water (in Surry County) (32)
Bladenboro (in Bladen County) (92)
Blanch (in Caswell County) (47)
Blounts Creek (in Beaufort County) (69)
Blowing Rock (in Watauga County) (41)
Boardman (in Columbus County) (29)
Bogue (in Carteret County) (29)
Boiling Springs (in Cleveland County) (61)
Bolivia (in Brunswick County) (69)
Bolton (in Columbus County) (29)
Bonlee (in Chatham County) (32)
Bonnerton (in Beaufort County) (28)
Bonnetsville (in Sampson County) (36)
Boomer (in Wilkes County) (57)
Boon Hill (in Johnston County) (163)
Boone (in Watauga County) (106)
Boonville (in Yadkin County) (69)
Bostic (in Rutherford County) (61)
Bowdens (in Duplin County) (32)
Brassfield Township (in Granville County) (30)
Brasstown (in Clay County) (27)
Brevard (in Transylvania County) (93)
Bridgeton (in Craven County) (44)
Bridgewater (in Burke County) (30)
Brims Grove (in Stokes County) (34)
Britts Township (in Robeson County) (34)
Broadway (in Lee County) (65)
Brogden (in Wayne County) (30)
Brown Mountain (in Stokes County) (38)
Browns Summit (in Guilford County) (41)
Bryson City (in Swain County) (79)
Buckhorn (in Wake County) (36)
Buckhorn Crossroads (in Wilson County) (29)
Buffalo Cove (in Caldwell County) (35)
Buford (in Union County) (35)
Bug Hill (in Columbus County) (30)
Buies Creek (in Harnett County) (51)
Buladean (in Mitchell County) (53)
Bullock (in Granville County) (32)
Bunn (in Franklin County) (59)
Bunnlevel (in Harnett County) (37)
Burgaw (in Pender County) (70)
Burlington (in Alamance County) (259)
Burnsville (in Yancey County) (258)
Burnsville in Anson County (in Anson County) (34)
Bushy Fork (in Person County) (34)
Butler Crossroads (in Sampson County) (33)
Butner (in Granville County) (45)
Buxton (in Dare County) (55)
Bynum (in Chatham County) (34)
Cairo (in Anson County) (30)
Calabash (in Brunswick County) (35)
Calahaln (in Davie County) (28)
Caldwell (in Orange County) (38)
Calypso (in Duplin County) (41)
Camden (in Camden County) (45)
Cameron (in Moore County) (52)
Camp Creek (in Burke County) (28)
Camp Lejeune (in Onslow County) (34)
Camp Springs (in Caswell County) (31)
Campbell Creek (in Beaufort County) (28)
Candler (in Buncombe County) (85)
Candor (in Montgomery County) (79)
Cane River (in Yancey County) (49)
Canton (in Haywood County) (88)
Cape Fear (in Brunswick County) (27)
Cape Fear Township (in Chatham County) (61)
Capella (in Stokes County) (34)
Caroleen (in Rutherford County) (28)
Carolina Township (in Pitt County) (42)
Carr (in Orange County) (35)
Carr Township (in Durham County) (48)
Carrboro (in Orange County) (57)
Carthage (in Moore County) (129)
Cary (in Wake County) (136)
Casar (in Cleveland County) (63)
Cashiers (in Jackson County) (33)
Cason Old Field (in Anson County) (32)
Castalia (in Nash County) (48)
Castle Hayne (in New Hanover County) (37)
Casville (in Caswell County) (27)
Cataloochee (in Haywood County) (34)
Catawba (in Catawba County) (49)
Catherine Lake (in Onslow County) (30)
Cayton (in Craven County) (30)
Cedar Creek (in Cumberland County) (50)
Cedar Fork (in Wake County) (46)
Cedar Grove (in Orange County) (92)
Cedar Island (in Carteret County) (30)
Ceffo (in Person County) (29)
Celo (in Yancey County) (28)
Center Township (in Chatham County) (70)
Centerville (in Franklin County) (49)
Cerro Gordo (in Columbus County) (50)
Chadbourn (in Columbus County) (60)
Chalybeate Springs (in Harnett County) (27)
Chapel Hill (in Orange County) (250)
Charlotte (in Mecklenburg County) (930)
Cheeks Crossroads (in Orange County) (52)
Cherokee (in Swain County) (120)
Cherry (in Washington County) (30)
Cherry Grove (in Columbus County) (30)
Cherry Grove in Caswell County (in Caswell County) (27)
Cherryville (in Gaston County) (68)
Chesterfield (in Burke County) (31)
Chicod (in Pitt County) (56)
China Grove (in Rowan County) (82)
Chinquapin (in Duplin County) (80)
Chip (in Craven County) (30)
Chocowinity (in Beaufort County) (81)
Church Crossroads (in Martin County) (28)
Churchland (in Davidson County) (33)
Claremont (in Catawba County) (42)
Clarendon (in Columbus County) (34)
Clarkton (in Bladen County) (63)
Clarrissa (in Mitchell County) (23)
Clayton (in Johnston County) (173)
Clear Creek Township (in Mecklenburg County) (52)
Clear Run (in Sampson County) (33)
Clement (in Sampson County) (58)
Clemmons (in Forsyth County) (81)
Cleveland (in Rowan County) (93)
Cliffside (in Rutherford County) (37)
Clifton (in Ashe County) (31)
Clinton (in Sampson County) (229)
Clyde (in Haywood County) (53)
Coats (in Harnett County) (82)
Cofield (in Hertford County) (35)
Coinjock (in Currituck County) (42)
Cokesbury (in Harnett County) (25)
Colerain (in Bertie County) (79)
Coleridge (in Randolph County) (39)
Colfax (in Guilford County) (37)
Colington (in Dare County) (26)
Collettsville (in Caldwell County) (70)
Collinstown (in Stokes County) (40)
Columbia (in Tyrrell County) (74)
Columbus (in Polk County) (41)
Comfort (in Jones County) (35)
Como (in Hertford County) (47)
Concord (in Cabarrus County) (302)
Conetoe (in Edgecombe County) (45)
Connaritsa (in Bertie County) (34)
Connelly Springs (in Burke County) (69)
Conover (in Catawba County) (68)
Conway (in Northampton County) (94)
Cool Springs (in Iredell County) (27)
Cooleemee (in Davie County) (36)
Corapeake (in Gates County) (36)
Corbett (in Caswell County) (27)
Core Creek (in Carteret County) (28)
Corinth (in Chatham County) (32)
Cornelius (in Mecklenburg County) (53)
Costin (in Pender County) (29)
Council (in Bladen County) (37)
Cove City (in Craven County) (48)
Covington (in Richmond County) (32)
Cowee (in Macon County) (32)
Coxville (in Pitt County) (27)
Cramerton (in Gaston County) (37)
Cranberry (in Avery County) (24)
Creedmoor (in Granville County) (140)
Creeksville (in Northampton County) (46)
Creston (in Ashe County) (31)
Creswell (in Washington County) (70)
Crisp (in Edgecombe County) (34)
Crossnore (in Avery County) (28)
Crouse (in Lincoln County) (43)
Crumpler (in Ashe County) (27)
Cullowhee (in Jackson County) (46)
Cumnock (in Lee County) (24)
Cunningham (in Person County) (30)
Currie (in Pender County) (49)
Currituck (in Currituck County) (37)
Cutshalltown (in Madison County) (31)
Cypress Creek (in Duplin County) (41)
Dabney (in Vance County) (30)
Dallas (in Gaston County) (83)
Dana (in Henderson County) (35)
Danbury (in Stokes County) (59)
Davidson (in Mecklenburg County) (73)
Davis (in Carteret County) (39)
Day Book (in Yancey County) (27)
Deep Creek (in Anson County) (35)
Deep Gap (in Watauga County) (45)
Deep River (in Guilford County) (32)
Deep River Township (in Chatham County) (31)
Deep Run (in Lenoir County) (58)
Delco (in Columbus County) (42)
Delway (in Sampson County) (54)
Denton (in Davidson County) (74)
Denver (in Lincoln County) (53)
Dillard (in Stokes County) (36)
Dillsboro (in Jackson County) (30)
Dismal (in Sampson County) (29)
Dobson (in Surry County) (168)
Dodgetown (in Stokes County) (34)
Dortches (in Nash County) (28)
Double Island (in Yancey County) (34)
Double Shoals (in Cleveland County) (24)
Dover (in Craven County) (52)
Draper (in Rockingham County) (34)
Drexel (in Burke County) (33)
Drum Hill (in Gates County) (38)
Dublin (in Bladen County) (49)
Dudley (in Wayne County) (61)
Duncan (in Harnett County) (32)
Dunn (in Harnett County) (139)
Durham (in Durham County) (525)
Dysartsville (in McDowell County) (31)
Eagle Mills (in Iredell County) (32)
Eagle Springs (in Moore County) (48)
Earl (in Cleveland County) (29)
East Bend (in Yadkin County) (82)
East Flat Rock (in Henderson County) (31)
East Lake (in Dare County) (28)
East Spencer (in Rowan County) (39)
Eastover (in Cumberland County) (69)
Eden (in Rockingham County) (91)
Edenton (in Chowan County) (149)
Edneyville (in Henderson County) (39)
Edward (in Beaufort County) (47)
Efland (in Orange County) (51)
Elams (in Warren County) (30)
Eldorado (in Montgomery County) (34)
Elevation (in Johnston County) (82)
Elizabeth City (in Pasquotank County) (238)
Elizabethtown (in Bladen County) (85)
Elk Park (in Avery County) (54)
Elk Shoal (in Yancey County) (25)
Elkin (in Surry County) (135)
Ellenboro (in Rutherford County) (72)
Ellendale (in Alexander County) (27)
Ellerbe (in Richmond County) (92)
Ellisboro (in Rockingham County) (26)
Elm City (in Wilson County) (65)
Elon (in Alamance County) (45)
Elroy (in Wayne County) (29)
Embro (in Warren County) (36)
Enfield (in Halifax County) (78)
Engelhard (in Hyde County) (39)
Ennice (in Alleghany County) (31)
Eno (in Orange County) (67)
Enola (in Burke County) (32)
Ernul (in Craven County) (41)
Erwin (in Harnett County) (54)
Estelle (in Caswell County) (26)
Etowah (in Henderson County) (40)
Eure (in Gates County) (49)
Eureka (in Wayne County) (38)
Everetts (in Martin County) (32)
Evergreen (in Columbus County) (49)
Fair Bluff (in Columbus County) (44)
Fairfield (in Hyde County) (51)
Fairmont (in Robeson County) (86)
Fairplains (in Wilkes County) (29)
Fairview (in Buncombe County) (48)
Fairview in Surry County (in Surry County) (38)
Fairview in Union County (in Union County) (39)
Faison (in Duplin County) (39)
Faisons (in Northampton County) (35)
Faith (in Rowan County) (38)
Falcon (in Cumberland County) (39)
Falkland (in Pitt County) (43)
Falls (in Wake County) (43)
Fallston (in Cleveland County) (37)
Farmer (in Randolph County) (30)
Farmington (in Davie County) (33)
Farmlife (in Martin County) (40)
Farmville (in Pitt County) (87)
Faro (in Wayne County) (29)
Fayetteville (in Cumberland County) (454)
Fearrington Village (in Chatham County) (31)
Ferguson (in Wilkes County) (51)
Fines Creek (in Haywood County) (34)
Fitch (in Caswell County) (29)
Five Forks (in Person County) (29)
Flat Branch (in Harnett County) (23)
Flat Rock (in Henderson County) (41)
Flat Rock in Surry County (in Surry County) (35)
Fleetwood (in Ashe County) (27)
Fletcher (in Henderson County) (45)
Forbush (in Yadkin County) (32)
Forest City (in Rutherford County) (121)
Fork (in Davie County) (26)
Fork Mountain (in Mitchell County) (22)
Fort Barnwell (in Craven County) (55)
Fort Bragg (in Cumberland County) (50)
Foscoe (in Watauga County) (29)
Foster Creek (in Madison County) (29)
Fountain (in Pitt County) (47)
Four Oaks (in Johnston County) (93)
Francisco (in Stokes County) (50)
Franklin (in Macon County) (153)
Franklin in Rowan County (in Rowan County) (39)
Franklinton (in Franklin County) (74)
Franklinville (in Randolph County) (56)
Fremont (in Wayne County) (63)
Frisco (in Dare County) (44)
Fuquay-Varina (in Wake County) (120)
Galatia (in Northampton County) (33)
Gamewell (in Caldwell County) (36)
Gardnerville (in Pitt County) (24)
Garland (in Sampson County) (90)
Garner (in Wake County) (122)
Garysburg (in Northampton County) (52)
Gaston (in Northampton County) (47)
Gastonia (in Gaston County) (221)
Gates (in Gates County) (34)
Gatesville (in Gates County) (70)
Georgeville (in Cabarrus County) (26)
Germanton (in Stokes County) (50)
Germanton in Forsyth County (in Forsyth County) (22)
Germantown (in Hyde County) (32)
Gerton (in Henderson County) (31)
Gibson (in Scotland County) (37)
Gibsonville (in Guilford County) (42)
Giddensville (in Sampson County) (29)
Gilkey (in Rutherford County) (31)
Gillburg (in Vance County) (26)
Glade Valley (in Alleghany County) (32)
Glen Alpine (in Burke County) (34)
Glen Ayre (in Mitchell County) (23)
Glendon (in Moore County) (30)
Glenville (in Jackson County) (28)
Glenwood (in McDowell County) (30)
Globe (in Caldwell County) (34)
Gloucester (in Carteret County) (31)
Godwin (in Cumberland County) (37)
Gold Hill (in Rowan County) (47)
Gold Sand (in Franklin County) (35)
Golden Valley (in Rutherford County) (30)
Goldsboro (in Wayne County) (371)
Goldston (in Chatham County) (53)
Goose Creek (in Union County) (55)
Gordonton (in Person County) (33)
Gorman (in Durham County) (26)
Gragg (in Avery County) (21)
Graham (in Alamance County) (103)
Grandy (in Currituck County) (44)
Granite Falls (in Caldwell County) (60)
Granite Quarry (in Rowan County) (41)
Grantham (in Wayne County) (73)
Grantsboro (in Pamlico County) (30)
Grassy Creek (in Mitchell County) (25)
Grays Creek (in Cumberland County) (47)
Green Creek (in Polk County) (28)
Green Hill (in Rutherford County) (29)
Green Mountain (in Yancey County) (63)
Green River (in Polk County) (24)
Greensboro (in Guilford County) (660)
Greenville (in Pitt County) (290)
Grifton (in Pitt County) (66)
Grimesland (in Pitt County) (60)
Grissom (in Granville County) (36)
Grover (in Cleveland County) (46)
Gulf (in Chatham County) (94)
Gum Neck (in Tyrrell County) (43)
Gumberry (in Northampton County) (36)
Haddocks Crossroads (in Pitt County) (26)
Hadley (in Chatham County) (46)
Half Moon (in Onslow County) (29)
Halifax (in Halifax County) (66)
Halls Crossroads (in Sampson County) (34)
Hallsboro (in Columbus County) (42)
Hamer (in Caswell County) (34)
Hamilton (in Martin County) (35)
Hamlet (in Richmond County) (83)
Hampstead (in Pender County) (52)
Hamptonville (in Yadkin County) (69)
Hanrahan (in Pitt County) (24)
Harbinger (in Currituck County) (33)
Harkers Island (in Carteret County) (42)
Harlowe (in Carteret County) (28)
Harmony (in Iredell County) (50)
Harrell Hill (in Mitchell County) (22)
Harrells (in Duplin County) (51)
Harrellsville (in Hertford County) (44)
Harris (in Rutherford County) (47)
Harrisburg (in Cabarrus County) (49)
Harrisville (in Montgomery County) (26)
Hatteras (in Dare County) (49)
Havelock (in Craven County) (54)
Haw Branch (in Onslow County) (32)
Haw River (in Alamance County) (56)
Hawk (in Mitchell County) (22)
Haws Run (in Onslow County) (40)
Hayesville (in Clay County) (89)
Hays (in Wilkes County) (51)
Healing Springs (in Davidson County) (32)
Heaton (in Avery County) (25)
Helens Crossroads (in Pitt County) (24)
Henderson (in Vance County) (216)
Hendersonville (in Henderson County) (194)
Hertford (in Perquimans County) (83)
Hickory (in Catawba County) (204)
Hickory Mountain (in Chatham County) (64)
Hickory in Caldwell County (in Caldwell County) (29)
Hiddenite (in Alexander County) (42)
Higgins (in Yancey County) (31)
High Falls (in Moore County) (31)
High Point (in Guilford County) (294)
Highlands (in Macon County) (49)
Hightowers (in Caswell County) (40)
Hildebran (in Burke County) (32)
Hillsborough (in Orange County) (182)
Hobbsville (in Gates County) (44)
Hobbton (in Sampson County) (32)
Hobgood (in Halifax County) (44)
Hoffman (in Richmond County) (36)
Holdens Crossroads (in Wilson County) (26)
Hollis (in Rutherford County) (29)
Hollister (in Halifax County) (49)
Holly Ridge (in Onslow County) (33)
Holly Springs (in Wake County) (113)
Honey Hill (in Columbus County) (29)
Hood Swamp (in Wayne County) (28)
Hookerton (in Greene County) (41)
Hope Mills (in Cumberland County) (57)
Hopewell (in Rutherford County) (29)
Hopkins (in Wake County) (33)
Horse Shoe (in Henderson County) (35)
Horton Creek (in Yancey County) (25)
Hot Springs (in Madison County) (52)
Howards Creek (in Lincoln County) (36)
Hubert (in Onslow County) (43)
Hudson (in Caldwell County) (48)
Hughes (in Avery County) (22)
Hugo (in Lenoir County) (23)
Huntdale (in Mitchell County) (23)
Huntersville (in Mecklenburg County) (81)
Huntsville (in Yadkin County) (29)
Hurdle Mills (in Person County) (45)
Icard (in Burke County) (32)
Indian Springs (in Wayne County) (37)
Indian Trail (in Union County) (45)
Inez (in Warren County) (32)
Ingalls (in Avery County) (24)
Ingrams (in Johnston County) (126)
Institute (in Lenoir County) (23)
Iron Duff (in Haywood County) (30)
Iron Station (in Lincoln County) (41)
Ironton Township (in Lincoln County) (38)
Ivanhoe (in Sampson County) (38)
Jacks Creek (in Yancey County) (28)
Jackson (in Union County) (43)
Jackson Springs (in Moore County) (40)
Jackson in Northampton County (in Northampton County) (63)
Jacksonville (in Onslow County) (201)
Jamestown (in Guilford County) (46)
Jamesville (in Martin County) (76)
Jarvisburg (in Currituck County) (37)
Jason (in Greene County) (27)
Jasper (in Craven County) (32)
Jefferson (in Ashe County) (49)
Jerome (in Bladen County) (37)
Johnsonville (in Harnett County) (29)
Jonas Ridge (in Burke County) (32)
Jonathan (in Haywood County) (35)
Jonathan Creek (in Haywood County) (32)
Jonesboro (in Lee County) (23)
Jonesville (in Yadkin County) (48)
Joppa (in Gates County) (31)
Julian (in Guilford County) (31)
Justice (in Franklin County) (38)
Kannapolis (in Cabarrus County) (113)
Keener (in Sampson County) (28)
Kelford (in Bertie County) (42)
Kellum (in Onslow County) (27)
Kelly (in Bladen County) (50)
Kenansville (in Duplin County) (77)
Kenly (in Johnston County) (83)
Kernersville (in Forsyth County) (92)
Kilkenny (in Tyrrell County) (32)
Kill Devil Hills (in Dare County) (26)
King (in Stokes County) (60)
Kings Creek (in Caldwell County) (32)
Kings Mountain (in Cleveland County) (109)
Kinston (in Lenoir County) (222)
Kipling (in Harnett County) (31)
Kittrell (in Vance County) (65)
Kitty Hawk (in Dare County) (34)
Knightdale (in Wake County) (64)
Knotts Island (in Currituck County) (62)
La Grange (in Lenoir County) (66)
Lake Junaluska (in Haywood County) (28)
Lake Landing (in Hyde County) (86)
Lake Lure (in Rutherford County) (46)
Lake Toxaway (in Transylvania County) (34)
Lake Waccamaw (in Columbus County) (32)
Landis (in Rowan County) (42)
Langs Crossroads (in Pitt County) (29)
Lansing (in Ashe County) (52)
Lasker (in Northampton County) (48)
Lattimore (in Cleveland County) (31)
Laurel Hill (in Scotland County) (43)
Laurel Springs (in Alleghany County) (40)
Laurinburg (in Scotland County) (86)
Lawndale (in Cleveland County) (69)
Lawsonville (in Stokes County) (64)
Leaksville (in Rockingham County) (46)
Leasburg (in Caswell County) (42)
Lebanon Township (in Durham County) (48)
Ledger (in Mitchell County) (22)
Leesville (in Wake County) (38)
Leggett (in Edgecombe County) (32)
Leggetts Crossroads (in Beaufort County) (28)
Leicester (in Buncombe County) (60)
Leland (in Brunswick County) (75)
Lemon Springs (in Lee County) (24)
Lenoir (in Caldwell County) (221)
Level Cross (in Randolph County) (29)
Lewiston Woodville (in Bertie County) (59)
Lewisville (in Forsyth County) (62)
Lexington (in Davidson County) (210)
Liberia (in Warren County) (50)
Liberty (in Randolph County) (73)
Liddell (in Lenoir County) (22)
Lilesville (in Anson County) (66)
Lillington (in Harnett County) (99)
Lincolnton (in Lincoln County) (208)
Linden (in Cumberland County) (52)
Linville (in Avery County) (20)
Linville in Burke County (in Burke County) (28)
Linwood (in Davidson County) (39)
Lisbon (in Bladen County) (37)
Little River (in Alexander County) (24)
Little River Township (in Orange County) (59)
Little Switzerland (in McDowell County) (27)
Littleton (in Halifax County) (100)
Lizzie (in Greene County) (27)
Loafers Glory (in Mitchell County) (23)
Locust (in Stanly County) (45)
Locust Hill (in Caswell County) (42)
Lola (in Carteret County) (29)
Long Creek (in Pender County) (33)
Longwood (in Brunswick County) (29)
Louisburg (in Franklin County) (186)
Lowell (in Gaston County) (34)
Lower Fork (in Burke County) (28)
Lowesville (in Lincoln County) (40)
Lowgap (in Surry County) (75)
Lowland (in Pamlico County) (37)
Lucama (in Wilson County) (64)
Lukens (in Carteret County) (30)
Lumber Bridge (in Robeson County) (32)
Lumberton (in Robeson County) (246)
Lyman (in Duplin County) (34)
Macclesfield (in Edgecombe County) (75)
Maco (in Brunswick County) (30)
Macon (in Warren County) (53)
Madison (in Rockingham County) (100)
Maggie Valley (in Haywood County) (33)
Magnolia (in Duplin County) (67)
Maiden (in Catawba County) (61)
Malpass Corner (in Pender County) (28)
Mamers (in Harnett County) (31)
Manchester (in Cumberland County) (36)
Maneys Neck (in Hertford County) (28)
Mangum (in Richmond County) (30)
Mangum in Durham County (in Durham County) (70)
Manns Harbor (in Dare County) (31)
Manson (in Warren County) (44)
Manteo (in Dare County) (82)
Maple (in Currituck County) (36)
Maple Hill (in Pender County) (46)
Mapleville (in Franklin County) (32)
Marble (in Cherokee County) (33)
Margarettsville (in Northampton County) (36)
Maribel (in Pamlico County) (27)
Marietta (in Robeson County) (32)
Marion (in McDowell County) (137)
Marks Creek (in Wake County) (36)
Marlboro (in Pitt County) (24)
Mars Hill (in Madison County) (150)
Marshall (in Madison County) (142)
Marshallberg (in Carteret County) (31)
Marshville (in Union County) (123)
Masonboro (in New Hanover County) (31)
Matney (in Watauga County) (30)
Matthews (in Mecklenburg County) (121)
Maury (in Greene County) (35)
Maxton (in Robeson County) (91)
Mayfield (in Rockingham County) (27)
Mayodan (in Rockingham County) (60)
Maysville (in Jones County) (78)
McAdenville (in Gaston County) (26)
McDaniels (in Sampson County) (37)
McGrady (in Wilkes County) (40)
McLambs Crossroads (in Sampson County) (38)
McLeansville (in Guilford County) (40)
Meadow (in Johnston County) (132)
Meadows (in Stokes County) (43)
Meat Camp (in Watauga County) (29)
Mebane (in Alamance County) (60)
Menola (in Hertford County) (35)
Merrimon (in Carteret County) (30)
Merritt (in Pamlico County) (28)
Merry Hill (in Bertie County) (64)
Mesic (in Pamlico County) (27)
Method (in Wake County) (32)
Micaville (in Yancey County) (44)
Micro (in Johnston County) (79)
Middle Creek (in Wake County) (43)
Middle Fork (in Forsyth County) (25)
Middleburg (in Vance County) (33)
Middlesex (in Nash County) (67)
Midland (in Cabarrus County) (43)
Midway (in Davidson County) (41)
Mill Bridge (in Rowan County) (38)
Mill Creek (in Carteret County) (33)
Mill Spring (in Polk County) (78)
Millers Creek (in Wilkes County) (74)
Millingport (in Stanly County) (29)
Mills River (in Henderson County) (40)
Milton (in Caswell County) (70)
Milwaukee (in Northampton County) (47)
Mineral Springs (in Union County) (37)
Mingo (in Sampson County) (46)
Minneapolis (in Avery County) (20)
Mint Hill (in Mecklenburg County) (54)
Mintonsville (in Gates County) (34)
Misenheimer (in Stanly County) (30)
Mocksville (in Davie County) (228)
Moncure (in Chatham County) (37)
Monroe (in Union County) (263)
Montague (in Pender County) (22)
Montezuma (in Avery County) (22)
Monticello (in Guilford County) (29)
Montreat (in Buncombe County) (27)
Mooresboro (in Cleveland County) (51)
Mooresville (in Iredell County) (126)
Moravian Falls (in Wilkes County) (56)
Morehead City (in Carteret County) (81)
Morehead Township (in Guilford County) (28)
Morganton (in Burke County) (335)
Moriah (in Person County) (36)
Morrisville (in Wake County) (66)
Morven (in Anson County) (54)
Mount Airy (in Surry County) (314)
Mount Gilead (in Montgomery County) (99)
Mount Holly (in Gaston County) (71)
Mount Olive (in Wayne County) (171)
Mount Pleasant (in Cabarrus County) (69)
Mount Tirzah (in Person County) (33)
Mount Ulla (in Rowan County) (51)
Mount Vernon Springs (in Chatham County) (30)
Mountain Park (in Surry County) (42)
Moyock (in Currituck County) (60)
Mulberry (in Wilkes County) (33)
Mulberry in Caldwell County (in Caldwell County) (29)
Murfreesboro (in Hertford County) (83)
Murphy (in Cherokee County) (110)
Myrtle Grove (in New Hanover County) (33)
Nags Head (in Dare County) (35)
Nahunta (in Wayne County) (27)
Nakina (in Columbus County) (57)
Nashville (in Nash County) (90)
Nebo (in McDowell County) (41)
Nelson (in Durham County) (31)
Neuse (in Wake County) (32)
New Bern (in Craven County) (414)
New Bethel Township (in Rockingham County) (28)
New Garden (in Guilford County) (28)
New Hill (in Wake County) (45)
New Hope in Chatham County (in Chatham County) (52)
New Hope in Iredell County (in Iredell County) (28)
New Hope in Perquimans County (in Perquimans County) (37)
New Hope in Randolph County (in Randolph County) (28)
New Hope in Wayne County (in Wayne County) (35)
New Light (in Wake County) (50)
New London (in Stanly County) (56)
New Market (in Randolph County) (29)
New Salem (in Union County) (54)
Newdale (in Yancey County) (31)
Newland (in Avery County) (53)
Newland Township (in Pasquotank County) (41)
Newport (in Carteret County) (44)
Newsom (in Davidson County) (31)
Newton (in Catawba County) (142)
Newton Grove (in Sampson County) (151)
Nixonton (in Pasquotank County) (32)
Norlina (in Warren County) (86)
North Cove (in McDowell County) (31)
North Raleigh (in Wake County) (45)
North Wilkesboro (in Wilkes County) (117)
Northwest (in Brunswick County) (31)
Norton (in Jackson County) (27)
Norwood (in Stanly County) (67)
O'Neals (in Johnston County) (117)
Oak City (in Martin County) (43)
Oak Grove (in Durham County) (103)
Oak Hill (in Granville County) (31)
Oak Ridge (in Guilford County) (47)
Oakboro (in Stanly County) (79)
Oakland in Chatham County (in Chatham County) (47)
Ocean (in Carteret County) (29)
Ocean Isle Beach (in Brunswick County) (26)
Ocracoke (in Hyde County) (86)
Ogden (in New Hanover County) (33)
Old Dock (in Columbus County) (37)
Old Fields (in Wilson County) (36)
Old Ford (in Beaufort County) (32)
Old Fort (in McDowell County) (55)
Old Sparta (in Edgecombe County) (33)
Olin (in Iredell County) (30)
Olive Hill (in Person County) (36)
Olivia (in Harnett County) (33)
Olympia (in Pamlico County) (29)
Oriental (in Pamlico County) (31)
Ormonds Township (in Greene County) (30)
Ormondsville (in Greene County) (32)
Orrum (in Robeson County) (49)
Otto (in Macon County) (47)
Otway (in Carteret County) (45)
Outlaws Bridge (in Duplin County) (32)
Oxford (in Granville County) (296)
Pactolus (in Pitt County) (58)
Paint Gap (in Yancey County) (28)
Pantego (in Beaufort County) (42)
Panther Branch (in Wake County) (43)
Parkton (in Robeson County) (38)
Parsonsville (in Wilkes County) (32)
Patterson (in Caldwell County) (39)
Patterson Springs (in Cleveland County) (26)
Peachland (in Anson County) (61)
Pearces (in Franklin County) (49)
Pee Dee (in Montgomery County) (29)
Pee Dee in Anson County (in Anson County) (27)
Pekin (in Montgomery County) (32)
Peletier (in Carteret County) (33)
Pelham (in Caswell County) (40)
Pembroke (in Robeson County) (74)
Pendleton (in Northampton County) (36)
Penland (in Mitchell County) (23)
Penrose (in Transylvania County) (29)
Pensacola (in Yancey County) (45)
Perrytown (in Bertie County) (35)
Pfafftown (in Forsyth County) (37)
Pigeonroost (in Mitchell County) (27)
Pikeville (in Wayne County) (97)
Pilot (in Franklin County) (70)
Pilot Mountain (in Surry County) (112)
Pine Hall (in Stokes County) (35)
Pine Level (in Johnston County) (110)
Pine Ridge (in Surry County) (33)
Pinebluff (in Moore County) (28)
Pinehurst (in Moore County) (39)
Pinetops (in Edgecombe County) (73)
Pinetown (in Beaufort County) (63)
Pineville (in Mecklenburg County) (72)
Piney Creek (in Alleghany County) (48)
Piney Green (in Onslow County) (30)
Pink Hill (in Lenoir County) (53)
Pinnacle (in Stokes County) (70)
Pireway (in Columbus County) (31)
Pisgah Forest (in Transylvania County) (26)
Pittsboro (in Chatham County) (128)
Pleasant Garden (in Guilford County) (33)
Pleasant Grove (in Caswell County) (90)
Pleasant Grove in Johnston County (in Johnston County) (28)
Pleasant Hill (in Northampton County) (36)
Pleasant Hill in Jones County (in Jones County) (28)
Plyler (in Stanly County) (29)
Plymouth (in Washington County) (155)
Pocomoke (in Franklin County) (34)
Point Caswell (in Pender County) (23)
Polkton (in Anson County) (73)
Polkville (in Cleveland County) (52)
Pollocksville (in Jones County) (49)
Poplar (in Mitchell County) (26)
Poplar Branch (in Currituck County) (47)
Poplar Tent Township (in Cabarrus County) (28)
Porter (in Stanly County) (28)
Portsmouth (in Carteret County) (34)
Potecasi (in Northampton County) (46)
Potters Hill (in Duplin County) (43)
Powells Point (in Currituck County) (35)
Powellsville (in Bertie County) (47)
Price (in Rockingham County) (43)
Price Creek (in Yancey County) (54)
Princeton (in Johnston County) (69)
Princeville (in Edgecombe County) (28)
Proctorville (in Robeson County) (36)
Prospect Hill (in Caswell County) (37)
Providence in Caswell County (in Caswell County) (41)
Purlear (in Wilkes County) (44)
Purley (in Caswell County) (28)
Pyatte (in Avery County) (20)
Quaker Gap (in Stokes County) (37)
Raeford (in Hoke County) (87)
Raleigh (in Wake County) (1,252)
Ramseur (in Randolph County) (84)
Ramseytown (in Yancey County) (47)
Randleman (in Randolph County) (68)
Ransomville (in Beaufort County) (31)
Raynham (in Robeson County) (27)
Rebel City (in Sampson County) (30)
Red Hill (in Mitchell County) (30)
Red Hill in Duplin County (in Duplin County) (35)
Red Oak (in Nash County) (42)
Red Springs (in Robeson County) (70)
Reedy Creek (in Davidson County) (32)
Reelsboro (in Pamlico County) (25)
Reepsville (in Lincoln County) (34)
Rehoboth (in Northampton County) (35)
Reidsville (in Rockingham County) (201)
Rennert (in Robeson County) (29)
Revere (in Madison County) (51)
Reynolds Crossroads (in Sampson County) (46)
Reynoldson (in Gates County) (35)
Rich Square (in Northampton County) (60)
Richfield (in Stanly County) (35)
Richlands (in Onslow County) (210)
Ridgeville (in Caswell County) (27)
Ridgeway (in Warren County) (31)
Riegelwood (in Columbus County) (33)
Riley (in Franklin County) (34)
Ringwood (in Halifax County) (30)
River Neck (in Tyrrell County) (32)
Riverdale (in Craven County) (30)
Riverside (in Yancey County) (28)
Roanoke Island (in Dare County) (28)
Roanoke Rapids (in Halifax County) (131)
Roaring River (in Wilkes County) (45)
Robbins (in Moore County) (78)
Robbinsville (in Graham County) (64)
Robersonville (in Martin County) (63)
Rock Ridge (in Wilson County) (27)
Rockfish (in Hoke County) (25)
Rockford (in Surry County) (43)
Rockingham (in Richmond County) (162)
Rockwell (in Rowan County) (51)
Rocky Mount (in Edgecombe County) (209)
Rocky Point (in Pender County) (73)
Rodanthe (in Dare County) (29)
Roduco (in Gates County) (32)
Rolesville (in Wake County) (51)
Rominger (in Watauga County) (27)
Ronda (in Wilkes County) (57)
Roper (in Washington County) (86)
Rose Hill (in Duplin County) (66)
Roseboro (in Sampson County) (113)
Roseneath (in Halifax County) (30)
Rosewood (in Wayne County) (43)
Rosman (in Transylvania County) (36)
Rougemont (in Durham County) (36)
Rountree (in Pitt County) (27)
Rowland (in Robeson County) (68)
Roxboro (in Person County) (276)
Roxobel (in Bertie County) (65)
Ruffin (in Rockingham County) (55)
Rural Hall (in Forsyth County) (40)
Ruth (in Rutherford County) (33)
Rutherford College (in Burke County) (33)
Rutherfordton (in Rutherford County) (180)
Ryland (in Chowan County) (29)
Saddletree (in Robeson County) (28)
Saint John (in Hertford County) (31)
Saint Lewis (in Edgecombe County) (28)
Saint Marys (in Wake County) (37)
Saint Matthews Township (in Wake County) (34)
Saint Pauls (in Robeson County) (53)
Salem (in Burke County) (36)
Salem in Pasquotank County (in Pasquotank County) (35)
Salemburg (in Sampson County) (83)
Salisbury (in Rowan County) (333)
Saluda (in Polk County) (33)
Samaria (in Nash County) (29)
Sandy Cross (in Gates County) (31)
Sandy Mush (in Rutherford County) (30)
Sandy Plains (in Polk County) (24)
Sandy Ridge (in Stokes County) (61)
Sandy Ridge in Union County (in Union County) (33)
Sandymush (in Buncombe County) (27)
Sanford (in Lee County) (227)
Sanford Township (in Chatham County) (32)
Sapphire (in Transylvania County) (26)
Saratoga (in Wilson County) (46)
Sarecta (in Duplin County) (33)
Saulston (in Wayne County) (35)
Savannah (in Jackson County) (27)
Saxapahaw (in Alamance County) (25)
Scotland Neck (in Halifax County) (82)
Scranton (in Hyde County) (52)
Scuffleton (in Greene County) (25)
Scuppernong (in Washington County) (67)
Seaboard (in Northampton County) (53)
Seagrove (in Randolph County) (74)
Sealevel (in Carteret County) (29)
Sedalia (in Guilford County) (31)
Selma (in Johnston County) (155)
Semora (in Caswell County) (54)
Seven Paths (in Franklin County) (37)
Seven Springs (in Wayne County) (57)
Seventy-First (in Cumberland County) (36)
Severn (in Northampton County) (35)
Shallotte (in Brunswick County) (69)
Shannon (in Robeson County) (37)
Sharon in Camden County (in Camden County) (29)
Sharp Point (in Pitt County) (24)
Sharpsburg (in Edgecombe County) (30)
Shawboro (in Currituck County) (45)
Shelby (in Cleveland County) (278)
Sherrills Ford (in Catawba County) (35)
Shiloh in Camden County (in Camden County) (45)
Shine (in Greene County) (38)
Shoals (in Surry County) (57)
Shooting Creek (in Clay County) (31)
Shotwell (in Wake County) (35)
Siler City (in Chatham County) (143)
Silk Hope (in Chatham County) (31)
Siloam (in Surry County) (71)
Silver Hill (in Davidson County) (31)
Simpson (in Pitt County) (29)
Simpsonville (in Rockingham County) (26)
Sims (in Wilson County) (31)
Sioux (in Yancey County) (25)
Skinnersville (in Washington County) (45)
Sladesville (in Hyde County) (33)
Slatestone (in Beaufort County) (30)
Smith Township (in Duplin County) (34)
Smithfield (in Johnston County) (191)
Smyrna (in Carteret County) (31)
Sneads Ferry (in Onslow County) (49)
Snow Camp (in Alamance County) (39)
Snow Creek (in Stokes County) (35)
Snow Hill (in Greene County) (158)
Sophia (in Randolph County) (37)
South Creek (in Beaufort County) (28)
South Mills (in Camden County) (59)
South River (in Carteret County) (30)
South Rocky Mount (in Edgecombe County) (34)
Southern Pines (in Moore County) (77)
Southmont (in Davidson County) (34)
Southport (in Brunswick County) (65)
Southwest (in Onslow County) (30)
Sparta (in Alleghany County) (87)
Spear (in Avery County) (24)
Speed (in Edgecombe County) (31)
Speights Bridge (in Greene County) (36)
Spencer (in Rowan County) (69)
Spillcorn (in Madison County) (38)
Spindale (in Rutherford County) (53)
Spiveys Corner (in Sampson County) (56)
Spray (in Rockingham County) (40)
Spring Creek (in Madison County) (28)
Spring Hope (in Nash County) (99)
Spring Lake (in Cumberland County) (49)
Spruce Pine (in Mitchell County) (74)
St Pauls (in Robeson County) (26)
Staley (in Randolph County) (38)
Stallings Crossroads (in Franklin County) (32)
Stanfield (in Stanly County) (63)
Stanley (in Gaston County) (48)
Stantonsburg (in Wilson County) (36)
Star (in Montgomery County) (53)
State Road (in Surry County) (43)
Statesville (in Iredell County) (300)
Stecoah (in Graham County) (29)
Stedman (in Cumberland County) (70)
Steele Creek (in Mecklenburg County) (53)
Stella (in Carteret County) (33)
Stem (in Granville County) (63)
Stokes (in Pitt County) (50)
Stokesdale (in Guilford County) (38)
Stokestown (in Pitt County) (27)
Stoneville (in Rockingham County) (69)
Stonewall (in Pamlico County) (33)
Stoney Creek (in Wayne County) (36)
Stony Creek (in Caswell County) (28)
Stony Fork (in Watauga County) (28)
Stony Hill (in Wake County) (34)
Stony Knoll (in Surry County) (31)
Stony Point (in Alexander County) (34)
Stovall (in Granville County) (57)
Straits (in Carteret County) (32)
Stump Sound Township (in Onslow County) (48)
Sugar Grove (in Watauga County) (49)
Summerfield (in Guilford County) (44)
Summerlins Crossroads (in Duplin County) (34)
Sunbury (in Gates County) (52)
Sunset Beach (in Brunswick County) (27)
Sunshine (in Rutherford County) (30)
Supply (in Brunswick County) (58)
Surl (in Person County) (37)
Sutton (in Franklin County) (32)
Suttontown (in Haywood County) (33)
Swan Quarter (in Hyde County) (31)
Swannanoa (in Buncombe County) (42)
Swanquarter (in Hyde County) (85)
Swansboro (in Onslow County) (52)
Swift Creek (in Wake County) (63)
Swiss (in Yancey County) (36)
Sylva (in Jackson County) (65)
Tabor City (in Columbus County) (65)
Tar Heel (in Bladen County) (55)
Tarboro (in Edgecombe County) (195)
Taylors (in Wilson County) (25)
Taylors Bridge (in Sampson County) (29)
Taylorsville (in Alexander County) (116)
Teachey (in Duplin County) (43)
Thomasville (in Davidson County) (143)
Thurmond (in Wilkes County) (42)
Timberlake (in Person County) (66)
Timothy (in Sampson County) (28)
Tipton Hill (in Mitchell County) (24)
Tobaccoville (in Forsyth County) (37)
Tobermory (in Bladen County) (36)
Toecane (in Mitchell County) (23)
Toisnot (in Wilson County) (24)
Town Creek (in Brunswick County) (28)
Town Creek in Wilson County (in Wilson County) (25)
Townsville (in Vance County) (36)
Tramway (in Lee County) (27)
Traphill (in Wilkes County) (59)
Trenton (in Jones County) (80)
Triangle Township (in Durham County) (81)
Trinity (in Randolph County) (60)
Triplett (in Watauga County) (27)
Troutman (in Iredell County) (39)
Troy (in Montgomery County) (88)
Tryon (in Polk County) (59)
Tuckasegee (in Jackson County) (30)
Tuckertown (in Davidson County) (30)
Turkey (in Sampson County) (51)
Turnersburg (in Iredell County) (27)
Tuscarora (in Craven County) (30)
Tusquittee (in Clay County) (26)
Tuxedo (in Henderson County) (32)
Tyner (in Chowan County) (43)
Tyro (in Davidson County) (34)
Union Grove (in Iredell County) (43)
Union Mills (in Rutherford County) (44)
Unionville (in Union County) (39)
Uwharrie (in Montgomery County) (27)
Valdese (in Burke County) (65)
Vale (in Lincoln County) (54)
Valle Crucis (in Watauga County) (35)
Vance (in Union County) (39)
Vanceboro (in Craven County) (119)
Vandemere (in Pamlico County) (24)
Vander (in Cumberland County) (43)
Vann Crossroads (in Sampson County) (35)
Vass (in Moore County) (41)
Vaughan (in Warren County) (36)
Verona (in Onslow County) (44)
Vicksboro (in Warren County) (34)
Vilas (in Watauga County) (38)
Waco (in Cleveland County) (33)
Wade (in Cumberland County) (45)
Wadesboro (in Anson County) (154)
Wadeville (in Montgomery County) (29)
Wagram (in Scotland County) (38)
Wake Crossroads (in Wake County) (36)
Wake Forest (in Wake County) (179)
Walkertown (in Forsyth County) (40)
Wallace (in Duplin County) (70)
Wallburg (in Davidson County) (36)
Walnut (in Madison County) (36)
Walnut Cove (in Stokes County) (71)
Walnut Creek (in Madison County) (34)
Walstonburg (in Greene County) (60)
Wanchese (in Dare County) (44)
Wards Corner (in Pender County) (24)
Wardville (in Gates County) (32)
Warren Plains (in Warren County) (33)
Warrensville (in Ashe County) (33)
Warrenton (in Warren County) (235)
Warsaw (in Duplin County) (80)
Washington (in Beaufort County) (206)
Watha (in Pender County) (33)
Waxhaw (in Union County) (69)
Waynesville (in Haywood County) (111)
Weaverville (in Buncombe County) (100)
Weddington (in Union County) (37)
Weeksville (in Pasquotank County) (35)
Welcome (in Davidson County) (40)
Weldon (in Halifax County) (56)
Wendell (in Wake County) (101)
Wentworth (in Rockingham County) (39)
Wesley Chapel (in Union County) (33)
West Edgecombe (in Edgecombe County) (30)
West End (in Moore County) (42)
West Jefferson (in Ashe County) (55)
West Yanceyville (in Caswell County) (27)
Westfield (in Surry County) (53)
Westfield in Stokes County (in Stokes County) (42)
Whaley (in Avery County) (21)
Whitakers (in Edgecombe County) (62)
White Lake (in Bladen County) (42)
White Level (in Franklin County) (63)
White Oak (in Wake County) (47)
White Oak in Bladen County (in Bladen County) (55)
White Plains (in Surry County) (36)
White Store Township (in Anson County) (44)
Whitehead (in Alleghany County) (32)
Whiteville (in Columbus County) (138)
Whitsett (in Guilford County) (32)
Whittier (in Swain County) (29)
Wiggins Mill (in Wilson County) (25)
Wilbar (in Wilkes County) (34)
Wilders (in Johnston County) (65)
Wilkesboro (in Wilkes County) (111)
Willard (in Pender County) (47)
Williams (in Columbus County) (55)
Williamsboro (in Vance County) (28)
Williamsburg (in Rockingham County) (28)
Williamston (in Martin County) (144)
Williston (in Carteret County) (31)
Willits (in Jackson County) (28)
Willow Springs (in Wake County) (68)
Wilmington (in New Hanover County) (503)
Wilson (in Wilson County) (193)
Wilsons Mills (in Johnston County) (53)
Wilton (in Granville County) (36)
Windsor (in Bertie County) (154)
Winfall (in Perquimans County) (53)
Wingate (in Union County) (76)
Winnabow (in Brunswick County) (39)
Winston-Salem (in Forsyth County) (610)
Winterville (in Pitt County) (99)
Winton (in Hertford County) (54)
Wise (in Warren County) (35)
Wood (in Franklin County) (45)
Woodington (in Lenoir County) (30)
Woodland (in Northampton County) (62)
Woodleaf (in Rowan County) (48)
Woodsdale (in Person County) (37)
Yadkinville (in Yadkin County) (89)
Yanceyville (in Caswell County) (79)
Yarbro (in Caswell County) (27)
Yeatesville (in Beaufort County) (30)
Yellow Creek (in Graham County) (31)
Youngsville (in Franklin County) (67)
Zebulon (in Wake County) (125)
Zionville (in Watauga County) (32)
Zirconia (in Henderson County) (40)

Overview of North Carolina Genealogy Records

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